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  1. [21:23] {NARRATION} There is basically nothing useful here. Anything that could've otherwise been used to attack it was taken for logs. The camp was burned. Seared.
  3. This isn't some hunk of bolts you'd see a T3 blacksmith make with enough parts. When Tahldrig picks up a rock to throw for the other side, the machine sees it - Tracks the trajectory - And the head immediately swivels for them.
  5. A red beam of light is immediately pointed for Tahldrig who happens to be in the back! It looks like the entire party will be caught in an area of effect!
  7. Illyothan Technology, Best Technology.
  8. [21:27] The moment that red beam points, she believes it to be herself given she is before Tahl. Those black wings spread to throw herself up and away an attempt to get out of the blast.
  10. Gathered ether along her staff forming a floating wall of ruby to hopefully catch anything that remained, staying between herself and that laser.
  12. "DAMMIT TAHL, I use your head."
  14. She hoped it wouldn't just delete one of her allies like the straggler.
  16. If she managed to avoid the blast she would immediately go on to assault that eye... if it cant see it can't aim right?
  17. (Calista Shimasu)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [21:27] While the mechanical beast is distracted, launching an attack at Tahldrig, Suke moves instantly to strike is back!
  22. "Lets go, my Lady! While it's distracted!"
  24. Electricity is acceleration, and rippling lightning would surround the form of the Drakanite as she'd launch herself in an airborne arch away from Tahldrig, so as to vector strike it in the side of its head, while moving out of the area of effect of the weapon!
  26. That staff she wields is held out before her, like a spear, a crackling 'blade' of electricity materializing from the focus crystal, curved as a naginata's would be!
  27. (Akechi Suke)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. [21:27] The Kang's gaze goes cold as a FUCKING ROCK HITS THE SIDE OF THE MACHINE. Slowly craning his head back towards the Gehennan with a deadpan, nearly fatherly-disappointed stare he'd hold it for a time whilst that beam just points towards Tahldrig.
  32. The person who threw the rock.
  34. "HIT THE DECK!" Sima screamed out, immediately lifting up those cosmic-charged legs as he aimed to kick Tahldrig away from the beam's path. If he has the time to land he'd spring on back, pushing away with his built up energy.
  36. Well, it was time to fight!
  37. (Sima Kang)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [21:32] "Fuck me, I've made a mistake." she quickly says as a red beam is pointed directly at her. There are two choices.. stay beside everyone else, or.. go head first at the machine to point it's beam away from the others.. A risky move in itself.. but it's one that is less risky for the entire party.
  42. She quickly moves away from everyone.
  44. "Wait wait, the council has sent us, they've discovered something and wish for us to upgrade you. They found a flaw in your targeting system and trusted me to update it. It's about the targeting system. It took four point three parasecs too long for you to track the trajectory of the rock. This is unacceptable by council standards."
  46. Who would have thought.. Tahldrig was a liar. At least it's a crafty lie.. hopefully the agarthan defense at least responds to the council...
  47. (Tahldrig)
  48. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  50. [21:32] {NARRATION} The Guardian arms a few more lasers. It's got five now.
  51. [21:41] {NARRATION} Everyone but Calista:
  52. 1 KO!
  53. Please roll a D6!
  54. [21:42] {NARRATION} Akechi: No Injury
  55. Tahldrig: Two 4 Day Temporaries
  56. Sima: Two 4 Day Temporaries
  57. Calista: A lot of OOC PTSD
  59. Decide now as a party. Pursue? Or Rest?
  60. [21:47] {NARRATION} Pursue or Rest?
  61. [21:49] {NARRATION} The party chooses rest! The boss has gained 5% more health and 5% more damage! It has gained new spells!
  63. Medical items may now be used.
  65. The Ancient Defense Guardian understands it cannot win at the current moment, and flees after accumulating plenty of exterior damages!!
  66. [You may RP your battle, victory, and the after effects.]
  67. [21:57] Attempting to dodge the swings of those legs, the retainer would aim to lodge that electroblade into the central eye! Lesser strikes don't faze her, usually, and that acceleration of hers helps prevent greater hits to her body!
  69. The crackling naginata wielding young woman would be rapid in her strikes. Crackling blade-point difficult to track as is traces electric-burn marks along the outside of the machine. Always close to it, always in motion as her attacks are absolutely concentrated on the middle section.
