Cerenna and Kassius

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  1. Cerenna Lannister  
  2. delicate brow arched as Kassius demonstrated his profound knowledge of words that most individuals couldn't grasp to spell, let alone pronounce or understand their meaning. "No, he's being playful."
  3. a yawn was hidden behind fingers, as the hour was late. "Forgive me, Leona but the day has been long. I will retire to my chambers.
  4. Kassius, a word?" already moving to head towards the guest room assigned for her use, and expecting the Maester not to dally in her command.
  7. Maester Kassius    
  8. Shook his head slightly. "As Lady Cerenna stated, I am not drunk." Moved his goblet aside, pushing it next to the rest that had been used. Will have to attend to those on a later time, preferably by tonight. "Although she is mistaken in her assumption of him being playful. Being exuberant is not exactly a word I would use to describe myself."
  9.  Eyes moved to settle upon Cerenna the moment she spoke up, asking to speak with him, privately, if anything. "Of course. I assume this is about political advice? Have I not made it abundantly clear that you should... what was the coined phrase? 'Stay out of it'?" Although he did move to to follow after her. Not a single second gone to waste. "After you, Lady Lannister."
  12. Cerenna
  13. the walk to the wing assigned for the southern lords usage was a relatively short one, compared to the sprawling grounds of Lannisport or the Casterly Rock. A walk of comfortable silence, with the lioness leading the scholar to the heavy oak door of her room and with a twist of the handle took them inside. "Please bolt it behind you," moving behind the changing screen to undress.
  16. Kassius
  17. has memorized the layout of Karhold, and not even because of trying, the Maester simply had a knack for remembering, and memorizing ideas, and general information without even considering the fact that he was. "Of course." The male turned on his heel and did as instructed. Eyes fell gently upon the floor, casting gaze away intentionally from the changing screen. "I spent most of the day reading outside. The cold is a fascinating occurrence to me, so I took full use of it. The wine your brother gave to me, offered enough warmth."
  19. Cerenna
  20. there was a fire burning in the hearth, the main source of warmth and light for the chamber. But the North had a chill that adapted to it's natural enemy, and would creep low along the floor or curl in the far corners where the glow could not reach. As the satin gown of dusk rose was shed and laid over a chair to be cleaned by a maid at a later hour, goosebumps broke out upon nude flesh and set teeth on edge. "Be wary of such gifts, Riler never parts with his possessions, no matter how insignificant for free," wise counsel from one so young. "Did you find a tome from their library?" genuine interest in her tone, as the strings of corset were undone to give the delicious relief of a true breath. After another heartbeat or two, she would reappear from behind the screen in a crimson velvet robe.
  23. Kassius
  24. For the longest time, Kassius stood there in silence, something he would find himself rather consistently in. A ritual, so to speak. It was not as if he had not seen her without her clothing, but those were for more medical purposes, and unlike most men, Kassius was able to distinguish when his urges were allowed to take the better part of him, and when not to. It, however, did not mean that having her change behind a screen made the situation any less... different. "Your brother is a smart --cunning-- individual. But I do think you forget who you speak to, Lady Cerenna." Slowly approached her when she had turned the corner from the screen, this time in her velvet robe. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I did." A slow head turn was made. "A couple." The Maester cleared his throat, and extended a hand slowly. "May I assist you to your bed? Perhaps recount to you the newest discoveries upon the Narrow Sea? Just off to where it meets the Shivering Sea."
  27. Cerenna
  28. lustrous blonde mane was still in the restraint of plait, that snaked over left shoulder. A few wisps of spun gold had wiggled free during the undress, and artfully caressed at high cheekbones. Emerald colored eyes drifted upwards from the dark robes that shrouded his frame to the arguably handsome profile within his possession, amusement and something else.. undefined.. flickering there. Slender hand slipping into his, cold as ice as the cold attempted to claim her as a bride. "I may become lost, so I will trust your wise counsel," a teasing note in her words. "I would be most interested to hear," guided to the goose feathered bed, where free hand would move back the small mountain of blankets and furs before slipping underneath.
  31. Kassius
  32. Although where he used to reside, was a much warmer region, as compared to where they were currently. However, a few days of being in the same situation, anyone would be able to acclimate in such environment. As a wise poet once said 'The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway'. The lamps posted around the castle walls certainly did provide a naturally warm blanket. "I have always pegged you to be one who loses her way." He retorted, finally guiding her to the bed. Kassius politely sat on the chair provided at her bedside. "Well, as you would know Braavos possess a powerful navy. A fleet, one that was assigned to patrol the sea's borders came across... a rather peculiar object--" And Kassius found himself admiring her form, not enough to make himself look like a hound drooling over a piece of meat, but one who viewed a diamond under lenses. "---a beautiful statue, estimated to be crafted more than a decade ago."
