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  1. She is rising
  2. And her eyes are like diamonds
  3. Brighter than all the fires on the horizon
  4. Gotta hold fast, now, keep my eyes on
  5. Where she’s gonna be
  6. She is Nike
  7. She is Liberty
  8. The fall of empires
  9. She's everything to me
  10. Her hair a raven’s mystery
  11. Her heart an overflowing sea
  12. There’s nothing left inside of me
  13. I leave it at her feet
  14. She is rising
  15. And I have to get near her
  16. Give my time, give my life, just to hear her
  17. When she sings grasp a little bit clearer
  18. The futures I can't see
  19. She is Shakti
  20. She is Victory
  21. The sun in springtime
  22. She's everything to me
  23. The moment of epiphany
  24. Is standing right in front of me
  25. Oh take my hand and let me see
  26. The future she will lead
  27. She is rising, she is rising
  28. The sun is rising
  29. We are rising
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