Kain't Shake This

May 5th, 2013
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  1. [12:24:15] <@Kain> After a bit of time that day, there's a knock on your door.
  2. [12:24:20] <@Kain> T-89: "Theta?"
  3. [12:25:18] * Thetina calls over "Come in, it's open." She's fiddling with trying to get the drawstring on this crossbow at the moment
  4. [12:27:25] <@Kain> T-89 lets herself in, then. She's wearing her miniskirt outfit again. The expression on her face is stoic, but her eyes tell a bit of a different story. "..." Hell if she's bringing it up, though, she enters and sits at your table.
  5. [12:29:17] <Thetina> "I know you mentioned the other night you needed to talk with me...but...well yeah sorry about that, so what's up?" CLAMP. She sighs, finally getting it on the oaken bow with an emerald lodged into the draw mechanism. The string crackles with elecricity lightly as it's fastened.
  6. [12:32:17] <@Kain> T-89: "I was wondering if you had any initiative on your plans at present. The whole thing about needing my help?" she asks, tapping at the table with her fingers. "At the very least I need your current priority objectives if you expect me to."
  7. [12:34:09] <Thetina> "Well...first and foremost, there's trying to establish a school of sorts. The location is the tricky part there. I'm not entirely convinced it -needs- to be in this very city, but there is a sizable plot of land that's not being used by the docks..."
  8. [12:34:40] <Thetina> "Just...wasn't really sure it was a good time to jump on that when I'm not, well, me."
  9. [12:39:11] <@Kain> T-89: "Jasper Jules." she replies, taking a folder out of her chrono pocket, and sliding it across the table. "This morning, I went scouring for information on the locals."
  10. [12:40:31] <@Kain> T-89: "Jules is an influential inventor, thief, and merchant with his fingers all over the underbelly of the city's crime. And he happens to own quite a bit of land in the city as well, as much as you can own land in a place that belonged to no one ten years ago.."
  11. [12:40:59] <@Kain> T-89: "If you do decide to build it here you may wish to speak with him."
  12. [12:42:30] * Thetina puts the crossbow aside and leafs through the folder. "Hrm...alright...other than that, we'll need to publisize this once a location is decided."
  13. [12:43:59] <@Kain> The folder contains a photograph of the man as well as T-89's handwritten notes on his businesses and hobbies, including sculpting, machinery, jeweling...
  14. [12:44:41] <Thetina> "Construction I'm less worried about, but until that can begin these things need to be tackled. After that...well, then the actual pursuit and study of how to tackle this other issue will be a lot easier. Proper place of study and all."
  15. [12:45:30] <Thetina> "Other than that I'm going to still need to be out and about with the other issues at hand as well. Isn't going to be easy to juggle."
  16. [12:49:47] <@Kain> T-89: "You'll need a lot more than marketing and a cirriculum, as well."
  17. [12:50:57] <Thetina> "I'm forgetting something important, aren't I. Revenue? "
  18. [12:50:59] <@Kain> T-89: "How much will you charge students? What about housing? Food? Extra-curricular activities. Administration. Enrollment qualification?"
  19. [12:51:07] <@Kain> T-89: "Not to mention that, yes."
  20. [12:51:49] <@Kain> T-89: "Are you not even sure of your plan to get the initial funding?? This is... much worse off than I realized."
  21. [12:51:55] <@Kain> She ponders.
  22. [12:52:06] * Thetina slumps in her chair a bit. "Uuuuughh...I...didn't...really think that far ahead."
  23. [12:52:21] <Thetina> "Sorta hard to build a school when you've never been to one I guess, heh..."
  24. [12:54:26] <@Kain> T-89: "This -is- why you enlisted MY help, right? So you won't have to worry about everything yourself."
  25. [12:55:56] <@Kain> T-89: "You don't need to have actually attended a school, you only need to realize how the system works. You don't get the impression I somehow have, in the short months I've been alive?"
  26. [12:56:23] <Thetina> (>months.)
  27. [12:56:25] <Thetina> (oh you so silly)
  28. [12:57:49] <@Kain> (It's been about two months)
  29. [12:57:57] <@Kain> (IIRC)
  30. [12:58:05] <@Kain> (Game time has flown)
  31. [13:00:02] <Thetina> "Now, yes. I'm grateful you can help me with this. It's way over my head to delve into while trying to keep up with everything else. But I'll be honest what I intended was a bit more hands on..."
  32. [13:00:09] <Thetina> "Anyway, I guess this Jasper guy is the best lead we got."
  33. [13:02:55] <@Kain> T-89: "How do you wish to approach this? Should I speak with him? Both of us go to meet him? Should we gather more information, first?"
  34. [13:05:27] <Thetina> "I'd like to find out a bit more about why he's just sitting on that plot of land first, and there probably isn't much reason we shouldn't go together at the moment other than explaining the whole maidenly me part. Which the T0 facade might suffice for."
  35. [13:08:46] <@Kain> *weeks then, not months
  36. [13:09:02] <@Kain> T-89: "Why Vivian, anyway?"
  37. [13:10:04] <Thetina> "It's just what we had on hand to, well, accessorize with. Was planning to fix that if this is going to have to be an ongoing thing but..."
  38. [13:11:52] <Thetina> "Stuff happened I guess."
  39. [13:14:09] <@Kain> T-89: "I never did quite hear the explanation. Shenanigans seem to be bog-standard. Why can't this be a sensible world?"
  40. [13:15:04] <Thetina> "I figured Elizabeth filled you in or something. Basically drank a potion without realizing what it was, and, well."
  41. [13:15:52] <@Kain> T-89: "So, a potion of gender disguise. That actually sounds rather handy."
  42. [13:16:41] <@Kain> T-89: "The possible applications of maintaining two identities..."
  43. [13:17:18] <Thetina> "It is, and even if it's a bit weird I'll probably be making...use of it for a while given what we're dealing with. But I don't think I could quite stomache being dragged cloths shopping at the moment to distinguish this one from Vivian. So this Jasper guy is our best bet for now, but if we could figure out some more first all the better."
  44. [13:19:25] <@Kain> T-89: "It worries me you would be careless enough to drink anything without knowing what it was, but I digress. We could go a few routes with gathering information."
  45. [13:20:38] <@Kain> T-89: "We could research other notable land owners to see where open plots are... we could try and locate other suitable locations besides Madain Sari... We could even try and tap the interest in an endeavor like this. After all, even if you build your school there's no guarantee you'll get students."
  46. [13:23:42] <Thetina> "It's not like it was just laying there, Adenine, Lenore was offering it to me. But that's not the point. The interest part is tricky cause other than Bebe I've never even met another Geomancer, but if you got any ideas I'm all ears."
  47. [13:29:57] <@Kain> T-89: "" she actually looks puzzled by that a moment.
  48. [13:30:30] <@Kain> T-89: "An awareness campaign, maybe, and see what interest is gauged off of that..."
  49. [13:32:04] <Thetina> "Like making flyers and trying to get the moogles to distribute them all over or something? And getting feedback off it back from em?"
  50. [13:33:24] <@Kain> T-89: "Exactly." she nods.