  71. Singleminded even as minor energy bursts occasionally strike her, her electromagnetic manipulation trying to tug it to the ground (in vain), as she kepts herself aloft, repulsing herself off of the machine's plating herself, or attracting herself closer for her relentless, single-minded attacks!
  73. Eventually, a larger bolt of energy would get an indirect hit, launching her away as it's revealed that Tahldrig and Sima have been wounded, her own Lady and herself fine, once markings have been shaken off, fresh little specklings of tiny burns marking a few sections of her heavy cloak that's now increasingly ragged, a little burned away in parts!
  75. That ear-to-ear grin of hers is unceasing, as she tracks its escape, floating over to Calista and immediately asking her;
  77. "Any major injures, my Lady?"
  79. That 'off' Drakanite immediately inquiring as to only one person's state, single-minded, as before.
  80. (Akechi Suke)
  81. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  83. [22:02] Sima begins his usual song and dance against the monstrous machination. Arrows rain down upon it, aiming to freeze the machine over as divine and cosmic energies crash against its frame. The Kang's... Vicious, surprisingly, and perhaps that was due to the circumstances alone.
  85. Many had died before they'd got there. He owed it to them.
  87. The other held no remorse however. Beams rain back against his barrage, and thankfully the winds had kept him moving! Yet the Guardian, as determined as ever, just keeps going. Firing again, and again, and again, until that alien chill upon his right arm feels... Warm.
  89. Wide light blue hues make the mistake of glancing towards the charred extremity. It's within this moment that he's grabbed by his left leg-- "AHGK!" Promptly slammed into a shattered building within the camp with a sickening crack!
  91. Wheezing, gasping, he'd try his best to remaincalm. Cancri could help him here through its own mana. His body's going numb as more and more celestial energy is drawn into his circuitry; Frost begins to climb up his hands, now reaching his forearms as it... Barely manages to touch the edge of the burns upon his right arm.
  93. "Ffff-ffucking... FUCK. T-TAHL!"
  95. The Kang's voice rang out, and should she rush over he'd let his bow clatter to the ground. Where the Hel was that lax essence... This thing wasn't getting off scot free. Should he be healed he'd down the lax essence and stumble to a stand...
  97. All the number from the energy he collected from his star.
  98. (Sima Kang)
  99. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. [22:02] She'd been prepared for that one laser, but when five more revealed themselves she could only give a very audible curse.
  103. That shield would be useless anyway..... instead it fractures into dozens upon dozens of ruby shards that all begin to assail the metallic hide. Those sharp shards only a precursor to the umbral crimson blades that follow to sink into the metal.
  105. Her allies struck the automaton with winds, lightning, and cosmic much like herself... but one by one they fell. Rapidly fired blasts of energy, blades from it's shell, the ground shuddering beneath them.
  107. Even her dear retainer fell while delivering a final strike... that was what did it.. Seeing likely the three people she cared about the most on the ground.. they were all relying on her or they may all die..
  109. Ether swirls around her, a nimbus of flames building within... Great black wings and aerial pirouettes giving her only glancing wounds or dodging them entirely. She seemed to have settled into her zone.
  111. Her magic kept building, aerial dance barely keeping her in this fight.. it would be now or never!
  113. She'd been told she held the best aspects of both of her parents... that was embodied in her magic, the ability to infuse her ether into those Jiuweihu and divine blessed flames.
  115. "Not today..."
  117. The words were said rather softly, but what followed would be all too loud. The driving passion of her desire to save her allies, her divine heritage, and her sheer force of will was made manifest..
  119. It wasn't too long ago there was only one thing she had wanted in this world....
  121. Those ether-infused flames cling to those ebon wings extending them with their raging inferno... flecks of starlight curled to her form as suddenly she erupts forward a flaming meteor of divinity.
  123. Then just as suddenly as she began she stopped directly in front of the behemoth, buther magic kept going... those wings each near solid thrown forward with meteoric force.
  125. Striking the automaton they don't destroy it as hoped, but it was slid away and fled before them... before her...
  127. She lands with heavy breaths to check on the others.
  130. (Calista Shimasu)
  131. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. [22:08] Should not have thrown that rock Tahldrig, you dumb worthless idiot. Way to be useless. Good job moron. During the fight, the enraged machine had chased her around with a look that could kill.. it was relentless in it's assault upon her. Knocking her around, clamming her into burned trees or pillars of earth that it rose from the ground. Even shattering her left arm, her good arm! This.. was not a fun fight for the girl who loves to fight..
