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  5. asda:  we love you ducky
  6. Dog_024:  pey got bumps in her ass.
  7. bob:  dont u love how ducky is so im all epik chat haha even tho its a fail pedfile site
  8. asda:  AWW SEXII
  9. Dog_024:  Ppey got bumps in her ass
  10. zzxxxz:  dat hairy armpit
  11. Dog_024:  rub that shit girl
  12. dand:  lucky hamster lol
  13. Dog_024:  ducky, can i go duck hunting
  14. asda:  wow ducky yr tits are biger
  15. pey:  ducky i like that blanket  3
  16. zzxxxz:  there aint any hamster
  17. Duckyy:  lol
  18. Dog_024:  I WANT ducky booty
  19. asda:  when did you get them??
  20. Duckyy:  around 15
  21. Duckyy:  lol.
  22. asda:  WOW NICE 1
  23. Dog_024:  you got boobs? sure
  24. bob:
  25. Duckyy:  lol
  26. Ducky_666:  pey  shut up, u never  can reach  ducky 1  ducky is rly epic cool and fun !
  27. Dog_024:  prove. lets see them girl
  28. asda:  you will be the best ducky will
  29. Dog_154:  lol
  30. Duckyy:  whats fynt
  31. Duckyy:  funny*
  32. dand:  reckon the hamster would have slept there all night lol
  33. asda:    4
  34. Duckyy:  is that this would be reversed
  35. Dog_024:  THATS ME.
  36. Duckyy:  My vagina senses are tingling        
  37. asda:  WELL DUNE DUCKY
  38. Duckyy:  My vagina senses are tingling          
  39. zzxxxz:  there must be a great penis nearby
  40. Duckyy:  My vagina senses are tingling              
  41. Dog_024:  i got magic powers
  42. Cat_280:  k k
  43. zzxxxz:  v
  44. Duckyy:  lol
  45. zzxxxz:  there must be a great penis nearby
  46. zzxxxz:  there must be a great penis nearby.
  47. Dog_024:  i am mind fucking you ducky
  48. Dog_154:  lol
  49. Duckyy:  your a fag jay lol
  50. asda:  ill be right bck
  51. Dog_024:  LOL
  52. eddy:  pey is just a poor brain washed  kid ..  Ducky knows better
  53. Duckyy:  wat.
  54. pey:  oooooooooooooook
  55. Dog_024:  DUCKY.
  56. asda:  DUCKY IS ........X
  57. Dog_024:  i got to shoot you with my duck gun
  58. pey:  im sure if i was on cam showing my tits, youd be sucking up to me.
  59. Ducky:  pey fails at suiciding
  60. Dog_350:  ducky is so sexy
  61. Dog_024:  ducking hunting.
  62. Dog_024:  NOPE
  63. izq:  what baby said.
  64. Dog_024:  pey your tits got bumps on them
  65. Dog_241:  if you were the only girl on cam
  66. Dog_024:  NASTY TITS
  67. pey:  they arent nasty
  68. Dog_024:  pey, kill yourself
  69. dand:  lol all this bitching
  70. pey:  no
  71. asda:  you care pey you
  72. Dog_241:  if both of you were on....
  73. Ducky:  forehead is too big, we couldn't see your small tits
  74. Dog_024:  LOL
  75. pey:  makes no sense..
  76. asda:  LOL
  77. asda:  GOOD
  78. Duckyy:  idek.
  79. Dog_154:  cmon chick fight naow!!
  80. asda:  CAM UP PEY
  81. Duckyy:  im just stayin out of this
  82. Ducky_666:  pey and her oscar out of the trashcan
  83. Duckyy:  lol.
  84. Dog_024:  PEY, you got a HEAD start at beingk a whore lol (BIGG ASS FORHEAT)
  85. izq:  forheat rly??
  86. Dog_024:  izq
  87. asda:  izq, ...FAG
  88. Dog_024:  he is gay
  89. Ducky_666:
  90. izq:  < gay and proud   6
  91. Dog_658:  ducky ur arms all sore ( serves you right u pay and r) self cutters should just die more so pey and rO
  92. Duckyy:  k so tell me when we talk about something important
  93. Dog_024:  izq, pey is a whore bro
  94. asda:  yes yes queer little fckeer
  96. pey:  yeah my boyfriend is so gay. ;o
  97. Duckyy:  my arms arent sore
  98. asda:   0
  99. Duckyy:  my legs are
  100. Duckyy:  i ran 12 miles
  101. asda:  your mad pey mad
  102. Duckyy:  this afternoon.
  103. pey:  im not mad ;o
  104. Dog_024:  pey, she got fucked for 12 miles.
  105. Dog_658:  oh ducky went for self cutting pey thigh style
  106. asda:  YES YOU ARE
  107. Dog_024:  we rean a train on her
  108. pey:  im actually quite fucking happy (:
  109. Duckyy:  no
  110. Duckyy:  lol
  111. Duckyy:  i dont cut
  112. asda:  an hes a faggot to me
  113. asda:  YOUR C
  114. pey:  my room is all re done heheheh
  115. Ducky_666:  pey is not mad, shes bad und dumb...smae  to oscar  lol
  116. Dog_658:  ducky u do your arms r cut to ribbons
  117. Dog_024:  izq. we be beatting pey pussy up
  118. asda:  LETS C IT THEN
  119. Dog_154:  duckys ninja fapping
  120. Dog_024:  sloppy seconds LOL
  121. asda:  YR ROOM THAT IS
  122. dand:  is this ?
