Anonfilly, feat. Abusive Twilight Part II

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  1. >"Okay Anon, let's get something to eat. Since you were such a good filly, you can choose." a tired Twilight said, glancing down the street to find a crosswalk
  2. >Hmm….
  3. >What to eat?
  4. >Pizza sounded pretty good. What about-
  5. "Let's go to Buck. E. Cheese!" you exclaimed, tugging at her foreleg
  6. >Her face dropped like a rock
  7. >"Oh, you don't want to eat in that stinky old place. There's a nice burrito resturaunt a couple of blocks down, I can-"
  9. >"Anon, please, let's eat somewhere nice just this once-"
  11. >Twilight scowled down at you
  12. >"Anon, that's not how you get something you want."
  13. >You decided to change tack; if she didn't give up in the first few seconds, it usually didn't work
  14. >You dropped to your knees(?), holding your forehooves up in a praying-like fashion
  15. >"P-please mommy? I was a good filly, and good fillies need to be rewarded." you stuttered out, hiding an subtle threat
  16. >She thought it over, undoubtedly playing some 9k chess analyzing motivation, impact, bargaining tools, weather patterns…
  17. >She turned her head down and shook her head
  18. >"I'm gonna regret this…"
  19. >That sounded good
  20. >"We can go IF you clean your room when we get home."
  21. "Deal!" you answered before she could change her mind
  22. >Dumb bitch, you could just shove it all under your bed.
  25. >Be Princess Twilight Sparkle, Guardian of Harmony, Princess of Friendship, savior to the world a dozen times over, magical scholar beyond pony comprehension, a literal demigoddess
  26. >You sat in a dirty booth in a shit-tier resturaunt, watching Anon jam bits into an arcade machine that had been there since before she was- well, before when she would have been born, at least
  27. >All while waiting for a greasy, undercooked pizza coated with foul cheese
  28. >Well, at least you had your book
  29. >You'd barely had two minutes of reading when you felt a familiar tugging
  30. "...Yes, Anon?" you asked, repositioning the book so you could look down at her
  31. >"I need more bits, please." she asked, actually using please for once
  32. "I just gave you ten bits five minutes ago!"
  33. >"Well, I really, really want that miniature pool set." she pointed towards the prize counter in its plasticy glory, a 4000-ticket box featuring a cheap-looking toy billiard table on the cover; it was probably 18 inches by 12 inches, and 4 in height. It seemed to stand on six legs which also served as the holes for the marble-sizes balls
  34. "I could just BUY you one of those at home for a tenth of the cost of winning it."
  35. >"Pfft, account buying is for scrubs."
  36. >...
  37. >"So I rushed and used almost every machine and did a little math." You saw a little pad of paper and pencil hiding in her hoof, "Now I've calculated the cost vs. return ratios, and that machine", she pointed a hoof towards some contraption with a hemisphere top and moving lights, "will pay out the most bits."
  38. "Let me see that."
  39. >She handed over the paper, and you read it over, expecting a bunch of guesswork
  40. >She had graphs calculating payouts based on likelihood, multiplying ticket value by probability, tables comparing machines, even graphs on long-term results based on probability distribution, even trigonometry used for some machines that used spinning (that's a good trick, BTW)
  41. >At the bottom of the paper was a scratched-out section trying to calculate force needed to get a skee-ball in the central hole, but had been abandoned as no exact, reliable value for friction could be determined and angle was impossible to find without knowing the function of the alley or climbing on top of the machine and drawing a Riemann graph
  42. >Huh, you'd forgotten how advanced her knowledge in math was
  43. "...Well, since you worked so hard on this, I guess you deserve a few more bits" you answered,  Anon's eyes lighting up at the prospect. You fished some currency out of your purse and slid them onto the table.
  44. "But the pizza will be here soon, and I don't want you becoming a slot junkie."
  45. >She had raced off as soon as you'd finished, grabbing the money in one swift motion and going straight for said machine
  47. >Anonfilly piled her tickets onto the prize counter
  48. "Pick what you want, sweetie." you encouraged her
  49. >It didn't really matter, it would fall apart in a few days tops, or get lost under a piece of furniture.
  50. >"I wanted the table" she said to herself sadly, rather loudly
  51. >"I'm sorry kid, but you can't always be a winner." the stallion behind the counter said in a dismissive tone
  52. "...What did you say?".
  53. >Surely you misheard him
  54. >"Well, y'know, sometimes foals just can't win. They may as well give up."
