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  1. Method 1 - (US ONLY AMAZON GC)
  4. 1. Find a seller on ebay/kijiji/craigslist (Local works better) that is selling a $25+ amazon gift card.
  6. 2. Message said seller asking to see three and only three consecutive numbers so you can email amazon and make sure the card is legit, and not a spoof card
  8. 3. Once the seller has sent you pictures of the card, take note of the 3 consec. numbers
  10. 4. Email/Live Chat (Live chat for better and faster results) Amazon and tell them this, "My aunt jamie told me she has got an amazon card
  11. for her birthday but after taking it out of her bag she found it the code at the back all scratched up and un readable so she gave it to me
  12. as it is no use for her. What can we do about this?" DO NOT COPY WORD
  13. FOR WORD!
  15. 5. The amazon rep will inform you they can add the card balance to your account they just need the 3 nums, hand them the numbers
  17. 6. Wait however long the Amazon rep asks you to wait, then enjoy your free amazon money
  20. Find a stubborn rep? Just end chat and then open a new one to get another rep.
  21. Don't do over 150, as gift cards are a popular way to money launder
  23. =========================================================================================================================================================
  27. Method 2: Amazon FREE ITEMS - (FOR RESALE)
  29. Hello and thank you for purchasing my method!
  31. Before we get started, there are a few things I want to mention. First, this method is extremely easy to make money as long as you put in the required time. You can scale this literally as much as you want, the more work you put in = the more earnings. If you are having trouble earning, you’re probably just lazy. Money doesn’t wait for those who don’t go and get it, put in the time and effort and you’ll reap the benefits.
  33. Introduction
  34. To give you the general idea of how this method works, I’ll give a brief introduction on what exactly you’ll be doing. I’m sure most of you have heard of Amazon, but what you probably didn’t know is the fact that there are over 2 million sellers on Amazon selling their products, and this number is growing by the hundreds of thousands each year. All of these new sellers need a way to get their product ratings higher so they can get more sales. As an Amazon seller myself, we utilize free product giveaways in order to get more reviews for our products. So how can someone like you take advantage of that? Here’s how:
  36. Step 1
  37. Sign up on if you don’t already have an account. This is where we’ll be locating people who are giving away their products
  39. Step 2
  40. On Facebook, you’re going to want to search for “Amazon Review Clubs” or “Amazon Review Groups,” there are several so you won’t have any trouble finding them. Make sure to apply/join to every single group that you find. Several of these groups have 10k-20k+ members already in them.
  42. Tip: if you are not from the USA, simply add your country after your search and groups for your country will pop up. There are literally hundreds, you won’t have any trouble finding them. If you don’t see a specific one for your country, simply just join the normal groups and I will explain what to do later on.
  44. Step 3
  45. Once you have joined the groups, you will see several new posts each day, some even have hundreds of new posts per day. All of these posts contain people who are giving away their product in exchange for a review once you receive it. Do you see where this is going yet?
  47. Step 4
  48. You’re going to want to find products that will be an easy resale, which mainly means do not do clothing unless you are confident that you can resell it. There are literally hundreds of posts per day so it will not be hard to find solid products. Once you have found something you want, simply contact that person and they’ll explain the process to you. It will go one of these ways:
  49. · You purchase their item full-price (it is normally a non-expensive item, anywhere from $10-$50) and once you receive it and leave a review, they refund your money through PayPal
  50. · They provide a coupon that will make their item free, then you purchase the item with their coupon code and leave a review once you receive the item.
  52. Step 5
  53. Once you have ordered the item and received it, which should be pretty self explanatory, you’re going to want to resell the item on any online marketplace (or keep it for yourself if you really want to). I recommend using eBay or whatever marketplace works best for your locality. If you’re selling on eBay, your income will be coming in through PayPal. If you want to sell on an app like LetGo, it will come in through your bank or cash for an in-person meetup. The options are endless on where you can sell it, simply take the price the user is selling it for and knock off a couple dollars and it will easily sell.
  55. Step 6
  56. After you receive the item, you will need to then leave a review for that product. Do not forget to do this otherwise you will be removed from the group permanently. I recommend leaving positive reviews only, this way you will have a solid reputation with the sellers and they will continuously work with you. Note that some sellers do not even require a refund to be made, they simply just want to increase their sales volume.
  58. Due to how many posts there are throughout the group, you can easily get 10’s of items per day to sell. You could even automate this by hiring someone to manage all orders for you, then all you have to do is flip the products as they continue flowing to your house. If you are not from the USA and want to take advantage of all the USA offers, partner with someone in the USA and split your profits with them. This method can easily be scaled into a fulltime ecommerce business, the earnings may not be massive but it can definitely help you earn several thousand dollars per month with very little effort and 0 investment
  62. ======================================================================================================
  65. Method 3 - ANY AMAZON ITEM FREE! ;)
  67. 1. Make sure you have the order number for the order you want a refund on
  69. 2. Visit this paste and copy it!
