Kenny x Robin

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  1. [2019/09/13]Kenny Spitz: Saw the status, up to a scene with my character as a dominant younger brother? was looking over your profile, if you'd be open to playing a nerdy sister, that'd be great!
  2. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: Oh for sure!
  3. [2019/09/13]Kenny Spitz: Thanks! As for how it goes, it could be that my character walks in on yours, or quite possibly just him returning late after a long night, and coming onto your character?
  4. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: Mmm.. I've been super into blackmail recently and rather love the idea of a younger brother blackmailing his sister into being his little play toy. Could imagine him stripping her off while she's asleep and getting all kinds of pictures of her, maybe getting his dick in her mouth while sleeping and taking pictures to make it look like she blew someone... of course no one would know it was him.. but everyone would know it was her...
  5. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: Or even just stuff like hidden cameras, just getting some kinda dirt on his older sis that he can get whatever he wants out of her from.
  6. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: No? Any thoughts? =3
  7. [2019/09/13]Kenny Spitz: Sorry about the delay! Got pulled away, I'd be open to it! A hidden camera could be fun, or even something along the lines of my character 'catfishing' yours more or less! Coaxing her to send him a few nudes, only to use them against her?
  8. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: Mm.. probably hidden cameras.. an awkward nerdy sister who masturbates a lot being caught on camera by her little brother who uses it against her.. or even just setting something up on her computer to record using her webcam and take pictures while she's undressing and stuff.
  9. [2019/09/13]Kenny Spitz: Sure, a camera setup near her computer could be great!
  10. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: I kinda like the idea of him doing it behind mom and dad's back.. maybe a bigger reason is that they have very religious parents so if they found out she'd get kicked out the house. With that kinda thing it'd probably fit better if he used condoms when fucking her.. it'd be hot if he knocked her up, but at the same time he wouldn't be able to keep doing it if she got kicked out because of that.
  11. [2019/09/13]Kenny Spitz: That's a good idea! Are you open to him acting as if he's doing her a favor? A sort of cocky attitude, or would you prefer blackmail and less lighthearted about it?
  12. [2019/09/13]Robin Lilith: Oh yeah, I'm sure he would feel like that.. I don't think it'd make it more lighthearted.. but I could certainly imagine him being super cocky.. His older sister is a complete virgin when it comes to boys besides playing with her toys.. and really.. in his head he's saving her from being a lonely virgin all her life.. she should be happy to have such a good fuck on her doorstep.
  13. [2019/09/13]Kenny Spitz: Yeah, I like the sound of it! I think including condoms could be fun, keeping him saying he's helping her out. Also, I do like the idea of them sneaking around, or even risky situations, if you'd be open to him coaxing her into things when their parents are either close by, or out briefly and getting something quick in?
  14. [2019/09/14]Kenny Spitz: Hey there, found your name from last night. Sorry about that, my internet went out and I ended up just heading to sleep, I'll be back later, but hopped on and figured I'd say that. Hope you have a good night if I don't catch you
  15. [2019/09/15]Robin Lilith: Hey
  16. [2019/09/15]Kenny Spitz: Hey there
  17. [2019/09/15]Robin Lilith: How's things? I got your message.
  18. [2019/09/15]Kenny Spitz: Pretty good, I'm glad! I waited a bit, but It wasn't come up, so I just went to sleep. I might be a bit busy for about 30-45 minutes, but I'd be up to RP after, if you'd like?
  19. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Hey again
  20. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: Hey there! How's it going?
  21. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Not bad, got time?
  22. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: I do! I should be around for a while tonight, got everything done the other night
  23. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Nice
  24. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: As for how it goes, any preference between my character having a hidden camera, or would you prefer him sneaking lewd pictures with her asleep?
  25. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Hidden camera probably works a bit better, especially if they have religious parents, having concrete evidence that she masturbates and in their house too?
  26. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: Yeah! I like the sound of that, confronting her, and using it as a way to 'help' the girl, while also forcing her to agree to his requests?
