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  1. # Express one or more of your characters' backstory:
  2. #### Haqzor is a gamer, a hacker, nerd, computer wiz. A person well versed in the computer language. He was just your regular nerd when he stumbled upon the Dark Web and started learning about hacking. During his hacking escapades he chanced upon a server, it was a server designed to challenge the minds of those who deemed themselves as hackers. This server was made by a master hacker named: Haxxor. He would leave this server exposed to the internet and anytime can find it and hack it.  This is a way of the master hacker to truly find a hacker that will carry on his mantle as the number one hacker. Haqzor manages to hack his way to the server's complex code and is now recognized as the number hacker in the world.
  4. Seven - Seven is my alter ego. He is my opposite. If I am a kind, gentle person, Seven is the chaos that hides behind the calm. He is the confidence in my insecurity. The voice in my silence. The darkness in my light. The Yin to my Yang. None can exist without the other,  nor can the other desist without the existence of the latter. I am him and he is me.
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