  135. It can fight her all it wants and she won't care, even if she was the focus of the designs of war that the ancient agarthans could muster.. it's not her own safety that she cares about. The one thing that Tahldrig has ever been afraid of.. is Sima being in danger, losing him. The most important person in the world to her, the boy she's loved since they were kids, her best friend.
  137. He can't fight against this thing.. not like she can. She's left to watch him be assaulted, after having been slammed forcefully into the remains of a house that nearly knocked her unconscious. Hazy eyes watched the guardians relentless hammering of her friend.. or maybe she was just hit in the head too hard and that's just what she saw.
  139. Her heartrate quickened her breathing became ragged as terror began to pour into her mind. She can't lose him.. anything but Sima.. The guardian, though it's gone now, no.. she can't let it see Sima again. It takes a few minutes for her to clear her head as she quickly scrambles over to Sima's side.
  141. "Sima! Sima! Siima!" she says with clear panic within her voice. "Y-you can't! No.. just!.." It's quite clear that her thoughts are out of order and frazzled. Her eyes are darting around Sima's form as quick as possible and with her one working arm she's doing everything she can to dig through her doctors bag. Stethescope, tongue depressers, IV needles, they're all cast away from her as she begins looking frantically for bandages and pain killers for Sima.
  143. It's gone now.. she needs to take care of Sima, it's less of a want, and more like a carnal need for him to feel okay. He's her world, and she's freaking the fuck out. The sheer level of terror within her has forces her face to be bright red and tears slowly seep from her eyes. It's quite easy to see that this level of fear in Tahldrig is something absolutely unheard of for her with in any of her feats.
  145. Ah ha! The bandages! There they are! In her panic, her holy mana seems to roar forth different from it's usual level, it seems far more potent because along with that fear, the drive to protect Sima is feeding directly off of the adrenaline rushing through her.
  147. "Its'... Its okay! I'm here Simi!" she shouts back at him.
  149. "My Sima, I'm here!" she says as a large wave of holy mana begins to wash over Sima.
  151. In her panic he's essentially slammed onto his back as she hastily takes hold of his leg, focusing the holy mana within that appendage and wrapping a bandage around it. She could tell it wasn't entirely right, it was broken.. somewhere.. some how.. and she had to fix it. The usual warmth of her magic doesn't seem to be present, this seems more like desperation, as if within her mind the terror she's experiencing has caused Sima's boney hurty to be a thousand times worse. In fact, the entire leg is wrapped heavily in bandage!
  153. She quickly pulls in the starlight above and allows the mana to flow through her fingertips and into Sima, to futher stimulate his mana reserves, everyone knows with more mana you heal faster! Right?! Right.
  155. Between the mixture of thepulling on the leg to straighten it, the holy mana flooding through it, the cosmic mana filling Sima's reserves and the bandage completely binding the leg, somehow she manages to heal it.. go figure.. overabundance of mana and a panic stricken doctor can heal an entire bone with enough magic.
  156. (Tahldrig)
  157. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  159. [22:08] Calista Shimasu says, "....Drink the potion Tahl."
  160. [22:08] Tahldrig exclaims, "P-potion? What potion? Right! Sima! Drink this and stay the fuck away from that thing, I'm not letting you near it again!"
  161. [22:08] Sima Kang says, "-- What? No. Drink it yourself."
  162. [22:09] Calista takes it and is very much gonna force it down her throat.
  163. (Calista Shimasu)
  164. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  166. [22:12] From her point, thrown away, the retainer was able to watch Calista's glorious meteoric charge. Admiring and in definite awe of that transformation that fended off the monstrous machine!
  168. Luckily, as she's checked out, despite being energy-singed, the blonde, short-statured Suke presents herself as being quite alright. Improvements to her pain tolerance helped with that, moved away distractions and allowed herself to strike with a supernatural relentlessness, despite the wounds!
  170. Gravitating back to the Kitsune, her focus turns to Tahldrig and Sima. Watching and waiting, with a sort of detached curiosity as panic and fear is had, displayed so acutely in Tahldrig. For someone empathetic, as a holy-mage is, that sort of aspect has been carved away from her in time, leaving a slightly emptier sort of haze to the servile Drakanite's grey-brown eyes!