  123. pey:  um no
  124. Ducky:  at
  125. Duckyy:  and he said that his dick is 8 inches
  126. Ducky:  the end
  127. Dog_858:  lets talk clams instead
  128. Duckyy:  and i was like LOL ya right
  129. Ducky:  of the movie
  130. Duckyy:  so then before cross country
  131. Ducky_666:  oh oscar  thx  for the caps u posted, i like!
  132. Ducky:  BATMAN DIES
  133. izq:  np  6
  134. Dog_024:  oscar the man.
  135. Duckyy:  we went into the art room ( the art teacher leaves at 10) lol
  136. Dog_024:  THx bro
  137. Duckyy:  and he showed me
  138. Ducky:  man them
  139. izq:  i a woman but k.
  140. Duckyy:  and yea .-.
  141. zzxxxz:  oh right
  142. Dog_154:  ya fucked him
  143. Ducky:  but I like painting
  144. Ducky:  sometimes I draw pikachu
  145. Ducky:  and I paint it in orange
  146. Dog_154:  i draw with my penis
  147. Dog_024:  my dick has it own are code
  148. Ducky_666:  sad  pey  dont get the brush all in by the ride..but  rly nice  4
  149. Dog_658:  epickfail lulz
  150. Duckyy:  no i dindt
  151. Duckyy:  lol
  152. Dog_024:  yeah i know right
  153. Dog_154:  i have to pee out the paint
  154. izq:  ikr
  155. pey:  yeah i showed my cock
  156. izq:    6
  157. Dog_154:    7
  158. Dog_858:  are you naked duckyy?
  159. MichaelBerenson:    6
  160. Duckyy:  no
  161. dand:  so do cat and hamster get along then ducky?
  162. MichaelBerenson:    7
  163. Dog_858:  shit  5
  164. Ducky_666:  ducky  wanna fappy  ,  do it  for yor fans now
  165. izq:  MichaelBerenson,   6
  166. Ducky:  no
  167. Cat_251:    6
  168. Ducky:  only on skype
  169. Duckyy:  lol
  170. Dog_024:  r0/Oscar
  171. MichaelBerenson:  <<<<<<Cats are my life  8
  172. dand:  ducky only fappy on skypey
  173. Ducky_666:   r0  here !
  174. izq:   6
  175. MichaelBerenson:  ^^my facebook
  176. izq:  ad me if you love cats
  177. izq:  add*
  178. pey:  add my skype and ill bate for you (: firecat911
  179. izq:    8
  180. MichaelBerenson:  i accept your friend request izq  8
  181. Dog_858:    6
  182. izq:  added, accept sebster108
  183. Dog_658:  all these cutters stick together RO ducky and pey a 3 cross or should that be criss cross
  184. izq:  sense, make some
  185. Ducky:  isn't firecat that hairy bigfoot from chatz?
  186. Dog_024:  ducky get on skype
  187. Dog_858:  add me horsecock94
  188. Dog_024:  no lol
  189. MichaelBerenson:  <<<<<<<<<<<<this guy loves young cats  8  8  8
  190. Duckyy:  lol
  191. izq:  young cats are my life
  192. MichaelBerenson:  wow
  193. Dog_024:  r0/Oscar
  194. Ducky:  go and sleep
  195. Duckyy:  bro i can only put 1 in
  196. Duckyy:  and 2 hurts
  197. zzxxxz:  lol
  198. Ducky:  wtf
  199. Dog_024:  lets go for FIVE
  200. izq:  LOL
  201. Duckyy:  lol
  202. zzxxxz:  thats like bucket
  203. Ducky_666:  ducky  can fit the whole fist...
  204. zzxxxz:  at 4
  205. zzxxxz:  stick a fist in there
  206. Ducky:  so you're like tess, you can't put a hairbrush in it
  207. Dog_024:  how about a foot
  208. Duckyy:  lol.
  209. MichaelBerenson:  ducky do you like cats?
  210. Dog_858:  start with a 2 litre bottle take it easy
  211. Duckyy:  i liek catz
  212. pey:  im pooping on my mom
  213. Ducky_666:  she can do 2 hands  and clap applause in...
  214. Dog_024:  put a finger in your BUTT
  215. Ducky:  fist it
  216. Duckyy:  wat
  217. MichaelBerenson:  wow that is great Cats are my life
  218. izq: here is the epic full nude show of michael a. berenson and marmar55 petting a young cat   6
  219. Ducky_666:  r0ra here-->
  220. MichaelBerenson:  wow i am there now
  221. izq:    6
  222. Dog_858:  sounds disturbing izq
  223. Duckyy:  lol
  224. pey:  *queef*
  225. zzxxxz:  wurttt
  226. MichaelBerenson:  Guys add me on facebook
  227. pey:  birth control?
  228. zzxxxz:  you do
  229. zzxxxz:  liar
  230. MichaelBerenson:
  231. zzxxxz:  lol
  232. Dog_858:  cuz your a duck?
  233. izq:  fabri loves cats i heard and he rides a sexy moped
  234. Duckyy:  lol
  235. Duckyy:  no actually
  236. Duckyy:  it stopped around a month or to a go
  237. Duckyy:  cause of malnutritiion
  238. zzxxxz:  wtf
  239. Duckyy:  and stuff.
  240. MichaelBerenson:  Yes he loves his moped very much
  241. zzxxxz:  oh
  242. zzxxxz:  ..  7
  243. Dog_024:  izquierda and sirgreen......PEY LOL
  244. Dog_858:  your pregnant
  245. pey:  i wish i was pregnant.
  246. Dog_858:  little ducky on way
  247. zzxxxz:  your going into like preserve mode on your body cause your not getting enough intake
  248. Duckyy:  im not pregnant LOL.
  249. Duckyy:  when you starve yourself
  250. zzxxxz:  people here are dumbasses -.- sheesh take human anatomy classesa gain.
  251. Duckyy:  your body doesnt function normally
  252. Dog_154:  sorry i got you preggers duck farts
  253. Duckyy:  so there fore your periods stop.
  254. zzxxxz:  mhm
  255. Duckyy:  400 calories
  256. Duckyy:  is all i ate
  257. Duckyy:  xD my dinner xD
  258. dand:  eat then fap
  259. pey:  wait you're period stopped because u dont eat?
