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  1. [17:57] *Simply Chloe sighed, looking up at the ceiling as she laid on her friend's couch, letting her sticky hand fall away from her throbbing, equine length. She was at the peak of her heat, and while she thought she could handle it, it turned out her body simply couldn't appropriately deal with being around other women right now. Knowing what she'd need to do if she wanted to get any sleep for their next day at the music festival tomorrow, she stood up from the couch, making her way to Christy's room. She hesitated briefly at the door; but her mind was already swirling with fantasies of the woman, and she was frankly a bit too turned on to really think about this more. Chlo gently rapped on the wood of the door, before creaking it open as she spoke. "Christy? You still up...?" She asked, playing with the hem of her baggy t-shirt, crossing her legs to hide her half-hard shaft, the flare still dripping with musky precum.
  2. [18:08] *Christy Cock-Slut was fast asleep - snoring as it turns out, lying on her back in bed with the covers on the floor. Any chance of her sleeping discouraging the pent-up Chlo was ruined by the fact that both her enormous, fat tits were hanging out, having escaped her undersized pink top, now on display for her deeply turned on friend. One arm was off to her side whilst her other hand was laid across her plump belly, fingertips at her crotch, hidden under some pink panties. One of those thick legs moves to the side a little as she murmurs something. "Boooobies..." She mumbles, then giggles like a child, her tongue flicking across her lips, on the verge of drooling.
  3. [18:14] *Simply Chloe bit her lip, feeling her cock practically spring up as she shut the door behind her, stepping up to the bed. She had remembered Christy saying before she was a hard sleeper; now she was looking to put that to the test. Chlo crawled up and onto the bed, letting her hands slide up her friend's thick thighs before taking hold of her ass. She slipped her fingers under Christy's panties, tugging them down as her other hand played at the base of her cock, stroking the rock hard shaft over her sleeping friend.
  4. [18:22] *Christy Cock-Slut shuddered in her bed, her lips letting out a soft moan as she began to drool. "Mmmmmelons..." She giggle-snorts, entertaining herself in her simple little dream with her own tits, apparently. Those plump nipples harden and perk up as her panties are pulled down, her relatively small slit already looking sticky, glistening in the little light there was. As if urged on by her missing panties, her limp hand drifts further down, rubbing lazily at herself.
  5. [18:26] *Simply Chloe only encourages her, sliding her hand around to her tits to grope and hold them, tweaking her hardening nipples as she pushed her cock between her thighs, grinding her shaft along her slit as she smeared her hot precum all over it. Bending over her, she pinned Christy ass up face down against the bed, thrusting between her thighs as she groaned softly and played with her captive's tits.
  6. [18:34] *Christy Cock-Slut 's moans grow louder and regular, but still she doesn't seem close to waking, her body still limp, still occasionally mumbling some unintelligible but apparently hilarious stuff as she drools into her pillow. Those heavy thighs tense up a little, as Chlo could feel against her shaft, almost squeezing it. As she's turned over and her ass brought up, her arms fall back to the bed again, hands quivering a little as that massive rod slides against her pussy. Another shudder shoots up Christy's spine as those plump juicy pussy lips quiver a little against that throbbing rod.
  7. [18:39] *Simply Chloe felt her friend get wetter and wetter, felt those thighs clench around her cock, and couldn't hold back any longer, pulling away a bit further, she pressed that flare against Christy's plump cunt before slowly pushing it in. After the flare, she slowly laid back on top of her, feeling the hot, wet tunnel of her pussy grab her cock. Chlo could tell she hadn't had much quite as big as her in a bit, but pressed into the resistance, stretching her around her cock before finally bottoming out, grinding her hips against her ass with a shaky moan. Her rock hard tip pressed up against Christy's cervix as she ground into her, desperate to push as deep as she could into her.
  8. [18:49] *Christy Cock-Slut "Nnngg..." She whined as that huge tip pressed against her plump but tiny entrance, then cried out in pain as it forced itself in. She gasped and groaned into her pillow, her thighs wobbling, already starting to sweat a lot. "G-God, it's big!" She cries out, perhaps startling Chlo for a moment, but it was only some invention of her strange dream. That tight little hole of hers only seemed tighter with each passing moment as she soaks the sheets beneath her - Chlo was unaware her ditzy friend does a lot of kegels, as a result that soaked tunnel of hers was practically strangling that cock. At last, Christy's eyes start to flutter open, very slowly coming out of her deep sleep.
  9. [18:52] *Simply Chloe was far too turned on to pay attention to the fact Christy was waking up, instead holding her by her tits as she started to slowly thrust, her flare meeting her friend's cervix with every thrust as their combined lusty dripped onto the sheets. She didn't stop teasing her breasts, still groping and pulling as her fingers slipped over and tugged on those delightfully perky nipples. She buried her face in Christy's neck, her breath hot against it as she kissed and sucked on it, the wet thuds of their sex growing louder and louder as Chloe moaned. "Fuck, you're so good...~"
  10. [19:05] *Christy Cock-Slut 's stretched cunt was leaking constantly now, soaking Chlo's and her own legs as the blonde groaned in pain and pleasure, finally starting to wake. "Mmmhhfffuu... Chlo... Chlo? Chloe?! Ugh, s-stop it! Sto-ahh! Ahh, f-fuck!" She wakes up just in time to witness her own mind shattering orgasm, her entire body wobbling like jelly, her pussy gushing and clenching hard around that monstrous shaft. She would collapse into a sweaty heap on the bed if she wasn't held up by that cock lodged in her and those groping hands tight around her fat tits.
  11. [19:09] *Simply Chloe didn't of course, even as Christy came around her; in fact, it only made her fuck her harder, those wet thuds growing faster and harder, filling the room up with that thick, bestial scent as Chlo used her. The smell was everyone, filling the air of the bed with its bestial lust as Chlo pistoned in and out of Christy's cunt, practically fucking her into the bed as she went limp. "That's right, cum for me...God, you feel so good..." She moaned as she slid a hand away from her tits, down to her cunt, rubbing at her clit as she pounded her. Chlo's other hand made up for the lost one, pulling and pinching her nipples harder to compensate, desperate to milk out those sexy moans.
  12.  [19:18] *Christy Cock-Slut couldn't even think to say anything more in objection as she's pounded relentlessly into the bed. Without thinking she spreads her legs more, toes curling. Just as that first orgasm ends, she can feel another coming as that hand starts to rub her overworked, overstimulated clit. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck..." She whimpers, before gasping sharply as her cunt erupts again, drenching the two all over again. Her own hand, mimicking her friend's, goes to her free fat tit and yanks hard on her nipple in unison with the other.
  13. [19:24] *Simply Chloe listened intently to those cute whimpers as she fucked her harder, before moaning loudly herself as Christy came again, thrusting as deep as she could as she felt her cunt milk her cock. She slammed against her ass with a shaky moan; with Christy's legs so sluttily spread, Chlo was able to press deeper, feeling her flare push past her cervix with a gasp as it entered her womb. The thought was incredibly sexy to her; she felt her hearts pound and resisted the urge to cum right then as she felt the gasping slut shuddering around her.
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