  172. Remaining close, and then watching the treeline, following the destroyed boughs left by the departure ofthe machine...
  174. "We should hurry, my Lady, before it escapes us..."
  175. (Akechi Suke)
  176. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  178. [22:12] Tahldrig is not paying attention to Calista at all, her focus is pure terror, of the machine hurting Sima, Calista will quite literally have to shove the bottle into her mouth and empty it's contents. "Need to keep him safe.. can't let him near it, no.. need more bandages.. wrap him up.. carry him home.. yes.. my bundle.. keep him safe.. get him home.." She's essentially muttering a few of the same quotes over and over now, her hands shaking furiously, as her good arm starts digging through the bag again for more bandages.
  179. (Tahldrig)
  180. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  182. [22:13] Calista is already trying to force it down.
  183. (Calista Shimasu)
  184. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  186. [22:23] Tahldrig suddenly finds herself with a bottle in her mouth, who put that there? ['Bah Whatever'] she thinks to herself, the sooner it's out of her face the better, she can get back to tending to Sima. She begins to quickly drink it simply to make Calista fuck off, she has to work. Though a few gulps in, her vision seems to focus. The shattered arm she has seems to begin mending itself due to the contents of the potion.. a few more gulps and she closes her eyes. The look of terror falling away from her face as her hands still. Once the contents are gone she remains still for a few moments letting the potion take it's effects all over.. bruising, cuts, all of it seems to vanish as if she'd never been in a fight this day.
  188. Of course she has, she has the memories of it, as well as of.. how she was acting. She slowly reaches up and pulls the bottle out of her mouth. Play it cool Tahldrig.. play it cool, she slowly opens her eyes and looks to Calista..
  190. "Thank you.. I.. wasn't quite myself there." she says before clearing her throat and turning her attention to Sima.
  192. "Went a bit overboard.." She began removing the overabundance of bandages from Sima's leg to give it movement once again. No real point in saying anything else in regards to her prior behavior.
  194. "R-right. Is everybody okay? We need to continue on, Sima, are you good?"
  195. (Tahldrig)
  196. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  198. [22:24] Already beginning to move to his feet as his leg is unbandaged a tad he'd flash a hesitant smile before rising, clasping his bow. Those light blues squint after the trail of destruction made in the machine's wake. Kraus, it was going to be a looooong night when he got back home...
  200. "I'm uh... I'm with Suke. We're moving now or never.-- Yeah, I'm ready, I'm fine. I'll uh... I'll be a bit more in the back."
  202. Sure, it hurt to see Tahldrig in pain but... Well, the healing elixir would make it all the easier for them. The lax essence in Sima's system was able to help withstand some of that oppressive cold from his star, but for how long?
  204. Time was of the essence, and he'd march forth should everyone be ready.
  205. (Sima Kang)
  206. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  208. [22:25] {Item} You drop Elixir Of Healing.
  209. [22:27] {NARRATION} The group makes way for the beast after they chased it away. They follow the path of destruction as it climbed through the treeline and burned what it couldn't climb through. It's a rather straight shot to find where it was headed. With a device like this that could tear the land and move from one spot to another with ease - It went straight.
  211. Ten minutes of travel reveal a large, Illyothan machine that had risen up from the ground. It looked like.. Some kind of charging station?
  213. And in the center of the machine rests the Guardian - Being worked on, improved, being fixed and overcharged with energy. The eye lights up - And almost immediately that laser is set right back on the group!!!
  214. [22:31] Well, it doesn't seem like there is any time to attempt to surprise it this time, it's already staring it's beautiful eye upon them.
  216. "Not throwing a rock this time.. I'm.. being a follower now..." Maybe if she hadn't chucked a rock.. Sima wouldn't have been hurt..
  217. (Tahldrig)
  218. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  220. [22:32] The trekked down an easily followed trail, the fox racing after their rest. She'd preferred stop it in its tracks, but alas.
  222. Black wings spread to maintain balance as she ran, she didn't have to worry about running into trees. All of them had already been shattered or flattened...
  224. As they finally broke the tree line she glances at the.... what was it..? It seemed to be repairing the machine no.. it was improving it.
