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Session 1E-1: Bandits Everywhere

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  1. [22:50:49] <@Paradox> Today is the 45th of Spring! It's the very middle of spring, and the deep chill of winter is finally completely gone. Though it's been raining for most of the past week, today is a lovely sunny day. The cherry trees around the town square are in full bloom, and it's against the blossom-laden breezes that the Spring Festival is starting up.
  2. [22:52:03] <Barkeep> (btw what does the blue herb do dox)
  3. [22:52:10] <@Paradox> The majority of the townfolk are here in the square; either representing their businesses in one of the many booths around the square, or walking around and simply enjoying the festival.
  4. [22:53:09] <@Paradox> (It heals 5HP but can also be used as an INGREDIENT for dishes/drinks, or dye for clothes)
  5. [22:54:43] * Henry is proud to be representing his clothing shop, Leavanny's Envy, for the festival. He's probably got a small booth set up somewhere or another with some light clothing in bright colors.
  6. [22:55:03] <@Paradox> Other people are getting ready for the Spring Contests, where the Mayor and two guest judges will decide the which of the contestants will win a prize for the most beautiful, tough, cute, cool, and smart pokemon!
  7. [22:55:12] * Raven is sitting alone at a plain little table with a sign that says "Join the Guard Today!" She seems quite cheery despite...the lack of interest.
  8. [22:55:26] * Arawn is at the festival too, not in an actual stall; but of course anyone recognising him could pester him for balls.  He has lots of balls.  And is in a good mood about his balls.
  9. [22:56:44] * Balthazar is sitting on a table with various strange mechanical gadgets on it. A sign with: "THE FUTURE TODAY, BUY IT OR BE OBSOLETE" sits next to it.
  10. [22:59:26] * Henry also has his camera out and about and on display, ready to take and sell photographs of pokemon, but he doesn't expect that will get him much.
  11. [22:59:41] <Raven> Despite her cheeriness, she realizes...this plan just ain't happening.  'Well...Come on Maki,' she says as she puts the sign away.  "let's go look around~"
  12. [23:02:15] <Balthazar> "Hohohoho, those hicks will be flabbergasted at my marveloos inventions, eh?" he mumbles while plying with one of the weird machines.
  13. [23:02:27] <@Paradox> Raven has the right of it; no one has so much as looked at her. A few people stop by Balthazar's booth, but quickly run away from his rather BIZARRE gadgets. Henry has a bit more luck, with lots of people stopping by to get their pictures taken with their pokemon - Henry has the only camera within a 100 miles of Oran Valley.
  14. [23:04:23] * Henry is certainly surprised, but keeps a smile on his face and keeps the camera snapping. He's happy for any kind of business.
  15. [23:04:44] <Raven> She does make a point to finally meet the local smithy though!  "Ah, Mr. Riagan, I believe it is?  I'm Raven, local guard captain.  I'd like to buy some balls...apricorn balls. that is."
  16. [23:04:56] <Henry> His Scraggy and Tangela are hanging out nearby. While Bernard's wearing his usual suspenders, Herbert is wearing a nice, shiny new pair of fine shoes.
  17. [23:05:41] * Submission sits calmly behind... well, you can't quite call it a stand, can you? It's more like a table. A bench, perhaps. On top of the bench sit a slew of woodcarved statues, ranging from modest representations of a Slowbro's tail shell to a rather intimidating Mightyena. The carvings themselves are actually quite high-quality. The detail on the Mightyena has made more than one customer jump.
  18. [23:06:14] <Henry> "Good day! Yes, we'd love to take your picture, please stand over there and... smile! Excellent, here you are~"
  19. [23:06:48] * Barkeep has a small booth set up in front of the Lazing Slaking. He's serving up drinks right outside so everyone can see. He has most of his supplies there, but sends marcel or nephene to fetch something if he doesn't have the materials there.
  20. [23:07:03] <Balthazar> "Too flabbergasted... To even buy something, eh? Auurgh! And i 'ave stuff cooler than that stoopid camera! NMaybe i should have bring more explosives..."
  21. [23:07:10] <Raven> "...wow that really came out wrong," she sped off after that fiasco was done with~"
  22. [23:07:18] * Nephene 's half of the booth has little more than a padded table and comfortable, low-backed chair in front of it.
  23. [23:07:51] <@Cedric> "Ooooh. Look at that," the boy says before handing the picture to his strange flying titourga ... which promptly eats the polaroid.
  24. [23:08:04] <Nephene> Sample massage are available. Amon is temporarily under orders to help her brother out with supplies, which he grudgingly complies with.
  25. [23:08:26] * Maka is sitting next to Submission behind his stand, quietly reading a book. A small stack of the library's most popular books is on the stand behind the carvings, with the binder of checkouts next to it.
  26. [23:08:37] <Henry> "Oh dear, that is unfortunate. Would you like a replacement? I won't charge extra, of course, as long as this one doesn't become a snack itself."
  27. [23:09:30] <Nephene> For a change of pace, she is extending her massage services to Pokemon, as well.
  28. [23:09:41] <@Cedric> "Oh no that's okay, Ms. Quartz would probably eat that o- is that cheesecake that guy is selling!? Oh god cheesecake!"
  29. [23:09:42] * Henry regards the tirtouga with some curiosity, however.
  30. [23:09:44] <Submission> "Watch the wares, Mirror Move. I am going to get a drink," Submission says, standing and maneuvering his huge bulk around from behind the stand. He slowly wanders towards where Barkeep and Nephene are stationed. "Keeping busy, I hope, Neph?" Submission says as he approaches.
  31. [23:09:56] <@Cedric> The boy runs off, the tirtouga floating after
  32. [23:10:02] <Nephene> "Busy enough. More people want to get drunk than stay comfortable."
  33. [23:10:06] <Nephene> "It's understandable, though."
  34. [23:10:08] * Maka nods without looking up. "Can you get me some water too Sub?"
  35. [23:10:16] <Nephene> As a bit of cross-promotion, Neph is wearing the dress Henry made for her.
  36. [23:10:30] <Henry> "Quite interesting, wouldn't you say, Bernard? This day has been quite full of surprises already."
  37. [23:11:03] * Barkeep frowns, looking over at someone and starting to raise his hand surruptitiously, but promptly lowering it.
  38. [23:11:27] <Submission> Submission lets out a deep chuckle as he walks towards Barkeep's end of the table. "I'm sorry I'm about to disappoint again. Barkeep, what's best today?"
  39. [23:11:27] <Raven> Raven eventually wanders upon Henry's stand.  "Oh ho, I haven't seen one of those in a while," she says with a nod to the camera as she approaches.  "How's the business been goin' Mr. Whitarce?"
  40. [23:11:42] <Henry> "Mm, cheesecake does sound quite nice though. We WILL have to find time to close the stall for a moment and have a look around for ourselves... Oh!"
  41. [23:12:37] <Henry> "Ms. Raven... Bokor was the last name, correct? Do you mind if I simply call you Raven? It is a delight to see you. Business has been going swimmingly so far, though not quite in the direction I anticipated."
  42. [23:12:52] <Barkeep> "Well, we've got some beers that have been popular, or the Blood Cherrim Tonic is somewhat of our signature."
  43. [23:12:54] <Balthazar> "Fireworks, eh? That would work. And big sis is wanting to recruit people for 'er weird guard stuff, eh?"
  44. [23:13:00] <Henry> "It seems more people have been interested in my camera than my clothing. Perhaps I picked the wrong sort of store to open..."
  45. [23:13:22] <Henry> "And how of you? How has recruitment fared?"
  46. [23:13:46] <Raven> "Oh, sorry about the pleasentries.  Aftermath of military training and being an officer's daughter, you could say.  I'll...make an effort to call you Henry, as well."
  47. [23:14:32] <Henry> "Please feel free to. But if you would rather me address you in some other way, please do let me know."
  48. [23:14:51] * Henry tips his hat a little with a smile.
  49. [23:15:39] <Raven> She laughs uncomfortably at the question.  "Well. About that.  Let's just say I should probably be glad no one feels an immediate need to sign up to defend the town.  And no, Raven's fine.  Just not entirely used to this more...sedimentry life style myself yet."
  50. [23:16:05] * Nephene understands, at least. The services -were- a luxury, after all.
  51. [23:16:06] <Submission> "I'm in the mood for something dark," Submission says, pulling forth a bit of money. "I don't think I'll sell anything today."
  52. [23:17:24] * Raven looks to the camera. "I can't really blame anyone for taking an interest in your hard ware, though. You could probably make a killing off just working as a photographer for special events and ceremonies around town."
