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  1. [CENTER][B]tl;dr Sneaky sneaky, explode *****es, secure all the global gold.
  2. [/B][/CENTER]
  3. First of all, this [U]isn't[/U] really a traditional guide. This is more to help people new to Shaco get an idea, an [I]introduction[/I]. Do's don't's and advice. Whatever. You get the idea. This isn't for people who know this champion already. This is [I]purely[/I] for the [I]Baby Shaco[/I]. This 'guide' came about as a result of all the questions I get, as well as the ones I field for various streamers.
  4. Yes, I'm not high ranking - but that doesn't make anything I say any less true.
  5. [I]Why?[/I] [B]Because I asked these questions once. I asked, I learned, I improved.[/B] Whenever I have a new question, I ask those appropriate.
  6. All of these words are written by me, repeated by me but from another.
  7. I try out a lot of new set ups, so [I]try[/I] not to use [U]my[/U] match history as a reference. I really like theory crafting. If you want to use anyones match history try [B][URL=""]Derp Shaco[/URL][/B], [B][URL=""]Back2Nexus[/URL][/B] or [B][URL=""]Beautiful Korean[/URL][/B].
  9. [CENTER][B]Shaco, The Demon Jester. [/B][/CENTER]
  11. When he's on the enemy team, and knows what he's doing it can be [I]devastating[/I]. This usually means [U]no[/U] dragon control, [U]no[/U] jungle for your jungler, and you feel like all 3 lanes are being camped at the same time. His [I]amazing[/I] gank paths and early pressure are just simply stunning.
  12. He's a high skill cap & floor champion, that fully fulfills that "[B]high risk, high reward[/B]" description. He can dive you, he can juke you, he can burst you, and make you wish you never left anything unwarded ever.
  14. [B]A Quick Rundown of his Kit.[/B]
  15. [U][B]Passive[/B][/U]
  16. [INDENT]Backstab[/INDENT]
  17. [INDENT][INDENT]Shaco deals 20% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind with his basic attacks or abilities
  18. [B]What this means:[/B] Try to hit everything you're attacking from behind. Bonus damage!
  19. [B]Worth mentioning:[/B] Backstab's bonus damage applies to Shaco's autoattacks and abilities, except for Jack In The Box[W].[/INDENT][/INDENT]
  21. [B]Q[/B]
  22. [INDENT]Deceive[/INDENT]
  23. [INDENT][INDENT]Shaco instantly blinks to a target nearby location and enters stealth for up to 3.5 seconds. Dealing damage will break stealth early. His next basic attack within 6 seconds is guaranteed to critically strike for modified base critical damage.
  24. Bonus critical damage from items, runes and mastery is applied for the full amount.
  25. [B]What this means:[/B] You're a sneaky mother****er. This is what makes you so scary. You're invisible, you get an automatic crit for 6 seconds.
  26. [B]Worth mentioning: [/B]This has the same range as Flash. Also, canceling an auto cancels stealth, [/INDENT][/INDENT]
  28. [B]W[/B]
  29. [INDENT]Jack in the Box[/INDENT]
  30. [INDENT][INDENT] Shaco summons a box at the target location that stealths after a 2 second delay and lasts for up to 60 seconds. When an enemy comes within 300 units, the box springs open: causing surrounding enemies to turn and flee while it attacks nearby enemies for up to 5 seconds.
  31. [B]What this means:[/B] This is what helps Shaco clear camps fast, and helps his ganks as well. His main form of cc, can really **** things up. Use these to kite to, to tank, to take objectives, and **** up a teamfight.
  32. [B]Worth mentioning:[/B] Don't max these second, if anything do as Derp Shaco and I now do, and put a second point into it, then max q second. Boxes become unrealiable and easily two shot rapidly. It's not often they'll stay alive for the full damage duration after a certain point. Not worth maxing second.[/INDENT][/INDENT]
  34. [B]E[/B]
  35. [INDENT]Two-shiv Poison[/INDENT]
  36. [INDENT][INDENT]PASSIVE: Shaco's basic attacks poison his targets, reducing their movement speed for 2 seconds. It also gives affected non-champion units a chance to miss their attacks.