  71. 3. Now open a notepad file and change some things. You'll see the names Daniel and rob, Leave the name rob as it is.
  73. 4. Remove the name Daniel from each sentence and replace it with your name
  75. 5. Now locate where I put my order number in (near the top somewhere) and replace it with the order number of YOUR product you want a refund on.
  77. 6. Once you have changed all of the "Daniel" and put the order number in place, look up "amazon customer support. i will provide a link under this step.  log into that and find the item you wanted a refund on.
  79. UK:
  80. USA:
  82. 5. Now the tricky part. request a refund on the item and go into amazon live chat... Right when you connect with an amazon sales rep, copy and paste the conversation that I gave and right when you paste it, click the big "SEND" button then click "end chat" literally 2 seconds after you have sent the convo.
  84. 6. Now, log out of the amazon account and go back to amazon customer support and log in.
  86. 7. Go to the same item and request a refund and then go to the amazon live chat again. say this:
  87. "Hey , I asked for a refund on one of my items and the person I spoke to offered me a refund, but the chat got disconnected"
  88. Then just go along with what the member of staff says and remain friendly! They'll most likely ask you to wait a moment and ask for your order number butthats about it really.
  90. 8. Remember you can only do this once for that item but you can do it again for over items...however try using a different account because they'll catch on eventually.
  92. ======================================================================================================
  94. Method 4 - Gucci Free Items Method ("Holiday SE")
  96. What you need:
  97. Gucci receipt (get template and edit)
  98. Picture of grease on item (PS)
  100. Method:
  101. This method on a gucci store you contact a store stating that you bought an item from them while you were travelling (be creative motherfuckers)
  102. Contact the store complaining about the gucci product stating that you didn’t pay so much for a damaged product. Mention that you normally buy often from gucci and this experience changed your view, get angry at the store (not the support staff!)
  103. They’ll ask for a pic of receipt as well as pics of item
  104. Once they verify, they’ll ship out a new one
  108. ======================================================================================================
  112. Method 5 - Prepaid Cards
  114. 1 Go over to and go into the "Live Chat" section.
  115. 2 Then, proceed to start a live chat.
  116. 3 You must now go online and find a pack of tide pods, find the most expensive ones you can. Example:
  117. 4 Then, tell the representative in the live chat that you recently bought a pack of tide pods. You were excited to clean your dirty clothes, when you opened up the pack of tide pods to realize there was soap everywhere, and the tides pods were broken. Tell them some bs like that you are a single mom whos son who has a performance tomorrow. Tell the representative that your son was forced to wear dirty clothes on his performance because you could not clean the ones you have. Tell tide you are low income.
  118. 5. They should ask you at one point for the scent and the count. The example with the link I provided is: Scent: Spring Meadow. Count: 72
  119. 6. The person on the live chat with you should initiate a pop up that asks for your address. You can then fill out your information, and she will inform you she is sending you a prepaid card with the price of the tide pod package on it.
  121. ======================================================================================================
  123. Method 6 - Airpods
  125. How To Get FREE AirPod??
  127. 1) Order off
  129. 2) Wait Approx 2 days after receiving it
  131. 3) After 2 days call them saying your item didn't come but you can't just say that you have to give a backstory (ex. Say you ordered for for your brother because his bday is soon and that it said arrived but it didnt come and you really wanted to get him this gift for his new iphone so you had to run out and buy a new one from the store and had to spend twice the amount of money and that you are very disappointed with their service) DON'T SAY THIS WORD FOR WORD
  133. 4) They'll offer you a replacement or a refund and you can choose what you want this has worked for a multitude of people and can be done more than once.
  135. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================
  137. Method 7 - Rode Microphones
  139. this works for everybody in the world accept Australians (sorry guys).
  141. You just need a serial number. You can easily find some on ebay or in youtube unboxings. There are many guides here on how to find one.
  142. Message them, that your microphone wont work properly. They will give you a few steps to fix the problem, but in your case the steps wont help!
  144. They will forward you the information of a partner repair center that they have in most countries. I did this now for the second time, so keep in mind I am not omniscient in this case.
  145. Just be polite but annoy them that you are not willing to pay the fees for the shippment to the repair center. Whatever they will write you, tell them that you are a famous youtuber, or podcaster and you buy Rode mics since forever because of the good quality and the reliable support. And for that expensive price, you expect that there are no follow-up costs for you.
  147. I thought at first they send me a shipping box so I can box them, but they arent allowed to do that (stupid company policies) so they will send out a replacement after you give them your adress (do it only when they ask for it).
  149. For me it was like 10 emails to get the shit done (you will have contact with the support in Australia, no matter from where you are), I think if you call them you could do it better than me, but they reply pretty fast (good job Rode support if you will read this one day). I got like 3 answers per day. Be agressive but polite. Do not accept a no and play the customer-is-king card.
