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Mar 2nd, 2015
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  1. challenge for the venerable Munchkin
  3. Format: 3vs3 single
  4. Style: Set
  5. DQ: 2 weeks
  6. Damage Cap: 45%
  7. Banned/Restricted Moves: Detect, Magic Coat, Protect, Substitute, weather moves, Chills restricted to 1/Poké
  8. Arena Description: The Squared Circle
  9. The place where all roads lead for any would-be pugilist, an unforgiving mat surrounded by ropes and posts usually painted in garish patriotic colors. Due to the closed nature of the venue the ring is housed in, weather-based moves are banned. The referee is expected to properly introduce all competitors with their billed names, weight, and height.
  10. Additional Rules: Pokemon are restricted to ones capable of performing the moves Fissure, Guillotine, and Horn Drill, with one Pokemon corresponding to each move per trainer (these would be shieldon, pawniard, and nidoran for myself and slowpoke, axew, and nidoran for Munchkin). Pokemon representing the same move will always face each other (i.e. the first person to send out automatically selects her opponent's Pokemon as well), and after a knockout is scored, Pokemon are selected anew on both sides.
  12. Each Pokemon is restricted to six unique moves total, to be determined over the course of battle, of which one must be that Pokemon's OHKO move. Chill is not counted for this purpose.
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