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May 11th, 2017
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  1. Welcome to the #Coltcuddler IRC channel. Here we discuss our favourite horses of the male persuasion or talk about any old thing in general. For the most part we're a pretty free channel so things can get a bit raunchy but we still have a few rules you should keep in mind:
  3. -No Minors, underage people will banned for years
  4. --
  5. -No Spam
  6. -Try to Be Respectful
  7. -Personal Arguments are best left to PM, doing so in the channel will result in both parties getting kicked
  8. -In addition to the rule above, keep mares to a minimum
  9. -Soapboxing is discouraged. Doing so frequently will be acted upon, but then again, it's not like anyone talks about anything else in here... so, I guess don't overdue it
  10. -Ban evading will result in permanent ban, unless decided otherwise
  11. --
  12. -Do not harass chatters, doing so will result in a kick or ban if done repeatedly/towards the wrong mofo
  13. -Do not solicit personal information. Do not ask for IRL pictures. Do not continue to ask if someone declines to answer personal questions. Doing so will result in kick and warning the first time, ban a second time
  14. -Adding to the rule above, any unwarranted invasion of privacy on another in the channel is not allowed, and will result in a ban.
  15. -Whatever happens in this channel generally stays in this channel, so don't go bitching about drama in here anywhere else
  16. -Do not post IRL gore or NSFL. Doing so will result in a warning, and then a kick if it persists. If you still do it, you get banned
  17. -If some one doesn't want to RP with you at the moment, don't continue bothering them about it. Doing this will result in warning and soon kicking.
  18. -No bots allowed unless they're approved. We don't want a bad botnet on our hooves in here.
  19. --
  20. -No RL animal porn
  21. -No child porn
  22. Anything that breaks both of the above rules will result in a perma ban, no questions asked
  23. -Loli, shota and foalcon is fine
  24. --
  25. -Involved roleplay goes to #coltcuddlerrp
  26. -Cuddle colts (This will be enforced quite seriously)
  27. So I guess have fun, and introduce yourself to the gay horses
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