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  1. Forcing himself to stand with a straight posture, a human male stand before you. The man appears to be in pain to keep himself elevated to somewhat average stature. His spine is curled and bent as if some rampant disease has taken its course and forced him downward. The man is a typical offspring of the human race, tan skinned, brown eyed, and dark haired. The bushy, naturally curly hair falls down before his eyes in a casual handsomeness that would irk provocation from the less fortunate.
  3. Adorning his abdomen a chestplate of the Tribunal Guard rests low. The man wears his plate lower than what is standardized as it bounces more freely with his movements, surely something he must gain negative attention for. The rest of his armor is similar in Tribunal design. He is, or was, clearly one of the guard. The man’s skin glistens with a constant sweat that covers his entire body, but not sweat of physical strain, but a deeper more deliberate emphasis.
  5. Hands clenched in fists, they almost appear casual at his side if it were not for their tense position. Perhaps this is his natural figure. Fastened to his waist, a single blade bounces with his footsteps, but the edge of the hilt appears to be rusted over as though the blade has never been drawn. Closer inspection to his hands reveals dirt, blood, and debris tucked deeply under fingernails. His entire demeanor appears questionable.
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