  226. Black wings toss her into the air, those special flames shaping into multiple charging bulls to rush the newly upgraded automaton.
  228. "This won't be what it was before... be ready!"
  230. Crimson blades and crystals followed.
  231. (Calista Shimasu)
  232. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234. [22:34] Why was his star so cold all the damn time?
  236. It's involuntary but the Kang's teeth chatter as they continue through the wrecked path. Crystals of ice glint underneath what light would pass them by, his arms merely extensions without feeling at this point. All Sima knew was he'd do the motions and, in turn, an arrow would fire.
  238. But why did it focus on his ties to ice magic so much?
  240. As they approach the two Illyothian machines he'd clench his teeth tight-- Only causing them to grind against each other. If his star wanted to push him to use more ice magic then so be it.
  242. He'd finish this damn thing off with cold stardust if it was the last thing he did.
  244. "Don't-- Don't trip-p... Over on each other." having to take a moment to compose himself through the oppressive chill he'd go through the motions.Ice-laced digits nab a green-feathered arrow and knock it on the bow's string.
  246. The fallen would be avenged. It's what his star would want.
  247. (Sima Kang)
  248. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  250. [22:38] That retainer is quick to follow, zealous in her protection of the special, perfect Kitsune it's her life's duty to protect. Ready to push herself to the limit, and then further to safeguard her-
  252. That might not be obvious in how, once the enemy is sighted, she charges towards it to engage in combat before it's even finished being separated from the Illyothan charging station.
  254. She'll attack both machines at once, now that she has them in her sight! No doubt the machine has opened sensitive sections of itself for the Illyothan guardian to work on, and so, the lightning-charged thing would lance like a bolt of lightning towards the metal beast!
  256. To sink her electro-blade into anything that looks important.
  258. Because, her style of defense pertaining to Calista isn't a stay-back-and-block kind of fighting, but rather the summary elimination of her enemies! Suspended upon that wave of electromagnetism, her strikesare relentless, as before!
  259. (Akechi Suke)
  260. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  262. [22:41] {Item} You picked up Stone x4. Dropped by Ancient Defense Guardian.
  263. [22:41] {Item} You picked up Stone. Dropped by Sima Kang. .
  264. [22:41] {Item} You drop Stone x1.
  265. [22:41] {Item} You drop Stone x1.
  266. [22:41] {Item} You drop Stone x1.
  267. [22:41] {Item} You drop Stone x1.
  268. [22:41] {Item} You drop Stone x1.
  269. [22:50] {NARRATION} "Incinerator Beam: Online."
  270. [22:54] {NARRATION} "90%- Bzzt- Power- Bzzt- Re-routed- Bzzt- To primary firing cannon."
  271. [22:54] {NARRATION} "Incinerator Beam.. Working at 300 Celsius."
  272. [22:54] Tahldrig exclaims, "Plug it up with ice!"
  273. [22:59] {NARRATION} "Incinerator Beam.. Working at 250 Celsius."
  274. [23:01] {NARRATION} Akechi: 1 KO
  275. Sima: 2 KO
  276. Tahl: 1 KO
  277. Calista: 1 KO
  278. - - - - -
  279. Roll a D6!
  280. Don't roll a 1!
  281. [23:02] {NARRATION} Akechi and Calista: No Injury
  282. Sima: Two -5 Vit Perms, or a -10 Vit Perm if no one takes one.
  283. Tahldrig: Two 12 Day Temps
  284. [23:04] {NARRATION} Sima. Do you accept Tahldrig taking your injury?
  285. [23:07] {NARRATION} Tahldrig. /vit.
  286. [23:08] {NARRATION} Oh wait she's AFK.
  288. Feel free to RP victory!
  289. [23:09] {NARRATION} Tahldrig lives.
  290. [23:12] {Item} You picked up Arcanium x3. Dropped by Escaping Light [DM].
  291. [23:12] {Item} Picked up a bag of 12500 dropped by Escaping Light [DM].
  292. [23:22] This battle is hotter than before, when did it learn fire?! Why.. did it get hotter?!
  294. Still, Tahldrig isn't going to go down without a fight! She's the starlight queen of the fucking universe!
  296. The cosmos themselves seem to rain down upon the machine. There is no holding back, her staff twirls furiously as entire stars themselves halt their movement to shift towards the area, further fueling the bits and pieces of them that come crashing down around them in beautiful explosions. Throughout the fight Tahldrig kept a close eye on Sima, using her magics whenever possible to keep him upright, even if in the end it didn't exactly work.
