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  1. Chapters 1 & 2
  2. There are multiple ways to get through the game, and I encourage you to
  3. experiment. Here, I will detail the two most direct ways to get through the
  4. game: the ‘pure Mom route’, and the ‘pure Gwen route’.
  5. These routes will ensure that you see all content currently available in the
  6. game.
  7. Pure Mom route:
  8. Insult Bethany in the hallway at school (necessary for the extra scene in the
  9. $15+ version). The only other significant choice to make in the first chapter
  10. is whether to sneak into Mom’s room or Gwen’s room. For this route, sneak
  11. into Mom’s room and find her vibrator in her dresser.
  12. Choosing Mom’s vibrator will play the ‘Chloe Masturbating’ scene at the end
  13. of the game. The dialogue choice bears no effect on the game, besides a
  14. minor dialogue change.
  15. In Chapter 2:
  16. “Well, I did have this weird dream last night...”
  17. “Check out Mom’s tits”
  18. Choose the rest of the dialogue options, then finish breakfast.
  19. “Go find Gwen and Jennifer at the park”
  20. “Be rude”
  21. “Yes”
  22. “The pill”
  23. “Yes” or “No”...doesn’t matter.
  24. Click on the upper cupboard to find Mom’s wine
  25. Click on the lower cupboard to hide it so she has to search for it later
  26. When talking to Jennifer and Gwen, choose either option...doesn’t matter.
  27. “Get closer to the door”
  28. Click thermometer icon
  29. “Raise temperature in Gwen’s room”
  30. Click file folder icon
  31. Choose any option (“Breasts”, “Ass”, or “Pussy”)...only minor dialogue
  32. changes
  33. “Keep going”
  34. Important
  35. This next choice will have a major impact over the next chapter(s)
  36. Click shelf at the top-right of the screen to hide the webcam well
  37. or click the computer or bed to hide the webcam poorly (leads to Gwen
  38. bondage ending)
  39. Choose any option (yes, no, of course)
  40. Choose any option (“Are you wearing underwear?”, “How close were you
  41. and Aunt Liz?”, “Nothing”).
  42. Only minor dialogue differences. For what it’s worth, the first one is my
  43. favorite.
  44. “Yes”
  45. “Sneak a peek”
  46. Pick any options in the twins’ sex scene. I recommend saving at the
  47. beginning, as after you get Chloe naked, you can only pick one option (toy,
  48. tongue, hand)
  49. Choose any option...only minor dialogue differences (mouth, pussy, ass)
  50. Select the webcam icon
  51. Let the rest of the game play out
  52. If you have the Extra Content edition ($15+ patrons only), the extra scene
  53. will play out at the end.
  54. Pure Gwen route:
  55. In the first chapter, insult Bethany, then choose to go to Gwen’s room and
  56. click on the clothes hamper to borrow a pair of her panties. (Twins will do
  57. the spanking scene.)
  58. In the second chapter:
  59. “Well, I did have this weird dream last night...”
  60. “Check out Mom’s tits”
  61. Select each conversation option before finishing breakfast
  62. “Go find Gwen and Jennifer at the park”
  63. “Be rude” to Bethany
  64. “Yes”
  65. “The spray”
  66. “Yes” or “No”
  67. Choose either option when you run into Gwen and Jennifer
  68. Get closer to the door (bathroom scene is extended due to using the spray)
  69. Click the thermometer icon
  70. “Raise temperature in Gwen’s room”
  71. Click file folder icon
  72. Choose any option (“Breasts”, “Ass”, “Pussy”)
  73. “Keep going”
  74. Click on upper shelf to hide the webcam well
  75. Click on computer or bed to hide it poorly (Gwen bondage ending)
  76. Choose any option (“Yes”, “Sure”, “Of course”)
  77. Go through the vampire scene any way you like. I recommend saving at the
  78. beginning, as you can only
  79. choose one sex act (hand, toy, tongue) before the scene ends.
  80. Choose any option (“No”, “...your mouth”, “...Chloe’s pussy”, “Chloe’s
  81. asshole”)
  82. Click on webcam icon (scene is extended due to raising temp, and choosing
  83. spray)
  84. Chapter 3
  85. This chapter is more linear than the last one, however, there are a couple of specific
  86. actions that will determine how things play out in future chapters, including getting to
  87. see some extra content.
