Xenos Hunters Session 15

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  1. Session Start: Sat Jul 16 20:23:01 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. 03[20:23] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
  4. [20:36] <antoine> The servitor trundles onwards, the whir of its motors now overwhelmed by the noise of two screeching masses of tyranids 100m either side of the plasma drive. Each group had fair sized horde of hormagaunts and a lone warrior wielding a long bio cannon of some kind.
  5. 10[20:42] * Anselm guns his jump pack and charges for the closest horde.
  6. [20:51] <antoine> Anselm comes down with a running crash, dashing headfirst at the horde with his blades at the ready.
  7. 10[20:51] * Omniel readies the multi-melta, hoping to hold off the hormagaunts long enough for the distant servitor to arrive with a quick blast in their general direction.
  8. [20:52] <antoine> The beam of microwaves turns the front row of the wave into mush, the bodies of the slain soon overrun by their brethren.
  9. [20:53] <antoine> The 2nd blast shield comes down.
  10. 10[20:56] * @Cadmus opens up on the mass of smaller xenos on his side of the room, following up on his fellow Angel's assault.
  11. [21:00] <antoine> Cadmus increases the devastation, rending small groupings of the xenos into naught but chum on the cold engineerium floor.
  12. 10[21:02] * Bellerophon swings himself and his magnificent, still smoking heavy bolter towards the warrior and its group of xenoforms and begins firing round after round into the horde, attempting to destroy them all before Anselm can reach them
  13. [21:07] <antoine> The fire is somewhat wild to say the least, barely missing Anselm as the round cut down more hormagaunts and the Tyranid warrior's body is perforated from head to toe by exploding bolts.
  14. 10[21:08] * Bellerophon broadcasts the sound of him blowing the smoke off his heavy bolter over their voxnet
  15. 10[21:08] * Anselm comes to a halt, the soles of his boots screeching in pain from the induced friction. He looks back at the Ultramarine, and snarls over his comm-bead. ++That was mine! My honor! Mine!++
  16. [21:16] <Bellerophon> ++Oops. :3c++
  17. 10[21:16] * Balmung ignites his jump pack and leaps towards the Warrior
  18. [21:19] <antoine> The mighty space wolf lands between the tyranids and his charge, daring the lesser beings to take him on. The hormagaunt oblige him as the tyranid warrior moves forward and fire his venom cannon at Bellerophon. The shot goes wide but the hormagaunts soon close, a mass of chitin and talons bearing down on Balmung.
  19. [21:19] <antoine> hormagaunts*
  20. [21:19] <antoine> fires*
  21. [21:20] <Balmung> ++Come at me Bretheren!++
  22. [21:28] <antoine> Balmung stays clear of the flurry of blows while Anselm is charged as well, he returns the strikes blow for blow, his blades cutting the enemy in twain.
  23. [21:35] <antoine> The tech priestess continues her work as the servitor rolls across the floor away from Balmung and towards Anselm. Completely oblivious of the two guardians protecting it from imminent and certain destruction.
  24. 02[21:38] * Balmung (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Quit: Balmung)
  25. 03[21:39] * Cromwell (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  26. 03[21:39] * Cromwell is now known as Balmung
  27. 10[21:42] * Bellerophon trains his autosenses and motion predictor onto the remaining tyranid warrior-form, and proceeds to blast it into oblivion
  28. [21:45] <antoine> Bellerophon's hurricane of heavy bolter fire blows the warrior to pieces, detonating the bio weapon that spews sickly green goo on the floor around the creature.
  29. [21:49] <antoine> As the warrior falls to the ground a new group of warriors emerge while the zanthropes call out once again. With a nail on a blackboard screech walls of the enigneerium are torn apart as genestealers leap through from various points. Their multi-jointed limbs pulling them through the hull with lightning dexterity.
  30. 10[21:52] * @Cadmus whips his heavy weapon around to point at the closest stealer and fires off another mighty burst of his weapon.
  31. [22:00] <antoine> The two stealers from the right barely make it into the room as the fire from cadmus butchers them, leaving a bloody smear on the ground and wall.
  32. 10[22:01] * @Cadmus grins as he watches the xenos become paste.
  33. 10[22:06] * Anselm , seeing the chance for greater foes, stomps over the mass of gaunts and fires his jump pack, launching straight into the most combat-apt warrior.
  34. [22:13] <antoine> Anselm's strikes are quick but are not enough to get past the warriors defenses. The Tyranid rocks back on its haunches, preparing to counter attack any second.
