Tate no Yuusha Chapter 100: Hot Spring

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  1. There are bound to be a few lines that I probably didn't translate correctly or didn't phrase correctly. If so point it out and I'll try to fix it. If you see a * on a line, it means I wasn't completely sure about the sentence and if you can correct it if you think of something better.
  4. Chapter 100: Hot Spring
  6. After that, Since we lightly played at the sandy beach while the day waned we returned to the inn, then I looked for the shadow to ask about the schedule.
  8. Naofumi: "That reminds me, what time is the meeting?"
  9. Shadow: "After Heroes bathing and meal degojaru."
  10. Naofumi: "I see. "
  12. So after a bath and dinner is the meeting huh, and how much information I can draw out from those guys, everything is hanging on me.
  13. Before that......
  15. Naofumi: "Then I'll go to the bath.."
  16. Raphtalia: "Aa, Yes. We'll also take a bath shortly."
  17. Naofumi: "Aah. "
  19. So, leaving those two behind, I went to enter the bath.
  21. Naofumi: "Fuuu..."
  23. Soaked in a Japanese style hot spring of open air, I let out a sigh while looking to the sky.
  24. *Since it's also a hot spring, lately it's good and refreshing entering the bath everyday.
  25. Feels like my body's sluggishness is considerably improving too.
  26. Though I've yet to recover from my status.
  27. Or maybe despite my body being sluggish, I'm getting accustomed to it.
  28. So, I had entered the bath with that good feeling but.
  30. Motoyasu: "Oh? Well if it isn't Naofumi."
  32. Motoyasu enters the bathroom.
  33. Where is the spear?
  34. After saying that, If I look well enough, there is a really small spear attacked to his waist.
  35. Figured it was like that.
  36. I too had reduced the shield as much as possible and placed it on my back.
  37. Since I'm not able to remove it from the body, it helps to be able to change where it's attached.
  38. After pouring hot water on himself, Motoyasu enters hot spring bath.
  40. Naofumi: "You already fine after that hangover?"
  41. Motoyasu: "Can YOU talk?"
  42. Naofumi: "You ate that yourself right? I didn't tell you to eat it."
  43. Naofumi: "Well, seems like your world is a different Japan, with a different constitution. "
  44. Motoyasu: "Yea Yea."
  46. Well, not like I was drunk though.
  47. To begin with, I'm sure you had fun being nursed by the bitches.
  48. Though you might have not realized it with a hangover and all.
  50. Motoyasu: "Heeey. It's quite a good bath ya know."
  52. Motoyasu raises a loud voice toward someone.
  53. Who's he talking to?
  55. Itsuki: "I can see that myself. How many times do you think we've come here?"
  57. Itsuki and his male followers had entered.
  58. Thus, seeing Motoyasu, Itsuki makes a turbid expression.
  60. Itsuki: "Because I have a lot of things I want to say to you in the meeting, Please keep it in moderation."
  61. Motoyasu: "Those are my words but it's an hot spring you know? You gotta enjoy it."
  63. What are you enjoying?
  64. Was what I was thinking but then I noticed Ren was among the group as well.
  65. Well, today's the meeting after all.
  66. Something like this happens too.
  68. Firo: "Master-"
  70. Jumping over the fence, Firo comes to the mens bath.
  71. Of course, in her demon appearance.
  73. Naofumi: "Hm? Something wrong?"
  74. Firo: "I want to enter with Master. "
  75. Naofumi: "You are a bird. Enter a different hot bath. Actually, rather than a normal bath, go to a bird bath."
  76. Firo: "Noo"
  78. Such a selfish fellow.
  79. Well......
  81. Naofumi: "Get rid of any loose feathers."
  82. Firo: "Yay"
  84. Firo soaks in the bath next to me.
  86. Motoyasu: "Bathing together with Firo-chan."
  88. Motoyasu approaches here with some disgusting eyes.
  89. Firo backed off and used me as a shield.
  91. Motoyasu: "Firo-chan. Your angel form if you will."
  92. Firo: "No!"
  94. This guy is persistent.
  95. How much can a guy like angels?
  96. To begin with, is bathing together with a bird so much fun?
  97. I don't understand.