  53. [23:17:26] <Nephene> The little Riolu is shuffling glasses in and out of the bar.
  54. [23:17:27] <Henry> "That is a shame, I must say. Much better luck in the future, I hope. Perhaps with good fortune you'll at least find more good samaritans, hm?"
  55. [23:17:52] <Henry> "Yes, it is one of my pride and joys..."
  56. [23:18:11] * Barkeep nods. "Keep your head up, Sub. Things'll come around."
  57. [23:18:33] <Henry> "And perhaps I will expand my business that way! We'll see what the future has to hold, hm?"
  58. [23:18:45] * Barkeep gets him something nice and dark just how he likes.
  59. [23:19:22] <Henry> "Can I assist you in any way as long as you're here? Would you like a picture taken? Thinking about a change of clothes, perhaps?"
  60. [23:20:28] * Raven thinks for a second. "Sure I could go for a picture, I guess. Change of cloths though...eh, I'm not exactly a girly girl, Henry. I'd be a waste of your talents and resources."
  61. [23:20:31] <Submission> Submission takes a sip and smiles. The Bartender at The Lazing Slaking always seems to know just what he wants on a given visit. "Thanks, Barkeep. Neph, I'll send Mirror Move by soon with Dos in a little."
  62. [23:20:43] * Nephene nods. Sure thing.
  63. [23:20:53] <Nephene> "I'll be ready for that, then."
  64. [23:21:12] <Barkeep> "Got the whole rest of the festival though. Stick it out for a bit, you never know what'll come up."
  65. [23:21:36] * Raven gestures to her outfit, which is...rather masculine. Thick outdoorsy jeans, heavy coat, rather plain shirt.
  66. [23:21:51] * Submission nods plainly. With that, Submission goes back to rest behind his stand, poking a dozing Slowpoke out from beneath his chair. Dos, yawning a bit, just stands up and walks over underneath the table to plop back down.
  67. [23:22:04] * Henry tuts. "If you insist. I do make servicable clothing as well as fashionable, however."
  68. [23:22:15] <Maka> "Where's my water, Sub?" Maka still hasn't looked up from her book.
  69. [23:22:43] <Nephene> "Oh, dear," she says with a chuckle. "I'll keep him comfortable."
  70. [23:23:01] <Henry> "In any case, if you would like a picture taken, I will accept no more than 10 gold. Please, have a seat over here, and if you would like to bring a pokemon into the frame, feel free."
  71. [23:23:13] * Henry gestures nearby.
  72. [23:23:14] <Nephene> The problem, of course, was -how- to keep a Slowpoke comfortable.
  73. [23:23:37] <Nephene> In any case, she gently carries Dos onto the table. "How are you today, Dos?"
  74. [23:23:56] <Raven> She chuckles, "If you insist on 10 gold and no more, you're getting that much.  Hell, it's your tax payer dollars at work anyway~"  She puts the money on the table and heads over to the seat.
  75. [23:24:08] <Raven> "Anyway..." she picks up Maki the Growlithe, and puts him in her lap, "Be ready to Smile, Maki!"
  76. [23:24:19] <Submission> "Forgot," is all Submission can think to say. He gets back up, patient as the day is long and goes to request that from Barkeep as well.
  77. [23:24:47] <Maka> "Thanks, sorry to make you go again." Maka looks up this time and smiles at Sub.
  78. [23:24:50] <Nephene> "Hm. Well, Dos -is- a Slowpoke. I guess he's not too chatty."
  79. [23:24:51] <Henry> "This is a celebration, Raven, the enjoyment of the crowd is far more important than my pocketbook. Besides, it's a fun and inexpensive way to spread my reputation."
  80. [23:24:55] * Henry gets his camera ready.
  81. [23:25:02] * Henry snap!
  82. [23:25:56] * Henry takes the photo once it emerges from the camera, and waves it a little bit, downturbed so that sunlight doesn't overexpose it.
  83. [23:26:19] <Nephene> "Let's begin, in any case."
  84. [23:26:22] <Submission> Submission merely grunts, the same even expression he's worn most of his life on his face, as he hands Maka her water. "Neph already got Dos?" he asks, looking around his feet for the lazy Slowpoke.
  85. [23:26:44] * Henry then hands the photograph over, a well-framed picture of Raven and her Growlithe, ready for framing.
  86. [23:26:59] <Nephene> With that, Neph gets the oils, and gets ready to massage the lazing Slowpoke, delayed reaction and all.
  87. [23:27:00] * Barkeep raises an eyebrow but hands Sub the water. "Can't Dos make water though?"
  88. [23:27:03] * Maka points over at Nephene then gets back to reading.
  89. [23:27:42] * Raven puts down Maki and gets up. She accepts the picture. "Thank you very much, Henry."
  90. [23:29:17] <Submission> "If we had Dos make water, Mirror would get her drink tomorrow sometime," Submission jokes to the Bartender.
  91. [23:29:21] <Nephene> As she gets to work, she wonders if the oil was really necessary.
  92. [23:29:26] <Henry> "And thank you for the tenpence. Your growlithe looks quite healthy, and fit for service. An excellent choice for your profession, I imagine."
  93. [23:29:41] <Henry> "And adorable besides."
  94. [23:29:43] <Nephene> His skin is rubbery.
  95. [23:29:53] * Nephene gauges Dos for a response, if one was even forthcoming.
  96. [23:30:56] <Submission> Dos hardly seems phased by the massages at first. It isn't until Nephene is checking him over that the Slowpoke even notices he's been moved from his napping spot under Submission.
  97. [23:31:10] <Henry> "On the other hand, Bernard and myself are probably more fit to lance each other with jest onstage as a sort of vaudeville act, eh Benny?" he chuckles.
  98. [23:31:12] <Nephene> This is extremely silly.
  99. [23:31:19] <Raven> She beams.  "Maki's...the descendent of one of my granpapa's companions, I believe.  Been with me a long, long time.  I couldn't have a finer partner.  And yes he is a cute little sucker...when he's...not maiming things."
  100. [23:31:35] <Henry> "The small ones ARE the ones to watch out for."
  101. [23:31:44] * Raven tilts her head. "I don't believe I've met your companions."
  102. [23:31:54] <Nephene> She briefly wonders what it's like to have the slowed perceptions of a Slowpoke.
  103. [23:31:55] * Henry gestures to the pokemon.
  104. [23:32:14] <Nephene> In any case, he's at least a good customer. Quiet, nonfidgety.
  105. [23:32:49] <Henry> "Bernard here has been with me for quite some time. More refined than other Scraggy, but just as dangerous in a fight. I fashioned for him some suspenders to relieve him of the sagging extra layer of skin that plagues his species."
  106. [23:33:16] * Raven kneels down. "Well hello there, Bernard!" She...offers her hand to the little guy.
  107. [23:33:44] <Barkeep> "You know something..."
  108. [23:33:46] * Nephene rubs Dos's ears, then gets to work on rubbing down his tail.
  109. [23:33:50] <Barkeep> "Hey, Sub."
  110. [23:34:04] <Submission> "He'll figure things out eventually, Neph," Submission says, watching his Pokemon. "Prob'ly at home he'll yawn and- Yeah, Barkeep?"
  111. [23:34:37] <Barkeep> "I was thinking, about helping me with that window, or the ring..."
  112. [23:34:58] <Submission> "Yeah?"
  113. [23:35:11] <@Paradox> Bernard stands by, aloofly checking his fingernips.
  114. [23:35:25] <Barkeep> "Money is a bit tight... but I was wondering if there's some way I could supplement our payment."
  115. [23:35:36] <Henry> "At least say hello, Bernard." :I
  116. [23:35:41] * Barkeep pulls out an odd crown-shaped rock.
  117. [23:35:42] <Nephene> "Hopefully. I -really- don't know how I'm doing here, though."
  118. [23:35:43] <@Paradox> < This festival is so ... quaint. I've never seen so many bumpkins eager to sell their wares. >
  119. [23:35:49] <Nephene> "Still, new challenges do keep life interesting."
  120. [23:35:57] <Barkeep> "I was wondering if you might accept this as part of our compensation."
  121. [23:36:12] <Submission> Submission hasn't forgotten the request. "It's taken- Yes, that's fine, Maka. Oh, Barkeep, you don't have to do that much."
  122. [23:36:19] <@Paradox> The Scraggy looks up at Raven.
  123. [23:36:30] <@Paradox> < Must I? She seems so .... ew. >
  124. [23:36:42] <Barkeep> "Well, I don't quite have much of a use for it..."