  51. [13:33:42] <@Kain> T-89: "Perhaps publicity stunts as well."
  52. [13:35:46] * Thetina peeks out a window if any lewd tonberries or garlands remain. "I'lll see if I can come up with some ideas on that one but I guess the fliers would be a start..."
  53. [13:36:30] <@Kain> Some do, in fact, remain.
  54. [13:36:38] * Thetina grabs a notebook. She ponders while tapping a pen on the desk. "Hrm..."
  55. [13:37:05] <@Kain> T-89: "Was your group planning on doing anything today? I could handle this if you like."
  56. [13:37:25] <@Kain> T-89: "At least the preparation stages."
  57. [13:38:36] <Thetina> "Not sure. I could check I guess, one second..." She steps out of the room and presumably finds that note, what's it say anyway?
  58. [13:44:57] <Amaryllis> It just says that they left to the airport docks to see Noah and will either be back in the evening or send some dinner over regardless.
  59. [13:45:52] <Carbuncle> And there's a pawprint on it just because.
  60. [13:46:54] * Thetina steps back in, clicks her tounge. "Their boyfriends are in town and they are visiting or something. Not really keen on showing up to that."
  61. [13:49:13] <@Kain> T-89: "It figures. I suppose I have you for the day, then..."
  62. [13:50:21] <Thetina> (ouch)
  63. [13:50:37] * Thetina laughs awkwardly. "I'll try not to be useless?"
  64. [13:50:44] <@Kain> T-89: "Hm?"
  65. [13:50:52] <@Kain> She shakes her head. "No, I wasn't suggesting that."
  66. [13:52:34] <@Kain> T-89: "I'm just not happy with your friends, is all. You still have a ways to go when it comes to reading people, it seems."
  67. [13:54:08] <@Kain> T-89: "In any case, we should do something. I'll leave it up to you, but as they say, time is gil."
  68. [13:55:31] * Thetina frowns. "Yeah I' grew into things at a very enviable speed I guess. Granted that's us Genomes in general compared to you I agree we should probably guage interest before going down this too far, cause hey it might be a wasted effort anyway for now."
  69. [13:55:51] <Thetina> "So...maybe we should just track down a moogle and see what they can do for us first?"
  70. [13:57:40] <@Kain> T-89: "From what I understand having talked to Mikoto, there is little variation between our species, it's more of an individual thing. But yes. Let's."
  71. [13:58:01] <@Kain> T-89: "(It may not even be fair to CALL us different species)"
  72. [13:58:52] <Thetina> Thetina: "(Pretty sure we aren't based on how Kuja started all this being pretty much identical to how we were born but why are we whispering?)"
  73. [14:00:18] <@Kain> Adenine just shakes her head. "Let's just... go find a moogle or something."
  74. [14:00:36] * Thetina nods, gathering up her stuff and away they go!
  75. [14:01:02] <@Kain> It doesn't take you long to find one, once you get searching. The same moogle that woke Theta up is fluttering around the Eidolon Wall.
  76. [14:02:43] <Thetina> "Heeeey!" she waves him over.
  77. [14:03:03] <@Kain> Moogle: "Kupo? ...Oh it's... it's you again, kupo." the moogle flaps over. "Do you need something?"
  78. [14:03:15] <@Kain> T-89 raises an eyebrow but says nothing.
  79. [14:05:29] <Thetina> "I got a question for you! Or a few I guess. Trying to guage awareness about wanting to open a school here and could use some help distributing fliers all over the place. You guys handle that sorta stuff really well right? There some sorta paperwork or process we gotta go through to get some flyers for you guys to distribute?"
  80. [14:07:07] <@Kain> Moogle: "I guess I could take some stuff by Mognet, kupo! They've got a fancy printing press now that they're gonna use to make Moglines, kupo! So... I guess I could, but I dunno if they could do it for free, kupo..."
  81. [14:07:34] <@Kain> T-89: "How much do you think you'd need to cover the process of making and distributing fliers?"
  82. [14:07:50] <@Kain> Moogle: "Hm, maybe... well, how far were you guys wanting to distribute?"
  83. [14:08:38] * Thetina actually thinks on that a minute. The world's a big place.
  84. [14:10:13] <Thetina> "Ideally? Everywhere folks are settled down. Feasibly? Let's say...Alexandria, Burmecia, New Cleyra, Treno, Lindblum, here, and...Lesetira."
  85. [14:10:24] <Thetina> "Oh, and that Hypel place."
  86. [14:13:18] <@Kain> T-89: "Add Daguerreo to the list."
  87. [14:13:55] <@Kain> Moogle: "Hm. maybe about... 25,000 gil, then? For a really good campaign, I mean, kup-"
  88. [14:14:04] <@Kain> T-89 is already shoving a bag of gil into the moogle's hands.
  89. [14:14:15] <@Kain> T-89: "Go to Mognet and tell them to get ready."
  90. [14:15:12] <@Kain> The moogle blinks at the bag with surprise, and nods. "Uh, what were your names? For my end, kupo."
  91. [14:16:38] * Thetina whistles. "You really don't have to do that sorta thing Adenine, if it was gonna cost money I could figure that out...and T0! But the guy organizing all this is named Theta."
  92. [14:18:53] * Thetina gets out a sketchbook and starts doodling something down really quickly. "If you need a template for what we're thinking for this..? Or can that wait till you guys are ready."
  93. [14:19:33] <@Kain> Moogle: "A prototype would help, kupo! You can just send your finished design to Mognet Central when you're done, too!"
  94. [14:20:17] <@Kain> T-89: "It's fine. I can afford it, and it's the least I can do to repay you. Think of it as payment for our rent if you must."
  95. [14:21:38] * Thetina sits down on the ground and concentrates, doing her best to replicate the image from her dream the night prior and a message. "Why would I expect rent from a home that's just as much yours as mine? But...well you're right, I can't try to do everything here I guess. Thanks."
  96. [14:25:24] <Thetina> She rips the page off it and offers it to the moogle. The message on it reads... "Interested in studying Geomancy or Nature? Finding a natural aptitude for something but you don't know anyone who can help you understand it. You're not alone. I am trying to start an Academy of Geomancy in Madian Sari, and if you are interested or would like to know more, please let a local Moogle know. -Theta."
  97. [14:25:27] <@Kain> T-89 looks over your shoulder as you work.
  98. [14:25:42] <@Kain> T-89: "Interesting..."
  99. [14:26:26] <@Kain> The moogle takes the page and nods. "Okay! I'm off to Mognet Central then, kupo. If Theta wants to submit a design change, just send a moogle over, kupo!"
  100. [14:27:16] <Thetina> "I had the helping of a Muse of sorts on the idea for the architecture...but as I said I'm way less worried about that." She nods to the moogle.
  101. [14:28:00] <Thetina> "Guess all we can do for now is wait then? I mean we could bug this Jasper guy but can't really garuntee we got a use for the land yet."
  102. [14:31:29] <@Kain> The moogle flits off.
  103. [14:32:48] <@Kain> T-89: "Wait? That's not a productive use of time. Theta." she frowns. "While it's true that speaking with Jules likely isn't necessary at this point, doing -nothing- isn't productive either. Let's find something else to do with our time, if not that at least."