  35. 03[22:14] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  36. 03[22:27] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  37. 10[22:30] * Omniel sweeps the barrel of his multi-melta towards the nearest threatening targets, the genestealers, but his attention is focused mainly on the shield terminals. "Omnissiah, bless this machine..."
  38. [22:31] <antoine> The 2nd blast door comes down and locks in place, the Zanthropes start wailing in an even higher pitch as they concentrate on sucking the energy from the drive into the Hive Ship
  39. 01[22:32] <Omniel> ++We are nearly there, Brothers. Only a little while longer.++
  40. 10[22:33] * @Cadmus nods and aims at the next genestealer before introducing it to the glories of bolter technology.
  41. [22:34] <antoine> 2nd blast shield*
  42. 10[22:35] * Bellerophon sets his heavy bolter from "Exterminate," to "Genocide," as he starts tracking the genestealer horde with the weapon, and attempts to obliterate them all in one fell swoop
  43. [22:37] <antoine> Cadmus cuts down two stealers with a burst of fire. The heavy bolter's buckling held in check by its suspensor.
  44. [22:38] <antoine> Bellerophon also cuts down a pair of the agile hunters, reducing the chance of the being overwhelmed slightly.
  45. [22:43] <Bellerophon> ++Maintain this pace, brothers.  We will have them down yet.++
  46. 10[22:43] * Bellerophon encourages his killteam!
  47. [22:44] <antoine> The four warriors with bioweapons advance and fire, Bellerophon manages to duck in time and Cadmus contemptuously leans backwards, like he is just stretching is back after a hard training session as the shot flies past him.
  48. [22:48] <@Cadmus> "Pitiful, you xenos scum."
  49. [22:52] <antoine> Anselm dodges the melee warrior with ease as Balmung is repeatedly slashed by a pair of genestealers.
  50. [22:53] <antoine> The other warrior with talon starts running after the servitor as it continues its circuitous path to the other side.
  51. [22:54] <antoine> talons*
  52. 01[22:55] <Omniel> ++Brothers, the servitor is vulnerable. It must be defended at all costs.++
  53. [22:55] <antoine> The Tech-priestess screeches again over your vox
  54. [22:57] <Balmung> ++Tell that bitch to speak gothic! Next time she does that I'm ripping out her voice box!++
  55. [22:58] <Anselm> ++Do not disrespect the Mechanicus!++ Anselm shouts before he swings a new flurry of blows at his chosen foe.
  56. 01[22:59] <Omniel> ++She is apprising me of the situation, Brother. The Techna-Lingua is required for such an endeavour, and it would be wise not to needlessly antagonize our honoured ally.++
  57. [23:02] <antoine> Anselm cuts great gouges in the warriors chitinous hide. Thurst, swipe, parry, block, thrust, backwards slice. The two swords work leave the warrior barely standing but amazingly the thing still pushes on.
  58. [23:02] <Anselm> ++You are not worthy of my blades!++
  59. 03[23:07] * antoine changes topic to 'Anselm, Balmung, Omniel, Cadmus, Belle, NPC's'
  60. 10[23:20] * Omniel grits his teeth, turning away from the console. His multi-melta leveled at the warrior that threatens the remaining servitor, he sends a blast downrange, while his unoccupied bionic hand works almost with a mind of its own on the console.
  61. [23:20] <antoine> Omniel punishes the warrior out in the open but dosen't kill it. The last blast shield starts coming down and more lights come up green on his console.
  62. [23:23] <antoine> Cadmus turns his heavy bolter onto Omniel's target and guns down the beast in a fusillade of fire.
  63. 01[23:24] <Omniel> ++You have my gratitude, Brother. Excellent work.++
  64. [23:24] <antoine> a quick screech comes from the tech priestess
  65. 10[23:24] * Bellerophon stares down the two genestealers running at them, only a stone's throw away from him. He levels his heavy bolter at them and proceeds to fire.
  66. 10[23:25] * Anselm chortles.
  67. 10[23:25] * Omniel merely nods.
  68. [23:30] <antoine> Bellerophon spits hot lead at the two genestealers a few meters from him. their momentum is lost as they are hit but one of the stealers heads flies off forward from its body as it is decapitated. The head lands mouth first over the barrel of the heavy bolter before being blow apart by a speeding round running through the back of the reinforced bone of the skull.
  69. [23:31] <antoine> The three floating bodies suddenly keen much louder than before, it almost sounds like fear.
  70. [23:32] <Bellerophon> ++IT IS A GOOD DAY TO BE A DEVASTATOR.++
  71. [23:33] <antoine> The next barrage of bio weapon shots fly past the tech priest and the ultramarine as the warriors advance.