  260. Duckyy:  yep.
  261. pey:  aw im sorry
  262. Dog_024:  oscar and sebby. pedo friends
  263. izq:  sebastiaan   8
  264. Dog_154:  ducky il make you some food
  265. Ducky_666:  lol  pey  would be glad if she finaly got period..
  266. MichaelBerenson:  Duckyy do you know Fabrizio Veneziano?
  267. Dog_350:  dfd
  268. pey:  ive had my period since i was 12
  269. pey:  but ok  0
  270. Dog_024:  PEY you stil got that zebra strip PILLOW?
  271. izq:  PILLOW
  272. izq:  wtf
  273. Ducky_666:  usely girls  get it    but u dont, that´s why ur forhead is that big..all period bleeding keep in the head  lol
  274. pey:  um no i havent had that since i was 14 lol
  275. Dog_154:  b4 i go popo loves his ducky lol
  276. Dog_024:  awww.
  277. Cat_251:  michael...fucking dickhead when u will stop to broke my balls? ur an dickhead stop post my fb fucking motherfucker
  278. dand:  i got my   8  broke by a zebra
  279. MichaelBerenson:
  280. izq:  many cool guys here to add on skype   6
  281. MichaelBerenson:  do you mean this
  282. Cat_251:  vaffanculo testa di cazzo mo traduci questo imbecille
  283. Duckyy:  i have too peeeee
  284. Cat_251:  TESTA DI CAZZO
  285. Cat_251:  sei una merda michael
  286. pey:  babeeeeeee
  287. MichaelBerenson:   8 Cat_251,
  288. Cat_251:  non hai le palle
  289. pey:  want to see my room?
  290. izq:  yes~!
  291. MichaelBerenson:
  292. pey:  ok i have a box on my floor tho k
  293. MichaelBerenson:  Fabrizio Veneziano a real nice guy
  294. nors:  adding now
  295. asda:  yes pey i wonna c yr room
  296. izq:  hes a great blackmailer
  297. Dog_350:  me too pey
  298. izq:  not as good as mikey a. berenson though
  299. Cat_251:  e voi seite dei porci schifosi pedofili di merda
  300. Cat_636:  wasnt fabrizio veneziano the opera singers name in naked gun?
  301. Dog_658:  box pey is it your coffin for when you cut for real instead of fake cuts
  302. Cat_251:  che non avete un cazzo dalla vita
  303. Cat_251:  sei una merda michael
  304. pey:  babeeeeeee
  305. MichaelBerenson:   8 Cat_251,
  306. Cat_251:  non hai le palle
  307. pey:  want to see my room?
  308. izq:  yes~!
  309. MichaelBerenson:
  310. pey:  ok i have a box on my floor tho k
  311. MichaelBerenson:  Fabrizio Veneziano a real nice guy
  312. nors:  adding now
  313. asda:  yes pey i wonna c yr room
  314. izq:  hes a great blackmailer
  315. Dog_350:  me too pey
  316. izq:  not as good as mikey a. berenson though
  317. Cat_251:  e voi seite dei porci schifosi pedofili di merda
  318. Cat_636:  wasnt fabrizio veneziano the opera singers name in naked gun?
  319. Dog_658:  box pey is it your coffin for when you cut for real instead of fake cuts
  320. Cat_251:  che non avete un cazzo dalla vita
  321. MichaelBerenson:
  322. Dog_024:  lol yeah
  323. Dog_024:  pey puss is lose
  324. MichaelBerenson:  Cat_251,   8
  325. Ducky_666:  best blackmailer and biggest pedo is r0  aka Oscar i heard
  326. izq:  wow hot link
  327. izq:    9
  328. MichaelBerenson:    6
  329. Dog_024:  izq, any new girl. DUMB GIRLS LOL?
  330. Ducky:  the only way to get oscar is reporting peyton to the police in her town
  331. Dog_658:    6
  332. Ducky_666:
  333. Cat_636:  i just posted it in the obama/biden chat room on aol
  334. izq:  where is the sexy black male ofun?
  335. Ducky_666:
  336. MichaelBerenson:
  337. Ducky:  Larisa Gomez, hot girl
  338. izq:  added and rated 5*
  339. Dog_024:  get your peyton shirts. befor the BATE show starts lol
  340. Ducky:  mexican and hot
  341. Dog_024:
  342. izq:  fail
  343. MichaelBerenson:  virus linl
  344. MichaelBerenson:  link
  345. izq:  !! dangeous virus !!
  346. Dog_024:  lol nope
  347. Ducky:  bad speeling
  348. Dog_024:  its pey shirts
  349. Dog_024:  izq, hater lol
  350. MichaelBerenson:  4
  351. izq:  im all about love
  352. Ducky:  no nuts to post oscar and pey pics in 4chan
  353. Dog_024:  i got them on ano
  354. Dog_024:  anybody that know it, knows the rest lol
  355. Cat_636:  "my dad saw pey bate and all i got was this stupid shirt"
  356. izq:   9
  357. MichaelBerenson:
  358. Dog_024:  you see the pic cat 636
  359. Dog_024:  funny right.
  360. Dog_024:  pey shirts lol. got peyton?
  361. MichaelBerenson:
  362. MichaelBerenson:    6
  363. izq:    6
  364. izq:  this chat is great because col guys share win links
  365. izq:  cool
  366. MichaelBerenson:  are you ready for another hot win link
  367. matt:    6
  368. izq:    6
  369. MichaelBerenson:
  370. izq:  wow!
  371. matt:    8
  372. izq:  it is even hotter than i thought ad i love the young cat
  373. matt:  thats a pure link
  374. izq:    6
  375. MichaelBerenson:  add me please guys age and gender doesnt matter
  376. MichaelBerenson:
  377. MichaelBerenson:  ^^
  378. MichaelBerenson:   8
  379. ret:  idk
  380. ttgg:  but I still dont know why the kick from other kids room
  381. jacob:  just to restart it,  too many trolls waiting to hero
  382. ttgg:  ok... but dont have new pass  5
  383. jacob:  nothing is going on
  384. ttgg:  maybe not now, but if later yes, then what??