  27. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Yeah, it'd be more like "Well, your a virgin anyway and it's not like you're gonna get it from any other guy.. I'm helping you out with this.." Him being real cocky about it and pushing her with every time together.
  28. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: More than fine with that! What were the ages again? I don't have the history here, if you'd like, I could work up a post!
  29. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Didn't have any ages set out
  30. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: I have the history if you want me to repost it
  31. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith:
  32. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: Would you be open to him at 16, her around 19? Also, appreciate it!
  33. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: I'd be fine with younger for him if you wanted to as well, like if he was 14-16. Her around 19 works well though yeah.
  34. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: If you're up for it, I do think him at 14 could be fun! Overly cocky and telling himself he's helping her sounds good for that age
  35. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: He's an avid porn watcher, he's watched more than many adults, he has all these ideas about all the things he could do with her.. he's super confident, very kinky.. and he has his own personal playtoy under his roof.
  36. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: Exactly! I like the sound of it, anything else to work into it, or should I work something up? Also, are you open to my character putting a webcam beside her computer, or would you prefer a more incriminating photo?
  37. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: The webcam idea is fine, whether he just sets it up to record without her noticing, maybe while she's having a shower.. then the next morning he comes back to it when she goes for breakfast, gets the recording and flicks through it, finds the video, cuts it out.. and then he's ready to go. I like the idea of it starting right as he drops the blackmail as opposed to playing it out him collecting it all.
  38. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: More than fine with it, if you're up for it, I do like the idea of him sending it to her 'anonymously' then letting her stew for a night or so, then approaching her with it! If you're open to me working up a post with her at her computer
  39. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Sure, but depends on what he'd be using the time for with her stewing.. I could hardly imagine a 14 year old with his first chance for pussy would be letting it stew, you?
  40. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Especially one so perverted.
  41. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: I do like the idea of it just being over the duration of school, your character is staying at home, he's more than eager about getting home to tease her?
  42. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Mm.. maybe just starting as he gets home, he's kinda just anonymously sent the footage to her and let her worry about it before he wanders in her room as soon as he gets home.
  43. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: Sounds great to me! I could work something up with that
  44. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Whenever you're ready
  45. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: Sounds good! Just a minute and I'll work something up
  46. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz
  47. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: Uh...
  48. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz It'd been nearly two weeks now since Kenny and his elder sister had gotten into a fight, a few harsh words had been thrown around, and it wasn't long before both had said things they'd regret not even minutes later. It wasn't as if Kenny had actually hated the girl, though he couldn't help but be upset that she acted as if she'd never done anything wrong in her life! It wasn't as if he tried to get in trouble, though it just seemed as if things he enjoyed had caused that. Trying to reason that out to the girl certainly hadn't panned out, and that's where the idea had come from. The girl spent the majority of her time in her room, the boy's mind was left to wonder exactly what she might be up to staying up so late each night, telling himself it was simply to get back at her, as he'd install the camera beneath her computer screen one night. Despite telling himself this was for revenge, he knew full well that he was simply lying to himself, especially when he'd finally caught the girl. A more than revealing video of the girl sat at her desk, body on display as if she were doing so just for him! Of course he was excited about finally proving that the girl wasn't so innocent, though the boy couldn't help but continue to think back to the video, even playing it back a few times during the night, until an idea had finally come to mind. He'd edited the lewd video down, saving the best parts, only to then save it to his phone. He waited until the next day, nearly noon while he was on lunch at school, downloading some sort of texting app, only to send the girl the link. Afterall he figured there wouldn't be too many other people texting her, giving the girl a few hours to see just how she'd react to it all, all the while wondering just what effect it might have on her. It wasn't until around four in the afternoon that he'd step in through the front door, the boy stood at 5'6, short dark brown hair, light green eyes, and a pale white complexion. He wore a light gray hoodie, black jeans, and black and white shoes, not so much as a knock as he'd open the girl's bedroom door, a thud of it being heard as he'd shut the door behind himself, only to speak out. "Hey Robin, you busy?"
