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  1. I believe that I have pretty good instincts while job searching, can write a cover letter with ease, but this is a new ball game. I'm a bit terrified by the entire interview process as it seems to take so long to finally be told you're being hired. I would love guidance in this new territory so that I feel more confident moving forward in the technology world.
  3. In order to balance the time between job searching and school work, I will be sticking to my schedule with reminders/alarms on both computer and phone, ensuring that any teammate(s) I have know my schedule as well, so I am able to work on the job search at the appropriate time. Also, by letting them know, I have another set of individuals to keep me accountable.
  5. Currently, I'm actually waiting to hear back from one company if I am being advanced to an interview stage or not, and have a technical phone interview this afternoon for another company. The technical interview today is for a company that works to help cities better maintain the resources they have, ultimately creating smart cities. I'm VERY excited AND nervous to speak with the hiring manager today and the rest of the team, as I believe that this would be an amazing first job for me. Depending on how the hiring manager feels after our phone call today, I may actually leave Turing early to start with them. If this does not occur, I will still be focused on job searching for at least a few hours each week to hopefully land a job by graduation, if not 1-2 weeks after.
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