  125. [23:36:44] <Raven> "Hmmm, he's the hard to please kind, I see! And what would yourname be, little guy? Nice shoes!" She scoots toward the Tangela.
  126. [23:36:59] <Barkeep> "And I did some research and apparently something like this could help Dos when he evolves."
  127. [23:37:39] <@Paradox> Herbert blinks at Raven, but seems happy of the compliment.
  128. [23:37:43] * Maka kinda meanders around awkwardly, not sure where to go or what to do.
  129. [23:38:09] <@Paradox> Herbert extends a vine to shake Raven's hand.
  130. [23:38:19] <Henry> "Please do excuse him. More refined yes, but his manners remain to have some work. This is Herbert, a Tangela I spied on that expedition to the ruins with Norana. He is quite a talented pokemon, and friendlier than Bernard at any rate."
  131. [23:38:49] <Raven> "Hehe.  Nice to meet you too, little guy."
  132. [23:38:56] <Henry> "I'm not much of a cobbler, but I can make a decent shoe when I set my mind to it."
  133. [23:39:03] <Nephene> And with a simple scratching of the belly, Neph finishes her massage.
  134. [23:39:05] <Henry> "And so I did." he smiles.
  135. [23:39:17] <Nephene> "There you go, Dos. You're an excellent customer."
  136. [23:39:18] <Submission> "Does it?" Submission asks, "Does it change the thing he turns into?" Sub's hand pats the shell sculpture before him. "Always thought he'd be Slow forever."
  137. [23:39:21] * Nephene smiles.
  138. [23:39:42] <Submission> The Slowpoke suddenly shivers all over and rolls over, his tail beginning to sway happily.
  139. [23:40:08] <Barkeep> "Well he'll still be a little bit slow, but slow and steady wins the race. He'd actually be quite intelligent."
  140. [23:40:45] <Raven> She gets back up slowly.  "Oh, don't worry.  My family has a lot of foul mouthed companions.  That's nothing new here. Hehe."
  141. [23:40:50] <Henry> "And if you would believe it, there was another pokemon much like Herbert near the ruins, but far larger, and far stronger I take it. No offense, Herbert. But all in all that encounter was frightening."
  142. [23:41:14] <Submission> "Smart, eh? Mirror Move would like that. Tell you what, I'll do the job for the rock, no pay otherwise," Submission offers. "You keep my throat wet, after all."
  143. [23:42:04] <Raven> "Mmmm? That's most curious.  I've yet to make a trip out there myself.  I'll keep an eye out for this creature if I ever do get a chance to venture out there."
  144. [23:42:05] * Terri runs into the square, followed by a farfetch'd which is freaking the fuck out.
  145. [23:42:09] <Terri> "ANGRY MEN! ANGRY MEN!"
  146. [23:42:11] <Henry> "Strangely, though, it decided to leave us alone after exchanging a round of attacks. We probably were mistaken in some respect. Either way, I'm glad things turned out alright. I just wish I had managed a picture."
  147. [23:42:22] <Barkeep> "Well that's generous of you, and I'm not one to look a gift horsea in the mouth. It's a deal then." he hands over the rock.
  148. [23:42:25] <Henry> "Please don't try to kill it, I have this feeling that you shouldn't."
  149. [23:42:36] <Henry> "But it is something to behold if you do see it."
  150. [23:42:37] * Terri waves his arms about.
  151. [23:42:39] <Nephene> "Well, there we go!"
  152. [23:42:52] <Terri> "BAD MEN ON WAY!"
  153. [23:42:52] <Nephene> "All for better relaxation."
  154. [23:42:55] * Terri counts on his fingers.
  155. [23:42:58] <Terri> "MANY BAD MEN!"
  156. [23:42:59] <Nephene> "....."
  157. [23:43:14] <Henry> "Hm? Who is that and what is he causing a ruckus about?"
  158. [23:43:23] <Raven> "...If it's as friendly as Henry here we have no problems.  Granted I'm not the type to put a creature down without reason anyway."
  159. [23:43:57] * Raven turns to the...new comer.
  160. [23:43:59] * Terri flails about trying to get people's attention and is screaming at the top of his lungs.
  161. [23:44:04] * Maka spots Henry's booth and walks up, Sartre clutched in her arms. "Hi...um, was it Henry?"
  162. [23:44:09] <Raven> "You there!" she shouts.  "What's this about?" she chases after him.
  163. [23:44:14] <Terri> "BAD MEN COME TO TOWN! MANY ANGRY MEN!"
  164. [23:44:15] <Submission> Dos's mouth begins to drool a bit from excitement as he lays there. Submission, meanwhile, takes the rock and pockets it in his massive coat. "I still need to get a couple panes back to finish things, though, Barkeep. Should be just another few days. That alright?"
  165. [23:44:46] <Henry> "Yes, hello again Maka." he smiles. "It seems we have a bit of a problem, however..." he frowns at Terri. "I'm sorry, did you need something?"
  166. [23:45:08] <Terri> "BAD MEN COMMING! ANGRY!"
  167. [23:45:10] <Barkeep> "That's just fine."
  168. [23:45:13] <Barkeep> "Huh?"
  169. [23:45:13] <Henry> "If this man is not simply drunk then there may not be time."
  170. [23:45:17] <Barkeep> "What's all that racket?"
  171. [23:45:24] <Maka> "...He's loud." Maka frowns.
  172. [23:45:27] * Terri smells bad, but not of alcohol.
  173. [23:45:40] * Raven tries to calm Terri down. "Stop yelling! I'm Raven, the guard captain! What's going on? Speak clearly."
  174. [23:46:16] <Terri> "Bad men comming to town. on road. angry. had pokemon."
  175. [23:46:58] <Raven> Raven's eyes narrow..."Thank you for informing us of that.  What's your name, sir?  I don't recognize you."
  176. [23:47:22] <Maka> "Oh um...I was hoping...you're a tailor right? I need something I can wear when I go into the woods. Sub gets upset when I get my home clothes too scratched up or dirty."
  177. [23:47:46] <Terri> "Brother always called me Terri."
  178. [23:48:03] * Henry nods at Maka. "Certainly, I'd be happy to arrange something. But first, let's make sure we're not in any danger here."
  179. [23:48:19] <Raven> "Okay Terri...you stay right there a second." She marches over to Nephene and Barkeep's booth.
  180. [23:48:22] * Maka nods and turns to stare at Terri, keeping her distance.
  181. [23:48:27] <Terri> "Ok."
  182. [23:49:35] <Raven> She marches right up to the counter and speaks clearly to everyone near it.  "First off, does anyone know that guy?"
  183. [23:49:55] * Henry slings his camera over his shoulder by the strap.
  184. [23:50:00] * Barkeep tries to think back if he knows that fellow...
  185. [23:50:10] <Nephene> "I don't think I've ever seen him before."
  186. [23:50:43] <Raven> "Second point, I...think we have a problem here.  He says there are...possibly bandits, or marauders, some group heading this way."
  187. [23:50:51] <@Paradox> Barkeep; you've never seen him before either.
  188. [23:51:08] <Terri> "BANDITS! THATS WHAT THEY'RE CALLED! BADMEN!"
  189. [23:51:14] <Barkeep> "Can't say I've ever seen him. And usually everyone comes in for a drink one time or another."
  190. [23:51:18] <Henry> :B
  191. [23:51:28] <Raven> "Either he's full of it, seeming he doesn't seem to the brightest individual, or we got a serious problem."
  192. [23:51:33] <Henry> "Bandits, eh? Well this is a rather outrageous claim."
  193. [23:51:33] <Barkeep> "He might not be all there. Can't say for sure. But if it's bandits... we can't really ignore a threat like that."
  194. [23:51:43] <Submission> Submission continues to drink his beer until he overhears Raven's words. As soon as those words are said, Submission is looming over Raven. "Best to play it safe."
  195. [23:51:48] * Henry calmly begins packing up his wares and pockets his earnings.
  196. [23:52:19] * Raven looks down to Maki. "Maki, fetch my bag, behind the booth."
  197. [23:52:24] <@Paradox> At this point, the Mayor approaches Raven and the commotion.
  198. [23:52:31] <@Paradox> "Raven, what's going on here?"
  199. [23:53:49] * Giantree is now known as Clarity
  200. [23:53:50] <Clarity> Much farther down, a far-less-visited booth finds itself being vacated as a scribbly "COME BACK LATER" sign is slammed down in between a couple Magikarp.  A very forgettable-looking teenage girl leaps out over the table with a Shinx on her shoulder... at least her attitude doesn't seem quite as forgettable.  An almost-whisper from behind the people gathering.  "C'mon Sky, let's go see!"