  51. (Sorry that took forever! Also, I wrote way too much. RL came up and I got distracted, didn't realize how much I rambled)
  52. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: (I hope that's an alright place to start, I rewrote it because I wrote him coming up to her the first time, only to blank on it. If you're good with starting there, I'll pick it up shortly)
  53. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: (Mm.. I imagine she wouldn't just click a link.. he'd probably have used her name and gave her something enticing to click it so I'll just write it like he did)
  54. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith his camera was inconspicuous enough that she clearly didn't notice it.. and boy did he catch something, he had her in great quality, masturbating.. catching every quiet, repressed moan on her high quality microphone that she used for games. And every little movement was caught on camera, fingering.. using a toy, licking her fingers.. what a slut!
  56. Of course it was just an average night for her.. though the next morning as she groggily was awoken by her phone buzzing, an anonymous person messaging her a link.. 'Robin.. I can't believe what you get up to at night..' it said.. she almost squealed as she watched it, putting her phone down quickly.. She was struggling to concentrate for the rest of the day, she'd stare at the screen and have a slightly nervous look on her face.. not to mention her soft pale white skin seemed even paler than usual. She was still in her thin little pajamas: a white-pink floral shirt and pants, as he wandered on in, her head quickly turning to look over at him "What the hell.. can't you knock..?? Argh.. what do you want.. just get it out already.." She said, clearly worked up over something.
  57. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: (Any particular look on the profile you'd prefer at all?)
  58. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz couldn't help but stare, unable to help but play the lewd images back in his mind, even as the girl's eyes met his, a smile rest on his face as he'd simply sigh away her annoyed tone. "Why should I need to, Robin? I doubt you need to hide anything. Besides, I had something I wanted to say.." He couldn't help but hint at the video, wanting to bring up the thought of it, if only to see how the girl would react. He'd slowly move over behind her, stood behind her chair as he'd step forward, his chest pressing against the back of her head, only for his arms to move around her, a soft prod of her sides as he'd work his arms around the girl from behind. Sure, the affection likely wasn't welcomed, though the briefly firm squeeze had showed that it wasn't a choice. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry, about the other night. So, I wanted to make it up to you." His words had seemed genuine, even a slightly cheery tone in his voice, palms slipping away to give the girl her space, still stood behind her as he'd await a response.
  61. (Appreciate it! Honestly, I felt like I was writing a bit, and tried to rush the end. If you're open to it, I really like the main profile image!)
  62. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith groaned as he was making excuses to start with, rolling her eyes as she didn't realise he'd be hinting at anything.. how would this dweeb had anything to do with it. Her head followed him as he wandered over "What are you doing..?" She grumbled, clearly annoyed as she tried to push his arms away "Fuck off.. you're such a disingenuous asshole Kenny.." She snapped back at him.. she didn't care if it seemed genuine or not, rolling her chair forwards closer to the desk away from him "Just get out of my room already.. urgh.." She sighed "Go on.. shoo.. shoo.." She did the little gesture of sweeping away with her hands, trying to get him to leave.
  63. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz the girl's response wasn't all too surprising, though surprisingly he still hadn't seemed all too bothered, simply groaning out in response. "Seriously? I really was trying to apologize, Robin. I mean, I always kinda just thought you were a prude... But I was thinking, maybe you just haven't had a chance to actually get laid?" His tone had started to perk up, clearly she was right about his choice of words, even his apology had seemed to lead to him teasing her. His right hand would move up, palm setting down atop her head, his digits idly gliding through her hair, roughing it just slightly as he'd speak out. "So, I figured I'd at least give you a chance... I'm not going to let you do this again, but.... You wanna blow me, Robin?" The boy's words were blunt, his digits dancing in her hair, the lewd question left hanging as his hand would idly toy with her
  64. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith "I knew it.. you fucking asshole.. just fuck off out of my room already.. my sex life is nothing to do with you.. at all.." she uttered with a grumble of annoyance, especially as he moved back over to mess with her hair "Will you get the fuck off me already.." And then he said it "Oh my god.. you're so fucking disgusting.." She moved her chair back into him to bump him before getting up "Just get the fuck out of my room.." She utters.. her face was a bit red and she was clearly very annoyed, pointing at her door for him to leave. Breathing a bit heavily from just how annoyed she was.