  37. ACTIVE: Shaco throws a dagger at a target enemy dealing magic damage and applying his slowing poison to them for 3 seconds. The passive is deactivated during the cooldown.
  38. [B]What this means:[/B] This is where your perma-slow comes from, provided you can keep auto'ing the enemy. Very annoying, and paired with Q, can keep you on them forever. Add in items, and everyone you auto hates you.
  39. [B]Worth mentioning:[/B] Do not throw your shiv too soon, you LOSE the passive slow. Save it untl the last moment. This skill is also why people take AP glyphs, it does a lot of damage.[/INDENT][/INDENT]
  41. [B]R[/B]
  42. [INDENT]Hallucinate[/INDENT]
  43. [INDENT][INDENT]Shaco vanishes for 0.5 seconds, then creates a clone of himself that will last for up to 18 seconds. The clone deals 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 50% extra damage. This clone deals 50% damage to towers and inhibitors. At the end of its duration or when dying the clone will explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
  44. What this means: This is why Shaco is such an amazing duelist - you can duel anyone by dodging things, and dealing amazing amounts of damage, as well as juking. [Shaco suddenly > Kha'Zix. Nice isolation nerd]
  45. Shaco literally vanishes off the map upon casting this. So if you time it right, you'll never be blitz hooked, lee sin q'd or anything like that ever again. A good panic button of sorts.
  46. Worth mentioning: Shaco faces the same direction as he did when the ability was cast. The clone faces towards the top of the screen. The clone will apply on hit-effects just a Shaco would. If you have buffs on you, or were pinged prior to ulting, it's easy to tell you, from your clone.[/INDENT][/INDENT]
  48. [B]So why pick him?[/B]
  49. [INDENT]Simply put - all the reasons I listed right there. Great ganks, amazing objective control (Easy solo drag at lvl 6 with any jungle item.), and can even help with ward coverage for maximum efficiency. His ability to gank from so many ways, perma slow you, juke you around can make people mad.
  50. You can camp someone and they'll simply have no way of warding every possible gank path against you without help from their own jungler - who will presumably be warding their jungle in fear of you.
  51. Your jungle clear is [I]fantastic[/I], and you can often do Your blue, their red, your red, gank, before 4 minutes.
  53. I'd also like to mention how fantastic Shaco is at making picks. Making a pick is having vision somewhere, and finding someone alone and just instagibbing them.
  54. [/INDENT]
  55. [B]Your goal as a Shaco.[/B]
  56. [LIST=1]
  57. [*]Objective control
  58. [*]Accelerating the game in your teams favor
  59. [*]Vision Control
  60. [*]Map Pressure
  61. [/LIST]
  62. You get the idea. All stuff you want from your jungler, and Shaco excels at this. He's not going to be Master Yi or Udyr afk farming for the first 15 minutes of the game. He's going to be [I]everywhere[/I] he can.
  64. So you might have heard "[I]Shaco has no late game, he's just a glorified split pusher then.[/I]"
  65. Well, yes [B]and[/B] no. It's really on how you play it, and the other thousands of variables. Personally, I prefer teamfighting as Shaco, as does [U]Derp Shaco[/U] for example. There will be games it's better to split push for whatever reason. That's not the point of my saying this however.
  66. Don't believe everything you hear about Shaco.
  67. If you like this champion, want to play this champion, learn him and master him. [I]Do it. [/I]
  68. You'll probably hear a lot of "Please don't pick Shaco", though usually in lower elo. (Sometimes high elo, but less so from what I've seen via watching various streams.)
