Videl, and humans new power.

Sep 28th, 2014
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  1. Videl is introduced in this universe a little early.After the cell saga Videl looked met Kiera in school. Bulma thought it would be best to have kiera resume her normal school life after all the fighting and training for the andriods. Kiera kinda wanted to so she could keep her mind off her fathers death.Remember gokus family is in the city and Keep in mind Kiera defeated Cell, so she became very popular among the crowd. In this timeline Kiera is the hero and not hercule so hercule isnt as rich as he was in the original series but he was still a skilled martial artist. Videl was jelous of kiera becuase she was also a fighter. She called her a fake for riuning her dad on tv. She tried ot fight her but kiera just told her the truth, hercule is weak and cell could have killed him at anytime, but she also told videl her father is also a hero. If he didnt throw over andriod 16's head she would have never ascended to super saiyan 2 to defeat cell. Videl already knew her father wasent the strongest but she was happy to know he helped somehow. After that they became best friends, they were practically the goten and trunks of the series.
  3. Videl grew fascinated upon energy and kiera was glad to teach her everything she wanted to know. Videl leared alot and grew qiute strong! But during the fight Kiera had with bojack, Videl tried to come and help kiera. Videl was almost killed in the attempt. After that she begged kiera for her secret in power. Kiera told her she was a saiyan hybrid of that and human. Videl didnt belive her at first but she realized what kind of power cell had and how he got it. Kiera felt for her friend deeply and understood how she felt. Kiera had an idea and went on a quest with videl to gather the dragon balls. Videl wanted to get stronger so she went with her. After they gathered all seven dragon balls and called the dragon, kiera asked the dragon to make videl a saiyan but the dragon refused. Videl sad as ever and kiera fuming angry, she flew to kami's lookout to talk to dende and piccolo. Dende says he could ask the dragon to do it but piccolo didnt think it was a good idea.Piccolo reminded that with our power comes great responsibility and not for personal gain. Then dende asked what if they made Videl a new Z warrior sworn to defend earth like everyone else? Kiera thought it was a great idea and Videl was thrilled. Goku teleports in and makes a suggestion. He cliams that if the earth had more people to defend it like he used to, it would make it a better place. The idea of turning someone into a saiyan just to get stronger was...unrealistic so instead he askes everyone if he can make the wish instead.
  5. They summon the dragon at the lookout and when shenron asks if they have a wish...
  7. Goku" Kiera im glad you made a great friend.
  8. Kiera" She is pretty awesome isnt she?"
  9. Goku" Videl was it?"
  10. Videl" Yess! Sir!"
  11. Goku" I can sense your spirit and i know you will use your new powers for good.But i have to ask you...are you sure this is something you want? This mission is a dangerous one."
  12. * Videl stares into gokus eyes with more fire and passion than anything he has ever seen before *
  13. Goku" Then it settled."
  14. Kiera" Dad? what are you going to wish for?"
  15. Goku" You'll see honey"
  17. *goku walks torwards the dragon*
  19. Goku" Shenron! its been a long time!"
  20. Shenron" Yes goku it has! but speak! i dont have forever! I should have seperated the dragon balls an hour ago! But i stayed behinf for your kin."
  21. Goku" And i apreciate it shenron, but i have a problem."
  22. Shenron" What is it?"
  23. Goku" For years, my earthling friends have had to train more than anyone else just to fail to keep up with the power of the saiyans. I want these earthlings to have the same fighting chance as any saiyan. Is there a way you can do this?"
  24. Shenron" I dont think i understand what you are asking of me."
  25. Goku" I want you to set the human limit in fighting ability as high as the saiyans"
  26. Piccolo" What if we have bad eggs goku?"
  27. Goku" Then like everyone else we have thwarted, they will fall. This is for everyone, good and evil alike."
  28. Piccolo" I hope you know what you're doing goku"
  29. Goku" Besides! we need some planet security, we never know when we might run into another freiza again. These eathlings arent as lucky as we namek and sayians are, were are bound to need some help at somepoint. Why not get started now? home grown?"
  30. Shenron" This i can do...if that is what you wish"
  31. Goku" Make it happen shenron!"
  32. Kiera" Dad!"
  33. Videl" Th...Thank you!"
  34. Goku" If you want to be as strong as we are, i suggest you and kiera get to work miss Videl. Your not any stronger than you were a second ago but i promise, if you try your best and do everything you can like i know you will. You will be one of earths greatest warriors and you get to set the torch first. Welcome aboard"
  35. Videl" I swear it!"
  36. Goku" Good, Kiera, i have to go, it was good seeing you.
  37. Kiera" Daddy no! Where are you going?"
  38. Goku" I only have 40 more mins left on this planet, King yammma owes me a favor and sent me here to make this wish. He thought you girls were spot on too! Anyway, i'm going to go surprise your mother before i leave. Take care my daughter, remember that i will always love you.
  39. Kiera" I love you too daddy..."
  41. *Videl shakes gokus hand and he teleports to west city*
  43. Videl does train with kiera and they get stronger everyday after school. Right before the majin buu saga happens and before the world tournement. Kiera goes missing, Videl wonders why and travels with Kiego investigating where she might have went, then they get sucked into Xenoverse.
  45. Videl eventually travels with kiera after they reunite.
  46. ""
  47. Ill fill out more later! 9/28/2014
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