  104. [14:33:17] <@Kain> Shit, is she always this occupied?
  105. [14:35:53] * Thetina thinks a bit. "I'm just trying to think of things I need your help for at the moment. I mean I -did- make a deal with Gristle Steelclaws but considering one of the things on our agenda is 'attack an underwater castle' I'm not too pressed on that..."
  106. [14:37:26] <Thetina> "Uuuuuh....uuuummm....Have you heard anything lately about a group called The Returners?"
  107. [14:44:06] <@Kain> T-89: "The Returners... yes, actually. I heard there was an incident near Alexandria."
  108. [14:44:33] <Thetina> "An incident."
  109. [14:46:04] <@Kain> T-89: "As I hear it, the Alexandrians, for one reason or another, were moving food shipments on land between Treno and Alexandria by chocobo wagon with an armored escort. The Returners intercepted them and attacked."
  110. [14:46:37] <@Kain> T-89: "It's notable because it doesn't make any sense."
  111. [14:47:34] <Thetina> "A full on armored escort for FOOD?"
  112. [14:48:34] <Thetina> "That's...pretty strange all around. Guess it isn't entirely relevant to stuff at the moment though, huh." She looks around town...
  113. [14:49:32] <@Kain> T-89: "Exactly. The Alexandrians shouldn't have needed to ship food by land, and even if they did they shouldn't have needed to guard it so heavily. But they -did- for some reason. And... it was just food. The same fruits and vegetables you'd expect out of Dali by airship."
  114. [14:49:50] <@Kain> T-89: "But you're right, not very relevant."
  115. [14:50:03] <@Kain> Hmm, looking for anything in particular?
  116. [14:53:06] <Thetina> She's actually blanking on ideas worth Adenine's involvement, so is pulling at straws. "Where would you suggest we go to snoop about some on the situation with the land dealings here, even if we aren't ready to buy yet?"
  117. [14:57:22] <@Kain> T-89: "Have you thought about hobknobbing with the merchant class? There seem to be vendors everywhere and gossip runs high. One of Vivi's adventuring companions lives in this town, too. One 'Amarant Coral'."
  118. [14:57:56] <@Kain> T-89: "If you explain part of the reason -why- you're looking to build a school, he may be interested in helping. ...or maybe not, I've read his reputation is rather aloof."
  119. [14:59:12] * Thetina thinks a bit from his reading of Vivi's autobiography. How on good terms were these two in his final days?
  120. [15:03:07] <@Kain> Vivi didn't really get to know Amarant much. He was kind of intimidated by him. Still, Vivi didn't think he seemed like a bad guy, just... well, an unsociable one.
  121. [15:03:45] <@Kain> All they basically had in common was being able to counter magic, and it was the subject of maybe one or two conversations between them during the whole adventure.
  122. [15:05:07] <Thetina> "I'm...not entirely sold that'll go well. Let's try the merchants then..."
  123. [15:06:45] <@Kain> She nods, and the two of you begin to walk back towards the bulk of town proper.
  124. [15:07:32] <@Kain> Rollll Negotiation
  125. [15:07:51] <Thetina> 2d6
  126. [15:07:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, 2d6: 6 [2d6=5,1]
  127. [15:08:38] <@Kain> 2d6+15
  128. [15:08:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+15: 20 [2d6=2,3]
  129. [15:13:15] <@Kain> Right then.
  130. [15:16:09] <@Kain> You don't have much luck asking around, but T-89 gestures for you to follow her and mercilessly begins to grill the various stall vendors. You're surprised by how helpful they seem to be when she's treating them like they're beneath her. You keep getting redirected to other merchants, however, but you finally get shown to a realtor's office near the dock district. The sign above the
  131. [15:16:09] <@Kain> door is a bit messy and faded, which is weird considering this part of the city hasn't been around long enough for there to be that much wear and tear, but you enter shortly.
  132. [15:16:32] <@Kain> It's a small office, where a short, plump man has gone to sleep on the front desk.
  133. [15:19:44] * Thetina follows along trying to absorb the way she handles this slowly. "I could never haggle like that, jeez..."
  134. [15:19:50] <Thetina> "What's the scoop on this place exactly?"
  135. [15:20:46] <@Kain> T-89: "It's owned by two brothers. They have a reputation for incompetance at pretty much everything, but recently they managed to secure an unlikely bargain on waterfront property."
  136. [15:21:27] <T0> "Uh huh..." looking to the sleeping guy.
  137. [15:22:09] <T0> She walks up and knocks on the desk.
  138. [15:24:39] <@Kain> The guy starts awake. "Huh?? What's shakin'?"
  139. [15:25:56] <T0> "Name's T0. Heard you recently got ahold of some land on the waterfront and was curious what the deal with it is."
  140. [15:30:38] <@Kain> Man: "Oh! Oh right. Uh, the name's Peppor. Peppor Shaker. We totally shook up an awesome deal a few days ago for a beachfront property! And by that I mean we got it for free."
  141. [15:30:44] <@Kain> T-89 shakes her head.
  142. [15:31:57] * T0 head tilts. "Don't you gotta pay taxes on the aqusition of it or something? Eh?"
  143. [15:34:46] <@Kain> Peppor: "Taxes??" he turns and shouts towards the back. "HEY SOLT, DO WE GOTTA PAY TAXES ON THAT PROPERTY WE SHOOK?"
  144. [15:35:12] <@Kain> A lanky man with dark hair and a mustache comes out of the back. "Taxes? Oh dear, I hope not." D:
  145. [15:35:37] <@Kain> T-89 has taken something out of her chrono pocket to review it.
  146. [15:35:48] * T0 looks to Adenine, sceptical of all this. "Why do you keep saying you 'shook' it."
  147. [15:38:19] <@Kain> T-89: "Hm, actually, it doesn't seem like they need to. With no real central government or associations governing this, taxes aren't collected. This entire ordeal seems a bit... shaky. I bet even deeds in this city are only worth word of honor. There really needs to be some sort of higher regulation."
  148. [15:38:49] <@Kain> Peppor: "Why wouldn't we shake it? What's shaking with you? It's just how we shake! I mean speak."
  149. [15:39:40] <T0> "...How the heck did you guys get it for free then? Is it haunted or something? Over run with monsters?"
  150. [15:41:27] <@Kain> Solt: "W-well, actually... yes."
  151. [15:41:44] <@Kain> T-89: "What? I'd have thought that would have been mentioned to me."
  152. [15:42:26] <T0> "So it's less something you shook and something someone dumped on you to be your burden. Jeez. That sucks."
  153. [15:42:27] <@Kain> Solt: "It was... a rather recent inhabitation, if I recall. The property's owner is having a bit of a... squid problem."
  154. [15:42:41] <@Kain> Peppor: "Well, it's a really nice place, that aside."
  155. [15:43:33] <@Kain> T-89: "How have you two stayed in business."
  156. [15:44:17] <T0> "Squid problem."
  157. [15:44:20] <T0> "Oh dear."
  158. [15:44:25] <@Kain> Peppor: "We'll shake you a discount if you take care of it!" :D
  159. [15:45:39] <T0> "If I didn't have a very good idea who this squid was I would consider that more."