  98. Motoyasu starts bathing in high spirits.
  100. Motoyasu: "With that, We all did the party exchange so, who do you guys think is the most beautiful girl?"
  102. Uwaa... He though of an awfully stupid topic.
  103. This isn't a school trip.
  104. No, Maybe for Motoyasu it's like a school trip from his world?
  105. Ren and Itsuki are making questionable faces too.
  106. But, maybe he thought this out for the sake of making conversation with Itsuki.
  108. Motoyasu: "Next, have you guys already done it? I... heheh."
  110. Motoyasu is endlessly annoying.
  111. What does this guy want to do.
  112. Rather, that statement reeks of a virgin.
  113. Was this guy really a ladies man?
  114. This is a tremendously unpleasant mood.
  115. I just entered, but should I leave?
  117. Motoyasu: "Hey, Naofumi, you've already done Raphtalia right?"
  118. Naofumi: "Why are you turning the conversation my way?"
  120. This guy, to talk as if there was nothing between us.
  121. Rather, who was it that was glaring at me as if I was their parents enemy when it was the incident with the queen.
  122. Is this light mood something a hero needs?
  123. Can't be.
  125. Motoyasu: "Isn't it fine. This time's festivities is for the sake of growing friendships right?"
  126. Naofumi: "What are you misunderstanding?"
  128. Well, The official stance may be like that, but truth is, it's for drawing out information.
  129. No... If it's Motoyasu, It's likely friendship.
  130. Though I'm sure it's less friendship than snatching women to him.
  131. Ren and Itsuki have memories I'm sure.
  132. Excessively unpleasant expressions shoot toward Motoyasu.
  134. Motoyasu: "Anyway, I'll tell ya my particular cute girl rankings."
  135. Naofumi: "I refuse."
  136. Itsuki: "Unproductive."
  137. Ren: "Not my hobby."
  139. While saying that, Ren and Itsuki couldn't silence Motoyasu.
  140. Just listening is useless.
  142. Motoyasu: "My type of girl is Whore, Raphatalia-chan, Firo-chan, and Rishia-chan."
  143. Naofumi: "......"
  145. What the hell is Motoyasu's taste.
  146. All members and types scattered all over.
  147. It's fine as long as the face is good?
  149. Itsuki: "That's so isn't it. Whore is a former princess after all. It seems her personality is bad, but I was normally interacting with her during my time."
  151. And here Itsuki is joining into the conversation.
  152. Armor is.... muttering something to Itsuki's ear.
  153. I can slightly hear it.
  154. *Something like talking to Itsuki about their own taste or so.
  155. Every last one of them is going with the flow.
  157. Ren: "Well, you say the Queen's personality is bad, But I don't mind it."
  159. Then, Ren jumped in too.
  160. You... Didn't you say this wasn't your hobby?
  162. Ren: "Rather, Raphtalia-san personality is severe right? Or perhaps damn serious. she's hardheaded. But her face looks is very put in order."
  163. Motoyasu: "Right?"
  164. Itsuki: "...Certainly, her face is good. Though her personality is bad."
  166. Again, why are you guys getting swallowed into Motoyasu's pace.
  167. It's easy to spit out a complaint, but I don't want to play along with them.
  168. Or rather, It's not that her personality is bad, You guys handled Raphtalia wrong.
  170. Firo: "Is Firo cute?"
  172. Firo asks me of all things in the world.
  174. Naofumi: "Who knows."
  175. Firo: "Buuu....."
  176. Motoyasu: "In my heart Firo-chan is the cutest! So turn into your angel appearance."
  177. Firo: "No!"
  179. Motoyasu, is her human form really getting to you that much?
  180. Even though if you raise a Philorial yourself, It'll become similar to Firo.
  182. Motoyasu: "Rishia-chan has some praiseworthy cuteness too... I'm jealous of you Itsuki."
  183. Itsuki: "No... that girl is...... "
  185. Itsuki, somehow seems to be getting embarrassed.
  186. The guy who will do anything for the sake of being an ally of justice.
  187. *Doubt grows in me too about how Rishia became a party member of Itsuki's, with how he likes to stir up trouble just to get the fame for solving it and all.
