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  1. "*Welcome to Lucky and Friend's Retard Land, where families come together to bond with the inclusion of our safe and fun characters! Meet up with Lucky the big yellow rabbit, William the wacky coyote, and more of Lucky's pals! Pizza, prizes, and more can be found in Lucky's! But remember...*
  3. **What is seen inside Lucky's stays inside.**"
  5. ---
  7. You've seen the ad on posters walking down the street to your apartment. "Night guard needed!" it would say. The Lucky character, staring into your eyes, always gave you a vague sense of fear in one way or another. *$320.51 an week for the night watch?* After some hesitation, you eventually gave in. What could go wrong in a happy-go-lucky location like Lucky's?
  9. ---
  11. **Credits:**
  12. Printy - *Director, modeler, programmer, retard*
  13. Mechlus - *Sound design*
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