  385. ttgg:  but fine
  386. ret:  i'm sure someone will say something
  387. brad0541:  the alexxx will open the room
  388. brad0541:  then*
  389. ttgg:  ok...<--- holdin breath   4
  390. Alexxx:  what room
  391. . . .
  393. raven:  hey
  394. jacob:    6
  395. matt:    4
  396. raven:  did the rooms reset last night / today?
  397. matt:  nope, my tabs have been open
  398. raven:  odd, I just checked a few of my normal ones and they are empty
  399. Dylann:  safe to come back in here now?  4
  400. Alexxx:  idc
  401. matt:  wipe your feet on the rug first
  402. izq:  Dog_024 thanks for the epic show
  403. MichaelBerenson:  Only young cat lovers please thx
  404. Dog_024:  pey so nice. lol VERY good girl
  405. pey:  wtf?
  406. izq:  didnt u hate her when ducky was on 024?
  407. Dog_024:  pey yay yay
  408. Dog_024:  pay a good girl. whats love got to do with it?
  409. Dog_024:  come on oscar
  410. izq:    6  michael a. berenson approved link
  411. MichaelBerenson:  nice link
  412. izq:  ty
  413. pey:  im not a girl though. i have a cock
  414. pey:  with red hairs on it
  415. izq:  and such a nice cock it is mm
  416. Dog_024:  pey.
  417. Dog_024:  your dont have a cock. but you suck something red in it.
  418. izq:  what does that even mean
  419. Dog_658:  pey, r u prince harry
  420. Dog_024:  thats she stuck something in her puss
  421. izq:  hairy*
  422. Dog_024:  no harry DUMB ass.
  423. MichaelBerenson:  my cat is hairy
  424. izq:  is it a young cat?
  425. Dog_024:  izq, your a fag
  426. izq:  you're*
  427. pey:  hes my fag xxxx
  428. MichaelBerenson:  yes a real nice young cat
  429. Dog_024:  now.
  430. izq:  were such a cute gay couple
  431. Dog_024:  but pey you get passed around.
  432. ttgg:  gifyokids
  433. Alexxx:  theres no pass
  434. ret:  can we come back in there now>?
  435. Alexxx:  $5
  436. ret:  lol
  437. hoopz:  lol
  438. ret:  ok, jacob said he would pay mine
  439. hoopz:  we need a membership card
  440. ttgg:  Alexxx...did you try her?
  441. Alexxx:  yup
  442. Alexxx:  talked, but they left
  443. ttgg:  k
  444. dylann:  LOL WT
  445. dylann:  WTF*
  446. ttgg:  there's also sissie, cute but gifs not promissing
  447. Alexxx:  lols puch
  448. Ducky_666:  ikr
  449. pey:  im pooping on u Dog_024,
  450. Dog_024:  lol
  451. MichaelBerenson:
  452. Dog_024:  and you keep being bad pey.
  453. izq: , added
  454. Dog_024:  you get punished girl
  455. MichaelBerenson:  great work izq
  456. pey:  no ill kick u in ur wrinkly balls
  457. izq:  sharing is caring
  458. Dog_024:  no pey
  459. MichaelBerenson:   8
  460. izq:  yes pey
  461. Dog_024:  you cant kick balls when you tied up and sucking them
  462. izq:  thats hilarious
  463. pey:  my dad is making me food yay
  464. izq:  ramen?
  465. pey:  cheese dip  8  
  466. pey:  he makes the best omg
  467. MichaelBerenson:  cat food i love it  8
  468. izq:  what u gonna dip in it tho
  469. Dog_024:  pey, you want to get tied up?
  470. izq:  sometimes i lick my cat
  471. Dog_024:  sick prick. i bet you do
  472. MichaelBerenson:  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm izq
  473. MichaelBerenson:   8
  474. izq:  its just i love cats so much  6
  475. Dog_024:  who wants a pey show
  476. pey:  baby ud die. so would i
  477. izq:  lol true
  478. . . .
  480. hoopz:  i can help w pig latin
  481. matt:  suey!
  482. jacob:    7
  483. mike:  wtf
  484. ret:  lol
  485. hoopz:  hey alexx, jw y i got kicked from the kids room ??
  486. mike:  u kicked me seriously that how your playing it
  487. Dog_024:  pey show anybody
  488. izq:  plus id get hairballs
  489. pey:  hahah
  490. MichaelBerenson:  wow
  491. izq:    6
  492. izq:   9  friend of young cats, add him he needs your support
  493. MichaelBerenson:  what is a nice name for a young cat
  494. izq:  osama?
  495. MichaelBerenson:  ^^that is a super good name i honor  osama bin laden with it
  496. izq:  i love osama because he too admires cats
  497. Ducky_666:  OSCAR
  498. izq:  !! virus link !!
  499. Cat_075:  he yall
  500. Ducky_666:  lol  Virus link?  lol  it´s oscar in his trashcan
  501. Ducky_666:
  502. izq:  dangerous virus, warning
  503. MichaelBerenson: this guy is needs some support please add him
  504. izq:  added   6
  505. matt:    6
  506. Ducky_666:  OSCAR at an Interview:
  507. MichaelBerenson:  SILVERFAB
  508. izq:    6
  509. Ducky_666:
  510. MichaelBerenson:  do anybody know this superfunnyguy
  511. pey:  k its getting old
  512. izq:  lol
  513. izq:  wow i love his work he is 1cooldude
  514. MichaelBerenson:  ^^quagmire149
  515. izq:  added!
