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  1. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
  3. You both like Role-play.
  5. You: Hey, there. I’m a 17 y/o female (from Australia so it’s legal). Im looking for a quick and easy fucking and will play any kink, scene, or fetish you have (absolutely no limits). All you have to do is maybe incorporate one or two of my favourite positions or ways to be fucked. I also have reference pictures if you want to see who you’ll be fucking senseless ;)
  7. Stranger: Well you get right to the point
  9. Stranger: Which positions are those
  11. You: I prefer to make my intentions clear.
  13. You: Tit-fucking, bent over a counter or the hood of a car, fucked up against a wall, fucked in the back of a car, and fucked while still wearing clothes, preferably a dress & high heels.
  15. Stranger: Good, I could use a tight, eager cock sleeve
  17. You: I'm glad you're just as eager as I am then ;)
  19. Stranger: Shut up and bend over in the back seat, slut
  21. You: (is this you seguing into rp?)
  23. Stranger: (It is, my little cock sleeve)
  25. You: There wasn't much room for me to work with so I open the door and bend over the back seat with my ass and legs outside the car. We were in a dark alley so there was no risk of being caught. "I'm waiting." I taunt.
  27. You: (I'll be wearing the skirt or dress in the 1st or 3rd pic, up to you
  29. Stranger: (Definitely the first please)
  31. Stranger: (You’re gorgeous)
  33. You: (Aww~ Thank you. Though I prefer to be called a "hot little cock sleeve" ;))
  35. Stranger: (Duly noted, my hot little cock sleeve <3)
  37. Stranger: “You’ll be sorry you said that.” I grin as I lift your skirt up after letting my rock hard cock slip out and before you knew it, you felt it pressing into you inch by inch till it bottomed out inside you balls deep with my large hands clutching the front of your hips and pulling you back toward me as you let out a guttural moan while your your toes curl hard in your high heels
  39. You: My hands grip against the leather of the seats, my walls clutching tightly around your stiffness and pleasuring you as inch by inch it squeezes your cock. I bite my lip and lean my head back to let out a soft whimper as I lift a leg from the ground and rest it lightly on the edge of the car - in the doorframe. My hips buck lightly in an attempt to get your length further inside me.
  41. Stranger: “Fuuuck, you’re tighter than a God damn vice. Let’s see if I can change that.” I groan out before pulling away from you till I nearly slide out then slam it all back inside with my thick tip pounding against your womb with ease, thrusting at a steady pace that makes you weak in the knees and your body coursing with pleasure already every time my fat cock grinds along your gspot as I properly make you my fuck toy
  43. You: "Hmm. I'd like to see you try~ Ahhh!" As you draw your cock from between my legs I slightly shudder, unused to the sudden space between my tight walls. Though a second, much louder, moan came from when you thrusted into me. My whole body shuddered, my head being thrown back as my back archers. "Hah~" I cry out again, my nails digging into the leather.
  45. Stranger: I reach for your arms to bring them together behind your back by your wrists so you can’t help but lay there and take it for me, my other hand reaching for a handful of your hair to pull back hard on as you moan intensely for me without restraint while your back arches which gives me an amazing angle of penetration to slam into your tight little pussy relentlessly however I please
  47. You: With my arms bound and my hair being tugged back, my moans only grow louder and louder. "Hah~ Harder~" I blurt out, my voice quivering as I struggle to focus on more than the ruthless fucking I was receiving. My tits began to juggle up and down with each thrust, threatening to bounce out of the bra I was wearing.
  49. Stranger: I pull your top down aggressively so your soft tits can spring free only to be cupped and massaged thoroughly by my strong hands instead as I fuck you into the seat itself. “You won’t be able to walk tomorrow by the time I’m down with you, my cock sleeve.” I start pounding into you at a much harder and faster pace that makes the entire car rock and squeak as I pound myself against your ass for my thick pulsating cock to stretch out your tight inner walls just enough to wrap around every inch of so fucking tightly
  51. You: My soft little breasts began to bounce up and down as soon as they were freed, only stopped when you grasped them. They were soft but still firmly developed, and they were certainly big for my age... Big enough to fit a cock between them. "Mm~ Please!" With my hands free, I reach out to grasp the leather again and push myself against your cock in time with each thrust.
  53. Stranger: Fuckkk, you’re so sexy baby 😩
  55. You: (thank you, hun <3)
  57. Stranger: I’m so hard for you
  59. You: (I'd love it if you'd stroke yourself for me and keep going. Try and cum in unison with the rp ;))
  61. Stranger: I’m stroking as we speak baby
  63. Stranger: I just hope you can cum with me
  65. You: (I'm so wet right now, babe, I've been finger fucking myself since we started ;)
  67. Stranger has disconnected.
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