  201. [23:54:38] * Raven turns to the mayor. "Sir, I am just as confused as you are. That man, I'm sorry, I don't know him or recognize him, just came in claiming we have bandits heading this way."
  202. [23:54:52] <Henry> "Bernard, Herbert? Be ready for an incident should one occur."
  203. [23:55:09] <Terri> Boris the Farfetch'd is freaking the fuck out.
  204. [23:55:16] * Henry joins the crowd, though remains near Maka if she's still nearby.
  205. [23:55:29] <Raven> As Maki returns with her bag, she begins removing some clips of ammo and pocketing them in her coat.  "We...may have a serious problem here, yes."
  206. [23:55:37] <Submission> "Raven," Submission says, "Did he say where from?"
  207. [23:55:37] <@Paradox> Mayor Day eyes Terri.
  208. [23:55:38] * Maka has very reluctantly started walking toward the crowd, aiming to get near Submission.
  209. [23:55:38] * Clarity approaches subtly, a goofy grin on her face, as the ponytailed girl squeezes through the crowds.
  210. [23:55:50] <Terri> "Hi."
  211. [23:56:24] <@Paradox> "Man, if I may - who are you? You are not a town resident."
  212. [23:56:45] <Terri> "Oh good. This is town then."
  213. [23:56:47] * Barkeep starts packing up, putting his drinks away and wheeling away the kegs back into the bar.
  214. [23:57:13] <Terri> "Brother called me Terri."
  215. [23:57:43] * Raven begins to do some last minute prep work on her rifle. "Well...guess we're going to have to put our training to use after all, Maki."
  216. [23:58:01] <@Paradox> ".... Yes this is town. Submission asks a fair question - where were these vandals coming from? The old forest, no doubt ... wretched outlaws."
  217. [23:58:25] <Raven> "Submission, he's told me nothing else that I didn't tell you."
  218. [23:58:48] <Submission> "Then it's best we get answers from him."
  219. [23:58:51] * Terri points to the northwest towards the forest. "That way."
  220. [23:59:33] * Henry speaks up.
  221. [00:00:34] <Nephene> "....I suppose I should follow along."
  222. [00:00:50] * Nephene hops over the table, and approaches the commotion.
  223. [00:00:55] <Henry> "If there are vandals approaching the town then perhaps it is best we meet them halfway to avoid needless injury and property damage. As a volunteer assistant to the town guard, I would go, myself."
  224. [00:00:58] <Maka> "...Sub, do you think they're stealing from the shrine if they came from the forest?" Maka looks kinda upset.
  225. [00:01:16] <Raven> "The mayor seems to be doing just that.  I could use your help rallying people to investigate his claims, though."  She looks to Nephene with a gritty smile, "I was just about to ask that"
  226. [00:01:47] <Terri> "Men loud, woke up from nap."
  227. [00:02:04] <Barkeep> "Did they say anything?"
  228. [00:02:12] <Raven> She slings her rifle back over her shoulder, and listens intently.  
  229. [00:02:16] <Submission> "I don't think that's as great a threat, Mirror Move. Stay here. Mind the wares."
  230. [00:02:33] <Maka> "But the shrine..." Maka trails off.
  231. [00:02:35] <@Paradox> Cedric climbs over Clarity, clambering towards Raven.
  232. [00:02:58] <Raven> "Oh hey it's shark guy."
  233. [00:03:07] <@Paradox> He stuffs a last piece of cheesecake in his mouth and swallows hard. It gets stuck in his throat and he flails around for a second before drawing in a sharp breath.
  234. [00:03:18] <Clarity> "W-Whoa, hey!"  The teenager stumbles and falls over face-first on the ground, probably enough to make yet ANOTHER scene... okay nope, it isn't.
  235. [00:03:24] * Terri talks to submission. "You know boris?"
  236. [00:03:38] <Terri> The farfetch'd just facepalms.
  237. [00:04:04] <@Paradox> "BLUH. Whew, good cheesecake. Anyway, I can go fly and see what this is all about. It'll just take me a second."
  238. [00:04:51] <Raven> She nods.  "That'd be most helpful, Cedric."
  239. [00:05:14] <Clarity> Some crawling happens among the crowd... and from somewhere in that crowd Maka gets herself tapped on the shoulder from behind.  "Pssst!"
  240. [00:05:25] <Barkeep> "You do that. I'll put away the wares so if something happens I can go help."
  241. [00:05:35] <@Paradox> The boy nods, and jumps onto his tirtouga, using it like a surfboard to fly off.
  242. [00:06:26] <Maka> "Huhwha?" Maka whirls around.
  243. [00:06:40] <Submission> "You had best be serious about these bandits," Submission says to Terri, ignoring Maka's complaining for a moment.
  244. [00:07:06] <Terri> "I no lie about badmen. badmen serious."
  245. [00:07:21] <Clarity> A finger brings itself to Clarity's lips as with a goofy-as-usual smile she walks up into the... well, the square, at least.  She speaks in an almost-whisper.  "Shhh!  What's going on?"
  246. [00:07:32] * Terri looks a bit annoyed.
  247. [00:08:39] <Submission> The sight of Submission being very serious and upfront is unusual and very intimidating. The man is called Submission for a reason. "If you are, things will go very badly for you, believe me."
  248. [00:08:42] * Henry is just waiting on Cedric.
  249. [00:09:06] * Maka wonders how the hell Clarity plans to go unnoticed given they're in the center of everything. Luckily for her, Maka's voice is naturally a bit quiet. "Something about bandits coming from the forest..."
  250. [00:09:43] <Terri> "Are you badman too?"
  251. [00:09:50] * Terri frowns and looks angrily at Submission
  252. [00:09:51] <Raven> "If he's lieing I got a perfectly good cell to toss him in till we figure out just what he IS up to."
  253. [00:10:08] <Henry> "Let's not assume the worst."
  254. [00:10:14] <Terri> Boris however jumps up and slaps Terri upside the head.
  255. [00:10:30] <Barkeep> "Let's just calm down and not count him out just yet."
  256. [00:10:31] <Terri> "Ow. Boris say you not badman."
  257. [00:10:33] <Clarity> Oh, she definitely didn't.  But at least getting the rundown helped first.  "Aw, man!  I was having one of the best dreams such... I mean, uh," cough cough, her voice deepens a bit, "getting some good sales."  Nod, nodnod.
  258. [00:10:33] <@Paradox> "Don't be like that, Submission," says Mr. Fyron, the smith. "He must have sprinted down half the valley road to warn us."
  259. [00:10:48] <Barkeep> "We should try to believe him for now. Regardless if his story is... farfetched."
  260. [00:11:04] <Henry> (trollface)
  261. [00:11:08] <@Paradox> Everyone turns to glare at Barkeep.
  262. [00:11:21] <Barkeep> :<
  263. [00:11:24] <Terri> "glad remember dirthpath lead to towns."
  264. [00:11:26] * Nephene facepalms.
  265. [00:11:32] * Clarity looks in agony. Ow. Really?
  266. [00:11:42] * Maka smiles and claps her hands together lightly. "If your sales aren't doing well, you should give the extras to Sub and me~."
  267. [00:11:48] * Henry grins.
  268. [00:11:50] <Nephene> "Sub, I need help."
  269. [00:11:53] * Raven looks to barkeep...
  270. [00:11:56] <Nephene> "It's stuck. -Really- stuck to my face."
  271. [00:12:10] <Submission> "Very well. I don't take kindly to-" Submission looks around at the crowd looking at Barkeep. He doesn't get it at all. "What, Neph?"
  272. [00:12:20] * Nephene sighs. "Nothing."
  273. [00:12:22] <Barkeep> "It wasn't that bad..."
  274. [00:13:00] <Terri> "What about boris?"
  275. [00:13:01] <Clarity> More grinning.  "Hee hee.  Don't worry, there'll be some~  You didn't sell ALL of them, right Sky?"  She looks down at the Shinx, as if expecting an answer... or well, expecting anyone to have done business with him.  Who wouldn't, though?  Look how cute he is!
  276. [00:13:02] <Terri> (To barkeep)
  277. [00:13:28] <Barkeep> "Nevermind for now..."
  278. [00:13:42] <Terri> Boris just facepalms at the pun.
  279. [00:14:00] * Henry sweeps his eyes across the sky for signs of the weird tirtouga boy.
  280. [00:15:23] <@Paradox> Henry sees a small dot approaching from the north.