  516. Dog_024:  yeap
  517. izq:  add me back jankus96
  518. MichaelBerenson:  added
  519. izq:    6
  520. MichaelBerenson:  where is my black boyfriend ofun today aka sofun
  521. Ducky_666:
  522. izq:  wow i found a hot link please dont spam it  6
  523. MichaelBerenson:  wow that is a great link
  524. pey:  omgggggggg u guys
  525. izq:  ty
  526. max:  download helper
  527. bb1:  works fine - thnx, max
  528. max:  np
  529. Dog_436:  those vk any good??
  530. MichaelBerenson:  go go go
  531. izq:  i hear marmar55 is doing an epic show atm thanks for sharing the link
  532. vibsy:  the funny thing: r0 doesn't look like a funny guy he is
  533. pey:  my ass bone hurts
  534. Ducky_666:  weird, why  do izq and  michealberenson have the same ip adress here ?
  535. izq:  kisses ass bone
  536. pey:  ooo 8
  537. MichaelBerenson:  nope not possible
  538. MichaelBerenson:  you bluff Ducky_666,
  539. Ducky_666:  weird, cause it shows  exactly the same ip.....
  540. Dog_350:  pass to 1on1
  541. izq:  it doesnt tho
  542. vibsy:  what is "it"?
  543. pey:  like u know how to check ips lol
  544. MichaelBerenson:  pass is the same
  545. izq:  wow
  546. izq:  i would post the ip it would own me so hard ;o
  547. MichaelBerenson:  Ducky_666, share with us my Ip  8  please  8
  548. izq:    6
  549. Ducky_666:  i share only with  fbi and police...sorry  r0
  550. izq:    7
  551. MichaelBerenson:    7
  552. MichaelBerenson:  Ducky_666, you are lame
  553. izq:  well i share another hot link dial 24999 gogo
  554. Ducky_666:  hahaha funny  r0
  555. MichaelBerenson:  i am there now
  556. izq:  it is ofun doing an epic nude show to support obama
  557. MichaelBerenson:  he is broadcasting live from KFC
  558. izq:  omg wow
  559. izq:  i hear marmar55 will come later and do his famous magic trick
  560. dylann:  has lola been on lately? I've only seen paola since the other night when they were trolling then lola teased a bit
  561. ret:  saw paola yesterday, but no lola
  562. ret:  :\
  563. jacob:  those girls are cute
  564. ttgg:  is there a way to know when someone was last on gifyo?
  565. dylann:  she's pretty sexy
  566. ret:  yep
  567. hoopz:  that girl looks familiar dylann, i might kno her
  568. ttgg:  tell her to come here then  0
  569. hoopz:  i'll message her in fb, i think its her
  570. dylann:    6
  571. ttgg:  got kicked again from kids...  5
  572. ret:  everyone did
  573. ret:  read in the gifyolol room -- alexxx says why
  574. ttgg:  I thought that was from last kick lol
  575. ret:  nope
  576. ret:   4
  577. ttgg:  either way vc#1
  578. ttgg:  I, but...  4
  579. ttgg:  I think
  580. dylann:  I see this girl post sexy gifs and delete them within 5 mins all the time
  581. dylann:  might be worth a shot
  582. Alexxx:  i got a girl, i gotta see if its cool
  583. test:  he play with two room
  584. brad0541:    6
  585. hoopz:  kk jw bro
  586. zede:  everybody got kicked from kids room
  587. test:  yep
  588. Ducky_666:  if  pey, izq and michaelberenson  in this chat right now, have the same what u think  gago?
  589. MichaelBerenson:  Ducky_666, you are so cool you are my new hero   8   6
  590. izq:  you see right through me
  591. goga:  maybe r0 have pey locked in his basement and shes using his router to connect to the web
  592. Ducky_666:  r0  should pack his bag for jail soon   lol
  593. izq:  except i dont have a basement
  594. goga:  k then u have locked in ur closet
  595. goga:  not sure what pedophiles do izq
  596. Cat_717:
  597. MichaelBerenson:  Ducky_666, please share with us my IP   8   8   8  you are really a 1cooldude
  598. izq:  i hard this huy has a great basement
  599. Ducky_666:  was so  cute  how scared he was to go on cam few nights
  600. izq:  heard
  601. izq:  share mine and peys too gogo
  602. MichaelBerenson:  i love my basement
  603. Ducky_666:  r0  i telled u already  i´ll share ur ip  only with fbi and police  
  604. pey:  *queefing*
  605. izq:    6
  606. MichaelBerenson:    6
  607. izq: i heard this super funny guy can make his young cat queef
  608. Ducky_666:  Oscar sings for pey
  609. izq:  fail link
  610. MichaelBerenson:  I   8  CP  8  CP=Cat porn  8  8  8   6
  611. izq:  cat porn is my life!
  612. pey:  omggg one time i stuck a cat up my pussy
  613. izq:  wow
  614. MichaelBerenson:   8  8  8
  615. MichaelBerenson:    6
  616. goga:  what other chateen rooms are there
  617. izq:  rated 5
  618. MichaelBerenson:  great work pey
  619. pey:  /gogasucksblaccock
  620. MichaelBerenson:  i am there now
  621. pey:    6
  622. goga:  i dont suck cock, only my brush handle
  623. pey:    7
  624. izq:   6
  625. pey:  is that real
  626. izq:  (:
  627. izq:  lolol i saw u copy paste on skype
  628. pey:  shut up
  629. izq:  *kisses*
  630. pey:  aw  8  *kisses*
  631. MichaelBerenson:  I kiss only my cat Osama
  632. pey:    6
  633. izq: guys dont spam this super secet link okay
  634. pey:  same pass
  635. izq:    6
  636. MichaelBerenson:  just type it slowly
  637. Cat_813:  epicfail is strugling to get back up tubthumping
  638. pey:  my dad just touched my moms butt  5
  639. pey:  and im eating
  640. Dog_428:  just how much verbal diaorhea can you type in here??
  641. izq:    7
  642. MichaelBerenson:
  643. izq:  wow i heard him say hes a hot 17 yo a guy bt now i believe
  644. MichaelBerenson:  This guy love his moped very much
  645. seanishott223:  why are u posting his fb for?