  35. Cerenna
  36. lithe frame was partially elevated in a semi sitting position, supported by pillows to form nest of sorts about her; hem of blankets brought to just beneath swell of breasts. Delicate hands folded with serene patience at abdomen as gaze was focused on the lovely display of light and shadow that played out across his features. Kassius was too far away to touch, without administering genuine effort that could be humiliating for them both. "A statue? Was it Valyrian?" an inquiry that wasn't too far fetched, but it was a cheap guess. The neckline of robe did little to conceal the thin white shift she wore beneath, and the bountiful cleavage that could scarcely be contained in this state of undress. Cerenna had blossomed from the thin waif in their initial meeting, to a beauty that could turn a room to her favor with a mere glance.
  39. Kassius
  40. managed to hold on to the idea of the statue. Something so valuable was no interest for the Maesters. At least, the statue itself. Although the information that could be drawn from something so ancient? That in itself was more priceless than anything else in the world. "It's origins is yet to be declared. I'd determine it for myself, but as it stands I am nowhere near the vicinity of the statue, lady Cerenna." He paused, sitting up from the chair and parking his rear by her bedside, yet not in a way that was intrusive. "I am in no way, however, damning my situation. Simply stating what is considered, blindingly obvious." Eyes fell to a close as soon as gaze grazed just past her cleavage. It was not to state that he found no pleasure, but Kassius always strayed from temptation as much as he could. "It keeps me curious. Occupies my state of thinking ever since I came across the news yesterweek."
  43. Cerenna
  44. there was a faint shift of head, indicating that she was considering his words. Cerenna was not so self-absorbed that she did not hear the longing in her maester's voice, as the thirst for knowledge and the unknown, could never be quenched. It was part of the reason she liked Kassius so much. To the letter he had met her 'insane' demands of appointment, and her father had not been crossed in the least. If anything, Lord Lannister trusted her instincts and mind, as they were more sound than Riler's by a longshot. A small, secretive smile formed as he relocated to the mattress beside her.. the warmth building at her hip and thigh where their bodies met. Yet kept apart by the blankets and clothing. "I would also be consumed with such thoughts," volume softer than before, near consoling, "A great discovery that could stand to rewrite what we know? How could you not ache to unravel it's riddles and mysteries?" Fingers of hand closest to him, would close the distance between to perch upon forearm and afford a squeeze. "But is that all that occupies your thoughts of late?" lips pursing slightly in a mild pout.
  48. Kassius
  49. A thirst for knowledge was one of --if not, the greatest trait of being a Maester. While Cerenna was a smart, educated young woman by herself, and in the scholar's opinion; someone who did not need to be treated younger than she actually was. A genius in her own right. There were times when, even his own wits were hesitant to match with Cerenna's, yet humility was not something Kassius possessed. Pride, being his most discernible sin, he was not someone who backed down from a verbal --or mental-- argument. "I'm glad to hear then that I'm not the only one who would lose sight of themselves over rather important ideals." He smiled, yet it was so sullen, that she might have easily missed it. "Often, I think about discovering something for myself. I understand it is... most selfish, but I want something for myself, Lady Lannister." he admitted pressing finger slightly pressed against one another, only to be driven to open eyes once more upon her touch. The male shifted in his seat for the briefest of moments. Her inquiry was caught with a rather confused look, but it would take an exceptional eye to spot. "Many things do. Some of them, inappropriate for you to even hear." The sudden pout she took sent a slight shiver up his spine. "Is something the matter? Shall I take my leave?" A large lump on his throat began to form, and Kassius willed himself to swallow... breathe, even.