  160. [15:45:56] <T0> "What's the details on this property? A simple house isn't gonna cut it."
  161. [15:49:40] <@Kain> Solt: "Well, there are two houses, a small chunk of private beach, and a bit of open land. It's on the edge of the city."
  162. [15:50:44] <T0> "Uh huh..."
  163. [15:51:17] * T0 seems fairly indifferent to this sales pitch; this is pretty damn sketch.
  164. [15:54:24] <T0> "We can take a look at it I guess but not making any promises or anything."
  165. [15:54:31] <@Kain> T-89: "Mm, not liking this as much as I thought I would, T0."
  166. [15:55:06] <T0> "Considering I got a good feeling I know what that squid problem is? Yeah you don't know half of it."
  167. [15:55:20] <@Kain> T-89: "Are you sure we should look into it, then? Your choice."
  168. [15:55:44] <@Kain> Peppor: "Er... But..." he just sort of slumps, unable to really come up with a good pitch.
  169. [15:56:16] <T0> "Do we got any better leads at the moment? I mean..."
  170. [15:56:29] <T0> "Not like we're gonna buy it out right. Don't even know if we got the need for it."
  171. [15:59:21] <@Kain> T-89: "I guess we could at least look at the property.
  172. [15:59:23] <@Kain> "
  173. [15:59:46] * T0 looks over to Solt and Peppor, expectantly.
  174. [16:00:59] <@Kain> Solt: "Well, if you'd like to review the property..." he digs around for a map, and then marks the location on it, handing it to you. "Erm... we'd... rather not visit the place at this time, you see."
  175. [16:01:30] <@Kain> Peppor: "R-right! Lots of things we need to shake, anyway. You two have fun with that."
  176. [16:01:30] <T0> "Eeeeh?"
  177. [16:01:53] <@Kain> T-89: "Now hold on, what kind of business are you trying to run here??"
  178. [16:02:01] <T0> "Man what sorta realtors are you? Yeah."
  179. [16:02:12] <@Kain> T-89: "You two are the absolute worst I've ever seen."
  180. [16:02:25] <@Kain> They both wince at that.
  181. [16:02:46] <@Kain> Peppor: "S-sorry miss! On second thought we'll shake our other business on hold. This way!"
  182. [16:03:19] <@Kain> The two quickly scramble over each other to lead the way.
  183. [16:03:48] <@Kain> T-89: "Well, at least their reputation preceded them."
  184. [16:03:58] <T0> "Did it occur to them we could just kick Ultros out and take the place for ourselves?"
  185. [16:04:10] <T0> "I mean if they can't handle the monster there who says they can't the future tennents?"
  186. [16:04:24] * T0 sighs and follows.
  187. [16:04:28] <@Kain> T-89: "They already left, too. Wanna bet the deed is here somewhere?"
  188. [16:04:58] <T0> "That's assuming there -is- one in a place like this."
  189. [16:04:59] <@Kain> She shrugs, though. "Let's see this "ultros" of yours I guess."
  190. [16:05:17] <T0> "Seems everyone who lives here is a thief. Maybe it's a bad location in general for a school..."
  191. [16:06:01] <@Kain> T-89: "It's the kind of atmosphere you attract when the only thing that separates the ruling caste from the populace is gil."
  192. [16:06:11] <@Kain> T-89: "It's the same in Treno."
  193. [16:06:49] <T0> "I...guess it is sort of." :<
  194. [16:09:01] <@Kain> T-89: "So, I decided I would make gil. That's how things go. You adapt or you suffer. I don't want the other girls to suffer, so I've adapted myself enough to account for all of them."
  195. [16:09:27] <@Kain> You quickly shake after Solt and Peppor.
  196. [16:11:39] <T0> "...I should try to send more cash back myself too I guess." But yes following the solt and peppor shakers
  197. [16:12:24] <@Kain> T-89: "You do fine." she scolds. "Save your money for yourself. You will need it."
  198. [16:14:22] <@Kain> T-89: "You know, at first I was considering becoming a courtesean. It seemed like easy, rewarding work. But I realized after a bit of talking with the whores around the city that I didn't want to stoop myself to that level. There's a lot of keen minds and broken wills in that lot. Good, sound advice in their heads that they'll never take themselves."
  199. [16:17:47] <T0> "Well...I'm glad you chose -not- to pursue that, but I don't recall if you ever did tell me what you do for a living back home."
  200. [16:18:40] <Amaryllis> (magical girl detective agency)
  201. [16:23:30] <@Kain> T-89: "It was modeling, at first. In business attire, for photographs. Advertisements, some of them. I had used my connections with the courteseans to gain an in someone who knew people. I'm still doing that, but I was working on getting to know someone who knows my current boss. Investment. Financial analysis. I've also gained an 'in' with the Rook family recently. I have a bit of a
  202. [16:23:30] <@Kain> business proposal I want to offer them next time I'm in Treno."
  203. [16:26:33] <T0> "Investments makes a lot of sense for you. What's this about The Rooks?"
  204. [16:31:05] <@Kain> T-89: "They're interested in our help with a little side project of theirs. It's a secret for now. But... you ever notice how there's no proper airship port in Treno?"
  205. [16:31:59] <@Kain> T-89: "It's annoying, isn't it. You can get a good ride to just about anywhere, except Treno. The poor are too poor to afford a ride. The rich are rich enough to have their own air fields. It's ridiculous."
  206. [16:32:08] <T0> "Biggest pain in the butt. Yes."
  207. [16:34:21] <@Kain> T-89: "So I intend to propose the Rooks construct one for public use. The draw perhaps bringing in tourists to the nicer areas of town, not to mention providing air travel to the middle class among us."
  208. [16:35:13] <T0> "Would be about damned time."
  209. [16:35:23] <T0> "Have you spoke with Mikoto about this?"
  210. [16:35:38] <T0> "We've sorta been discussing some...rather serious additions to the King Estate."
  211. [16:35:44] <@Kain> T-89: "A joint venture between the Rooks and the Kings? Hm..."
  212. [16:36:01] <@Kain> T-89: "That's an interesting idea, actually. I'll have to see if she's willing to pool he resources as well."
  213. [16:38:44] <@Kain> You eventually follow them allll the way across town to the beachfront property. There's a large canal entrance right nearby, and in fact, Eiko's house is somewhat nearby, though not part of the property itself. Two cabins occupy the beach, and there's sparkling sand as far as you can see.
  214. [16:38:44] <T0> "Mhm. In the mean time where the hell -are- these guys leading us."
  215. [16:39:27] <@Kain> Peppor is out of breath by the time you arrive. "We've... we've made it."
  216. [16:39:47] <@Kain> T-89: "It's... alright, but not really the most ideal for a school, is it?"
  217. [16:39:59] <T0> "Not...really, no."
  218. [16:40:11] <T0> "I mean wouldn't mind living here but we already got a house."
  219. [16:42:28] <@Kain> Solt: "W-well... students like... volleyball, do they not?"
  220. [16:42:44] <@Kain> T-89: "You have got to take a business class or something."