  88. The only parts that you need to worry about are the conversation with Lauren and
  89. searching Jennifer's room.
  90. General hints for talking with Lauren:
  91. Lauren is sensitive about getting older and likes to be thought of as the 'cool mom'.
  92. Always call her by her first name, and it's best to be a little coy with your dialogue.
  93. Here are the specific dialogue choices:
  94. Hi, Lauren.
  95. I know, Lauren, I can certainly see where Jennifer gets her physique.
  96. Jennifer left her book at our house last night.
  97. I'm sure I can manage...
  98. Sure thing, Lauren.
  99. While in Jennifer's room, be thorough in your search. Click on the following items:
  100. Boxes on top of the desk.
  101. Lamp in the corner.
  102. Bookshelf around the door.
  103. Hover around the bottom of the screen and an arrow will appear. Click the arrow to
  104. search the other side of the room.
  105. Click on the following items:
  106. Pillows (to hide the recorder...necessary to progress the game)
  107. Click on the large window (it won't highlight when you hover over it)
  108. Click on the lighting dome at the top of the screen (if you chose the 'spray' route in
  109. Chapter 2, you will find something in there).
  110. Click the arrow at the bottom of the screen. (It will appear when you hover the cursor
  111. over it.)
  112. Click the door to leave.
  113. You will have two more choices to make:
  114. Choose to 'control' or 'be controlled'. Choose whatever you like. It will determine some
  115. elements of the next chapter(s) and just comes down to your personal preference of
  116. being submissive or dominant.
  117. You can also choose to visit Mom's room or Gwen's room. Choose whichever suits you.
  118. The goal in the end scene is to get them completely naked. In order to do that, you can't
  119. order have to give them gentle suggestions. Lead them to do what they
  120. already want to do, just as Alessia said.
  121. Have a little fun.
  122. Take off your top.
  123. Aren't you getting a little hot?
  124. Let the rest of the scene play out.
  125. Chapter 4
  126. There are multiple ways of completing this chapter, and the choices that you make will
  127. determine outcomes later in the game.
  128. There are three ‘dates’ that you can choose from, but you can only go on two dates in a
  129. given game. The three dates are Mom (Lucy), Lauren (Jennifer’s mom), and Jennifer.
  130. The Lucy and Lauren dates are the only ones that have action scenes, but you should
  131. choose the Jennifer route if you want to develop her story further later on.
  132. Lauren:
  133. General hints - Lauren is lonely and only wants to be reassured that someone cares
  134. about her and thinks she looks young and pretty.
  135. Walkthrough - Choose the following conversation options to get the best ending of the
  136. Lauren date.
  137. I came to see you
  138. What about?
  139. How could he cheat on someone so beautiful?
  140. He’s an idiot
  141. How sexy you are
  142. Age doesn’t matter
  143. Mom:
  144. General hints: If you try to do this date first, she will tell you that she needs some time
  145. to get ready. Go do one of the other dates, then come back afterward. She is scared
  146. that you are going to move away and forget about her. She primarily wants to be
  147. reassured that you aren’t going to leave her forever. Like Lauren, she likes feeling
  148. youthful and attractive. She also likes seafood and wine, and love old-fashioned
  149. chivalry.
  150. Walkthrough:
  151. You look great!
  152. I’ll miss you, too
  153. I’ll visit frequently
  154. Soda
  155. Have some wine
  156. You look young
  157. Order for her
  158. Tell her about Bethary
  159. Thanks for the date
  160. Continue the date
  161. At this point, you can do two of three actions. If you spy on her, the date will end
  162. prematurely. You should get her a glass of wine, and change clothes (in any order).
  163. Zombie movie
  164. Get closer
  165. Carry her to bed
  166. Take advantage
  167. Jennifer:
  168. In order to play this one through to the end, you will have to have searched Jennifer’s
  169. bookshelf in chapter 3
  170. Walkthrough:
  171. Supernatural Romance
  172. Let her choose
  173. That’s it! After you complete two dates, let the game play out to the end of the Chapter.
  174. Chapter 5
  175. The path for Chapter 5 is pretty straightforward, and deals exclusively with Addison. For
  176. a general hint, the best way to handle Addison is to be truthful with her. She already
  177. knows more than you think and is pretty good at sniffing out deception. If you asks you
  178. a question, she likely already knows the answer.
