Haimura Comments - NT9/10 + Railgun

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  2. Volume 9 cover. You could say I got off easy with an all-black background due to the world turning pure black at the end of the last volume, but don’t.
  3. Although after reading Volume 8, I think Othinus on a black background was the only option for Volume 9’s cover. What do you think?
  6. Now for the Volume 10 cover. Simply put, this is the “opposite” of Volume 9, so I considered having Kamijou on his own, but I decided to have him protecting Othinus to directly connect to the double-page spread at the end of Volume 9.
  7. There’s also the fact that a guy-only cover is extremely difficult to put out for a male-oriented light novel, but with the precedent of Volumes 15 and 19 that may not have had much to do with this decision.
  10. Leivinia’s polar outfit & Little Gungnir. I added a vest, coat, and boots to her normal dress.
  11. Little Gungnir was made fancier and smaller so Birdway could easily wield it while a size smaller than Othinus.
  12. Just like Leivinia, Mikoto was wearing a duffle coat this time, but I didn’t make a design rough for it because I only realized she had changed clothes after finishing the monochrome roughs.
  13. You should know what I mean when I say that fact had to do with the remaining time before the deadline.
  16. I didn’t make many design roughs this time, so I’ll comment on some of the illustration roughs instead.
  17. This is the rough for Volume 9 4C 3 Front aka Volume 9’s color three page foldout poster. This illustration has the quite rare composition of flowing from the left to the right. That’s why the characters are looking and facing to the right.
  18. It doesn’t really matter, but I was originally planning to put Kihara Kagun in Shokuhou-san’s panel, but he had only been in a few illustrations and only one that really showed his face. I thought no one would recognize him if he was in a suit and glasses as Kagun-sensei, so at the line drawing stage I changed it to someone people would recognize: Shokuhou-san.
  21. The rough for Volume 9 1C 4 aka Volume 9’s fourth monochrome illustration. I originally imagined the scene at dusk or sunset like a Western shootout, but I changed it to night because I’d overlooked the fact that the text said it was at night.
  22. All of Volume 9’s 1C illustrations were double-page spreads, but that was partially to reduce the number of illustrations due to lack of time (there are normally 8 and Volume 9 had 5).
  23. It’s also a remnant of a half-joking (although surprisingly serious) suggestion of mine to have four consecutive double-page spreads with the thrown Gungnir destroying the “world” over all eight pages.
  24. If that had actually been used, none of the other scenes in the novel would have gotten a single illustration and there would have been 8 consecutive pages of illustrations right after Gungnir was thrown at the end.
  25. Looking back, that would have been a bit much. Yeah.
  28. The rough for Volume 10 4C 3 Front. I used the usual table of contents space to make an extra wide surface.
  29. The president is straying from the intentions of my hand and brain and becoming more and more like Fate/Zero’s Rider. …I need to do something about that.
  30. In this volume, the scope of 1C Illustrations was increased by 1.5 for a total of 12. I was already short on time to work, so the opening illustration & 3 Back Map (table of contents) was done by Itou Tateki-san ( I would like to use this opportunity to thank him.
  33. Rough for Volume 10 1C 3. This is Vasilisa’s first 1C illustration appearance. We’ve already seen her from behind in the past 4Cs and I enjoyed that view a little too much.
  34. While Volume 9 had all double-page spreads, Volume 10 had a single illustration for each chapter, so the structure here was different too.
  35. I really need to stop making suggestions that only end up strangling me.
  36. (There was actually a possibility of omitting the Five Over illustration (Volume 10 1C7 )).
  37. …But it was decided it wouldn’t be any fun without an illustration for the representative characters of each chapter.
  40. Volume 9 cover rough. As I said above, there wasn’t any other option but Othinus on her own for this one!
  41. I think it would have been a disappointment to suddenly put another character here.
  44. Volume 10 cover rough. The setting and character selection decisions here were similar to Volume 9.
  45. By the way, I bet a lot of you are wondering why I keep talking about not having enough time in these descriptions, but one of the reasons is given in the illustrator comment for Sword Oratoria 2.
  46. “Oh, so this is what you call stealth marketing!” <- You can’t exactly call this stealth.
  51. Kouzaku Mitori. I received a few different instructions such as giving her a nurse-like outfit, so she ended up like this.
  52. She’s kind of like I-No from the Guilty Gear series or a schoolgirl Shiina Ringo-san.
  53. I may have also viewed her as a more offense-oriented Shirai Kuroko.
  56. Rail-Gun: Level [Phase]-Next part 1. Pretty much exactly like a transforming final boss from a JRPG.
  57. Form 1 and 2 borrowed elements from fictional beings classically associated with lightning.
  60. Rail-Gun: Level [Phase]-Next part 2. Some changes made and details added since part 1.
  61. By the way, the names here were added by me and are not official.
  64. Rail-Gun: Level [Phase]-Next part 3. An eeriness created by no face (expression), a vague form, taking the forms to their extreme, and all excessive decorations or complicated shapes removed for a sudden minimalism. To go back to the JRPG origin, this is like Lavos Core, Ozma, or Yu Yevon. Do you get what I mean?
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