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  1. <size=150%><color="red"><align="center">Rules
  2. <size=100%><color=#ff9999><align="left">1) Play your role, don't work with MTF as an SCP. Working with MTF as a D-Class is fine as long as they arrest you.
  3. <color=#ff9999>2) Don't be an obnoxious prick. For example, if you're a <color=#0000FF>MTF<color=#ff9999>, don't close doors on other <color=#0000FF>MTFs<color=#ff9999>. Being a prick to other <color=#FFA500>Ds<color=#ff9999> as a <color=#FFA500>Class D<color=#ff9999> does make sense in the RP of it so that is allowed.
  4. <color=#ff9999>3) Friendly fire is <color=#008000>enabled<color=#ff9999> for the RP of it, let's say there is an <color=#0000FF>MTF<color=#ff9999> working with the <color=#ff0000>SCPs<color=#ff9999> and there are no admins on, this allows you to stop it. However, killing your own team just because you feel like it is prohibited. It's also allowed
  5. <color=#ff9999>4) Anyone caught cheating will be banned.
  6. <color=#ff9999>5) Mic spamming is fine as long as it isn't excessive. There's a point where it just becomes annoying for everyone.
  7. <color=#ff9999>6) If you intentionally prolong the round, you may be killed by an admin. Keep intentionally doing it and you may be kicked.
  8. <color=#ff9999>7) If you're AFK for a long time, you may be kicked.
  9. <color=#ff9999>8) Intercom cooldown is 60 seconds with 20 seconds of speaking time.
  10. <color=#ff9999>9) Try to only use English.
  11. <color=#ff9999>10) All of these rules are at an admins discretion. If we think it's not a problem, we'll leave you be but admins have the final word.
  12. <color=#ff9999>11) This isn't really a rule however the Light Containment Zone has its decontamination process timer reduced to 7 minutes as people will sometimes camp it. It also will stop <color=#ff0000>SCP-173<color=#ff9999> from camping it too and forces the <color=#FFA500>Class-D<color=#ff9999> and <color=#FFFFE0>Scientists<color=#ff9999> to move into Heavy Containment Zone.
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