  298. During one of the distractions when she'd focused on Sima, a beam of hellacious nature slammed into her shoulder, sending her sprawling back with a thunderous clap as her collar bone shattered. She let out a pained whine just like a small fluffy pet being kicked, Calista, Sima and Suke would all know the sound. It's the ever loyal Tahldrig's cry of pain.
  300. She barrels on into the fight, slamming her own body into the creation, using the strength of her star Skine to not just slam INTO the monstrocity, but to directly pierce it and go through it.
  302. Of course, this sent the damn thing into a panic, as it unleashed flames directly on her she did her best to escape, however they wrapped up her right leg, chasing from ankle to thigh, stopping right before the scarred area that Calista had graced her with and leaving behind disgusting third degree burns.
  304. It's done now.. thanks to the combined efforts of everyone.. each person playing their part. Though the pain is furious, she crawls her way over to Sima.
  306. "Ss-... Sima" she says between bouts of battling away the urge to cry out. If it wasn't for her toying with Calista and her flames over the years.. things may have been a lot worse for her.. She knew Skine wasn't going to let his guardian fall today though.. Not when she still has a world to change.
  308. "A-.. are you.. okay?.. we.. won.. All of us.." She says as she gets beside him and flops on the ground after gravity magic pulled some arcanium and coins to her.
  309. (Tahldrig)
  310. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  312. [23:23] From the first moment the Drakanite was able, she was attacking the machine! A bolt of lightning, streaking towards it and the charging station! A hundred strikes of an electrically charged staff, dwelling in the space between the machine and it's own station-
  314. Trying to goad it into attacking the other piece of Agarthan machinery as she takes any second she has to electrify and gouge into any exposed machinery as some of the armor plating is surely moved aside to service the device!
  316. A small window that closes quickly, though the acceleration-focused Mage continues to twist and turn and strike the machine with lancing blows that crackle and fill the air with an acrid smoke, lancing strikes into the plating as she circles around its conical exterior, around and around!
  318. Lightning blazes around and through her, her own strength drawing from the searing twin points of red that glow from under her ribs and just below them! That burning passion laced warmth driving her on beyond what the lesser strikes the machine can deliver to her fast-moving form. More burns and more cuts.
  320. Ignored in her relentless frenzy!
  322. It's only when she's reached the top of that conical peak will she work to shove her crackling lightning-blade between a seam in the 'head' and eye, drawing it around and attempting to physically tear the eye from its socket as azure bolts pulse outwards with every strike...
  324. Even if it's not successful, the beast will fall... The retainer similarly falling-
  326. Flopping unconscious upon the grass, having aided in making the machine - and its charging station - a smoking wreck. Calista already is familiar with such a thing, the retainer pushes herself to her limits. She may not be the strongest of magi, but immense pain resistance and relentlessness does pay off well for her...
  327. (Akechi Suke)
  328. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  330. [23:23] {Item} You picked up Illyothium. Dropped by Escaping Light [DM]. .
  331. [23:23] {Item} You drop Latent Teleportation Shard.
  332. [23:23] {Item} You picked up Latent Teleportation Shard. Dropped by Calista Shimasu. .
  333. [23:24] {Item} You drop Illyothium x1.
  334. [23:24] {Item} You picked up Illyothium. Dropped by Calista Shimasu. .
  335. [23:27] It's astonishing what one could feel under their star's embrace. Most feel calm warmth, others feel a raging inferno wracking through their circuitry, but the Kang? His had evolved from searing pain to complete numbness through blistering cold.
  337. As he sends volley after volley of arrows and bubbles after the construct he'd do as he'd said-- Staying to the backlines of the fight, attempting to avoid injury and whittle it down.
  339. It was never enough though. No matter how much he pulled in, no matter how far that ice climbed on his frame, he just couldn't pull in enough energy from his star. For Sima it was frustrating and downright insulting. Was he not enough for Cancri? Was he not acting properly to their code?
  341. Beams tear up the ground about him, cornering him in a haze of smoke as a concentrated blip pierces that smog. This was it for the Kang, again, another failed damn attempt on the Spire isle.