  53. Cerenna
  54. she would never know what thoughts had circulated in Kassius's mind upon learning of his assignment to Lannisport, or those when he was brought to a young girl for cross examination as an aging lion watched the exchange with fleeting amusement.. before ever shown to his new quarters. It was an uncommon situation, but the two of them found it easy to fall into step along side one another. Cerenna did not want his quest for knowledge to come to a halt, to become stagnant without the vast library of the Citadel to lose himself in. Instead she desired for him to experience things first hand whenever possible, and to acquire other avenues of knowledge that would continue to challenge him. To keep her maester sharp enough to guide her steps even in the darkest of nights. The yearning in the honest reply, brought the lioness upwards into a sitting position, blanket slipping lower towards hips as neckline of robe shifted further open with the abrupt movement. "I do not believe it is selfish  to desire things for yourself. It is human to do so," fingers flexing against the coarse cloth of his sleeve, a subtle indication for him to remain where he was. A faint splash of color warmed cheeks, but the lighting may be in her favor to conceal the blush from his gaze. "Inappropriate? Am I a child to be coddled?" there was a heat to her words, "Is that all you see, after our time together?"
  58. Kassius
  59. Their first meeting was... rather peculiar, seeing as she was nothing more than a child about to hit her prime, but all the same, in the eyes of the other Maesters, even in his age, Kassius was considered juvenile. He didn't --at the time-- possess the same amount of knowledge, or a polished sense of mind, which in turn made him seem the more... expendable of Maesters. But with his age, naive in comparison, came the seemingly bottomless thirst for the unknown, and it was something that no one would ever be able to take away from him. "Ah yes. It is human. But like those before us spoke, being human; and the evolution of humanity, always has it's due. A price. And the price we pay, Lady Cerenna, is hubris. Something you may know that I am quite familiar with." The scholar snickered, shaking his head slightly. There seemed to be more she was trying to say, but words could not leave her lips. Whether she did not want it so, or because she could not will herself to say it, was far beyond Kassius. "You are no child. You deserve not be handled like one, and you are far smarter than most people would take you." For the longest time they have been together, he would never admit to it, but at points in their life, he would think that she was the one who possessed the title of Maester, due to her bountiful knowledge far exceeding those he had met thus far, save of course for himself. That was a matter entirely different. "If you are insinuating whether or not I should..." Lump. Meet throat. "...bed you, it is not something I am openly going to accept. It is... inappropriate. Not because I think you young, but because I was hired to be one who appoints knowledge upon you." Silence fell upon them for a short amount of time. "However..." The male pursed his lips, moving slightly closer towards her. "I would be lying if I said that the circumstances were... of a different nature."
  61. Cerenna
  62. it was perhaps unfair of Cerenna to assume for a moment, no matter how fleeting, that Kassius saw her as less than what she was. In the past two years together, at no point, even the beginning, had he treated her with anything less than the upmost respect. A feat that men, arguably ten fold his better, found difficult to perform when weighing the unfortunate circumstance of sex and age. There was a strange, undeniable attraction to the dark haired man at her bedside. He was not handsome in the usual manner that would turn a woman's gaze, nor did he possess a flair or charisma to make up for his short comings, or even have the good fortune to be a man who could make his mark with acts of war. Chin lifted by degrees as he recognized her verbally as having transitioned from child, the heat from cheeks spreading to her neck as their eyes remained locked. Inch by glorious inch, he crept closer, drawn in by the unspoken invitation. Was it there all along? Or did the chill and uncertainty of the night, awaken the need to have someone snug in your arms? Who would flinch first? "Do you desire me, Kassius? As a man does a woman?"
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  64. Trivial things such as physical features were not important to Kassius in the slightest, nor was the conquest to prove just how good of a man he was in terms of standing his ground in war. Importance, was a fleeting thing. Especially to Maesters like him. Only a few things were deemed important, and those that were nothing more but the common cravings of men could easily be cast aside. Without having willed his body, he found himself moving closer towards her, not by significant margins, but by small, yet highly undeniable inches. "Your inquiry serves no purpose, Lady Cerenna." Was that his --less than subtle-- way of flirting? Perhaps so, but no hint of emotion was given away by the usually stoic expression upon face. "As obvious as it may seem, I still am human. And as a human, there are urges that just can not be sated by normal means." The male stood up from where he sat, perhaps a sign that he was the first to flinch, but perhaps not in a way that either of them had expected. "This is inappropriate. I highly apologies for even... entertaining such thoughts." The heat, of course, was not met without resistance. If one were to ask the scholar, he would be lying if he said that he did not feel as if he should walk over to her, and take her then and there, but he had more self-control than one could ever anticipate. "This is... this is erroneous, is it not... Cerenna?"