  646. izq:  sharing is caring
  647. MichaelBerenson:  ^^
  648. pey:  talking about porn with my mom
  649. izq:  i heard.  awkward
  650. pey:  lol
  651. ret:
  652. Alexxx:  Alyotic is a Attention gifyo whore
  653. Alexxx:  dont waste ur time unless u have dope ass gifs
  654. dylann:    6  kk lol
  655. ttgg:  was she the one u had in the kids room?
  656. wereguppie:  I had to go out.  Anything happening?
  657. jacob:  no
  658. Alexxx:    7
  659. wereguppie:  Balls
  660. . . .
  662. hoopz:  very quiet in here
  663. ret:  yep
  664. Alexxx:    6   9   9   9   8   8   7   7   5   4   3   2   2   2   3   4   4   5   5   5   6   6   6
  665. Alexxx:  i control  !!
  666. ttgg:  lol
  667. Alexxx:  i will not post links in there though
  668. Alexxx:  thats the ultimate main win room
  669. hoopz:  lol
  670. wereguppie:  Where do we post links?
  671. wereguppie:  now I mean.  Seems to shift around
  672. ttgg:  good question
  673. Alexxx:  let the gifyos begin
  674. ret:  the girl in kids didnt work out?
  675. Alexxx:  tess?
  676. ret:  the last time everyone got kicked
  677. mike:  lets make it a gif -t party
  678. ret:  you said there was a girl in there and you needed to see if it was cool
  679. Alexxx:  shes in the shower
  680. ret:  was it tess?
  681. Alexxx:  no
  682. ret:  oh, got my hopes up
  683. Alexxx:  i forgot asbout tess
  684. ret:  lol
  685. dylann:  alexxx this one would be worth a try whenever she's online  4
  686. dylann:
  687. dylann:  snagged this off her last night before it got deleted
  688. dylann:
  689. seanishott223:  lol.
  690. izq:  and stop asking for the new bag of chips when u havent finished the old one.  tsk
  691. pey:  can u hear me eating ;o
  692. izq:  yus
  693. pey:  shut up
  694. izq:   6  he loves eating young cats
  695. pey:  lokok
  696. pey:  he has tons of cp! ask him for it
  697. izq:  wow
  698. pey:  ;o
  699. izq:
  700. MichaelBerenson:  I   8  CP=Cat porn or?  8
  701. MichaelBerenson:  ^^hot link
  702. izq:  cat porn is my life
  703. pey:  *farting on all of u except izq*  8
  704. izq:  i want fart too  5
  705. pey:  brb farting on my face
  706. MichaelBerenson:    6
  707. izq:    6
  708. MichaelBerenson:  farting is art  8
  709. pey:  babe have i eva farted in front of u
  710. izq:  yes
  711. izq:  well by accident
  712. pey:  u heard it?
  713. izq:  kinda
  714. pey:  OMG WHEN
  715. MichaelBerenson:  lol
  716. izq:  last week i think
  717. pey:  LOL
  718. izq:  werent u in bed
  719. pey:  did u say anything
  720. izq:  idr
  721. pey:  LOLLL
  722. pey:  did i say anything?
  723. izq:  yes
  724. pey:  WHATD I SAY
  725. izq:  u asked if i heard!
  726. pey:  LOL OH
  727. pey:  OMG
  728. pey:  my farts have been silent lately
  729. izq:   5
  730. pey:    9   9   9
  731. izq:    8
  732. pey:  brb putting food away xoxo
  733. izq:  yeah im going to lie down 2.25am ffs
  734. Cat_813:  when will epikfail get up for air its a bit fucked that site
  735. wereguppie:  nice
  736. used:    6
  737. ret:    6
  738. matt:  lol
  739. test:
  740. test:   0
  741. ret:  LOL WTF:
  742. dylann:  ^ I just saw that rofl
  743. test:  arg my eyes
  744. ret:  hahahahaha
  745. used:  o.o
  746. Alexxx:  Dam She/he is hot
  747. ret:  his about me is... dick, pizza, liquor, & shoess
  748. Alexxx:  SHOES!
  749. Alexxx:  lol rofl
  750. ret:  lmao
  751. hoopz:  goin out 2 diner guys have fun   6
  752. ret:  later hoopz
  753. Alexxx:    6
  754. hoopz:  hey alexx if i come back n a room is passworded, am i shit out of luck or is there a general one lol
  755. Alexxx:  talk to me here
  756. hoopz:    6   6   6
  757. hoopz:  later
  758. test:  me i refresh the passworded room until it'll open
  759. pey:  brb
  760. izq:  epic win on epik gogo
  761. MichaelBerenson:  nice video
  762. izq:    6
  763. Dog_185:  who has password 2 hope
  764. izq:  we all do
  765. MichaelBerenson:  pass is the same
  766. test:  it's boring no pm in there  5
  767. jacob:  its better  heroes were using it too much back in the day
  768. yoyo:  alexxx,what happened with maria,after she showed all her tanlines(bathroom)?
  769. yoyo:  she come back for more or not??
  770. Alexxx:    7
  771. dylann:  I heard she wasn't dcoming back anymore, missed the end of her show so no clue what happened
  772. test:  i miss maria
  773. yoyo:  she was very nice
  774. dylann:  I wish madi and britt would make a comeback someday haha  0
  775. test:  please enough  5  i'm so boring to miss her
  776. jacob:  heroes and bm's took care of that
  777. izq: < message him on youtube for the secret password code
  778. Dog_185:  thks
  779. Cat_813:  wisper 54321 12345 12354 54312 privet
  780. MichaelBerenson:  wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is a real great link
  781. izq:  ty michael i worked really hard on the video
  782. Dog_858:   come to gc now guys no mods
  783. MichaelBerenson:  best video ever
  784. Cat_270:  gc?
  785. izq:  it is my masterpiece yes
  786. MichaelBerenson:  1:37 is epic
  787. pey:  *pooping 8 *
  788. izq:  o;
  789. izq:  for people that missed it
  790. izq:  now i sleep.
