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  1. Why did we stop lobotomizing people? Lobotomy is a fun and exciting old way to deal with problem people
  3. The death penalty seems extreme when you can just sever a few connections on the pre-frontal cortex and you have a nice soft person who just loves to eat yogurt and is really excited by the amount of colors there are.
  5. There are a lot of people who just deserve a lobotomy, but nothing more.
  7. Let's take a fan favorite, Jussie Smollet, perfect example. Nobody is going to stand up right now and say "That man deserves all of the connections in his pre-frontal cortex". He doesn't he deserves just some. He deserves to live absolutely, but does he really need all of those synapses firing? I think he would be a lot better off just eating mud in his backyard and playing with rubber blocks.
  9. Lobotomy was invented to treat "Mental Disorder". It's something I think a lot of us have. Some just more than others. It wasn't the worst thing in the world at all, the results were just described as "mixed". I don't think that means it's bad, I really enjoy chex, but they're not shit without those little knobby bread things or the brown chips. Mixed Halal Plate? Mixed Nuts? Mixed Race? Brooklyn is mixed now - and now we have goat yoga. Pretty cool.
  10. -
  12. I'd like an option to be lobotomized, It's a very direct solution to a problem. If lobotomy were still around, Anthony Bourdain would be around as well, but instead of traveling he'd be talking about how soft his blanket is. I think lobotomized Anthony Bourdain would be a lot nicer anyway.
  14. It seems like it would be really rewarding to see certain people lobotomized. It would be fun to see the softer side of Steve Bannon. "We need to kill... all of this custard"
  15. -
  17. There was a doctor - Doctor Walter Freeman who had performed between 3500 and 5000 lobotomies, or as he called it a "Soul Surgery". He was the George Washington of Lobotomies. He had something called the "lobotomobile" where he would demonstrate his technique to other doctors and the press. They said it was as easy as getting a filling at the dentist.
  19. He used to use an ice pick to practice on cadavers. He'd just go "pop" and voila - lobotomized. He'd knock through a layer of bone through the eye socket and like nothing he'd take out fibers from the brain twirling it out like spaghetti. It was so easy that at some point they were like "oh anyone can do it" Like at CVS how you can get a Flu shot.
  21. Rosemary Kennedy got a lobotomy. She didn't even have anything wrong with her, she was just acting out. If she was alive now she'd probably just have adderall and a tiktok account, but instead they lobotmized her. It's amazing that even as a lobotomized kennedy they still founded the special olympics because of her.
  23. Honestly it would be really easy to do research on NYC's homeless population. With a rule "If you shit on the floor, we'll take a portion of your brain"
  28. --
  30. Deep sleep therapy could be a just a treat as well. I'd go for some deep sleep therapy right about now.
  32. You get fed barbituates until you fall into a, you guessed it, deep sleep, so deep in fact that many people would not wake up, but if you did you'd have amnesia. Who isn't trying to forget last night anyway?
  34. --
  36. Insulin Shock Therapy
  38. They would inject you with just the right of insulin to put you into a coma, rinse and repeat 40-50 times and you might not be depressed anymore or schizophrenic
  40. This was before PC culture for doctors.
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