  72. [23:35] <antoine> One round however slams into the controls, the two tech specialists dive to the ground, avoiding the impact but the shot has damaged the controls.
  73. [23:37] <antoine> The tech priestess lets off an angry screech
  74. 01[23:39] <Omniel> ++They lack respect for the machine!++
  75. [23:44] <antoine> The servitor reaches its destination and begins the last rites to engage the cable coupling.
  76. [23:46] <antoine> Suddenly a Blood Raven death watch marine emerges from the hole torn by the two genestealers that was assaulting Balmung
  77. [23:48] <Arkias> "No!" the Raven roars at the sight, reaching out with one gauntleted fist.
  78. 10[23:58] * Arkias gestures, and crackling flames wash over the genestealers, their flickering shapes seeming both to suggest some howling beast and a great raven with outstretched wings at the same time.
  79. Session Time: Sun Jul 17 00:00:00 2011
  80. [00:01] <antoine> Arkias gesture results in the two genestealers crying out in agony as their flesh is stripped from their bodies. Unfortunately the warp attack wasn't enough to take down the two xenos
  81. 10[00:02] * Anselm ignores the arrival of the Librarian and strikes at the Warrior with his sword.
  82. 03[00:03] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  83. [00:04] <@Cadmus> ++It's about time you showed up Arkias.++
  84. 02[00:04] * Arkias ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  85. 03[00:04] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  86. [00:06] <antoine> Anselm finishes off the warrior with a flourish, his armour unscathed by any of the enemies attacks.
  87. 10[00:07] * Arkias nods in acknowledgment, fingers still smoldering. ++You live, Brother Cadmus. I am not too late, then.++
  88. [00:08] <@Cadmus> ++As if this xenos scum could ever kill me.++
  89. [00:09] <antoine> Anselm finishes his warrior by kicking out its legs and throwing his personal sword up in the air while driving his powersword down two-handed into the defeated creatures skull before deftly catching his sacred sword as it drops to the ground.
  90. [00:13] <antoine> Balmung swings his axe in mighty arcs, cleaving the genestealer in front of him into two neat symmetrical sections that fall to the left and right.
  91. [00:14] <Arkias> ++I see we have acquired new brethren.++ Arkias comments dryly.
  92. 10[00:15] * Anselm roars in triumph, now set on the cannoneers.
  93. [00:17] <antoine> A screech of binary comes from the Tech Priestess as Omniel patches up the controls with ease, the last shield comes down into place and the Zanthropes turn on the spot, eyeing the highly skilled tech marine.
  94. 10[00:18] * Omniel responds to the Tech Priestess with a mysterious gesture, sacred to the Tech Priests of Mars, making a fist with one hand with the thumb pointed upwards.
  95. 10[00:20] * @Cadmus trains his weapon on one of the groups of large xenos and lets fly.
  96. [00:27] <antoine> The two xenos die in a mass of bolter fire, the creatures don't stand a chance against the forge world produced rounds that puncture bone and muscles with ease.
  97. 10[00:33] * Bellerophon shoots at the warriors. This is getting a bit boring. Where's the hive tyrant?
  98. [00:36] <antoine> The last two warriors die and fall to the ground, the keening wail of the floating beasts reaches new heights as the roof above you suddenly collapses and a stream of rippers like sand flowing through a time piece start spilling onto the deck next to the control station.
  99. 03[00:39] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
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  103. [00:43] <antoine> Balmung is suddenly attacked ferociously, he helmet torn off and his body start working hard to seal the head wound.
  104. [00:44] <@Cadmus> ++No! Hang in there Brother!++
  105. [00:45] <antoine> The Techpriestess finishes her rites as the servitor finishes his. A screech of confirmation comes from her.
  106. 10[00:45] * Balmung roars in a mixture of rage and pain YOU MOTHERFUCKER I'M GOING TO SKULL FUCK YOUR FUCKING NORN QUEEN FOR DOING THIS
  107. 01[00:46] <Omniel> ++Brothers, the task is complete! We have succeeded.++
  108. 03[00:46] * Ugolino895 ( has joined #XenosHunters
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  112. [00:47] <antoine> As Balmung swears his hate at the genestealer a huge body with whips and tendrils drops from the roof onto the pile of rippers. The tiny creatures cushioning its fall as it sways left and right on its tail a mere 10m from the control center.
  113. [00:50] <antoine> A seething mass of spore are ejected from it, Cadmus, Bellerophon, Omniel and the Techpriestess all covered in the cloud of toxic xenos spores
  114. [00:50] <@Cadmus> ++That is an impressively ugly xenos.++
  115. [00:51] <antoine> The Tech-priestess bends over, coughing. It seems her lungs are still human.