  70. As Shaco you have amazing [B]objective control[/B] in your ability to box for vision/cc, ward everywhere as well as box/ult tank. It's not long before I tell my team to push mid/top while I solo baron for them, and then join the fight to catch a straggler/carry in hiding. Not to mention the fact you can dodge damage entirely with your ultimate. Dodging the right thing can change everything. Suddenly Syndra blew her ult for nothing, Lee Sin missed his kick, and the Morg binding hit a minion. Your ult is good as a panic button too. The jukes are real if you can master clone control while running yourself.
  73. Thing is - you need to know your limits, your matchups, and your cooldowns. Spamming q? You might be in trouble if they're invading your jungle. You're probably going to go oom rapidly without mana pots/blue buff/Spirit item.
  74. Somethings I want to really emphasize here in particular is: [B][U]Wards are your friend.[/U][/B] Seriously, there is [B]NO[/B] reason not to be warding. It benefits everyone on your team - and takes away from theirs.
  75. Fight for [U]vision control[/U]. Just do it, it's worth it, and it's an AMAZING habit to get into. Especially low elo's. (Like meeeee o my gosh.)
  77. I would also like to mention: Shaco is team reliant as [I]hell[/I]. While he's an amazing duelist and so on, he excels at accelerating the game in his teams favor. In other words, snowballing everyone until you wish you never played this match. If that doesn't happen, things can be extremely rough.
  78. Another thing. While it's good, I don't recommend right away, is [U]Chinese Jester[/U]'s guide. It's incredibly lengthy, but it's a full out guide. This is again, an introduction. If you think this is long, CJ's guide is like a 8 book series to you. Links for everyones guides(if they have one) Will be put under their builds, personal notes i've added.
  80. Another important thing: Summoner spells. You as Shaco, can take whatever you want. Normally, people take Ignite/Smite. However, some cases, Exhaust/Smite might be better. (Double adcs, zed, etc etc.)
  81. Play around with it, and try it all out. Ignite makes for easy kills, but exhaust offers a lot in many situations.
  83. [U][B]Runes for Shaco.[/B][/U]
  84. [INDENT]There are so many different set-ups, which I'll get to in the builds section. For someone just learning? I highly recommend this.
  85. [B]9x AD Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x MR/Lvl Glyphs, 3x MS Quints.[/B]
  86. Masteries wise, probably just [URL=""]21/0/9.[/URL][/INDENT]
  88. [B]Why this?[/B] Because Shaco is squishy, and takes some getting used to in terms on jungle clear. I recommend weaning yourself off full defensive runes as soon as you get the basics down. Attack speed is your friend on Shaco. I recommend this as you start to improve.
  89. Once you know your limits etc very well (Mechanics in short), switch over to the AP set up if you want.
  90. [B]What do I use?[/B]
  91. It's below, but lately I've taken to using [U]Derp Shaco[/U]'s set up. So far, it's worked well, but I still would prefer more attack speed. But whatever works, works.
  95. [B]A few other runes people consider.[/B]
  96. [INDENT][U]CDR[/U] ; Pretty good, I personally don't do it because I'm used to my current set up, and I get enough CDR from items.
  97. [U]AP[/U] ; Strong yes, weaker later, riskier, less consistent. Good, but not recommended. *Note on this, I'm meaning when you go to start selling early items for suvivability, you're likely losing AS, which really helps with stickiness. The AP does damage, but even then most people have mr so it's kind of meh after a point.
  98. [U]Crit[/U] ; it's okay, you already get crit in items, and on your q. Not super worth. [/INDENT]
  100. [B][U]So what different ways are there to play Shaco?[/U][/B]
  101. [INDENT]Split push, teamfight, bruiser, tank, support, AP burst assassin, AD burst assassin.
  102. Personally, I favor teamfight/split push in that order. That's mostly because I learned how to team fight, which few do as Shaco mains.