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  66. Cerenna
  67. for every blessed inch closer that Kassius dared to tread, a full step was taken backwards to avoid offense or risk position held. It was true that she young enough to be his daughter, and any affair between them would be either brief or end in heartache. But was the reward, not worth the risk? Cerenna was untouched and pure, and in her own subtle ways communicated her preference for Kassius over would be suitors. As he retreated, stealing the warmth with him, fingers would clutch forearm tighter to anchor him where he stood. Fluid, feline grace would draw her upwards onto knees, beseeching him with more than words to stay awhile longer. The plea glittered in the fathomless depths of those green eyes, the continual slip of robe as it revealed the savory swell of nude shoulder. "It would be erroneous not to quench your thirst for knowledge, Kassius," challenging him where it would trouble the maester most, "You can teach me a thousand secrets per link in your chain. While I can teach
  68. you the art of love and pleasure." A bold proclamation, given her inexperience. Yet she had heard enough stories from the handmaidens, and seen enough debauchery at feasts to draw her own conclusions. It was probable that despite the celibacy oaths of maesters, that Kassius, like others before him, had dabbled on numerous occasions with the whores in Oldtown. But there was the chance, that not all the whores in Westeros or Essos combined, could hold a candle to the allure of such an offering of herself to him.
  69. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/02/2019
  70. Felt her fingers latch unto him, tighter than they did before. Dark eyes loomed over to watch those of her's. Those that he's looked so longing at time and time before in the past, with no words to be shared about the matter. Kassius stood there to speak to her about information, education, the knowledge, and the promise of a better world through the works of a mind. Yet, somehow, he was being asked to let go of all of that. At least, for a moment. Still, she was offering him knowledge, a promise that he could be taught more than what he already knows. And while he's felt the touch of another, through no fault of his own, but sheer and utter curiosity, was it really in his place to deny a beautiful woman of those that she sought? "Love and pleasure was never--" He found himself at a loss for words, eyes drawn to the nudity of her shoulder, like a moth to a flame. That alone trumped the entirety of Westeros and Essos. That alone captivated the seeking mind of a scholar. That alone
  71. made him weak. Shamefully so. This was not medical procedures, this was not something he could turn a blind eye upon. Slowly, his body shifted back to face her upon the bed, frame fully contorted so that his chest was squared with her knelt form. "If I accept this... philosophy that you wish to bestow upon me. I only have but one request." He lowered himself so that they may be face to face. "I wish you never to regret having me in your bed, Lady Cerenna."
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  73. Cerenna
  74. it was difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that Kassius relented. Was it before he had begun to reply? Or had it occurred long ago, and the protest has grown weaker with every hour of the day? Was it possible to devour another with a single look? Had they not been gnawing away at one another all this time? Until all that remained was the fragility of bone? Breath became hitched as the pull between them, guided the swing of shrouded form back in her direction, granting her the full and undivided attention that she craved. As his faced danced so close to her own, corner of mouth lifted in a smile that was almost smug. "You will adhere to all my instruction, without question or shame," the cool delivery of command made her appear in control. "I desire to see you as the Seven intended, naked as a babe. Undress Kassius, so that I may look at you," fingers relinquishing their hold upon his arm to grant him necessary mobility. The lioness retreating back to her former position in the
  75. nest of pillows. One shapely leg sliding upwards to reveal the flawless hill of knee as the hem of robe fell back in surrender to gravity, as elegant fingers began untying the plait of hair. A rich bounty that would smell of lemon and vanilla, in direct defiance of the bitter cold they found themselves in, as if even summer could exist in the dark.
  76. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/02/2019
  77. With each passing moment that he looked at her, he was getting weaker. And that was the truth of the matter. The difference may not have been evident to begin with, but Kassius himself could feel his own walls break apart. His own willpower deteriorating with every minute. A silent plea was made that he could find the will to remain proper, perhaps not look anything less of a Maester in her eyes no matter what he so decided to do. But as fate would have it, she was asking him of something. Something that he was not --in any way, shape, or form-- prepared to hear from her. Yet, the only response she got, aside from him backing away slowly, was a gentle nod. Fingers latched onto the buttons that lined his chest, and slowly undid the one by one. Eyes were half lids, interested in the way that she was sprawled upon her bed, whilst he prepared himself like food to a fest. Soon, along with everything he wore upon top, would be scattered at the floor of her room. It did not take too
  78. long for him to remove wool breeches, and boots. Before she knew it, the Maester was presented to her, full naked. His length, hanging just above her bedside, it's tip lightly kissing at her fabrics. "Is this... what you wished me to do, Lady Lannister? Would there be more you would ask of me? perhaps... join you? Or shall I stay where I stand?"
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