  189. Ren: "Was there such a person?"
  191. Seems like she was outside Ren's view huh.
  192. Well, I can't negate the possibility of Itsuki's party moving on his basis......They may have feigned friendliness with Ren and Motoyasu.
  193. In the first place, Rishia's weak good luck, or rather, she's not very self-assertive herself.
  194. If you look at it from Ren's side, there were only plain people.
  196. Motoyasu: *"Seems like everyone and me has the same realization."
  197. Itsuki: "Well, in general that's right. If it's just the face."
  198. Ren: "......"
  200. Ren and I ignore in silence
  201. Rather, what's with this conversation.
  202. No, probably something between men.
  204. Firo: "Firo's going back to Oneechan now. "
  205. Naofumi: "Aah, Just go."
  206. Firo: "Yea!"
  208. And, the cheerfully nodding Firo jumped over the fence and returned to the woman's bath.
  209. Now, guess I'll leave.
  210. Somehow, it feels like Motoyasu is in high tension, and wants to open up a conversation with just men.
  212. Motoyasu: "Hey, Naofumi, How far have you gone with Raphtalia-chan?"
  213. Naofumi: "That again, As I said before, we don't have that kind of relationship."
  214. Motoyasu: "Well, Surely Raphtalia thinks differently."
  215. Naofumi:"What are you joking about..."
  216. Motoyasu:"Then, was there no kind of action?"
  217. Naofumi: "None."
  218. Motoyasu: "Well, Then maybe Raphtalia approached you or so?
  219. Naofumi: "No Approaching or anything. In the first place, she's a kid."
  220. Motoyasu: "Are you dense? Then Raphtalia hasn't undressed or anything? I can't tell with the clothes and armor but her proportion is good right?"
  222. Seems like I gotta keep him company for us to move on.
  223. He really is a troublesome guy.
  225. Naofumi: "Come to think of it, Before..."
  227. An event at the time I was peddling.
  228. It was a time when we went to a famous region with hotsprings all over to sell things.
  229. The inn I entered likewise had a hot spring.
  231. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama......"
  233. *The evening of that day, Raphtalia, who was wearing a bathrobe, entered the room and talked to me while I was in the middle of compounding.
  234. Somehow, in an appearance only of wrapped in a towel, I remember her seeming embarrassed to me.
  235. Not knowing what she was thinking, Raphtalia undid the large cloth and displayed her own body.
  237. Raphtalia: "H, how is it?"
  239. She acquired muscles to an extent, I know her breast were big too, from that time she hugged before, I thought they would become a hindrance.
  240. How should I say, They are plump, I thought where did all that power come from.
  241. Her hair was wet too.
  242. Thought there were some scars on her back , now there's no trace of them left.
  243. Because the time I got her to show me them before, since I had effective medicine for scars I smeared it on them..
  244. Raphtalia was showing me its whole body shamefully.
  246. Naofumi: "Well, It's gotten considerably better right? There's a huge difference between now and the time we met."
  247. Raphtalia: "Eh? Um...... is it just that?"
  248. Naofumi: "Is there something else?"
  250. To my question, somehow Raphtalia had her mouth opened wide as if she was astonished and at a lost for words.
  252. Naofumi: "Also, you'll catch a cold if you stay naked like...."
  253. Firo: "Ah! Oneechan got naked!"
  255. Firo returned to the room and raised a fuss.
  256. Thus took off her one piece, got completely naked and charged here.
  258. *Firo: "Let Firo mix in too!"
  259. *Raphtalia: *"We aren't mixing! What is that?"
  261. *Normally, from the standpoint of the naked Firo, She was eager to get naked.
  263. Naofumi: "And that's what happened. "
  264. Motoyasu: "This dense motherfucker------!"
  266. Motoyasu with a look of some anger, came swinging his fist at me.
  267. I stopped and gripped that fist.
  269. Naofumi: "What's with you so suddenly."
  270. Motoyasu: "That was a open appeal! To not chow down on a meal set before you is rude!"
  271. Naofumi: "What are you saying. I said it before didn't I? Raphtalia's a kid. And also 'damn serious', she wouldn't be thinking of such a thing."
  273. Try having a relationship poorly, and when it comes time to fight waves she's pregnant and not covered as war potential.
