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  1. Pirates leadership would like to sincerely apologize for the Buccaneers drama that occurred at the start of raid Wednesday night, wasting 90 minutes of raid time. Unfortunately, leadership issues have been brewing behind the scenes for over a month and intensified since the faked death of former tank Calichi. On Tuesday night, officers Skyliara and Sparky argued for hours over the awarding of a 395 staff to our most improved player because our former lead healer felt that item would have a greater raid impact going to her. Skyliara rarely speaks up in officer discussions but she made a point to express her displeasure over this loot council decision although she didn't receive a single vote -- not even from her own husband. This devolved into accusations about lack of commitment to the raid because Sky hadn't completed a mythic dungeon in weeks. After the arguing ended, Matt stated that he "cant tank with him if he feels that way it isnt possible." Matt declared that Calichi would be back as his offtank once he got a computer from his friend OneGlaive.
  2. Fast forward to Wednesday night raid, Calichi suddenly has his own laptop (yet it took this guy over a week to figure out how to contact people on Discord after he allegedly got out of the hospital following a 2 week stay) and he's ready to tank again. Not only that but he's been promoted back to an officer position. What an amazing coincidence for this guy to come back the day after Matt declared that he could no longer tank with Sparky. When it comes to Calichi, we have been unable to verify the truthfulness of his claims and confirm that the funds raised to keep his bills paid were received. Over the month of October, Calichi allegedly underwent chemotherapy for stage 3 bladder cancer and then had neobladder surgery with a typical recovery time of 5 days but he made it back in time to raid again because WoW is really important to him. Then he found out that his cancer didn't spread to surrounding organs so he's cancer free and he's completely back to normal although the typical recovery time for neobladder surgery is 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. All of a sudden, he dies on Halloween and he's left behind a wife and 3 kids. Matt is able to contact the wife and lets us know that she badly needs help with money. Matt starts up another donation drive and later claims to have sent funds to the wife. Matt later contradicts himself by stating that he could not contact the wife and that he refunded all donations. But the people
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