  221. [16:43:30] <T0> "You know..." he looks to the two brothers. "You should try to find a guy named Siegfried. He's been hunting for what's probably your squid problem. But yeah not sure we can really help ya here."
  222. [16:43:32] <@Kain> T-89: "Tell you what, Theta, why don't we take care of their squid problem, buy the place, then re-sell it to try and work up towards what we'll need for the actual site."
  223. [16:43:44] <T0> "Hm..."
  224. [16:43:57] <@Kain> T-89: "Given these two bozos we could probably make a much higher profit."
  225. [16:43:59] * T0 considers that some. "I guess that makes sense."
  226. [16:44:05] <@Kain> Solt: "W-we're standing right here..."
  227. [16:44:09] <@Kain> T-89: "Shut it."
  228. [16:46:11] <@Kain> Peppor: "Siegfried?"
  229. [16:47:17] <T0> "Yes. He's a knight errant hunting a creature named Ultros. Whose a giant purple squid with an appetite for cute girls."
  230. [16:49:00] <@Kain> Solt: "Oh! Oh!!!"
  231. [16:49:12] <@Kain> Solt: "That's the squid there's been problems with."
  232. [16:49:37] <@Kain> Suddenly, you hear a scream from further down the beach.
  233. [16:50:28] <T0> "Yeah I've been -saying- that."
  234. [16:50:48] <T0> "And sounds like he struck another helpless victim with his slimy pervy appendeges."
  235. [16:54:37] <@Kain> T-89 groans. "Of all the..."
  236. [16:54:46] <@Kain> T-89: "...Well, are we going to check it out?"
  237. [16:55:21] <T0> "I guess if the peacekeepers aren't gonna do anything about it..." she sighs and hurries down the beach.
  238. [16:59:24] <@Kain> Peppor: "The peacekeepers are afraid to approach him after he shook Officer Pea's unmentionables..."
  239. [16:59:53] <T0> "...Really?"
  240. [17:00:19] <T0> "Oh sure mass murderer who acts like a tonberry no problem. Silly squid snatched her undies, can't do it."
  241. [17:02:42] <@Kain> T-89: "It's just one of those days where it feels like everyone else is completely incompetant..."
  242. [17:03:21] <@Kain> You close in on the scene, where you do indeed see Ultros... and a gigantic pink creature floating in the air beside it. They're near a terrified giraffe woman, and a Fang.
  243. [17:05:01] <@Kain> Ultros: "Don't worry, cutie, the new and improved Ultros will save you from this beast! Uweeeheee!!"
  244. [17:05:15] <@Kain> Typhon: "FUNGAH!"
  245. [17:05:20] <@Kain> The woman seems to be terrified of the Fang, AND the other two. ;-;
  246. [17:05:37] <T0> "I don't."
  247. [17:05:39] <T0> "What."
  248. [17:05:51] <@Kain> The octopus aims a tentacle, and... launches the monster over the horizon!
  249. [17:06:27] <@Kain> Ultros: "Look how strong I am! Now then, baby, how about a kiss for saving you, hmmmm....???" The octopus blushes and moves in closer. The woman keeps screaming.
  250. [17:06:47] <Natalie> (I've taught you well)
  251. [17:07:46] <@Kain> T-89: "This is terrifying for all the wrong reasons."
  252. [17:08:02] <@Kain> Awareness!
  253. [17:08:06] * T0 sighs.
  254. [17:08:10] <T0> 2d6+8
  255. [17:08:11] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6+8: 19 [2d6=5,6]
  256. [17:13:24] <@Kain> You notice, out of the corner of your eye, Siegfried is standing in the town proper, looking down on this scene. Seems like he has his sword drawn and everything.
  257. [17:13:32] <@Kain> He glances down at the two of you.
  258. [17:14:08] * T0 waves to him and nods, then points at Ultros and his Typhoon buddy
  259. [17:14:35] <@Kain> Siegfried goes ahead and leaps down, then, charging at the octopus!
  260. [17:14:52] <@Kain> Siegfried: "ULTROOOOOOS!"
  261. [17:15:25] <@Kain> Ultros: "Eh?" he leaps into the air suddenly, Siegfried passing beneath him. "My musclehead sense is tingling!"
  262. [17:15:49] <@Kain> The woman runs off while Siegfried turns around, brandishing his enormous sword.
  263. [17:15:50] <T0> "..."
  264. [17:16:16] * T0 looks to T89. "Should we really do anything here at this point?"
  265. [17:16:24] <@Kain> The squid lands and laughs. "Hyuk, hyuk, it's this loser again! And look! She ran away because of your ugly mug!"
  266. [17:16:48] <@Kain> T-89: "...I honestly don't know. This is so... exhausting."
  267. [17:17:05] <T0> "Yeah it's usually like this," she shrugs.
  268. [17:17:52] <@Kain> T-89: "Your call. We abandon this right here or we jump in and still try to get the discount from those wackjobs."
  269. [17:18:24] <T0> "Uuuugh I fear if we don't get rid of this goofball now," she nods to Ultros. "It'll come back to haunt us."
  270. [17:18:41] <T0> She sighs and gets the crossbows out.
  271. [17:19:52] <@Kain> Ultros: "Huh? Oh! Two more beauties coming to play! Daddy likes!"
  272. [17:20:05] <@Kain> T-89: "Just shut your creepy mouth!"
  273. [17:20:09] <@Kain> Combat
  274. [17:20:13] <@Kain> Ultros
  275. [17:20:15] <@Kain> Typhon
  276. [17:20:35] * T0 looks over Typhon! She's faced Ultros before so knows what he's capable of, but what about this guy?
  277. [17:20:49] <T0> (Annnnnd if we're using Scan and not what Advice' success or something?)
  278. [17:21:13] <@Kain>
  279. [17:21:45] <@Kain> do you care about having the HP totals?
  280. [17:22:01] <T0> Not entirely no!
  281. [17:24:04] <Amaryllis> (god I forgot how UGLY typhon was)
  282. [17:25:30] <@Kain> Typhon seems to be an Aerial/Amorph. It's two faces seem to either one or the other constantly intake air to swell its massive body. Absorbs Wind and Fire. Weak to Ice and Water. It's Large and seems like the type to not take its defeat lying down. Final Attack: Sneeze.
  283. [17:26:35] <T0> "Hrrrrm. Not much you gotta worry about I think from these guys far as magics go." Adenine conjures up a Spirit Weapon
  284. [17:28:35] <T0> She also enters Ravage Paradigm!
  285. [17:29:06] <@Kain> Siegfried begins concentrating...
  286. [17:29:46] <@Kain> Roll for your spirit weapon, it gets a free attack when summoned.
  287. [17:30:01] <T0> 2d6+5 oh right
  288. [17:30:01] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, oh right: 17 [2d6=6,6]
  289. [17:30:06] <T0> (:|)
  290. [17:30:41] <@Kain> >can't deal a critical hit
  291. [17:30:45] <@Kain> eh fuck that, it deals a critical hit.
  292. [17:31:00] <T0> 190 damage and..35? 70 from ravager?