  281. [00:15:52] <Raven> "Barkeep, I was -this close- from restrainingy you on principle," she holds two fingers fairly close together.
  282. [00:15:58] <Henry> "I believe we're about to have our answer either way."
  283. [00:16:02] <@Paradox> In another minute, Cedric jumps down, landing slowly next the mayor with the aid of his HOVER BOOTS.
  284. [00:16:08] <Barkeep> "It was not that bad." >:I
  285. [00:16:15] * Maka giggles. "I liked the pun..."
  286. [00:16:21] <@Paradox> "Woah, yeah, bandits, lots of bandits."
  287. [00:16:28] <Barkeep> "Lots of bandits?!"
  288. [00:16:33] <Barkeep> "How much is lots?"
  289. [00:16:38] * Clarity spends this whole time giving Terri a weird look... and now Cedric gets the weird look. "Whoa! Really?" A big smile at the Shinx.
  290. [00:17:10] * Raven nods. "Thanks Cedric. Well, that settles it, anyone wishing to help put some outlaws down, let's get moving. She unslings her rifle from her shoulder, pulls out a bayonett, and fastens it.
  291. [00:17:14] <Terri> "Many badmen!"
  292. [00:17:14] * Nephene hopes that Cedric can count, unlike the new guy.
  293. [00:18:13] <@Paradox> "They're splitting up! Uh uh uh, looked like there was about six coming from the east - I think they're trying to rustle the Jansen's mareep! And there was another six coming in from the west, from the forest. Another dozen coming from the north."
  294. [00:18:22] <Henry> "Interrupting this festival... rude and utterly unforgivable."
  295. [00:18:22] * Clarity picks the poor animal up and holds him with both arms in front of her, spinning around a couple times. "That's GOTTA be fun, right Sky? I've got like an hour left in me, whaddaya say~?"
  296. [00:19:05] <Raven> "That is...much more organized then I'd expect from simple bandits."
  297. [00:19:14] <@Paradox> Mrs. Fyron sneaks up behind clarity, putting a hand on each of her shoulders.
  298. [00:19:27] <@Paradox> "I don't think so young lady. You're staying with me."
  299. [00:19:31] <Clarity> "Yaack!"  Sky's almost dropped to the ground.
  300. [00:19:43] <Henry> "I imagine so, Raven. They're attacking today, specifically. They probably have been planning this for some time."
  301. [00:20:12] <Henry> "To hit what they can while everyone is distracted by the festivities..."
  302. [00:20:24] <Maka> "...They probably planned it on the festival because everyone would be distracted." Maka says quietly to herself. She shoots Submission a worried look.
  303. [00:20:33] <Terri> "A festival? I LOVE FESTIVALS!"
  304. [00:20:34] <Clarity> ... But he's not, slinking back up her arm.  "Aw, maaan.  But noooooobody buys fish~"
  305. [00:21:24] <Barkeep> "This isn't good..."
  306. [00:21:39] <Raven> "This is...going to be interesting."  She looks north, east, then west...and thinks.
  307. [00:22:08] <Submission> "Mirror, find somewhere safe. I'm going to deal with them." Submission looks to Raven. "We need to place people. Where are you headed?"
  308. [00:23:00] <Terri> "I help fight badmen. No attack town!"
  309. [00:23:08] <Raven> "Nephene."
  310. [00:23:13] * Terri takes out his rusty axe.
  311. [00:23:13] * Nephene nods.
  312. [00:23:14] <Nephene> "Yes?"
  313. [00:23:17] <Raven> "I'm going to need you to...help lead a group."
  314. [00:23:23] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  315. [00:23:29] <Maka> "...Be careful Sub. There are a lot of them." Maka looks in each of the directions mentioned before staring down at her feet and mumbling quietly. "...I can help too. Everyone's supposed to defend the town."
  316. [00:23:39] <Barkeep> "I'm going with my sister."
  317. [00:23:47] <Raven> "Yes, I assumed as much."
  318. [00:23:48] * Henry looks at Maka, since he's fairly nearby.
  319. [00:24:40] <Henry> "You're wanting to help as well?"
  320. [00:24:58] <Nephene> "Be careful, Barkeep."
  321. [00:25:03] * Henry speaks quietly, trying not to let the big guy hear him. :B
  322. [00:25:05] <Nephene> "Amon, we're leaving."
  323. [00:25:08] <Submission> "You need to stay safe," Submission says. "See if you can find another way to help that doesn't involve fighting."
  324. [00:25:27] * Maka hesitates a second but then gives a small nod. "...We're all supposed to help. But Sub takes it all on himself..."
  325. [00:25:35] <Terri> "Where need me?"
  326. [00:25:43] <@Paradox> "I'll fight too, if you need me," announces a young man from the crowd most of you know as Rylan Melikos.
  327. [00:26:37] <Nephene> The Riolu nods, and hops onto Nephene's shoulder.
  328. [00:26:48] * Raven looks to Submission. "Sub, I want you, and Maka, if you'll permit her, to accompany Nephen and Barkeep west of town."
  329. [00:27:26] <Raven> "Henry, Mr. Melikos, and you, Terri, you're with me, we're going east.  Mr. Fyron, I need you to help gather the rest of the townsfolk to mount a resistance to the north."
  330. [00:27:43] * Terri nods to Raven.
  331. [00:27:59] <Henry> "Understood, ma'am."
  332. [00:28:05] <Nephene> "Well, you heard her, guys."
  333. [00:28:06] * Terri starts running dead east.
  334. [00:28:07] <Clarity> Giving up, poor Clarity stops trying to struggle away.  Not like that stops her pouting from turning into a smile at the Elyses before being led away or... whatever you'd call that.  "Beat 'em up good, okay?  Those jerks messed up my nap schedule."  Siiiiiigh.
  335. [00:28:11] <Nephene> "To the west."
  336. [00:28:20] * Nephene leads the team westward!
  337. [00:28:32] <Submission> "Very well. Mirror Move, Dos, with me." The Slowpoke responds surprisingly quickly in a tense situation, following Submission, who in turn is following Nephene.
  338. [00:28:37] * Maka waves at Clarity and Henry before following Sub.
  339. [00:28:40] <Barkeep> "The forest..."
  340. [00:28:45] <Maka> 1d100-22 channel tn 55
  341. [00:28:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel tn 55: -1 [1d100=21]
  342. [00:28:48] * Henry adjusts his hat and calls out over his shoulder.
  343. [00:28:49] <Barkeep> "If we're careful, we can ambush them."
  344. [00:28:59] <Henry> "Good luck, Nephene, Barkeep!"
  345. [00:29:13] * Henry hurries to join Raven.
  346. [00:29:17] * Maka scoops up Sartre and places him in her bag as she goes off. The pair seems...oddly in tune.
  347. [00:29:23] * Raven grips her rifle, and nods east, "let's get going soon." She's...noticably more focused and stern then usual.
  348. [00:29:48] * Terri 's already running east. However Compass east.
  349. [00:29:58] <@Paradox> (East group can join #IrisHill)
  350. [00:30:07] <Raven> "Huh. I see he's been trained for this himself.  Let's move!" She follows.
  351. [00:30:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, sure thing, boss! Joining channel #IrisHill!
  352. [00:33:55] * Nephene looks over the forest depths, searching for auras.
  353. [00:34:27] <Nephene> ....likely, ones that have taken on a darkened tint.
  354. [00:34:41] <Barkeep> "Okay Sub, we're going to try to ambush them. What's Dos's strongest attack?"
  355. [00:36:05] <Submission> "If he's prepared, Future Sight," Submission answers.
  356. [00:36:19] <Barkeep> "Perfect."
  357. [00:36:43] <Barkeep> "I'll have Marcel copy it. Then we wait for the attacks to happen, and we get ready to charge them once they do."
  358. [00:36:57] <Maka> "Sub, can I see Dos for a second?"
  359. [00:37:34] <Submission> "As you will, Mirror."
  360. [00:38:03] * Maka closes her eyes a second and Sartre goes back to flapping his ears around, no longer in sync with Maka (borrowing Encore).
  361. [00:38:12] <Maka> 1d100-22 tn 30 channel Dostoyevsky
  362. [00:38:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, tn 30 channel Dostoyevsky: 19 [1d100=41]
  363. [00:38:24] <Maka> (borrowing future sight x2)
  364. [00:39:16] * Maka seems really sluggish for a second and slowly picks up Dos to stare him in the eyes, then snaps back and quickly sets him back down.
  365. [00:41:45] <@Paradox> The group heading west quickly exits through the western gate and over the Moss Bridge, the bridge that lets them cross over the Sunglow.