  103. Everyone does it differently, and it's a matter of finding what YOU like.
  104. Yes, I will be discussing what I do a lot purely because i'm most familiar with it. This will be updated as I go collecting information geared towards beginners from the others.[/INDENT]
  106. [B]Builds, who did them, and notes on them [/B]
  107. [INDENT]There's literally thousands of different build paths for Shaco, and I'll mention a few I know of here.[/INDENT]
  108. [U]From - Items - Runes/Masteries.[/U]
  110. [B]*Note*[/B] All of these have more than 6 items listed. But omg why? Because you shouldn't build the same thing every game. The items listed are most common Sometimes you will find a need to get say, Hexdrinker. Do it.
  112. [URL=""]Workshop Shaco[/URL] - Wriggles Lantern, Blade of The Ruined King, Boots(Mercury treads, Ninja Tabi), Randuins Omen, Banshee's Veil, Maw of Malmortius, Youmuu's Ghost Blade, Thornmail, Last Whisper, Ravenous Hydra, Warmogs, Guardian Angel. - [URL=""]21/9/0[/URL], MS quints, AD marks, scaling armor seals, and scaling MR glyphs
  113. [[URL=""]Toplane Shaco Guide[/URL]]
  114. [B]Notes:[/B] Overall, probably the safest route. While Youmuu's is a GREAT item on Shaco, you might not get it everygame, but instead opt for a Banshee's veil due to heavy AP burst.
  115. [6:33] Workshop Shaco: I start machete and pots, first back get madreds and boots of speed. Then triple longsword. Complete cutlass and wriggles asap. After that I get boots and defense items based on my game.
  117. [URL=""]Mrs Shaco[/URL] - Wriggles Lantern, Hydra, Boots(Mobi, greaves[Mercs selectively]), Statik Shiv, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Triforce, Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel, Banshee's Veil, Bloodthirster, Botrk, Last Whisper. - [URL=""]21/0/9[/URL], 9x AD marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x Attack Speed Glyphs, 3x MS Quints.
  119. [B]Notes[/B]: I have an alternate route, both start similar(The second is pretty much Derp Shaco's mixed with Workshops.). I also will usually Madstone if I go for Wriggles. This allows me to give up Blue, and still have sustain in the jungle mana-wise(beyond buying mana pots.)
  120. If you're extremely confident, but I do not recommend, AS yellows over armor. This is something I used to do in Season 3, along with my mentor.
  121. Oops you're reading my guide thing. Refresh page for link to it :^) as for my stream, I rarely use it so I won't link that either.
  124. [URL=""]Derp Shaco[/URL] - Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Ravenous Hydra, Statikk Shiv, Warmogs, Banshee's Veil, Boots of Mobility, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Youmuus Ghostblade, . - [URL=""]27/0/3[/URL], 9x AD Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x AP Glyphs, 2x MS Quints, 1x AD Quint.
  126. [B]Notes: [/B]
  127. Derp Shaco opts for a much safer rune setup (You could go AS yellows), and this set up is actually pretty strong - but not super forgiving if you get behind. Not without experience anyways. This set up makes it really easy to snowball, but if you get behind it's kind of difficult. You also rely VERY hard on box tanking for clearing due to your lack of attack speed. This usually means you'll want every blue buff. Your shiv and box are super strong due to the AP ratios, but if you can't stay on them (Usually why people take AS for stickiness via e passive) you might have a bad time. Take ignite with this set up. As nice as exhaust is, Ignite will help you snowball more with this set up. Not 100% recommended, but deserves to be noted.
  128. [[URL=""]Hypoxis[/URL]] [[URL=""]Guide(Unfinished)[/URL]] [[URL=""]Twitch[/URL]]
  130. [URL=""]Raasu[/URL] -  Spirit stone, Ravenous Hydra, Trifroce, Infinity Edge, Boots(Greaves, Mobis), Statikk Shiv,
  131. [URL=""]21/9/0[/URL], 9x AD Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 3x AS Glyphs, 6x CDR Glyphs, 3x AS Quints
  133. [URL=""]Beautiful Korean[/URL] - Spirit Stone, Mobility Boots, BOTRK, IE, Statikk Shiv, Last Whisper, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge. - [URL=""]21/9/0[/URL], 9x AD Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x AP Glyphs, 3x AD quints.