  116. 10[00:53] * @Cadmus is unaffected by the pitiful xenos spores.
  117. [00:54] <Arkias> ++It matters not. Impurity must be purged with flame.++ Arkias retorts through his helmet, just beyond the cloud, raising his hand again. ++Be ready.++
  118. 10[00:54] * @Cadmus nods and readies his weapon.
  119. 10[00:55] * Omniel looks to the Tech-Priestess with some concern, his own mechanical lungs expelling the toxins with a loud hissing.
  120. [00:55] <antoine> The spore cloud is so thick it obscures the beast, you don't think you could as reliably hit it with ranged weapons while you are in the cloud.
  121. 10[01:06] * Arkias raises his boltgun, firing a single Hellfire round into the gloom. The bolt fizzles in the smog and detonates somewhere else, off course. ++Blood of the Great Father. This foulness...++ Arkias snarls, stung by his failure, then strides into the mist.
  122. [01:07] <antoine> One of the floating creatures sends out wail that seems to come from inside your own mind, the pain is excruciating.
  123. 10[01:10] * Arkias staggers under the assault, roaring in pain. His perception lends him only the knowledge of exactly what his attacker is and what it can do. He is Astartes. He knows no fear, but this foe can shred his mind as easily as he could the body of a mortal.
  124. 10[01:13] * Anselm ignores the scratching sensation creeping along the base of his neck, howling in fury as he fires his thrusters to charge at the Zoanthropes.
  125. [01:15] <antoine> The engines suddenly give out, spiting and spluttering while Anselm stand there impotently.
  126. 10[01:16] * @Cadmus grabs his head in agony as it is assaulted by a foul xenos presence.
  127. 10[01:17] * Balmung howls and screams in a fersian dialect
  128. 10[01:19] * Anselm grunts in irritation and runs under his own power.
  129. 03[01:19] * antoine changes topic to 'Anselm, Balmung, Omniel, Cadmus, Belle, Arkias, NPC's'
  130. 10[01:26] * Balmung goes into a feral rage and takes out a string of grenades attached to his belt and charges for the giant beast
  131. 10[01:34] * Bellerophon is crippled and useless but will not let that stop him from shooting at the great gushing gouts of spores
  132. [01:38] <antoine> Suddenly the ship lurches and you hear on your vox ++Target destroyed, returning to the airlock. Well done Sinbad we met no resistance.++
  133. 10[01:39] * Arkias recovers from the mental attack long enough to gesture to the side and up at the hovering creatures. Energy collects at his fingers, crackling across the skull focus's surface...then fizzles and splutters out.
  134. [01:39] <antoine> The creatures fall to the deck and their concentration is broken, you feel your mind released from their powers
  135. 10[01:39] * @Cadmus shakes his head violently as the vile influence withdraws.
  136. 10[01:40] * Balmung stops and looks at the grenades in his hands, shrugs and keeps charging thinking it's a good idea
  137. 10[01:40] * Arkias lowers his hand and straightens, spores drifting around him as he recovers. ++They falter! End them before they strike again!++
  138. [01:42] <antoine> The Techpriestess finishes her work and stumbles away from the monster giving off a quick screech.
  139. 03[01:43] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  140. 10[01:44] * Anselm once again attempts to cut the Zoanthrope.
  141. 02[01:44] * Arkias ( Quit (Ping timeout)
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  144. [01:46] <antoine> Anselm scores a solid hit on his target, taking off a large chitinous plate from the psychic creatures head.
  145. 02[01:46] * Ugolino ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  146. 10[01:55] * Omniel braces himself and clears his mind, taking aim at the massive creature through the haze.
  147. [01:56] <antoine> Omniel's multimelta scores a huge hit against the whip and tendril covered tyranid, the creature rocking back and to the left by the energetic impact pushing and heating it up.
  148. 10[01:57] * @Cadmus takes aim at the huge xenos and fires a hail of explosive death.
  149. [02:01] <antoine> Cadmus' fire cuts off tendrils and whips one at a time, severing the creatures ability to reach as it it pushed back. Firing as he advances, Cadmus puts round after round into the creature until he is standing atop of its prone form roaring in rage as holds down the trigger and kills the beast.
  150. 10[02:04] * Bellerophon 's head is now clear and he proceeds to lay down a hail of bolts at a zoan
  151. 10[02:04] * @Cadmus never feels better than when he's killing nids.
  152. 03[02:09] * Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
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