  366. [00:42:15] <@Paradox> As Nephene reaches the highest point in the curved bridge and looks out towards the woods, she sees half a dozen dark auras approaching.
  367. [00:42:55] <Nephene> "Here they come."
  368. [00:43:00] <Nephene> "Anywhere to hide?"
  370. [00:44:05] * Barkeep looks around for a good hiding spot.
  371. [00:44:34] * Nephene briefly thinks about clinging to the underside. Stupid, stupid thoughts!
  372. [00:44:41] <@Paradox> There's not really much a place to hide - you could try and run TOWARDS the forest and ambush them as they try and cross the bridge, perhaps.
  373. [00:44:43] * Maka hides behind Sub as she helps Barkeep look around.
  374. [00:45:01] <Submission> "Best just to keep them at the bridge. Bottleneck."
  375. [00:45:22] <Nephene> "So it is. Be ready."
  376. [00:45:28] <Barkeep> "We'll hide at the bottom of the bridge."
  377. [00:45:42] <Barkeep> "We'll try to time it so that our attacks hit when they're at the peak of the bridge."
  378. [00:45:58] <Submission> "If we do things right. They won't see it coming."
  379. [00:46:07] * Nephene winds combat wrappings over her fists, and continues to track the position of the bandits.
  380. [00:46:18] <Barkeep> "It's got a good distance. So even if we blow it a little early we can probably still reach them."
  381. [00:46:23] <Barkeep> "Tell us when they're about 30 seconds away."
  382. [00:46:33] <Nephene> "Will do."
  383. [00:46:54] <Barkeep> "For now, Nasty Plot, then Barrier. Keep that up."
  384. [00:46:55] * Maka tugs at Barkeep's sleeve. "I can use Future Sight too, if you have a plan for that..."
  385. [00:47:08] <Barkeep> "Use it at the same time as the other two."
  386. [00:47:27] <Barkeep> "I won't ask how you can use it. It'll help."
  387. [00:47:39] * Submission clenches his fists as he prepares for combat. He reaches up to pull his shirt off and toss it to the ground.
  388. [00:48:12] <Maka> "Oh um...I just picked it up from Dostoyevsky. I can copy him and Sartre sometimes."
  389. [00:50:52] <@Paradox> Nephene judges it'll only be 20 seconds at most until they're at the bridge - they seem to be coming at you quick.
  390. [00:51:00] <Nephene> "Now!"
  391. [00:52:02] <Submission> "Dos, Future Sight," Submission orders. The Slowpoke reacts with amazing precision and suddenly his eyes glow a brilliant white and then fade.
  392. [00:52:12] <Barkeep> "Copycat." Marcel does the exact same thing.
  393. [00:52:15] <Barkeep> "Now Barrier."
  394. [00:52:27] <Barkeep> Marcel starts miming an invisible wall around himself.
  395. [00:52:33] <Barkeep> "And finally... nasty plot."
  396. [00:52:40] <Barkeep> Marcel grins mischeviously...
  397. [00:52:44] * Maka pulls out a book that seems to have notes in it scribbled about various pokemon. She opens to a page with a Slowpoke drawing and mutters to herself...(using future sight)
  398. [00:54:44] <@Paradox> The bandits soon walk out out of the forest. There's six of them - most are brawny men in leather armor, but one of them appears to be a boy in robes. There's five Poochyena walking with them.
  399. [00:54:49] <Submission> "Dos, give a double dose of Curse."
  400. [00:55:18] <Submission> (-2 Speed combat stage; +2 Attack and Defense combat stages)
  401. [00:55:36] <Nephene> "Amon, take a good look."
  402. [00:55:57] <Nephene> The Riolu's eyes glow with a white aura, as he taps into his natural Foresight.
  403. [00:56:38] <Submission> (New stats: 0 speed, 11 attack and 20 defense)
  404. [00:58:02] <Nephene> (When init rolls around, Neph has 20 Dex, Amon has 10 speed.)
  405. [00:58:23] <Maka> (Maka has 6 dex, Sartre has 2 speed)
  406. [00:58:28] <@Paradox> (yeah, go ahead and Dex/Speeds for me. Also please say the name of your critter when you say speed, don't just gimme a number)
  407. [00:59:12] <Submission> (Sub has 20 Dex and Dos has 0 Speed)
  408. [01:00:19] <Barkeep> Dex 10, Marcel 6
  409. [01:07:12] <@Paradox> In another few seconds, the bandits walk into your trap, and begin to cross the bridge.
  410. [01:08:20] <Submission> (Roll to damage with Future Sight then?)
  411. [01:08:23] <@Paradox> (Sooo roll for future sight)
  412. [01:08:36] <Submission> 1d20 AC 2 Dos FS
  413. [01:08:36] <Maka> 1d20 future sight ac 2
  414. [01:08:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, AC 2 Dos FS: 4 [1d20=4]
  415. [01:08:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, future sight ac 2: 5 [1d20=5]
  416. [01:08:42] <Barkeep> 1d20 it's a 5 meter beam and typeless. how many can we hit with each since it starts from anywhere?
  417. [01:08:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, it's a 5 meter beam and typeless. how many can we hit with each since it starts from anywhere?: 2 [1d20=2]
  418. [01:09:00] <Barkeep> (aiming those at the bandits btw)
  419. [01:09:12] <Barkeep> (since lol poochyenas are dark)
  420. [01:09:19] <@Paradox> (typeless though)
  421. [01:09:20] <Barkeep> (which means oh fuck I can't do anything.)
  422. [01:09:23] <Maka> (typeless)
  423. [01:09:41] <Barkeep> (Oh. Well still aiming at the bandits.)
  424. [01:09:43] <@Paradox> Sub and Maka's beam each hit people, damage~
  425. [01:10:03] <Barkeep> (mine doesn't hit?)
  426. [01:10:03] <@Paradox> Marcel's beam misses utterly :I ... guess he's just not used to the move.
  427. [01:10:06] <Maka> 4d20 but how many can we hit at once?
  428. [01:10:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, but how many can we hit at once?: 34 [4d20=1,18,3,12]
  429. [01:10:12] <Submission> 4d20+1d6+4 STAB YO
  430. [01:10:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, STAB YO: 49 [4d20=16,10,14,4; 1d6=1]
  431. [01:10:16] <Barkeep> (but they have less than 10 dex :<)
  432. [01:10:46] <@Paradox> (with THOSE ac checks, only 1, since it's +2 for each additional target with beams...)
  433. [01:11:04] <@Paradox> (they don't actually have less than 10 dex, I just made them go last)
  434. [01:11:14] <Barkeep> (Oh, that's actually a thing we're doing? In that case can I prob control :B)
  435. [01:12:27] <@Paradox> (of course that's actually a thing we're doing :O)
  436. [01:12:37] <Barkeep> (I wasn't aware doing it was ever being a thing)
  437. [01:12:39] <@Paradox> (what are you PCing then?)
  438. [01:12:45] <Barkeep> (my beam)
  439. [01:12:47] <Barkeep> (the acc)
  440. [01:12:51] <Barkeep> (I forgot the name of the move)
  441. [01:12:57] <@Paradox> (Okay roll it)
  442. [01:12:58] <Maka> (future sight)
  443. [01:12:59] <Barkeep> 1d20
  444. [01:13:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  445. [01:13:25] <Barkeep> 4d20+1d6+7
  446. [01:13:25] <@Paradox> That hits all 5!
  447. [01:13:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 4d20+1d6+7: 59 [4d20=13,17,18,3; 1d6=1]
  448. [01:13:33] <Barkeep> (dicemaid :D)
  449. [01:13:57] <@Paradox> Two of the bandits go down, and two of the pooches as well D:
  450. [01:14:07] <Submission> (Fuck yeah!)
  451. [01:15:39] <@Paradox> The bandits wheel about, crying out in anger and pain.
  452. [01:16:00] * Nephene charges, deftly moving into position and unleashing a flurry of quick blows.
  453. [01:16:02] <@Paradox> They draw their axes. A Haunter appears next to the young man in the dark robe.
  454. [01:16:09] <Nephene> 1d20 Attack AC 6
  455. [01:16:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Attack AC 6: 16 [1d20=16]
  456. [01:16:19] <Nephene> 3d12+20 Flurry of blows!
  457. [01:16:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Flurry of blows!: 40 [3d12=5,4,11]
  458. [01:16:30] <Nephene> ( One bandit. )
  459. [01:16:55] <Submission> Submission assaults a bandit with great rapidity!