  134. [[URL=""]Guide[/URL]] [[URL=""]Twitch[/URL]]
  136. [URL=""]Twoshivs Onebox[/URL]  - Wriggles, Botrk, Ravenous Hydra, Statikk Shiv, Youmuus, Last Whisper, Guardian Angel, Mobi boots. - [URL=""]21/0/9[/URL], 9x AD marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x Attack Speed Glyphs, 3x MS Quints.
  137. Notes:
  138. Twoshivs Onebox hasn't been as active recently, and I've yet to confer with him about the current patch, and changes to how it's done. He's the first one to teach me how to play Shaco.
  139. [[URL=""]Mey Yags[/URL]]   [[URL=""]Twitch[/URL]]
  141. [URL=""]Phytes[/URL] - Madreds + SoTEL(Yes, together.), Ravenous Hydra, Statikk Shiv, Infinity Edge, Botrk, Triforce, Maw of Malmortius. -[URL=""]21/0/9[/URL], 9x AD Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x AP Glyphs, 3x MS Quints
  142. Notes: Phytes' games don't go long enough for me to add any other items - and he's not been on yet for me to ask about other items. Basically a hybrid of Twoshivs/me and Derp Shaco's.
  143.  [[URL=""]Twitch[/URL]]
  145. [URL=""]Skarnerino[/URL] -  wriggles -> shiv -> atk speed boots -> ie -> botrk/lw -> Botrk/lw - [URL=""]21/9/0[/URL], 9x Ad Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 5x AS Glyphs, 4x MR glyphs, 3x MS quints
  147. [URL=""]Back2Nexus[/URL]: This guy literally does random **** every game. Don't trust this shifty mother****er. (Ah, what a [I]god[/I])
  149. [URL=""]Chinese Jester[/URL]:
  150. Too asian for me. Sorry. I don't even recommend his guide to beginners. Good guy, good player blah blah. Still, just check his lengthy guide for more.
  152. [[URL=""]Guide[/URL]] [[URL=""]Twitch[/URL]]
  154. [U][B]Overall:[/B][/U] Statik Shiv, Ravenous Hydra and Youmuu's ghostblade are all Shaco's waifu's in terms of items.
  155. Congratumawelldones if you made it this far.
  157. More to come as I collect them.
  160. [B][U]On Enemy Jungler Picks.[/U][/B]
  161. [INDENT]A lot of people will pick the following into Shaco, and they're kind of annoying to deal with.
  162. Lee Sin, Elise, Vi, Evelynn.
  165. [B]Lee Sin[/B]: Dodge his q, proceed to duel him then. Avoid that, and you're pretty well off.
  167. [B]Elise[/B]: Pretty much the same as Lee, avoid her cocoon and you'll be alright. Try to box after she rappels (assuming there's nothing for her to rappel to.), assuming you didn't engage AFTER she used her cooldowns, which you should have.
  168. She does a lot of damage and has some decent clear.
  170. [B]Vi[/B]: Very annoying. Kite her into boxes, and avoid her q
  171. Evelynn: Play safe, and ward hard. Pick up early red trinket for when you invade. Use it while in stealth.
  173. [B]Evelynn[/B]: You will need to be buying wards for sure, and upgrading that red trinket ASAP to really fight early for the vision control I stress so much over. In general, you want to avoid her ult, and you should be able to fight her.
  175. I'd go more in depth here, but you get the overall idea. Use your ult to dodge the biggest part of their cc/damage. [U]Derp Shaco[/U]'s guide elaborates on all matchups.[/INDENT]
  177. [B][U]For all those champs that are hard to gank.[/U][/B]
  178. [INDENT][[U]Fizz, Nidalee, Katarina[/U]]
  179. Wait until they use their escape[Trollpole, pounce, shunpo] to go in. While you're clearing camps, there is no reason not to check lanes. Get into the habit of at least checking your minimap every five seconds. You'll notice you're able to make picks, secure drags for free and much more with that habit alone.[/INDENT]
  184. [B][U]Things I really want to stress.[/U][/B]
  185. [INDENT][B]Vision control[/B], getting those deep wards. It's worth it.