  65. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz the thud of the chair had brought him back to reality, of course he knew she wasn't going to simply agree to it all, though at least his curiosity of her reaction was sated, a small smile still resting across his face as she'd stand before him. Kenny stood just an inch taller than the girl, his eyes fixated on hers as he'd simply nod to her motion. "Alright, alright. I wasn't being an ass, I just figured it might be nice trying the real thing, instead of playing with a toy all night." He couldn't help but tease the girl even now, a soft warmth on his face as his eyes would lock with hers, his right hand moving up, only to set his palm atop her head once more, toying with her hair if only to set her off. "I'm leaving, alright? I just figured that you might want a shot with me, considering.. It might be your only chance, before Mom kicks you out in two hours." His left hand would move up, the screen of his phone on display, the girl's lewd noises filling the room as he'd force her to watch herself.
  66. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith "Why are you smiling.. god you're so insufferable.." She groaned, staring at him as he said 'instead of playing with a toy all night' "Why are.. do you.. what.. fuck off already.. holy fuck.. you're actually such a fucking creeper.. oh my god.. I can't believe you're fucking related to me.." She snapped again, his hand in her hair, made her reach, throwing a punch into his tummy to wind him a little "I said stop fucking touching me.." She squirmed before he said mom kicking out.. her eyes went wide and she went to push him again before he started playing the video.. she suddenly froze up, eyes wide and gulping hard as she stood there, a little bit of shivering running down her back.
  67. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz the girl's words hadn't cut too deep, especially considering he'd known what she'd done was a dozen times worse. He was working on the next comeback when her fist would thud against his stomach, a winded noise being heard as the boy would lean forward, clearing his throat as his left hand would move higher, emphasizing the screen. It was then that the girl had fallen silent, Kenny finally standing up straight once more, only to walk over, and plop down onto the edge of the girl's bed. He'd clear his throat just briefly, only to pat his left hand down atop his left leg. "Seriously? That fucking hurt, Robin. I might tease you, but I'd never actually hit you.." Of course he was playing it up, though as he sat in place, the noise of a zipper could be heard, sat in place as he'd clear his throat. "Now, you do owe me some sort of an apology. So, you going to come kneel down here, or.. Are you going to make me come to you?"
  68. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith was a mix of annoyed and confused as he sat down and just stared up at her after that punch, she was panting in annoyance as she stood there, her shoulders and chest quickly moving up and down with each breath. "Yeah.. well.. I hope it fucking hurt.. asshole.." She huffed as he sat there, her eyes quickly focusing on him again as he unzipped "Wait.. you were being serious..? Oh my god.. you're actually such a fucking pervert.. are you blackmailing me.. your sister..? And you want me to.. to.. to do that..?" She was flustered and annoyed, her cheeks were red with embarrassment, overwhelmed with emotion.
  69. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz It was clear the girl was upset, though Kenny still only had one thing in mind, his eyes constantly shifting over her figure as she spoke to him. "Seriously? You're the one that started this all, I mean.. I really was pissed at you, Robin.... Though, you were kinda hot." His words had tapered off near the end, a soft huff of air leaving his mouth once more, nodding as he'd work up the courage, working his hands down as he'd lean up. His jeans would be tugged down, sat in his boxers, his cock straining against the thin fabric, an outline down along his left thigh as he'd watch the girl. "Seriously? It's hardly blackmail, I mean.. Either way, this is happening. So, are you going to get on your knees, and start this... Or am I going to have to throw you down on your bed, and fuck your throat?" He was certainly trying out more lewd talk, though despite the bold words, he couldn't help but speak out once more, his cock tensing up as he'd done so. "Which choice, Robin?"
  70. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith huffed again as he said she was hot "You're so disgusting.. I hope you know that.. she said, standing with arms crossed as he tugged his jeans down, her head looking away with a groan. "You're so fucking.. gross.. you know exactly what it is.. if I don't do this you're showing that to mom right..? You know she'll kick me out of the house, right?" She asks, looking down at him with a sigh "Like.. it's blackmail.. you know that.. so.. you're blackmailing you're older sis to suck your cock.. god.. you're so gross.. you're my fucking brother.." She uttered, staying where she was with her arms crossed.