  460. [01:17:02] <Submission> 1d20 Attack for crit check
  461. [01:17:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Attack for crit check: 3 [1d20=3]
  462. [01:17:20] <Submission> 7d10+22 DAMAGE
  463. [01:17:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, DAMAGE: 74 [7d10=5,9,7,10,9,3,9]
  464. [01:18:15] * Barkeep steps back a bit. He makes sure Maka isn't looking... because they can't afford to lose here. He has to pull out all the stops.
  465. [01:18:39] <Barkeep> 1d20+7
  466. [01:18:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20+7: 13 [1d20=6]
  467. [01:18:54] <Barkeep> (I... I gotta prob control that ; ;)
  468. [01:18:56] <Barkeep> 1d20+7
  469. [01:18:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20+7: 12 [1d20=5]
  470. [01:18:58] <Barkeep> (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUu-)
  471. [01:19:12] <Barkeep> (that move has failed 4 times...)
  472. [01:19:23] <@Paradox> (Suggestion?)
  473. [01:19:28] <Barkeep> (stop.)
  474. [01:19:35] <@Paradox> (oh :B .. yeah )
  475. [01:19:40] <Barkeep> (it's only dc 15 I have a MORE than 50% chance of succeeding)
  476. [01:20:09] <Barkeep> (anyway that's it for me)
  477. [01:20:42] <@Paradox> The robed guy mutters something.
  478. [01:20:45] <@Paradox> Maka's turn
  479. [01:21:01] <Submission> (We didn't kill anything?)
  480. [01:21:02] * Maka continues muttering as she reads from her book. (future sight the second!)
  481. [01:21:38] <@Paradox> (You downed two bandits and two pooches)
  482. [01:22:25] <Barkeep> (he means the trainer attacks)
  483. [01:22:31] <Barkeep> (those didn't take anything else down?)
  484. [01:24:13] <Paradox> (Yeah, Sub downed another bandit)
  485. [01:26:03] <Paradox> The two remaining bandits look at the robed guy.
  486. [01:26:11] <Paradox> "What? Go, attack!"
  487. [01:26:16] <Paradox> They both charge Sub
  488. [01:26:21] <Paradox> 2#1d20
  489. [01:26:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2#1d20: 7 [1d20=7], 11 [1d20=11]
  490. [01:26:32] <Paradox> 2#2d20+10
  491. [01:26:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2#2d20+10: 32 [2d20=13,9], 25 [2d20=1,14]
  492. [01:27:28] <Submission> "Hmph," Submission says, shaking off the hits easily. He grins broadly and pops his neck. "Cute."
  493. [01:27:53] <Paradox> The Haunter charges a ball of dark energy, and fires it at Dos
  494. [01:27:55] <Paradox> 1d20
  495. [01:27:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  496. [01:28:20] <Paradox> 5d10+16 Shadowball
  497. [01:28:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Shadowball: 47 [5d10=3,6,7,10,5]
  498. [01:29:01] <Submission> (Dos faints because SE. :/)
  499. [01:29:26] <Paradox> Amon's turn
  500. [01:30:55] <Nephene> Amon rushes up to a bandit, and delivers a jaw-crunching Sky Uppercut!
  501. [01:31:01] <Nephene> 1d20 AC 3 SHORYUKEN
  502. [01:31:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, AC 3 SHORYUKEN: 1 [1d20=1]
  503. [01:31:14] <Paradox> noep
  504. [01:31:16] <Paradox> Marcel's turn
  505. [01:31:29] <Barkeep> (oh god why dicemaid.)
  506. [01:31:53] <Barkeep> 1d20 confusion at haunter
  507. [01:31:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, confusion at haunter: 6 [1d20=6]
  508. [01:32:27] <Barkeep> 2d10+1d6+7 I do hope this hits because if it doesn't it means I couldn't damage him anyway D:
  509. [01:32:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, I do hope this hits because if it doesn't it means I couldn't damage him anyway D:: 23 [2d10=9,2; 1d6=5]
  510. [01:35:10] <Paradox> The Haunter disperses in a cloud of poison gas :B
  511. [01:35:14] <Paradox> y u so frail, haunter?
  512. [01:35:40] <Barkeep> (...)
  513. [01:35:46] <Paradox> (literally at 0 HP. so mad)
  514. [01:36:13] <Barkeep> (I love you marcel.)
  515. [01:36:31] <Barkeep> Poochyena turns
  516. [01:36:48] <Paradox> 3#1d20 Bite on Submission
  517. [01:36:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Bite on Submission: 12 [1d20=12], 10 [1d20=10], 9 [1d20=9]
  518. [01:37:14] <Paradox> 3#3d10+7
  519. [01:37:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3#3d10+7: 13 [3d10=2,3,1], 23 [3d10=1,6,9], 19 [3d10=5,2,5]
  520. [01:38:11] <Maka> Sartre lets out a big grin at one of the poochenyas.
  521. [01:38:15] <Maka> 1d20 charm ac 2
  522. [01:38:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, charm ac 2: 19 [1d20=19]
  523. [01:38:27] <Maka> (stole your flinch roll Dox :P)
  524. [01:38:39] <Paradox> D'awww socute
  525. [01:38:59] <Paradox> Back to Nephene
  526. [01:39:19] * Nephene continues her assault on the bandits.
  527. [01:39:21] <Nephene> 1d20 AC 6
  528. [01:39:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, AC 6: 18 [1d20=18]
  529. [01:39:27] <Nephene> 3d12+20 damage!
  530. [01:39:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, damage!: 31 [3d12=8,1,2]
  531. [01:39:52] <Submission> Submission, burning with pain and anger at, well, everything, lets out a massive roar that shakes everyone nearby and charges the robed dude.
  532. [01:39:57] <Submission> 1d20 Crit check
  533. [01:39:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Crit check: 12 [1d20=12]
  534. [01:40:07] <Submission> 7d10+22 damage, motherfucker
  535. [01:40:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, damage, motherfucker: 61 [7d10=7,8,4,6,6,5,3]
  536. [01:40:34] <Barkeep> (did she take out another bandit?)
  537. [01:40:34] <Paradox> FALCON PUNCH
  538. [01:40:37] <Paradox> He's knocked out.'
  539. [01:40:54] <Submission> (Did Nephene's second hit take a bandit out?)
  540. [01:41:04] <Submission> (Cause that's twice she's hit him for what Sub does normally)
  541. [01:41:14] <Paradox> (Oh, didn't see her hit, yes it did)
  542. [01:41:26] <Paradox> The remaining bandit looks around.
  543. [01:41:31] <Paradox> "Uh .... yield?"
  544. [01:42:08] <Submission> Submission doesn't look particularly prepared to yield. "Recall the dogs. Get on the ground," he orders.
  545. [01:42:20] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 suggestion to do exactly what the fuck submission says.
  546. [01:42:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, suggestion to do exactly what the fuck submission says.: 14 [1d20=7]
  547. [01:42:28] <Maka> "Sub, are you okay? Is Dostoyevsky okay?!"
  548. [01:42:32] <Barkeep> (dc is 20, but I have a feeling he doesn't need it)
  549. [01:42:36] <Paradox> The bandit recalls his own dog and gets on the ground.
  550. [01:42:43] <Paradox> "I don't have the balls for the other ones!"
  551. [01:43:20] <Maka> (well, future sight would actually happen about now...)
  552. [01:43:35] <Submission> "Fine." Submission takes out a length of rope from his coat and ties up the bandit.
  553. [01:43:37] <Maka> (unless it can be stopped or something)
  554. [01:43:39] <Barkeep> (in a bit actually. And you can aim it later)
  555. [01:43:43] <Barkeep> (You can stop it by having it hit nothing)
  556. [01:43:51] <Barkeep> (You choose where it comes from and what it hits when it happens.)
  557. [01:44:08] <Barkeep> (Otherwise it'd kind of suck and be impossible to use anything that moved 1 foot to the left.)
  558. [01:44:16] <Maka> (right)
  559. [01:44:49] <Submission> "Barkeep, Neph, can you help tie the rest up and we'll get them back into town?"
  560. [01:44:56] <Barkeep> "Right."
  561. [01:45:16] * Barkeep helps tie the unconcious ones up, searching their bodies for apricorn balls and recalling the poochyena.
  562. [01:45:29] * Barkeep also searches their bodies for something they won't miss...