  151. In my second try I got two mics at once (Rode USB and Rode Podcast ((recommend the first one, its awesome)). Please dont fuck them to hard, so others could also get the opportunity to se them. And keep in mind, they are a great company, so please have a bad conscience. They dont deserve us, or at least some of us that fucks them 10 times in two weeks.
  153. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================
  155. Method 8 - G2A Key
  157. The following is a simple method on how to refund G2A. This method is easy and does not require a lot of skill to execute. As always this is just for educational purposes and I am not instructing the use of this method only highlighting the vulnerabilities of G2A.
  159. Quick Guide
  161.     Buy a CD-Key on G2A making sure that you have G2A shield enabled for the purchase otherwise the method is very unlikely to work.
  162.     Activate the key on steam making sure that a VPN is used so that your IP is different to the one that you used to access G2A and purchase whatever CD-Key.
  163.     Go to the G2A customer support navigating your way to the bottom of the page to “live chat”. Once in a chat with a rep say that the key has already been used and that it’s a duplicate.
  166. Full Guide
  168. Step one: Purchase a game/item on G2A that is given as a digital key. Make sure that you are covered by G2A shield otherwise this process will not work.
  170. Step two: Once bought activate the product on steam making sure you use a VPN so that the IP used is different to the one that was used to access G2A to buy the digital key.
  172. Step Three: Once purchased go to your bought items here or (dashboard > bought items) on the site. Locate your order and click “view order” so that a slide down menu appears. To the right of “Get the Keys” is a red flag, click that. After clicking the red flag a pop up will appear. At the bottom of this pop up is an orange button titled “Find a unique solution directly on 24/7 Live Chat” once clicked will navigate you to another page. At the bottom, right of this page is a blue circle titled “live chat” when clicked will navigate to the pop up text chat.
  174. Step Four: When on the live chat page click the option “I have a problem with my key” and then select the language that is appropriate. You will be prompt to enter some information which can be done however liked. Just make sure the order ID is correct as well as the issue being “issue with key” then click start chatting.
  176. Step Five: Make up a creative excuse along the lines of how the key did not work when entered into steam and that you were prompt with an error saying, “Duplicate product code”. The rep may try and help trouble shoot the issue with you just play along with these until finally the rep offers a refund or to contact the seller for a replacement. Choose whatever is preferred. *NOTE* that refunds are usually more guaranteed.
  178. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================
  180. Method 9 - 1k AFK
  182. Reliable Method for making $1,000+ monthly by AFKing.
  183. This can make $15-$1,000+ monthly (depending on how you long you do it)
  184. (This can be difficult to setup, but it is definitely worth it.)
  186. From what I know this method has been completely private between at least like 10 people in the CS:GO Cheating community, and since I don't care much about this method I am releasing it.
  188. Step 1. You're going to need to buy a CS:GO hosting service and start a server. This is required, however the server will only be needed for one day and you will never have to worry about it again.
  190. Step 2. Make an account at (it will ask you for your address and stuff, just literally use fake information.
  192. Step 3. Once you have made an account, go to https://portal.motdg...hboard/overview and click on the Plugins tab. From there select and install the plugin to your server.
  193. Installation of the MOTDGD plugin is a bitch, but it is worth it. There are some tutorials on youtube to help install it.
  195. Step 4. Once the plugin is installed and you see an ad when you load into your server you should be able to get the link the ad is running through.
  196. (I havent needed to get my ad link in over 6 months or something, so I dont exactly remember where it is, but you need to find it.)
  198. Step 5. Now, if you do not already have Auto Hotkey installed, you need to install it now. It will be used for automating clicking when you AFK your computer.
  200. (Here is some code for an AHK script that will auto click on your ad link 60 times, wait 30 seconds so the ad finishes playing, and then close all the ads and restart the process.)
  201. default keybinds: F10 to start the script, F7 to pause, F8 to close.
  203. AutoClick :
  205. Step 6. Open a game that does not take much processing power, Press Shift+Tab to open the steam panel, goto your friends and find someone who hasnt been online in a long time and send them a message that is your ad link. When you send the message, if you click the link it should open your ad page and run a video/banner ad. Resize the window the ad plays in so it does not overlap the link you sent to your friend, and then simply open the AHK script I posted above, hover over the link, then press F10. it should start spam opening and closing the ads which is perfect.
  207. From here you just afk this whenever you sleep, or go to school, or any time you arent on your computer. my friend went as far as buying a sitty laptop to afk this on 24/7. He even afk'd it on his main pc when he wasnt using that so you really can afk this on as many PC's as you want.
  209. *MOTDGD is very kind when it comes  to showing us ad rates based on certain countries.*
  210. For the best results I suggest using a VPN set to which country has the highest ad payout at the time. This is typically Australia.
  212. I wouldn't suggest going over $1,000 a month. Sometimes when you make too much money a month MOTDGD will check your account and ban you for this.
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