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Legate flings a Steel Ranger with such a force it shakes the room they're in

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Aug 31st, 2020
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  1. "We must remove the soul immediately!” Then he skidded to a stop, his eyes wide. “Unless that’s what he actually wants us to do… but if he... but I... he... AHHHGH!” The zebra clasped his skull, screaming in frustration, “Damn you, Discord! What have you done?”
  3. The Knight took several steps back. “Look, what does it matter? I have the Tokomare, and soon as Cognitum returns, she’s dead. So what’s the–”
  5. The Vizier was on him in seconds. His hooves hooked around the Knight’s neck, and he gave a colossal heave over his back. The silver-armored stallion crashed down with an impact that made the whole spire vibrate. “The point? The point is that he can change things!” the zebra yelled. “He can see things a step ahead that I can’t. He knows what to do and what not to do! You have no concept what it means to fight that!”
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