  563. [01:45:32] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 itemfinder
  564. [01:45:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, itemfinder: 15 [1d20=8]
  565. [01:45:37] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 itemfinderp
  566. [01:45:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, itemfinderp: 26 [1d20=19]
  567. [01:45:48] * Maka rushes over to see if Sub's okay. "Sub, are you hurt badly?" she also looks down at the robed kid. Can she tell what the hell he was doing?
  568. [01:45:50] <Nephene> "Will do."
  569. [01:45:57] <Nephene> "Though about that last one...."
  570. [01:46:01] * Barkeep flips his lucky coin and chases where it lands to see if he finds something interesting.
  571. [01:46:13] <Maka> (should've let me LMHYWT+ on the those...)
  572. [01:46:38] <Barkeep> (you can still do that, can't you?)
  573. [01:46:49] <Maka> (I'm pretty sure I have to declare before you roll)
  574. [01:46:55] <Barkeep> (do you have +?)
  575. [01:46:55] <Maka> (up to Dox I guess)
  576. [01:47:02] <Barkeep> (or just regular)
  577. [01:47:08] <Maka> (I have +, which adds 7)
  578. [01:47:17] <Paradox> (To itemfinder? no)
  579. [01:47:22] <Submission> "Tch," Submission spits, really feeling the bites. "I am fine, Mirror Move. I am going to get Dos." Submission picks up the Slowpoke and cradles him one handed as he goes to grab one or two bandits.
  580. [01:47:40] <Paradox> (oh wait, those feats got changed didn't they?)
  581. [01:47:46] <Paradox> (to just be a feature roll?)
  582. [01:47:48] <Barkeep> (they did)
  583. [01:47:51] <Barkeep> (it's fucking weird.)
  584. [01:48:02] <Maka> (yes, but the question is whether I have to declare before/after someone rolls)
  585. [01:48:17] <Paradox> (I guess you can then)
  586. [01:48:31] <Barkeep> (I'll do it before in the future if you want, since I just didn't know this time.)
  587. [01:48:47] <Barkeep> 1d20+7+7 last one.
  588. [01:48:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, last one.: 27 [1d20=13]
  589. [01:49:04] * Barkeep scrambles about trying to find his coin, Maka helping him search for it.
  590. [01:49:08] * Maka sees Barkeep flip his coin. "Oh, your coin..." she rushes over to it.
  591. [01:49:08] * Nephene picks up another bandit without too much effort. She's stronger than she looks.
  592. [01:51:34] * Barkeep picks up a few things while searching for it. "Thank you, Maka."
  593. [01:51:37] <Paradox> Maka chases after the coin :O
  594. [01:51:50] <Nephene> As she carries the bandits back, she occasionally applies her immobilization techniques as they struggle.
  595. [01:52:07] <Paradox> She finds a BLUE HERB, and a Red Apricorn!
  596. [01:52:42] <Maka> "You're welcome. Oh, and..." Maka hands Barkeep the two items. "These were next to it."
  597. [01:52:52] <Barkeep> "Oh, thank you."
  598. [01:52:54] <Submission> Submission does similar, watching Nephene for exact methods. "I didn't know you were so handy in a fight, Neph," Submission says as he puts one man down.
  599. [01:53:01] <Barkeep> (So dox what about the last one?)
  600. [01:53:28] <Paradox> (oh, didn't see it)
  601. [01:53:33] <Nephene> "I may not look like it, but I know a thing or two about fighting. I may not be as good as you, but I won't just lie down and take it."
  602. [01:53:38] <Paradox> Barkeep looks down to find a ...letmerollforit
  603. [01:54:04] <Nephene> "Training in a dojo, training as a town guard. Both helped."
  604. [01:54:55] <Submission> Submission has a broad smile on his face. "You learn the paralysis tricks there too?"
  605. [01:54:56] <Paradox> Barkeep finds a red headband.
  606. [01:54:59] <Paradox> (CHOICE BAND)
  607. [01:55:10] <Nephene> "From Amonson."
  608. [01:55:19] <Barkeep> "Uwoah!"
  609. [01:55:22] <Barkeep> "This is..."
  610. [01:55:29] <Nephene> "It's the core of the Flying Swellow school."
  611. [01:55:30] <Nephene> "Hm?"
  612. [01:56:18] * Maka goes over to examine Dostoyevsky. "Sub...is Dostoyevsky going to be okay?"
  613. [01:56:21] <Barkeep> "This is really rare... really pricey."
  614. [01:56:28] <Barkeep> "Heh, I wish I could actually use it."
  615. [01:56:57] <Barkeep> "Sis, think you could help them out?"
  616. [01:57:07] <Paradox> The Slowpoke ... actually looks okay. I mean, his eyes are open anyway. But he's not moving.
  617. [01:57:11] <Paradox> He's just kinda ... there.
  618. [01:57:20] <Nephene> "I can, yeah."
  619. [01:57:29] <Nephene> "Is Dos the only one who's hurt?"
  620. [01:57:35] <Submission> "Dos will be fine, Mirror. He needs to rest," Submission responds before grunting in a bit of pain. "As do I. We need to be sure the town is okay, first though."
  621. [01:57:42] <Maka> "...Oh, you're so slow. You had me worried." Maka pats Dostoyevsky affectionately.
  622. [01:57:46] <Barkeep> "Sub took a lot of bites..."
  623. [01:58:11] <Submission> Submission is pretty battered and bloody from bandit and Poochyena abuse. He doesn't seem to mind it much though.
  624. [01:58:40] <Nephene> "No, I can help him here. The wounds still need some time to heal, but I can lessen the pain a bit."
  625. [01:58:59] <Submission> "Very well, Neph. Thank you."
  626. [01:59:17] * Barkeep gets the last of them all tied up and ready to go.
  627. [01:59:29] <Nephene> Another reversal of her pressure points technique sees use, this time for dulling aches and pains in a more direct manner.
  628. [01:59:30] <Barkeep> "Once you're done with that, yeah, we have to get back and make sure the village is okay."
  629. [01:59:33] <Nephene> 2d20+5 HP healed
  630. [01:59:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, HP healed: 41 [2d20=17,19]
  631. [01:59:37] <Maka> "Thanks Neph." Maka still looks a bit worried about Dostoyevsky.
  632. [02:00:27] <Submission> Dos seems to react again, his vitals coming back into the green. "Slooow~" he says, rubbing against Submission's arm.
  633. [02:00:44] <Barkeep> (you have 2 healing touch and 2 healing touch + right)
  634. [02:00:51] <Nephene> ( Yep. )
  635. [02:01:20] <Maka> Dox, was Maka able to figure out what the robed kid was doing with his muttering?
  636. [02:01:35] <Paradox> Nope.
  637. [02:05:09] <Nephene> "Anyone else need a boost?"
  638. [02:05:30] <Nephene> "Once everyone's in a condition to make it back to the village, we'll go."
  639. [02:07:11] <Submission> "We are fine, Neph. Let's get moving." Submission still seems hurt, but he won't quit moving to be healed.
  640. [02:07:36] <Nephene> "Onward."
  641. [02:10:04] * Barkeep helps drag the bandits back to town.
  642. [02:20:36] <Maka> (are we wrapped up here?)
  643. [02:21:03] <Submission> (Yes.)
  644. [02:21:27] <Maka> (so I guess we're just waiting on exp?)
  645. [02:22:09] <Paradox> (oh, right :B)
  646. [02:22:36] <Paradox> 2k exp for being here! Expect more from EPISODE REWARDS once I'm done with the other fight.
  648. Bonus:
  649. [01:10:53] <Raven> ohboy.
  650. [01:10:57] <Raven> dicemaid is having one of those days.
  651. [01:10:58] <Clarity> Looks like it's another DM trollin' night
  652. [01:11:13] <Nephene> Dicemaid worked with me once.
  653. [01:11:18] <Nephene> Endless crits!
  654. [01:11:18] <Botherer> You say that like every night isn't a DM trolling night.
  655. [01:11:25] <Clarity> 1d20 hold on, lemme steal a nat 1 to wear the bad luck out
  656. [01:11:25] <Submission> > ???
  657. [01:11:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, hold on, lemme steal a nat 1 to wear the bad luck out: 1 [1d20=1]
  658. [01:11:30] <Clarity> k, carry on
  659. [01:11:31] <Submission> Wat
  660. [01:11:35] <Raven> what the
  661. [01:11:36] <Maka> Wow.
  662. [01:11:40] <Botherer> ( o)c.(* )
  663. [01:11:42] <Raven> you gotta be shitting me
  664. [01:11:45] <Clarity> <3 dicemaid
  665. [01:11:51] <Submission> What the fuck, DM
  666. [01:11:58] <Submission> That's not even right
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