  179. The goal of this chapter is to build a relationship with Addison (by gaining points) this
  180. will make her comfortable enough to have some fun with you at the end of the chapter.
  181. That being said, here is the walkthrough!
  182. What are you doing awake?
  183. Good morning.
  184. But why build a big city house in the middle of the country?
  185. Tell the truth
  186. Yes (truth)
  187. That was so fucking hot!
  188. Is this all you do?
  189. Yes (truth)
  190. The next question will add to your overall score with (a) particular character(s)
  191. depending upon how you answer.
  192. Big (Mom and Lauren)
  193. Small (Gwen)
  194. In between (Jennifer)
  195. All of them (Addison)
  196. After this, the path branches depending upon whether you are on the bondage path. If
  197. you are on the bondage path, simply play through the last scene. Otherwise…
  198. Yes (truth)
  199. Chapter 7
  200. Admit to spying on her
  201. I saw you with Mom
  202. After this scene, the game goes to a free-roaming section.
  203. There are three things you need to do here:
  204. Go to Liz’s bedroom. (Down arrow, then top left arrow)
  205. Go inside (watch the scene play out)
  206. Next, go find Gwen and Jennifer (down arrow, up arrow)
  207. The sex
  208. Next, go find Liz in the kitchen (down arrow, down arrow)
  209. Click the bottle of whiskey on the counter
  210. Truth or Dare game:
  211. The rules of the game are as follows:
  212. There are four levels of truths and dares. If you pick a truth or a dare of a level higher
  213. than the level you are on, they will refuse. If they refuse too many, they quit the game
  214. and you lose.
  215. Here are the levels:
  216. Level one truths:
  217. What’s the furthest you’ve gone?
  218. Has anyone seen you naked?
  219. Have you seen anyone else naked?
  220. Level two truths:
  221. Have you ever spied on anyone to see them naked?
  222. What sex act have you always wanted to try?
  223. Do you have a crush on anyone in this room?
  224. Who in this room would you most like to kiss?
  225. Level three truths:
  226. Have you seen anyone in this room naked?
  227. Have you spied on anyone in this room while they were naked?
  228. Have you kissed anyone in this room?
  229. Have you fantasized about anyone in this room?
  230. Have you kissed anyone of the same sex?
  231. How often do you masturbate?
  232. Have you ever fantasized about someone of the same sex?
  233. Do you shave your pubic hair?
  234. Describe your first orgasm
  235. Level four truths:
  236. What is Gwen hiding on her computer?
  237. Jennifer, what is your greatest fantasy? ($15 patron only scene)
  238. Level one dares:
  239. Close eyes while they take their tops off
  240. I want to see your best dance moves
  241. Kiss (Jennifer will kiss you)
  242. Level two dares:
  243. Take your tops off
  244. Feel up your partner
  245. Level three dares:
  246. Take off your panties
  247. Touch my cock
  248. Touch your partner’s pussy
  249. Kiss (Gwen will kiss Addison, Gwen will kiss you, Jennifer will kiss Addison)
  250. Level four dares:
  251. Spank your partner
  252. Spread pussy
  253. Spread ass
  254. After you finish the game, let the final scene play out.
  255. There are many, many ways to play through the Truth or Dare game and it make take
  256. more than one playthrough to see all the content. One obvious goal is to get everyone
  257. naked. There are also some full scenes hidden in there that are triggered by certain
  258. ‘truths’:
  259. What is Jennifer’s greatest fantasy?
  260. Describe your first orgasm (for both Jennifer and Addison. Only other team can ask
  261. Addison, though).
  262. Chapter 8
  263. This chapter is pretty linear, so the walkthrough is very straightforward. Each correct
  264. response adds to your score. You have to reach a minimum score in order to unlock the
  265. full end scene, as well as the $15 patron only scene. Here are the correct responses:
  266. It was bullshit
  267. Yes, I can do that for you
  268. Yes, you can trust me
  269. Everything's fine
  270. Play dumb
  271. Don't tell her
  272. Invite her to come
  273. Choose either 'Men' or 'Women' (your preference)
  274. Chapter 9
  275. Chapter 9 is pretty straightforward, but here are the choices to make in order to see the
  276. most content.
