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  1. Comic idea: Meet the P's
  3. The world of meet the p's takes place in a far off future America were the world and civilization is on the brink of ruin do to a century long war that no one knows how it started but basically only continues on because the worlds economy is so tied to it now that every one works for it in some way. The P's are a "family" of odd balls with no memory expect for the day they all deiced they were a family and escaped the military holding cells they were held in to forge a life together. The series would be a per future dystopian family slice of life comdey. Were they live in a weird underground compelx.
  7. Charaters:
  9. Ed ground P is the father figure of the family a quite man with no memory before the day he escaped with his family.
  10. Ed simpley wants to live the quite life but is constantly afraid the government will find his family. Ed is a 7 foot tall gaint of a man  who has a fake left leg and suports the family buy digging for scarp.
  12. Alex ld P is a 8 year old African American boy who is constantly trying to get rich quick and always landing him and his family in some kinda trouble.  He seems to have some strange super human powers able to make thing fly with touch.
  14. Gremlin grime P. Were not sure and the family's not sure what gender gremlin is. Gremlin is a hyper fast moving fast talking
  15. member of the family who likes to help Alex in his schemes. Gremlin has a fondness for taking part mechines and puting them
  16. back together again. It is the only one besieds Ed and elephant with a job. Working as a repair person. Gremlin is a weird shade of green.
  18. Grandma P. The oldest member of the family grandma is the smartest one in the family, with a actual knowlage of history. She is a cyborg with a spider like wheel chair she is hooked up to.  She is the one who trys to keep the darma and wackeyness of the
  19. families life in check.
  21. Johnny "French chef" P is a short man in his late 20s with bright red pompadour in s chefs ouitfit. Jhonny believes hes a  classical trained  chef. He Grows most of the familys meals and dose most of the cooking and cleaing around the house.  Making him and gremlin natural rivals.
  23. Commended Elephant is a hyper inelegance pygmy elephant who can talk and works with Ed by helping him sall scarp. She mostly
  24. acts like a dumb pet around others as not to blow her cover or alert people to her family. She seems to be the member of
  25. the family with the most memory.
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