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  1. Planeshift
  2.     There are twenty-four planes of reality, twenty-four completely different worlds with their own laws and works. Hero and villain alike can take part in this adventure where you and a group of people you know nothing about, must band together and escape the trials and tribulations of the various planes of reality. From the fiery depths of Baator, the spiraling twisting chaos of the Abyss, the windswept trees of the Feywild, the wild hunts of the Beastlands, and more the planes of reality wait for you. But beware traveler, more than you travels the astral plane. The Gith, the Illithids, the Outergods, Eldritch Horrors, Titans, and even the Ancient Star Dragons sweep their way through the Astral Plane. You’ll need an astral boat, a lot of luck and strength in both body and mind to fight your way back to the material plane, and to evade the force trying to stop you.
  3.     The campaign will feature many different environments and many different characters. Barter with devils, automatons, celestials and keep your distance from the fey, demons, and githyanki. You’ll be tested and tribulated with danger around every corner. No place will be safe for an extended period and your friends and allies will be constantly put on the chopping block and it’s up to you to choose whether you value your safety over your allies.
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