  343. Yet he grins. Crystals of ice glaze over his legs and arms as those yellow flecks of stardust immediately take an azure hue. It was tiring to rely solely on the star's own gift of mana, and thus by pulling upon his ties--
  345. He escapes certain death, launching himself just out of the way of surefire incineration. But the pain, Kraus, the fucking pain.
  347. There's no hand on his right side anymore. He's breathing, sure, but he's in a state of shock. Wide-eyed, unresponsive, and utterly baffled. Sure, he didn't feel the hand during the battle due to Cancri's chill but...
  349. Why'd it burn so fucking much still?
  350. (Sima Kang)
  351. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  353. [23:27] It was definitely more intense than before... Those waves of flame definitely rivaled her own, if not surpassed she was grudgingly admitting.
  355. The upgraded automaton was brutal, her ether swarmed across the ground struggling to form those life and mana sustaining crystals. If one thing could be said by anyone witnessing, her ascension had made her nothing but stronger.
  357. The moment it had thrown those she cared about to the ground had been the moment it signed its death warrant.
  359. The pendant around her chest was hot, and glowing a blinding white as it both struggled to empower her flames and protect her from the intense heat from that incinerator beam.
  361. Though their own rest seemed to have done them well.. All of them found themselves blasted down at one point or another.. a stray beam catching her chest taking the Fallen Demi from her flight to roll across the ground..
  363. She would thank that amulet she wore or she very well could be dead...
  365. Though it wouldn't have the opportunity to finish her by any means, rapidly recovering a tempest of those rubies encircled the machine stealing that energy that powered it only to feed her own life as a result.. those small wounds closing as they were inflicted.
  367. Sima was blasted to the ground a final time... it was something she couldn't allow. One of the few people--- one of the few people even in her family who spoke to her.. enjoyed her presence. Saw her for more than her wings...
  369. She waits for the moment... all of them doing their best to protect their fallen one. Then it was there.. too distracted. It would never see her coming.
  371. The crimson ley-lines of ruby she'd infused into her wings suddenly began to glow, those appendages shedding their light all around..
  373. A swirling mass of ether and flames erupting from those wings.. the former causing the ground below the thing to suddenly erupt upwards spires of her favored red stones shunting it intothe air.
  375. A comet of black and crimson rises to meet it, those gathered flames spiral down forming the shape of a massive serpent.. It was the same trick she'd used on Rindou. The mass of semi-solid fire consuming the metal being slamming it to the ground with all the power she could muster as she screams a blood-curdling cry.
  377. She almost falls to the ground exhausted... expended.. landing softly only to slide to her knees a moment. She couldn't do it without them... there would have been no way... even if she finished it in the end.
  379. The winged fox begins to laugh, exhilarated by all of this..
  381. "Everyone else--"
  383. She turns to see Sima's good hand scorched off.
  385. "Well.. that's not very handy."
  386. (Calista Shimasu)
  387. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  389. [23:27] Tahldrig says, "To... soon hot stuff.."
  390. [23:32] {NARRATION} Pose for a picture BTW! Face north!
  391. [23:38] {NARRATION} The beast itself had gotten tougher. It spun and sparked with extreme amounts of power. It was leaping from rock to rock, jumping upon them and firing off trace amounts of power and magic. As an explosion explodes past Tahldrig, and an incinerator ray caught Sima with a massive amount of power - It seemed to be on its last legs. Something like this needed to be fought TWICE to defeat it.
  393. The dents and breaks in the metal show its damage, and as it moved to finally destroy and end Calista and Akechi alike - It would find a swift defeat. One final meteoric blow from Calista marks the end of the beast itself. It crashes into its frame and starts to spark and ruin its core and motherboard inside.
  395. The beast itself takes a few steps back - Readying one final Incinerator Ray to wipe the team completely from the face of Eternia - Before one last spark shuts it off completely.
  397. "....."
  399. Silence as it de-activated and became a twelve-foot tall hunk of material. As the group went to scavange it, the core was still in tact. The arcanium armor and body parts were still in tact.
  401. .. And more importantly? They salvage this weird, pulsating metal that beat and throbbed like a collective heart. Splitting it between the four of them, they had successful harvested Illyothium.
  403. .. And defeated the first of several beasts on the Isle.
  404. [Event Complete!]
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