fare thee well, aidrocsid ;_;

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  1. [6:11pm] aidrocsid: l0l i banned and dem0dded myself
  2. [6:12pm] aboynamedsu: :O
  3. [6:12pm] lucy: good heavens
  4. [6:12pm] aidrocsid: fuck jr
  5. [6:12pm] aboynamedsu: lol
  6. [6:12pm] tisiwhoshotjr: lol you so mad
  7. [6:12pm] aidrocsid: fucking sucking 0n the c0cks 0f h0rrible pe0ple
  8. [6:12pm] aboynamedsu: I'twas a valiant effort ol' chap
  9. [6:12pm] aboynamedsu: - that rogue I
  10. [6:12pm] finnbawt: aboynamedsu: Error: "that" is not a valid command.
  11. [6:13pm] aidrocsid: n0 i just d0nt have time f0r y0ur trash
  12. [6:13pm] aidrocsid: aint w0rth the eff0rt
  13. [6:13pm] aboynamedsu: my trash?
  14. [6:13pm] space_ball: lucy, help me
  15. [6:13pm] aidrocsid: y0u wanna have a shitty sub y0u d0 that
  16. [6:13pm] aboynamedsu: also, did you break your "o" key?
  17. [6:13pm] aidrocsid: i have a decent vide0 card
  18. [6:13pm] aidrocsid: lapt0p keyb0ard, decent keyb0ard is 0n the new machine
  19. [6:14pm] aboynamedsu: Why are you giving me shit for it?
  20. [6:14pm] aboynamedsu: lol
  21. [6:14pm] aidrocsid: y0u're n0t jr
  22. [6:14pm] aboynamedsu: this is true
  23. [6:14pm] aboynamedsu: as far as YOU khnow
  24. [6:14pm] aboynamedsu: :D
  25. [6:14pm] aidrocsid: then i'd be d0uble disapp0inted
  26. [6:14pm] aboynamedsu: ha
  27. [6:14pm] Dox: u mad.
  28. [6:15pm] aidrocsid: n0 i decisive
  29. [6:15pm] aboynamedsu: Well, it was nice having you aid
  30. [6:15pm] aboynamedsu: sorry it didn't work out
  31. [6:15pm] aidrocsid: ya it was fun when jr let me d0 my j0b
  32. [6:15pm] aidrocsid: but apparently pe0ple like krusty are way c00ler than pe0ple like me
  33. [6:15pm] aboynamedsu: To be fair, the SRSsucks idiots haven't exactly taken root the way it kinda looked like they might there for awhile
  34. [6:16pm] aidrocsid: they will n0w
  35. [6:16pm] aboynamedsu: There's been a few bad comments
  36. [6:16pm] aboynamedsu: but even KK agreed to tone it down
  37. [6:16pm] aidrocsid: i banned 12 0f them
  38. [6:16pm] aidrocsid: that's why
  39. [6:16pm] aboynamedsu: And most of the bans have been L_H and his alts
  40. [6:16pm] aidrocsid: some
  41. [6:17pm] aboynamedsu: It's the TRD mods who are our only real shitheads
  42. [6:17pm] aidrocsid: anyway back t0 skyrim
  43. [6:17pm] aboynamedsu: There hasn't been more than a few total users who have been causing problems
  44. [6:17pm] aboynamedsu: k, don't be a stranger <3
  45. [6:17pm] aidrocsid: jr pm me if y0u ever get sick 0f hanging 0ut with m0nsters
  46. [6:17pm] aboynamedsu: lol
  47. [6:17pm] aidrocsid: like if jimminy cricket gets up y0ur arsse
  48. [6:17pm] aidrocsid: just whistle
  49. [6:17pm] david-me: aidrocsid  are you quitting?
  50. [6:17pm] david-me: WTF?
  51. [6:17pm] aidrocsid: i already did
  52. [6:18pm] aidrocsid: i banned and dem0dded mysself
  53. [6:18pm] aidrocsid: thank jr
  54. [6:18pm] david-me: dont get buthurt
  55. [6:18pm] aidrocsid: i d0nt want anything t0 d0 with that sub
  56. [6:18pm] tisiwhoshotjr: You really are the most easily offended person
  57. [6:18pm] aidrocsid: really n0t at all
  58. [6:18pm] aboynamedsu: you're... being a BIT hyperbolic, no?
  59. [6:18pm] tisiwhoshotjr: chill out mang.
  60. [6:19pm] aidrocsid: 0h stuff it
  61. [6:19pm] david-me: !ops
  62. [6:19pm] space_ball: yay drama keep going
  63. [6:19pm] david-me: lol
  64. [6:19pm] space_ball: cmon
  65. [6:19pm] tisiwhoshotjr: lol
  66. [6:19pm] space_ball: this sis good
  67. [6:19pm] tisiwhoshotjr: im too hung over to be involved in drama
  68. [6:20pm] david-me: ! ops
  69. [6:20pm] david-me: !flags
  70. [6:20pm] aidrocsid: i want n0thing t0 d0 with a sub where it's just fine t0 hate 0n the queers
  71. [6:20pm] tisiwhoshotjr: r/drama isn't about hating on queers
  72. [6:20pm] david-me: we do not
  73. [6:20pm] aidrocsid: s0rry i already did high sch00l
  74. [6:20pm] aboynamedsu: Can we still hate on the Jews tho?
  75. [6:20pm] david-me: he was banned aidrocsid
  76. [6:21pm] aidrocsid: f0r 2 mins
  77. [6:21pm] david-me: well
  78. [6:21pm] tisiwhoshotjr: Su, if we offend the jewz they will take away the gold.
  79. [6:21pm] david-me: we are not perfect
  80. [6:21pm] aidrocsid: then unbanned as ss000n as jr ssaw
  81. [6:21pm] david-me: he apologized
  82. [6:21pm] aboynamedsu: That means we lose our crown flair!
  83. [6:21pm] aidrocsid: n0 jr is jusst fine wth big0try
  84. [6:21pm] aboynamedsu: Ok, be nice to the jews everyone
  85. [6:21pm] david-me: no he is not
  86. [6:21pm] aidrocsid: thats c00l hes just a shittier dude than i th0ught
  87. [6:22pm] aidrocsid: idc
  88. [6:22pm] aidrocsid: skyrim callss
  89. [6:22pm] Dox: you seem awfully mad for someone who doesn't care
  90. [6:22pm] aidrocsid: peace mofos
  91. [6:22pm] aidrocsid left the chat room.
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