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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <Grisbi_categ>
  3.         <General
  4.                 File_version="0.6.0"
  5.                 Grisbi_version="0.8.8" />
  6.         <Category Nb="1" Na="Bankgeb├╝hren" Kd="1" />
  7.         <Sub_category Nbc="1" Nb="1" Na="Dispozinsen" />
  8.         <Sub_category Nbc="1" Nb="2" Na="Habenzinsen" />
  9.         <Category Nb="2" Na="Ausgehen" Kd="1" />
  10.         <Sub_category Nbc="2" Nb="1" Na="Essen gehen" />
  11.         <Sub_category Nbc="2" Nb="2" Na="Discobesuch" />
  12. </Grisbi_categ>
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