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  1. League Of Legend Roles And How To Play Them Effectively
  5.         Like all games in this day and age, League Of Legends has a set of jobs every single player must follow, known as Roles. These roles, much like other MOBAs currently on the scene (Dota, SMITE), are defined clearly in terms of their importance and their job as a player. While what they specifically do and aim for can be based off the current meta there's always going to be a clear idea for each roles job and what to do as the player. We're gonna make sure to school you on these roles so you can do your best as a player in the future.
  9. The ADC
  11.         Being the main source of damage on your team while playing League Of Legends, the ADC (Or Marksman) goes botlane with another role (the support) which we'll get to relatively soon. As an ADC (Attack Damage Carry), your job is to play through the laning phase against the other ADC and support in order to gather enough gold to get off the ground running. Building Attack Damage and Attack Speed items allows for the ADC to pump damage as fast and hard as possible, making their role in shredding through opponents key to winning team fights. As an ADC, you want to focus on where you are in a team fight so you don't get caught out too easily, make sure you're focusing the correct target and keep in mind any champions that might be able to pop you like a balloon.
  13.         With that being said, most ADCs are equipped with some form of attack speed steroid or attack modifier, making it so their attacks hit harder or more frequently. While the meta will generally dictate which ADCs are being playing, some have nearly never left the Pro Scene. Many people look to the Pro Player Deft (Currently playing for KT Rolster in Korea) for playing Ezreal in almost any meta. Alongside him, players like PraY (Currently playing for Kingzone DragonX) are also known for specific picks like Ashe. Following this role is by far one of the most important in the game of League Of Legends, The Support
  15. Deft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk-wePPQepQ
  16. PraY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_wPMcYoCWw
  19. The Support
  21.         Now that we've squared away one of the heaviest damage roles in League Of Legends, we're gonna move in to one of the most diverse among all the roles currently in the game. The Support heads on down the bot lane with their ADC and guides them through the laning phase, primarily focusing on setting up kills for their ADC or placing wards to gain vision throughout the bottom half of the map. Normally, supports will always have some sort of Crowd Control (Stuns, slows, charms etcetc) in order to help nab those kills for their ADC and to keep them protected. There have been moments in past seasons that have introduced metas where supports are damage oriented but even then they've had a form of Crowd Control attached to their kit. To be a good support, you'll be wanting to roam around your side of the map in order to gain vision for your team, gank for your closest laner and help skyrocket your ADC into a winning position.
  23.         There have been many times where the meta would benefit one type of support over another, but certain supports have always found a solid place in the game of League Of Legends. Supports like Alistar, famously played by Aphromoo (Currently playing for 100Thieves in North America) are known for their heavy handed crowd control and ability to soak up damage with little to no issue. Another support who has seen play throughout the life span of League of Legends would be Thresh, famously played by Mata (Currently playing for KT Rolster). Thresh has been known for picking out champions in team fights, soaking damage and providing escapes for allies in a tight bind. Yet another important role follows the support, Mid Lane.
  25. Aphromoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0i8jtHaGXc
  26. Mata: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXHXqUvfU_o
  29. The Mid Laner
  31.         The very center of the map is a host to many different types of champions, tanks, damage oriented champions, assassins, you name it they've got it. Mid Lane is normally the second damage oriented lane on the team, focusing around ability power (AP) as its main stat. Just like the ADC, Mid Lane is focused on getting ahead and opening up the map for its allies, making it so the game can explode wide open. In this case, playing a champion like LeBlanc would allow for the mid laner to stay safe from the enemy jungler and support ganking their lane while playing a champion like Galio would let your mid lane to roam around the map quickly with the use of their ultimate and crowd control abilities. A diverse role in itself, as a mid laner you want to support your team much like an ADC does, by pumping out damage or like a support, soaking up damage and taking focus fire. Your job will be to stay safe against ganks from the enemy due to the brush on either side of the lane, push your lead and using it effectively depending on your champion type and aiding your team in a myriad of ways. Tanks going mid lane such as Galio are going to want to aid their fellow laners or junglers while they invade, APC (Ability Power Carry) focused champions like Fizz or Syndra will want to pressure their lane and amplify their lead to crush the opponent.
  33.         While meta plays a part in what type of champion will be placed mid lane, one thing to keep in mind is how large a players champion pool is. While currently the Meta is around champions with burst or ability to survive like Ryze and Malzahar, not all pro players are able to play these champions. In some cases however, you get pros that are able to play practically everything. No one can talk about Mid Lane without bringing up Faker (Currently playing for SK Telecom T1), one of the most winning players in all of League Of Legends. The man has practically zero issues with his champion pool, showing off many champions most aren't willing to even touch. Another player with an odd pool would be Huhi (Currently playing for Counter Logic Gaming), his signature pick of Aurelion Sol being abnormal but effective along with making a champion like Vel'Koz viable in certain matchups. Next comes the Jungler, the role focused on aiding its lanes through ganking.
  35. Faker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g04VRgGOoX8
  36. Huhi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTMTefyOKos
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