  277. "Yes, Gwen is..." or "Yes, Jennifer is..."
  278. Choose either one. This will have an impact upon later chapters
  279. "Yes" or "No"
  280. Again, either choice is ok, but will have a bearing upon later chapters.
  281. "I want to dominate her" or "I want her to seduce me"
  282. This determines the scene at the end of the game. I recommend saving here so you can
  283. reload and try the other option.
  284. "It's sexy"
  285. Chapter 10
  286. There are three possible endings in this chapter. The walkthrough will cover the most
  287. direct way to get each of them:
  288. Gwen and Jennifer ending:
  289. Note: This ending is only possible if you are not on the bondage path with Gwen.
  290. ● Ether wake Addison or don’t. It has no bearing on the game.
  291. ● Find Gwen
  292. ● Jennifer
  293. ● Has she been acting...’different’?
  294. ● Find Jennifer
  295. ● I had a good time
  296. ● Does this change anything?
  297. ● So...this is an ongoing thing?
  298. ● Go see Jennifer
  299. ● Choose Jennifer or Gwen. Has no bearing on the game.
  300. Addison Ending:
  301. Note: In order to get this ending, you must not have had sex with Jennifer in Chapter 8!
  302. The only other thing you have to do is to mess up with Mom/Liz and Gwen/Jennifer.
  303. Here is one way to do that:
  304. ● Wake Addison or don’t. Has no bearing on the game.
  305. ● Find Gwen
  306. ● Jennifer
  307. ● Has she said anything about me?
  308. ● Find Liz
  309. ● Tell her about your night
  310. ● Yes
  311. ● Find Mom
  312. Note: If you had sex with Jennifer in Chapter 8, the game will end here. Otherwise,
  313. you’ll get the Addison ending.
  314. Mom/Liz/Addison ending:
  315. This is the ending that I personally consider the ‘best’ one, but it really comes down to
  316. personal preference.
  317. ● Wake Addison or don’t. Has no bearing on the game.
  318. ● Find Liz
  319. ● Tell her about your night
  320. ● No
  321. ● Find Mom
  322. ● I had a good time
  323. ● Dream (You’ll get a slightly different scene depending upon whether you chose to
  324. dominate or be seduced by her in Chapter 9)
  325. ● Yes
  326. ● Yes
  327. And that’s all! Note that you can turn down sex with any of the characters before you
  328. actually go through with it. Choosing who to have sex with, as well as who not to have
  329. sex with will have an impact on future chapters.
  330. Chapter 11
  331. The first few scenes play through with no player choices.
  332. When you reach the scene when Lauren catches you spying on Jennifer:
  333. Keep watching
  334. (This will open up another scene with Lauren in Chapter 12 and is necessary of you
  335. plan on achieving her ending)
  336. At this point, you will have one of two different scenes depending upon whether or not
  337. you are on Gwen's 'bondage pathway'. If Gwen comes and joins you on the bed, you
  338. are NOT on the bondage pathway:
  339. Yes
  340. Truth or Dare OR Hiking (both will get the same result, but if you say 'Hiking' you will get
  341. a little more dialogue)
  342. No
  343. Like I want to hug you
  344. END
  345. If Gwen shows up in bondage gear, you're on the bondage pathway:
  346. In this scene, you only have the option to Speak or Say Nothing. You'll get the same
  347. ending no matter what you choose, but it will have a bearing on Gwen's behavior in the
  348. future.
  349. Chapter 12
  350. This chapter contains three distinct endings, as well as optional scenes, depending up
  351. current or previous choices.
  352. If you achieved the Mom/Addison/Aunt Liz orgy ending in Chapter 10, the chapter will
  353. open with a scene involving Mom and Alessia.
  354. If you achieved the Jennifer/Gwen ending in Chapter 10, it will instead open with a
  355. scene involving Jennifer and Alessia. The Jennifer intro will have slightly different
  356. dialogue depending upon whether you are on the bondage pathway.