  293. [17:31:06] <Natalie> (my spirit weapon kain't crit)
  294. [17:31:36] <T0> It swoops at Ultros, let's say
  295. [17:31:45] <T0> Or Sprays I suppose.
  296. [17:32:03] <@Kain> Got it~
  297. [17:32:10] <@Kain> Theta doing anything else?
  298. [17:32:16] <@Kain> And let's say it's just 35
  299. [17:32:35] <T0> (Advice is a standard action)
  300. [17:36:00] <@Kain> Okay~
  301. [17:36:04] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  302. [17:36:19] <@Kain> Ultros reaches over to grab Theta!
  303. [17:36:20] <@Kain> 2d6+7
  304. [17:36:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+7: 18 [2d6=6,5]
  305. [17:36:33] <T0> "OH FOR FUCKS SAKE"
  306. [17:37:41] <@Kain> Theta has been ensnared! The tentacle wrapped around you prevents you from doing anything except trying to make an escape check on your next turn.
  307. [17:37:49] <@Kain> Ultros: "Helloooo there."
  308. [17:38:09] <@Kain> Typhon begins drawing in lots of air...
  309. [17:38:15] <@Kain> Player turns
  310. [17:39:12] * T0 takes a deep breath and tries to break free!
  311. [17:39:18] <T0> 2d6
  312. [17:39:19] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  313. [17:39:23] <@Kain> Wigglewiggle
  314. [17:39:25] <@Kain> ...wiggle...
  315. [17:39:34] <@Kain> You manage to slip out of the slimy tentacles, barely!
  316. [17:39:44] <@Kain> You regain your standard action!
  317. [17:39:59] <@Kain> T-89: "Ugh, I don't envy you for that."
  318. [17:41:11] * T0 takes aim at Typhon, conentrating as she tries to focus icy energies into the blow. <Hope you weren't kidding about this...> she internalizes as she fires off an icy bolt at the face monster.
  319. [17:41:23] <T0> 2d6+7
  320. [17:41:23] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6+7: 15 [2d6=4,4]
  321. [17:41:35] <@Kain> Hit!
  322. [17:41:39] <T0> Freezeblink.
  323. [17:41:49] <@Kain> The power of Eden fills you!
  324. [17:42:16] <T0> The arrow hits Typhon, and explodes as a snowstorm starts on the beach! All enemies are knocbacked and take..
  325. [17:42:31] <T0> 480 Ice Damage. The Field is now Ice.
  326. [17:42:40] <T0> Adenine starts to cast a spell!
  327. [17:42:45] <@Kain> Typhon: "FUNGAAAAAAAAH!"
  328. [17:42:46] <T0> "Take that you damned lechers!"
  329. [17:43:06] <@Kain> Ultros: "Mister Typhon! Oooh, you're cruising for a brusing, cutie!"
  330. [17:43:25] <@Kain> Siegfried unleashes a powerful chopl at Ultros!
  331. [17:43:57] <T0> "Chill out you pervy seafood dish!"
  332. [17:44:12] <@Kain> 4d6+1 Haymaker, 1 destiny in Commando stance
  333. [17:44:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Haymaker, 1 destiny in Commando stance: 13 [4d6=4,1,6,1]
  334. [17:45:01] <T0> Hits!
  335. [17:45:10] <@Kain> That's at Ultros
  336. [17:45:13] <@Kain> silly
  337. [17:45:23] <@Kain> For... 612 damage, stunned and sealed.
  338. [17:45:23] <T0> oh ;o;
  339. [17:46:08] <@Kain> Ultros: "Waaah! That hurts!" he cries as several of his tentacles are chopped off.
  340. [17:46:37] <@Kain> Siegfried: "It is nothing compared to what mayhem you have caused, cur."
  341. [17:47:22] <@Kain> He then slams the ground with his sword, dealing another
  342. [17:47:27] <@Kain> 2d6+300 Shockwave
  343. [17:47:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Shockwave: 308 [2d6=2,6]
  344. [17:47:44] <Natalie> (jesus h christ)
  345. [17:48:16] <T0> (glad you didn't fight HIM in that arena?)
  346. [17:48:31] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  347. [17:48:36] <Natalie> (a little bit!)
  348. [17:48:39] <@Kain> Ultros begins to rapidly pummel Siegfried!
  349. [17:48:56] <@Kain> 8#2d6+7
  350. [17:48:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 8#2d6+7: 15 [2d6=6,2], 13 [2d6=1,5], 14 [2d6=6,1], 18 [2d6=6,5], 14 [2d6=6,1], 9 [2d6=1,1], 11 [2d6=2,2], 13 [2d6=1,5]
  351. [17:50:08] <@Kain> The knight takes several powerful blows, but lashes out at Ultros every time he strikes.
  352. [17:50:34] <@Kain> Typhon unleashes a miniature hurricane! "FUNGAAAH!"
  353. [17:51:21] <@Kain> 2d6+168 Tornado to Siegfried, Theta, Adenine
  354. [17:51:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Tornado to Siegfried, Theta, Adenine: 179 [2d6=5,6]
  355. [17:51:53] <@Kain> Player turns
  356. [17:53:02] * T0 takes aim on Typhon again. "Help Siegfried with that spell you're cooking up, I got this snotrag!"
  357. [17:53:16] <@Kain> T-89: "Got it!"
  358. [17:53:39] <T0> 2d6+7 Icicle Bolt!
  359. [17:53:39] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, Icicle Bolt!: 11 [2d6=2,2]
  360. [17:54:01] <@Kain> Manages to hit because of Commando!
  361. [17:54:41] <T0> 203 Ice Damage!
  362. [17:54:51] <T0> Adenine's Time Slip goes off, trying to make Ultros older!
  363. [17:54:59] <T0> 2d6+5 the spirit weapon strikes Ultros as well!
  364. [17:54:59] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, the spirit weapon strikes Ultros as well!: 11 [2d6=4,2]
  365. [17:55:31] <T0> 141 if that hits!
  366. [17:55:40] <@Kain> Yep!
  367. [17:56:17] <@Kain> funny thing
  368. [17:56:22] <@Kain> Time Slip is random because ~Dust~
  369. [17:56:36] <@Kain> 2d6+6 roll opposed Finesse first
  370. [17:56:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, roll opposed Finesse first: 11 [2d6=4,1]
  371. [17:57:01] <T0> 2d6+7
  372. [17:57:01] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6+7: 11 [2d6=3,1]
  373. [17:57:08] <T0> (It's random?)
  374. [17:57:13] <T0> (Well that's silly as hell)
  375. [17:57:19] <@Kain> (Eh I'll just let you pick)
  376. [17:57:28] <@Kain> The octopus shrivels up and becomes older!
  377. [17:57:38] <@Kain> Ultros: "Ehhh? Why am I a geezer? I forgot!"
  378. [17:57:39] <T0> (Yeah it' her only spell that works for this other than tossing flight on people)
  379. [17:58:07] <@Kain> Typhon is blasted back by another round of ice, too.
  380. [17:58:22] <T0> Adenine starts casting another spell!
  381. [17:58:50] <@Kain> Siegfried lifts his sword to the sky and intones, "Absorb power in the sky and strike..."