  791. MichaelBerenson:  thanks 4 this great link
  792. MichaelBerenson:  and good night
  793. izq:    6  ty
  794. pey:  *suckins oscars cock under his covers*
  795. pey:  sucking*
  796. Cat_813:  lulz If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site
  797. izq:  AH
  798. pey:  AH?
  799. izq:  ah is good
  800. dylann:
  801. ret:    6
  802. hoki:    6
  803. wereguppie:  There was a nice gif in that last link that got deleted of the brunette dancing around in her undies
  804. test:    6
  805. ret:
  806. ret:  see if we can get her to change that gif
  807. ret:  xD
  817. Dog_436:  those vk any good??
  818. lolz:  yo faparoos
  819. lolz:  what was that dial room where they stream vids
  820. Cat_320:  2102
  821. max:
  822. lolz:  thank you
  823. MichaelBerenson:   1
  824. pey:  "AH!"
  825. izq:  lol
  826. izq:  owls.
  827. pey:  haha ilysm
  828. izq:  ilym
  829. pey:  im queefing all over ur cock  8
  830. izq:  thats great dear
  831. izq:  okay i sleep.
  832. MichaelBerenson:  guys pm this guy for all passwords u need for all private rooms ok goodnight
  833. Dog_650:  night rora fag^
  834. Dog_650:  hey pey you here?
  835. Dog_650:  hey pey??????????????
  836. Dog_650:  YOU HERE??????????????
  837. pey:  my mom put my bra on my fucking teddy bear
  838. Dog_650:  pey are you the real pey??
  839. pey:  no
  840. Dog_650:  who are you then?
  841. pey:  your mom.
  842. Dog_650:  fuck you bitch
  843. pey:  ok
  844. Dog_650:  keep it up I dont care you know why?
  845. pey:  ur grounded
  846. pey:  go to ur room
  847. Dog_650:  pey you know why I dont care?
  848. pey:  cuz ur a faggot.
  849. Dog_650:  no
  850. eddy:  if it was real pey she would go on cam min so  I dont think its her
  851. pey:  think what you want.
  852. MichaelBerenson:
  853. Dog_650:  I dont care because pey because I am gathering up all the facebooks of your school friends I hope you dont mind
  854. Cat_813:  that fuck looks as gay as fuck must be doing cp to make him feel manly
  855. Dog_650:  I also hope you dont mind because im going to message your nudes to them lol
  856. MichaelBerenson:  cat porn
  857. Cat_537:
  858. Dog_650:  hope they get sent all over your school and all your friends in real life will see what an ugly skanky whore you are  1
  859. Cat_813:  Dog_650,  if its blackmail i think your a little late like 2 - 3 years late
  860. nors:  i believe that children are our future
  861. Cat_813:  reguarding pey Dog_650,
  862. test:
  863. wereguppie:  I saw that too.  I get a fakey kind of vibe off it, but who knows.
  864. test:  pass here
  865. test:  ??
  866. ret:
  867. Cat_813:  that killed the chat
  868. Dog_650:  no its only blackmail if I try and get something from her in exchange for not doing it
  869. Cat_813:  can you kill blackmailing pedos as easy
  870. Dog_650:  I just want to fuck her life up for real
  871. Dog_650:  classic military strategy guys
  872. Cat_126:  you are fucked up yourself you know that
  873. Dog_650:  if you cant take out the guy on top take out the person closest to the target
  874. Cat_126:  anyone that gets a nut by doing that needs to jump in front of an 18 wheeler
  875. Cat_682:  fuck that hipsta girl is on
  876. Cat_682:  but i cant get on
  877. Cat_682:  f
  878. Cat_002:  does it work for anyone im blocked
  879. Cat_466:  im there
  880. Dog_650:  blocked for me
  881. goose_520:  fuckyou cats and dogs
  882. Cat_813:  pey realy needs her life fucked up she admitted to liking and watching cp and she defined cp as below preteen i hope you get cut up pey in prison
  883. goose_520:  where??\
  884. Cat_813:  bad  enough when these sick fucks look at child porn but what chance is there if the women watch it to ( kids have no chance in life
  885. . . .
  887. noobsahoy:  anything?
  888. bvb:  nothing oliver ( would you fight my bills
  889. . . .
  890. jackblack:  hey
  891. lolz:  u missed kayla jack
  892. jackblack:  i bet
  893. jackblack:  lol
  894. lolz:  man what a show
  895. jackblack:  lol
  896. jackblack:  i just come to see if anyone found any good yt links
  897. jackblack:  kayla would just be a bonus
  898. lolz:  <--
  899. jackblack:  anyone post any links?
  900. Dog_436:  nothing good so far
  901. jackblack:  yeah, i'm taken a quick look myself
  902. dbag:  supp niggras?
