Aurore de Lucard

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  1. Name: Aurore dé Lucard Player: Susan
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Age: ~24
  4. Race: Saluki (Canine)
  6. Combat Stats
  8. HP: 12/12 FP: 1
  10. ATT: 8 DEF: 6 VIT: 4
  12. Attributes
  14. Bod: 4
  15. Agi: 9
  16. IQ: 6
  17. Per: 8
  18. Cha: 3
  20. Special Moves
  22. Never Miss (Attack): A keen eye and a telescopic sight on her crossbow enables Aurore to fire with deadly accuracy. Only rarely does she ever miss a target, and by the time the poor bludger realizes he’s been fired at, a second arrow is already lodged in his throat.
  24. Double Damage (Attack): Aurore takes a few of her arrows and tips them with heads she makes herself, heads that are intended to rip and tear through the flesh they hit, effectively allowing them to burrow deeper into an enemy than conventional arrows. They are also have barbs that hurt like high hell when you pull them out.
  26. Negate (Defense): Our canine arbalist is not only quick with her trigger, but she is also quick on her feet and if the time calls for it, she can easily evade most attacks. This, however, leaves her crossbow in bad shape as the magazine has a habit of falling off and thus she must regain her composure and quickly get the thing back on.
  28. Quirks
  30. Arbalist (Archer): Aurore is obviously a girl who depends on her crossbow to get through to the enemy and as such she is not used to hand-to-hand combat, but that’s why she carries a dagger with her, is it not? Regardless, she is not used to taking blows from hand-to-hand and so she is not capable of defending herself that well.
  32. Reliable Strike (Passive): Let’s face it, getting shot with an arrow really hurts, and they’re not toothpicks with sharp metal on the end. Imagine that getting flung at you from a few yards away going about two hundred miles an hour and you’ve got a big ouchie flying at you. Add this to the fact Aurore tips her arrows only in the finest metal and they really pack a whallop.
  34. Quick Info
  36. Aurore de Lucard, a gray-black Saluki who carries an ornate crossbow with telescopic sight and magazine capabilities.
  38. A : 8 D : 6 V : 4
  39. B : 4 A : 9 I : 6 P : 8 C : 3
  41. Description
  43. Aurore, born Aurore Marilyn dé Lucard, called a small island settlement her home. This island went by the name Buteur and she was birthed into a well-off family, but it was nowhere close to nobility. She was raised with an older brother, a brother who went off to spend his life as a Paladin following the suggestion and footsteps from his father. Jealous that Monér received most of her father’s praise, she idly began to play around with his bow one day, thus drawing her father’s attention. By the end of the evening they were out back and Aurore was learning to fire arrows at targets, though she did not grasp the concept well at first, nor could she really muster the strength to fire arrows effectively.
  45. Thus, she and her father (after many ruined bows) gave up, though her interest in ranged weaponry did not fade. It was much to her surprise that her father gifted her an ornate arbalest on her fourteenth birthday, something he had spent much time building from scratch. It cost him a pretty penny, but by a few months later, Aurore was beginning to fire it like a pro. She constantly practiced in her backyard and eventually moved up to hunting over the timespan the next two years, rarely leaving the house as she tended to the weapon she had come to call ‘Le Vent Divin’, or ‘The Divine Wind’ in her native language.
  47. At seventeen, she felt ready to finally hunt a more illusive target, something her father would have never put up with. She began to take bounties from the nearby mainland and would disappear for days on end, hunting quarries like they were prey. The girl was quickly frustrated, though, as she soon met targets too far away for even her keen eyes to see. This was all rectified the day she ran into a man charting stars on the far side of town, his telescope catching her eye. Looking through it, she could see the heavens above in far greater detail and an idea was put forth into her head. A few bounties to pay and one tinkerer later, a small telescope had been attached to the top of her crossbow and with it she managed to take out men at nearly double her earlier range.
  49. Thus she became exceptional at the subtle and long-range murders of folk she was paid to take out, even influential people. It was around this time she turned the age of twenty and following a farewell to her parents she truly left home to pursue her bounty hunting career, said work taking her all over many different countries. But as her expertise grew and her work came in higher demand, so did a new problem surface. She couldn’t load her arrows fast enough to take out multiple targets. This was frustrating indeed, so she returned home if only to meet her old friend, the tinkerer, the two of them drawing up plans for easier loading of the weapon. After much deliberation and modification, her crossbow had become a repeating crossbow, a magazine contained under the thing and operable by a simple handle movement. Though it could only hold six at a time, it neither sacrificed accuracy nor range nor firepower and this made Aurore very happy indeed.
  51. Thus she continued her bounty work for four more years until her travels brought her to the guild and Fair River, a lack of jobs coming her way. Reluctantly, she decided to join up with the guild in pursuit of more work and more money, ultimately not planning on staying long until she got back up on her feet. However, as she walked through that front door into the hall, something beckoned her to stay, but she knew not what it was...
  53. Other tidbits
  55. Aurore, quite frankly, is not fond of people. She’s cynical and she doesn’t trust most folks, the only thing she trusts her aim and her arrows. This does not mean she’s not open to socialization, she just does not like getting close to other people and maintains herself a great distance, even those she calls ‘friends’ not knowing much about her. Aurore also speaks in a thick accent reminiscent of her island’s native language (Note: interpreted as French) with a smooth velvety voice despite how long she has been smoking... and she loves smoking. Quite a lot, actually.
  57. Her dress is fairly simple, a white blouse and dark black pants, boots of a similar color and a navy vest trimmed in gold, the vest cutting off and running under her cleavage. On her head, she usually wears a navy beret that’s often tilted to the left side, and when she has her crossbow out there seems to be many, many marks on the butt, as if they were tally marks. Also, on her missions, she wears a belt with a quiver, not of arrows, but of the boxy magazines she carries, only resorting to arrows when she runs out of said containers. Also, despite her aversion to emotional commitment, Aurore can be a very friendly person when the time calls for it. Most of the time, however, she’s rather neutral in how she acts and you’re more likely to see a frown on her face than you will a smile or anything like that.
  59. Physically, Aurore is what most people would call attractive, but she’s nothing really special. Her frame keeps that hourglass shape and she lacks many muscles, not even toned as she was more geared towards acrobatics than she was weight lifting. Her hair is black, long, and curly, but it’s usually a bit smooshed beneath her beret so she tries to keep it straight to accommodate, even if the edges have a habit of curling up no matter how hard she tries otherwise. Her eyes are a striking shade of yellow and her fur is a mess of black and dark grey.
  61. In battle, as you may have guessed, she mostly attacks long range and generally seeks out well-covered but high ground to attack from, the girl no stranger to letting her companions move ahead while she covers them from behind or otherwise from above, always on the lookout for more baddies.
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