  71. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz there was something about the way she spoke, without a job, and no former training, it was clear that being homeless wasn't an option. Her words met with a simple nod, seemingly unashamed as he'd stand up before the girl, working his hoodie up and off of himself as he'd done so, stood in only his boxers. "Yeah, exactly!" His tone was still cheery, though rather than seemingly just trying to tease the girl, he really had seemed eager. He'd walk up toward the girl, a simple peck of a kiss placed up against her right cheek, his arms working around her body, only to briefly set his palms onto her rear, a soft squeeze as he'd easily hoist the small girl up into the air, only to plop her down onto her back atop bed. "I know, alright? I'm a perv.. but.. I really did like the video, and.. If you're not all that experienced with actually doing any of this, I wouldn't mind starting us off... I saw this in a video once, just lay on your back, and.. rest the back of your head on the edge of the bed, and open your mouth, alright?"
  72. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith his cheeriness about the whole situation only added to her annoyance as he walked up after dropping his pants and hoodie to kiss her cheek.. she was kinda frozen to his 'charm' not quite the word but the whole gravity of it kinda set in and she could barely move herself.. a little whimper as he hoisted her up from where she stood and dropped her onto her own bed. Another little whimper as she lay on her back, just staring up at him, reluctantly moving to the edge of the bed and opening her mouth, she was crying just a little.. but it wasn't anything bad compared to some stuff he'd watched.. A few tears running up her forehead with the way she was lying there, her arms awkwardly by her sides.
  73. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz heart thud in his chest as he'd look down at the girl, her clothed figure on display, not even objecting as she'd finally open her mouth! His left hand would move down, thumb tugging his boxers downward, cock springing free as his length would finally come into sight. His cock was just under seven inches in total, the length only semi-erect, the boy stepping forward, doing so until his cock would rest down across the girl's face, pressing forward until the head of his cock would finally press up against the wet warmth of the girl's tongue. "See? It is kinda fun! When we're like this, I could even play with your tits, Robin.. I think we both know you like that. So, you want to undo your top for me, or.. You want me to do that for you?" His tone was still perked up, biting at the inside of his lip, that length swelling already, growing more thick by the moment as his length would swell
  74. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith groaned a bit "Uh.." as he pulled his cock out, a heavy sigh as he held it over her and dropped it on her face "No.. asshole.." She annoyedly replied as he asked about her tits. "Do it yourself.. asshole.." She uttered as she lay there.. clearly not used to being a toy of him as he rubbed his cock up against her tongue, much to her annoyance, dribbling down the side of her face a little as she lay upside down just as he requested.
  75. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz the girl's words were met with a soft press forward, the head of his cock prodding against her tongue as she objected to his actions, a slow pressure as he'd start to simply work forward and back. His hands would move down, digits unbuttoning the top button of the loose top, only to work his palms forward, resting his palms atop her breasts as he'd slowly pump forward and back. "Fine, brat... Though, you are kinda hot like this~ Now, could you close your mouth just a bit? The more lubed up it is, I'm sure it'll be more fun for both of us!" Clearly he was starting to get into it, his palms gently kneading her breasts, that length throbbing against her as pre already started to leak over the girl's tongue
  76. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith groaned as he pushed his cock back and forth across his tongue, panting a bit as he undid the buttons on her pajama top and got his hands underneath, her tits weren't very big but they squished awfully nicely into his fingers as he felt her up. She reluctantly closed her lips around his cock as he requested, not really doing anything with it besides letting it sit in her mouth.
  77. [2019/09/16]Robin Lilith: (If she was upside down, it wouldn't leak over her tongue no?)
  78. [2019/09/16]Kenny Spitz: (Sorry about that, I fell asleep with that open, hope you have a good night, I gotta head out. I'l be on later, sorry to cut out suddenly. I'd love to continue then!)
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