  903. goose_520:  hey
  904. Dog_650:  <--- peyton's friend Angelique Dyani Menchaca
  905. Cat_682:  i got on epikchat
  906. Cat_682:  but for a sec i was banned
  907. Dog_650:  <--- peyton's friend Larisa Gomez
  908. Cat_682:  whitescreen
  909. arf:  it reset
  910. arf:  epikchat that is
  911. Dog_650: <--- peyton's friend Lizeth Guaderrama
  912. Dog_650:  I will gather more and post them on anonib  0
  913. pey:  omg my dad and brother are in my room help
  914. Cat_813:  If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site is what i get
  915. arf:  pey, tell them your stomach hurts bc youre on your period
  916. arf:  theyll probably leave
  917. Dog_005:  get naked and bate for him
  918. pey:  lol they're hooking up a tv thing idk
  919. arf:  then you might want them to finish first >.<
  920. Cat_813:  Dog_005, shes been there done that and wiped her ass on his t shirt
  921. ttgg:  hmmm...quiet... too quiet lol
  922. Alexxx:    4
  923. ttgg:  I feel like I'm the only one who was not invited to the party  5
  924. dylann:  the calm before the titstorm perhaps?  3
  925. wereguppie:  dude, sometimes it's quiet
  926. ttgg:  I thought I had a lead for a min, but not sure anymore
  927. hoki:    6  patience
  928. ttgg:  this was her reply...
  929. ttgg:  don't plan on going on any because guys just like to show me their ugly penises. so no if that's what you are thinking.
  930. ttgg:  told her no penises...just her hot body, but nothing heard since...5min ago
  931. hoki:  ha...not happening here.  lol
  932. jacob:  yeah seems like no1 is look, just sitting here waiting for a hand out    7
  933. ret:  im looking
  934. ret:    4
  935. dylann:  I'm hunting my balls off  4
  937. pey:  wtf
  938. Goose_269:  duck
  939. pey:  ugh theyre messing with my stuf
  940. pey:  and my room just got re done
  941. pey:  fml
  942. seanishott223:  nice
  943. Goose_269:  fyc
  944. seanishott223:  so why did ro post fabri's fb?
  945. pey:  what
  946. Dog_650:  cause fabri is a better looking guy than r0
  947. seanishott223:  lol.
  948. pey:  doubt it
  949. pey:  r0 is pretty fucking sexy
  950. seanishott223:  so what are u up to right now pey?
  951. seanishott223:  lol right.
  952. pey:  watching my brother and dad hook up my tv.
  953. ttgg:  same here
  954. hoki:  anyone know if gifyo can be searched by name?
  955. ret:
  956. ret:  shes cute
  957. wereguppie:  hoki, if you know the name just google gifyo and the name
  958. hoki:  kewl thanks
  959. jackblack:  f it, don't feel like looking anymore,  gonna workout & go to bed, later
  960. Dog_638:  I HAD ONE JACK
  961. seanishott223:  thats awesome
  962. pey:  not rly
  963. Cat_253:  lol is it that hard to hook up
  964. pey:  they arent being careful with my wall. and it just got painted
  965. seanishott223:  im sorry to hear that.
  966. pey:  fuck off
  967. Dog_787:
  969. wereguppie:  I'm looking but haven't found anything as yet
  970. ttgg:  Alexxx... you here?
  971. sean:  lol.
  972. Dog_115:  how did the best chateen room ever turn into this crap   i  out
  973. sean:  whats with evryones name being either cat or dog?
  974. lolu:  oh fail room
  975. Cat_377:  fabrizio deleted his profile
  976. nors:  crap
  977. nors:  i added him too
  978. pey:  my baby is sleeping  8
  980. SYSTEM:   Virtual cameras are not allowed in rooms with more than 10 users.
  981. Uninstall your virtual camera software and restart the browser.
  983. Dog_638:   5
  984. hoki:  grrrr...disconnected ....AGAIN!  Test?
  985. hoki:  can you go for a sec...?
  986. ttgg:  ok, but plz unbanned me...kick me if u have to after, but plz unban
  987. ret:  hmm
  988. ret:
  989. ttgg:  not sure I want to go with that name lol
  990. ret:  hah, trust me, shes cute
  991. ttgg:  but glad I did  0
  992. ret:   2
  993. lolu:  oh fail room
  994. Cat_377:  fabrizio deleted his profile
  995. nors:  crap
  996. nors:  i added him too
  997. pey:  my baby is sleeping  8
  999. SYSTEM:   Virtual cameras are not allowed in rooms with more than 10 users.
  1000. Uninstall your virtual camera software and restart the browser.
  1002. Dog_787:
  1003. vibsy:  pey, party time yo
  1004. vibsy:  we can do what we want
  1005. lolu:  lol no
  1006. Cat_225:  is epikchat online?
  1007. arf:  yes
  1008. Cat_225:  im baned
  1009. Dog_251:  no it isnt it got shut down
  1010. nick:  epikfail
  1011. ret:  alright guys.. i'm out for a while, i'm gonna try to talk to a few of these when i get back tonight.. later
  1012. wereguppie:  later ret
  1013. ttgg:  bye
  1014. pey:  *pisses on u*
  1015. arf:  im on it
  1016. arf:  o no, water games
  1017. Dog_251:  mmmm warm pee
  1018. loveu:  she still on cam in my skype
  1019. pey:  bs
  1020. loveu:  she is playing the sims 3
  1021. pey:  lol
  1022. loveu:  haha and im watching her
  1023. Dog_251:  cool story bro
  1024. loveu:  he is simulating me and her dating in the the sims 3
  1025. loveu:  and we had a baby named chris
  1026. loveu:   haha
  1027. Dog_251:  chris rhymes with piss
  1028. loveu:  hehe
  1029. . . .
  1031. Alexxx:    pw now
  1032. Alexxx:  hurry only a few get in
  1033. test:    6
  1034. test:    6
  1035. test:    6
  1036. test:  start vid he coem more quikly
  1037. wereguppie:  lol.  That was quick
  1038. Alexxx:    pw now
  1039. ret:  glad i didnt leave
  1040. ret:  lol
  1041. brad0541:  shes fine   6
  1042. gator:  the pass
  1043. gator:  or open it up for a min
  1044. used:  didn't get in   5
  1045. Alexxx:  Talk or ima replace u
  1046. Cat_468:  a min so greedy a few seconds would d u
  1047. gator:  ok
  1048. gator:  that what i meant lol
  1049. jacob:  alex  bitchpls
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