  382. [17:58:53] <@Kain> "Lightning Stab!"
  383. [17:59:12] <@Kain> 2d6+600 Orlandeau's Strike
  384. [17:59:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Orlandeau's Strike: 606 [2d6=5,1]
  385. [18:00:04] <@Kain> Ultros cries out in pain, but SIegfried seems concentrated. "He's a powerful foe to resist the effects of my stunning blow..."
  386. [18:00:30] * T0 can't help but be a bit amazed at this guy's bravado
  387. [18:00:32] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  388. [18:05:16] <@Kain> Typhon cries out and attempts to bite Theta!
  389. [18:05:21] <@Kain> 2d6+6; 2d6+6
  390. [18:05:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 16 [2d6=5,5]; 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  391. [18:05:29] <@Kain> One critical hit!
  392. [18:05:42] <T0> Third Eye on the other, so only taking the crit!
  393. [18:05:57] <@Kain> 380 wind arm damage!
  394. [18:06:39] <T0> ...
  395. [18:06:42] <T0> Theta is KO'd! :D
  396. [18:06:55] <@Kain> T-89: "The- T-0!"
  397. [18:07:17] <@Kain> Ultros attempts to feebly bat off Siegfried.
  398. [18:07:44] <@Kain> 4#2d6+3
  399. [18:07:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 4#2d6+3: 10 [2d6=5,2], 11 [2d6=3,5], 12 [2d6=5,4], 13 [2d6=5,5]
  400. [18:08:00] <@Kain> He manages to land a few hits, but Siegfried counters them all flawlessly.
  401. [18:08:07] <@Kain> Player turns!
  402. [18:08:25] <T0> Well the question is does Adenine get both my standards now? Or how's this work
  403. [18:08:33] <@Kain> Siegfried: "It's time to end this nonsense. Thank you for your assistance so far."
  404. [18:08:58] <@Kain> She's unable to act, instead rushing over and checking on you.
  405. [18:09:05] <T0> Doesn't her spell go off?
  406. [18:09:10] <@Kain> Oh, right. Sure.
  407. [18:09:23] <@Kain> Her spell first! Target?
  408. [18:09:31] <T0> Her hair-tie watch flickers and rocks fall from the heavens upon Typhon!
  409. [18:09:32] <T0> 2d6 comet!
  410. [18:09:33] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, comet!: 6 [2d6=5,1]
  411. [18:10:20] <T0> (is this 6#2d6+57 or 12d6+342?)
  412. [18:10:30] <@Kain> 6#
  413. [18:10:42] <T0> 6#2d6+57
  414. [18:10:43] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 6#2d6+57: 64 [2d6=3,4], 62 [2d6=2,3], 62 [2d6=3,2], 64 [2d6=5,2], 64 [2d6=3,4], 61 [2d6=2,2]
  415. [18:10:54] <@Kain> Comets begin to rain down, pelting both of them hard!
  416. [18:11:20] <@Kain> Siegfried nods and lifts his sword, then swinging it down. Red balls of flame fall out of the sky, following the comets.
  417. [18:11:47] <@Kain> He spends two destiny on Meteorain.
  418. [18:11:57] <@Kain> 3x 240 to both Ultros and Typhon
  419. [18:12:33] <@Kain> Ultros: "Oooh.... I can't.... even put up a fight anymore! What's goin' on...?"
  420. [18:12:40] <@Kain> Typhon: "Fungah! ...Ah.... Ah....
  421. [18:12:46] <@Kain> Ultros: "Uh-oh!"
  422. [18:12:58] <@Kain> Typhon: "FUNGAAAAAAHCHOO!"
  423. [18:13:01] <@Kain> Final Attack: Sneeze
  424. [18:13:32] <@Kain> The creature lets out an enormous burst of wind that kicks sand and snow up, sending him and Ultros flying into the distance!
  425. [18:13:42] <@Kain> ...and Siegfried is also nowhere to be seen when you awaken.
  426. [18:13:46] <@Kain> T-89: "...."
  427. [18:14:05] * T0 slowly gets up, looking around only to find sand and snow...
  428. [18:14:21] <@Kain> T-89: "The pink one sneezed everyone away. ...just missed us."
  429. [18:14:30] <@Kain> T-89: "You alright?"
  430. [18:14:54] <T0> "Oowwwww..." wind spirits start to swirl around the two of them, healing their wounds. "I'd...never actually got taken out like that yet in my travels."
  431. [18:14:59] <T0> "This is really not my week." she sighs.
  432. [18:16:34] <@Kain> T-89: "Well, they're -gone- at least."
  433. [18:16:53] <@Kain> T-89: "...think they dropped something, too." she walks forward and inspects the ground.
  434. [18:19:06] * T0 slowly gets up, still a bit surprised the snow actually worked, and walks over as well.
  435. [18:19:14] <@Kain> T-89: "It looks like an armored coat. Huh, who was carrying this?" She picks it up, showing it to you. It's a large and grey duster, but not quite Siegfried's size.
  436. [18:19:40] <@Kain> It's caked in the sand, as well.
  437. [18:20:18] <@Kain> T-89: "There's gil in the pockets, too..." Found 10,000 gil.
  438. [18:23:39] <@Kain> Received Metal Duster (Tier 5 Medium, Lightning Vulnerability, Holy Enhancer, Seal-Proof)
  439. [18:26:56] <@Kain> (Hello)
  440. [18:27:03] * T0 scratches her head. Not sure exactly what to do with it short term, so tosses it over a shoulder and picks up the cash. "Hmmm..."
  441. [18:27:16] <T0> (I was giving you a chance to pay cast some attention as he's been paitent. )
  442. [18:27:24] <@Kain> Solt and Peppor shake on over. "Y-you did it! The squid's gone!"
  443. [18:27:43] <@Kain> Solt: "I wonder if the snow adds or detracts property value."
  444. [18:27:46] <@Kain> (Oh)
  445. [18:29:39] <T0> "Eh. It'll probably melt sooner or later...but yeah, you're monster issue is done with."
  446. [18:29:48] <Natalie> (>you're)
  447. [18:29:57] <T0> (get out slutcat)
  448. [18:30:00] <Amaryllis> (isn't it winter?)
  449. [18:30:00] <T0> (no one asked you're)
  450. [18:30:02] <Natalie> (nnn!)
  451. [18:30:07] <Amaryllis> (and Madain Sari is pretty far north)
  452. [18:30:19] <T0> (I sorta imagined it was...beachy.)
  453. [18:30:34] <T0> (Cause we actually haven't had a ice biome yet.)
  454. [18:30:37] <@Kain> It's very beachy. Not quite north enough for snow to stay.
  455. [18:31:00] <@Kain> Though it was chilly even before you channeled that power.
  456. [18:32:38] <@Kain> Peppor: "I guess that just leaves how much we want to shake out of them for the property..."
  457. [18:33:34] <T0> "You know you really should get a new slogan..."
  458. [18:34:02] <@Kain> T-89: "Considering you did jack shit to help maintain it, I'll give you 20,000 and not a gil more."
  459. [18:34:15] <@Kain> Peppor: "T-twenty thousand??"