  186. [B]Objective control[/B]. Was their jungle just top? Take drag/gank bot.
  187. [B]Kiting to boxes.[/B]
  188. If you're pushing a lane alone and you can't see anyone/only one person on the other side of the map. Start placing boxes behind you to kite to, should they try to collapse on you. This small action can help you duel them, juke them, run away safely, whatever. It's 100% worth it, and really annoys them.
  189. [B]Juggling Aggro.[/B] Juggling Dragon/buff/anything aggro between you, your boxes, and your clones effectively is amazing and allows you to stay full/mostly full health when taking these things. Using boxes to tank is what makes Shaco, Shaco. Learn it, love it.
  190. [B]You are not forced to use any one start every single game.[/B]
  191. I didn't add how everyone of those people starts, simply because there isn't a major point.
  192. Sometimes you might find a Dorans blade/long sword 3 pots start to be better than snagging that Machete right away.
  193. Don't pigeon hole yourself into one set build either.
  194. I can point to [U]Derp Shaco[/U] in particular for this, as he's taken to building some tank items post-shiv. As have I, and it works. The item depends on the matchup. Do not corner yourself into thinking you [I]MUST[/I] get this item EVERY time EVERY game in the SAME order.
  195. It's a nasty habit, and you [I]MUST[/I] learn to build situationally.
  196. [/INDENT]
  197. [B][I]Mistakes I see New Shaco Players Make.[/I][/B]
  198. [INDENT][B]Throwing your Shiv too soon[/B]: Don't do this, you lose your passive perma slow. Throw it when you can't gap close again, and they're getting away.
  199. [B]Forgetting you have boxes:[/B] Walk up beside someone in stealth, place box behind them, or where you think they'll run to escape. Remember, the crit from your q lasts 6 seconds.
  200. [B]Controlling clone, for clone jukes[/B]: Don't forget you can use alt+MB2 to control your clone. Just like Tibbers. Master this, and you'll be considered a god.
  201. [B]Using your q too soon, or too late:[/B] I highly recommend going into a custom, and figuring out how far you can get while stealthed, and from where. Beautiful Korean's Guide includes screenshots that show gank paths. Try them out for an hour or so alone.
  202. *Note: Masked Shaco's poof of smoke is harder to see, as it's purple, not bright orange like every other skins.
  203. [B]Not knowing lane matchups:[/B]
  204. Know if your botlane will be more likely to win/lose based off summoners & picks, and decide where to go based off all these. Try to focus on maybe 1/2 lanes to gank often before trying to be all over the place. Sometimes it just won't be worth trying to gank a certain lane for various reasons.
  206. [B]Trying to force things[/B]: Don't do this, it usually hurts you more than anything. Trying to force unnecessary fights doesn't always work out. [/INDENT]
  208. There are dozens of handy tricks to remember, from how to reset your q cd (If you q'd over a wall, and want to gank) immediately start your recall, then cancel it. Your q is now on CD.
  210. But overall, Shaco is about maintaining your cooldowns, figuring out your own playstyle, and what you're comfortable with. If you go into a match thinking you'll do bad and don't trust yourself with him, you'll probably do bad.
  211. Start identifying your mistakes, what could you have done better? Should you have ganked that lane then? Who had minion advantage? Who was oom? Who used their cd's?
  212. In playing Shaco, I found my own personal awareness for many things go up because of how much I realized I didn't notice [I]before[/I], that became necessity now.
  213. Don't forget, even if you can't gank for your team, you can secure global gold objectives(Drag, help push towers) and ward for them.
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