  357. After the opening scene, you will visit Mom's room. If you want to achieve the Mom
  358. ending in this chapter, say the following:
  359. If you didn't have sex with Mom is Chapter 10, the Mom ending in Chapter 12 will be
  360. impossible. Otherwise, say the following:
  361. "Us"
  362. "No, you don't"
  363. "I want to expand our relationship"
  364. Important! If you say "I want things to be like they were", it will close off the 'Mom'
  365. storyline and it will be impossible to achieve her ending in the last chapter. This might
  366. be a desirable outcome if you want to try to achieve a different character's ending.
  367. After this, you will go to Lauren's house where there is the possibility of a sex scene with
  368. her. If you did NOT spy on her in Chapter 11, this scene will be impossible to achieve. If
  369. you DID spy on her, say the following:
  370. "Our last visit" or "I've missed you"
  371. "Your pretty face"
  372. "Tom"
  373. "I'd like to stay"
  374. "Spy on Lauren"
  375. "Keep watching"
  376. "Answer her"
  377. "Jennifer's room"
  378. "Yes"
  379. Let the scene play out.
  380. After this scene, you will return home to find that it is evening and Gwen and Jennifer
  381. are sitting in your living room. If you are on the bondage path, you have the option of
  382. joining both of them. If you are NOT on the bondage path, you have the option of joining
  383. Gwen only. The choice is yours, but if you turn them down, you won't see the bondage
  384. ending or the Gwen ending.
  385. If you are on the bondage path, simply join them and let the scene play out.
  386. If you are NOT on the bondage path, say/do the following:
  387. "Join her"
  388. "I like spending time with you"
  389. "Apology accepted" or "You don't have to apologize"
  390. "We shouldn't…"
  391. "Let's take this somewhere else"
  392. Then let the rest of the scene play out.
  393. If you had sex with Mom in Chapter 10, AND complete the Gwen ending in Chapter 12,
  394. Mom will be standing outside your door as you finish. This will have repercussions later
  395. on.
  396. If you went through the 'correct' dialogue path with Mom earlier in the chapter, she will
  397. visit your room that night for some action (giggity). If you also achieved Gwen's ending
  398. in Chapter 12, the dialogue will be slightly different.
  399. And that's everything!
  400. Chapter 13
  401. This chapter has a few ways that things can play out, depending upon earlier choices.
  402. Also, some scenes are optional, again depending upon earlier choices.
  403. I'll cover only the scenes in which you make choices, and what the choices you have to
  404. make to get there. (They may be out of order in the walkthrough).
  405. Visiting Lauren's house (this scene is mandatory):
  406. Your mother still cares
  407. Talking with Gwen:
  408. Pick any options
  409. Asking Mom on a date:
  410. This scene only happens if you scored with Mom in Chapter 12 and she didn't see you
  411. with Gwen
  412. Like a 'real' date?
  413. Yes
  414. Talking with Alessia and the Twins:
  415. When Alessia tries to mind control you, you can either Resist or Submit. It's your
  416. choice, but will have an impact on the story in Chapter 14.
  417. Answering the phone:
  418. If Mom saw you with Gwen, she will call and ask you to come pick her up. Immediately
  419. following that, Jennifer will call and ask you to come over. If you accepted the date with
  420. Mom, only Jennifer will call. The choice is yours, but will lead to a different ending and
  421. will have an impact later on.
  422. Date with Mom:
  423. Do you know everyone here?
  424. Alessia (You can pick any response here, but this selection gives you the option of
  425. having anal sex with Mom at the end)
  426. No
  427. Like flash me in public?
  428. I'm trying something new in this chapter. If you 'fail' the date, you can go back and try
  429. again without having to reload the game.
  430. Having sex with Mom:
  431. If you didn't get too drunk at the bar, you can come back home for sex. This scene is
  432. straightforward, but if you asked her about Alessia at the bar, you can select whether
  433. you want to Fuck her pussy or Fuck her ass. The choice is yours.
  434. Going to see Jennifer:
  435. This scene occurs if you go see Jennifer after she calls you.
  436. Why haven't they?
  437. You can go home with Jennifer or go pick Mom up. Your choice. If you continue with
  438. Jennifer. If you take her home with you, the two of you will have some fun with Gwen.
  439. At the end of the chapter, you will get a different scene depending upon whether you
  440. chose to Resist or Submit to Alessia earlier.
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