  274. Among other such things.
  275. Raphtalia who gets fired up for a mission wouldn't desire such a thing.
  276. Rather, I'm sure she'd hate it.
  277. I view creating an environment for Raphtalia to fight easily as my motto.
  279. Motoyasu: "That level of denseness, I can't believe it."
  281. Motoyasu, seems like he willfully consents and backs off.
  282. After that, Motoyasu instantaneously switches over, this time shifting his focus on the fence.
  284. Motoyasu: "If we are men, then the obligatory pe-ek-ing, is our responsibility as Heroes!"
  285. Naofumi:"How is that responsibility!"
  286. Motoyasu: "Look, you guys are interested too right?"
  288. And here, Justice dumbass Itsuki isn't keeping silent.
  290. Itsuki: "You mustn't do such a thing!"
  292. And while saying such things, Itsuki doesn't stop Motoyasu very much, instead he gets closer.
  293. You too huh.
  294. Armor and other men are interested too and are gathering around the fence.
  295. Hey Queen.
  296. Seems like Friendships are deepening in a difference meaning.
  298. Ren: "Stupid."
  300. While Ren grumbles such, he doesn't try to get out the bath.
  301. I don't want to go along with these guys anymore.
  303. Naofumi: "Bath in moderation."
  305. Because I'm quite feed up I leave the bath.
  307. Motoyasu: "What Naofumi, you aren't joining in?"
  308. Naofumi: "I said it before, I have no interest."
  310. To insist on what seeing the body of a real woman.
  311. Even under normal circumstances, I recall bitch and become instantly unhappy.
  312. In the first place, if I impudently stay in this place, I might be charged with an unjustified crime again.
  313. They say a wise man keeps away from danger.
  314. So if even Shadow and me are talking in the room safely, when something happens, I would have an alibi.
  316. Motoyasu: "Seriously dense. I understand Raphtalia-chan's hardships."
  317. Naofumi: "Whatever."
  319. Maybe the Raphtalia in your head is in love with me, wants a relationship and is merely waiting for a chance to strike, but reality's different.
  320. She only has respect towards me as a hero.
  321. From such a Raphtalia  it'll become a betrayal of expectations.
  322. Sheesh.... they say great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasures, but how about loving it too much.
  323. Motoyasu will surely, after the waves are over, have various experiences with women.
  324. The party by the Bitch for the Bitch is on the verge of collapse.
  326. Naofumi: "Fuu."
  328. After the bath, I cool myself off in the room.
  329. Up until just now, Shadow and I had some idle chat, but they said some kind of report came in and vanished.
  330. Before long, I could hear the sound of footsteps and Raphtalia in a towel came rushing in.
  332. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama!"
  333. Naofumi: "What? Were Motoyasu and them found peeping?"
  334. Raphtalia: "Aa, Yes! Just now, the other heroes are reflecting."
  336. Sheesh...... Well, It was the Shadow's observations after all.
  337. *Though this says as friendship is deepened, becomes silent, and is so.
  338. Now that I think about it, what is the standard of peeping in this world?
  339. The norm in my world is around Edo Period or so there appeared to be holes for peeping use in the bath.
  340. Here the men's bath and such had been separated but comparatively in different inns in the region there was mixed bathing.
  342. Raphtalia: "Not that! Naofumi-sama was?"
  343. Naofumi: "Why do I need to peep?"
  345. Raphtalia drops her head crestfallenly to my answer.
  347. Raphtalia: "...I thought talking with the other heroes would have awoken something in you a little.. "
  348. Naofumi: "Awoken?"
  350. A different power or the shield's true strength maybe?
  351. I want to awaken that.
  352. Unfortunately, nothing.
  354. Firo: "What's wrong with oneechan?"
  356. Firo who came back, tilted her head to Raphtalia who head was dropping.
  358. Naofumi: "Who knows."
  360. What made Raphtalia get so depressed?
  362. Naofumi: "What's got you depressed? Did being seen naked by Motoyasu put you into shock?"
  363. Raphtalia: "I wasn't seen!"
  364. Naofumi: "Then that's good. "
  365. Raphtalia: "Haaaa, whatever.. "
  367. Raphtalia returned with a weary look  after just stepping out of the bath.
  368. By the way, after retuning I asked for the reason but, I didn't get a reply.
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