  460. [18:34:34] <@Kain> Solt: "But... we couldn't even pay the rent with that much!"
  461. [18:34:43] <@Kain> T-89: "You're -renting- that building?"
  462. [18:34:53] <@Kain> T-89: "How about you take the money and go buy a goddamn clue?"
  463. [18:34:57] <@Kain> 2d6+15 Negotiation
  464. [18:34:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Negotiation: 21 [2d6=4,2]
  465. [18:35:18] <T0> "...That's a pretty shabby place for 20,000 in rent isn't it?"
  466. [18:35:44] <T0> "Maybe you guys just aren't cut out for this business? Why not try...I dunno, opening a restaraunt? You got the names for it..."
  467. [18:35:54] <@Kain> Peppor: "A restaurant...?"
  468. [18:36:09] <@Kain> Solt: "You know, that's... that's not a bad idea. Maybe we can get Ketchop in on this..."
  469. [18:36:22] <Amaryllis> (I sense a Kitchen Nightmares sidequest forming :D)
  470. [18:36:28] <@Kain> Peppor: "You got yourself a shake! I mean a deal!"
  471. [18:36:53] * T0 actually stops Adenine from forking over the full 20k and throws the 10k they just found into it.
  472. [18:40:06] <@Kain> She nods and you pitch in.
  473. [18:40:30] <@Kain> Solt: "Ooh, the deed! Um... it's all the way back in the building."
  474. [18:40:39] <@Kain> Peppor: "What? Why didn't you bring it?"
  475. [18:40:48] <@Kain> Solt: "I... didn't think we'd actually make the sale."
  476. [18:41:36] <@Kain> Peppor: "Let's... shake back and get it for them then!"
  477. [18:41:39] <@Kain> They start to run off.
  478. [18:42:17] <@Kain> T-89: "This is such a headache... I'll wrap up here, Theta. You don't have to stick around for this nonsense anymore if you don't like."
  479. [18:42:59] <@Kain> She looks out over the beach. "How much -would- you say this property's worth?"
  480. [18:43:36] * T0 inspects it. "It's...a good bit of land for just two little houses."
  481. [18:43:50] * T0 "I wouldn't imagine it going for this cheap."
  482. [18:44:04] <@Kain> T-89: "It wouldn't have, but those idiots are the desperate type."
  483. [18:44:19] <T0> "I don't have a good eye for these things, though. Glad you are at least."
  484. [18:44:22] <@Kain> T-89: "Twenty k is enough to get them started elsewhere."
  485. [18:48:07] <T0> "Sorry today's been a mess. Don't imagine that aspect of things is gonna change much though..."
  486. [18:48:47] <T0> "Don't really feel right ditching you though. Not like any of the others will be around anyway." She shrugs.
  487. [18:50:13] <@Kain> T-89: "What is the group's plans on that front? Do you have anything in mind, going forward?"
  488. [18:52:00] <T0> "I. Uh. Think it's got something to do with a fiend corrupting the Water Shrine. But I'm not exactly in the loop with that whole thing at the moment."
  489. [18:52:58] <@Kain> T-89: "Why not?"
  490. [18:54:19] <T0> "I dunno just hasn't come up yet. But as it was put to me last night, ain't my mission anyway I'm just helping," he sighs and shrugs
  491. [18:54:56] <@Kain> T-89: "Hm. Well, good luck with that, then."
  492. [18:55:20] <@Kain> T-89: "And Theta. If you need someone to talk to, I'll listen. You don't have to let it build and build until something like before happens."
  493. [18:57:52] <T0> "Not really sure what there is to say. I just don't have a good grasp on where we're going and butting heads over it just gets us split up anyway."
  494. [18:59:17] <T0> "I think I need to get out of the mindset that this is entirely my own task to bear. I mean I did ask you for help but outside of that haven't had much else to help with it. Not much a support net..."
  495. [19:00:25] <@Kain> T-89: "You'll find... someone, won't you?"
  496. [19:00:51] <@Kain> T-89: "Just keep asking around. I'm sure you'll find the allies you need."
  497. [19:01:06] <T0> "I meant just in general, not even romantically or 'allies'."
  498. [19:01:13] <@Kain> T-89: "Come on then, let's go get this deed and figure out what to do with this place."
  499. [19:01:48] <@Kain> T-89: "I don't suppose I know what that feels like... I've tried to only rely on myself so far."
  500. [19:02:44] <T0> "Well that's exactly what I mean. The other girls look up to you don't they? They got you to fall back on when things are rough for them, and I can't really be around."
  501. [19:03:25] <@Kain> She nods, after a moment.
  502. [19:03:28] <T0> "Don't make the same mistakes I have though. If things get rough for -you-, don't fee afraid to ask me for help arlight?"
  503. [19:03:40] <@Kain> T-89: "...Thank you."
  504. [19:03:42] * T0 nods though, back to the place for the deed
  505. [19:04:17] <@Kain> The two of you head to the Shaker brothers' place and grab the deed to the beachfront property...
  506. [19:04:21] <@Kain> and </> for now
  507. [19:04:26] <T0> "I think we all desire to be indepedent given what our heritage is. But...well, shit. Traveling has shown me first hand how important families can be. I really envy that."
  508. [19:04:29] <T0> alright
  509. [19:04:43] <@Kain> Oh, whoops.
  510. [19:04:51] <@Kain> If you wanted to keep talking we can keep going
  511. [19:05:14] <T0> Mostly just wanted to get that line out but if there's a reply worth continuing on it, sure.
  512. [19:05:24] <@Kain> T-89: "I still don't see any of you as blood relatives... but there's a closeness, a companionship that's more than friendship, too."
  513. [19:05:51] <@Kain> T-89: "It's hard to explain..."
  514. [19:07:47] <T0> "You don't gotta be blood related to be family. Hell even Zidane himself was adopted. Though his adoptive dad -is- sorta weird. That's not the important part, though. I crashed cause I had no one myself to fall back on. So I really appreciate you helping me with this. I woulda made...well, no progress without it."
  515. [19:08:10] <@Kain> T-89: "Savannah calls you 'poppa' as if you were her father. She considers me a sister. I see -you- as just another man. Cute enough to spend time with when not working, even. But I know that would be difficult for you to process, especially with everything going on in your life right now. So pretend you didn't hear that. Either way... yes, we are a family, I suppose."
  516. [19:08:37] <@Kain> T-89: "You're certainly welcome, Theta."
  517. [19:10:28] <@Kain> T-89: "...I shouldn't say -just- a man, though. Jokes about your current gender aside I meant everything I said when I told you that you're a hero to us."
  518. [19:10:40] <@Kain> T-89: "And if there's anything we can give back, just tell us."
  519. [19:14:27] <T0> She seems a bit confused by part of that, yes. But shrugs it off. "Once...things are more underway hopefully it'll get easier. Just so much uncertainty right now. Thanks though. I'll let you know when I got a better idea what we're doing next."
  520. [19:17:19] <@Kain> T-89: "I'll take some of the business end of things onto my plate, then."
  521. [19:18:16] <T0> (annnd I guess that's a good stopping point now)
  522. [19:18:22] <@Kain> </> then
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