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  1. <color=blue>Server discord:
  2. <color=white>Rules:
  3. <color=green>No TKing/TeamKilling.
  4. <color=orange>Do not be toxic or be a douche, be generous.
  5. <color=yellow>Don't disrespect a staff member.
  6. <color=red>These classes can team, <b>any other teaming will cause a kick or ban.
  7. <color=green>Chaos <color=white>and <color=red>SCPS
  8. <color=yellow>Scientist <color=white>and <color=orange>D-Class
  9. <color=orange>D-Class <color=white>and <color=red>SCPS
  10. <color=white>If scientist have to work with Chaos or SCPS, they may team in order to live, they can betray or kill each other sometime.
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