  55. "Excuse me??? I want to speak with your manager." you demanded vehemently
  56. >"Uh... I'm the manager right now lady. The head's not gonna be back for a couple of days. If you want you can talk to him then."
  57. >...
  58. >Maybe you should just buy the whole fucking franchise and fire this shithead.
  59. >You looked into your purse, seeing only a handful of bits remaining
  60. >Nobody tells your daughter what she can and can't do
  61. "Where's the nearest ATM?"
  64. >Be Anon
  65. >You were surrounded by a massive pile of tickets, now only a few dozen short of the prize
  66. >The sun was lowering over the horizon now, which you could tell from the orange-ish light shining onto the floor through the windows
  67. >You pushed a bit into the spinning machine, waited for the ball to move to a stop into a hole in the board, and collected the tickets dispensed oncemore
  68. >This was almost addictive
  69. >Were there casinos in Horselandia?
  70. >"Sweetie, are you almost done?" you heard Twilight ask from behind you, bored but still determined, reading a second book and occasionally counting the winnings you added to the 'Recent' pile
  71. "Almost, just a few more spins."
  72. >"Okay, I'll take these tickets-"- a large mass of pink paper floated overhead, "and get them counted." She kissed you on the cheek for good measure, and you tried not to blush
  73. >That pool table would be yours
  76. >You approached the counter with the remaining tickets in your mouth
  77. >You spat them out onto the counter, where the now mildly pissed-off worker was finishing counting the fruits of your labor
  78. >"3981, 3982..."
  79. >Purple turned to you with a smile and nuzzled your mane with a hoof
  80. >"Now you see Anon? You can accomplish anything you put your mind to."
  81. "Mmm-hmm."
  82. >Twilight was right
  83. >You COULD do anything you wanted.
  84. >If you were rich, that is.
  85. >And you were.
  88. >"Alright kid, you've got 4015 tickets. What would you like?" the worker asked gruffly
  89. >Could probably only count to 40 without using pen and paper
  90. >Brainlets GTFO
  91. >Well, time to cash in on your efforts and get that plastic billiard set
  92. >You gazed over the various prizes one last time
  93. >Or...
  94. >A devious idea formed in your head
  95. "I want four hundred and one bouncy balls."
  96. >You saw Purple's right eye begin to twitch erratically
  98. >"Haha, that's a good one Anon." Twilight tried to laugh it off, "But you still want the pool table, right?"
  99. "No."
  100. >"Anon, be reasonable, that many-"
  101. "I want balls!" you demanded, ready to fall onto your back and commence kicking and screeching
  102. >"Nonny, please, mommy's had a hard week, and she's very tired-"
  103. >You made a quiet but high-pitched growling noise, ready to REE at a moment's notice
  104. >She must have heard you, and gave up with that tired expression of defeat
  105. >"*sigh* Four-hundred-and-one bouncy balls, please."
  106. >The counter worker just looked at her with pity
  108. >The employee hauled two large cardboard cases onto the counter, marked with various ID codes and a label prominently featuring "200 JUMBO BOUNCE TOYS" and information on the manufacturer
  109. >"Alright, here's all of them." he paused. "Oh, right."
  110. >He grabbed a ball from the case and slid it over to you
  111. >Each ball was about an inch in diameter, semi-translucent and colored differently, sometimes a mix between two colors, with a rubbery texture
  112. >"Nonny, maybe you should reconsider the pool table? You're just going to lose all the balls anyway." Twilight pleaded
  113. "I have four hundred, I don't care about a few losses."
  114. >The stallion was about to hand you back five leftover tickets, but you gestured them away with a hoof.
  115. "Keep the extras as a tip" you winked at the stallion
  116. >With your eye you fucking pervert.
  118. >"Alright Nonny, let's go home." Purple said, eager to leave the stained carpet and loud foals running around and arguing over whose turn it was to play one of the various machines.
  119. >The place had really filled up in the past hour.
  120. >Twilight magicked the boxes over to the two of you, and you spent the small moment before teleportation to relish your victory.
  121. >Bribing the worker to be an asshole was your best idea yet.
  124. >Be Starlight Glimmer
  125. >You stood afore the Friendship castle doors, eager to have some fun
  126. >Anon was apparently out of the castle for the day, so Twilight had invited you over for 'a good time'
  127. >Ever since the last date things had slowly escalated between the two of you- privately, of course
  128. >The things she could do with her horn
  129. >wetcrotch.jpeg
  130. >She was also very... kinky
  131. >The most obvious being her MILF fetish
  132. >But not banging a milf like any normal pony
  133. >Being the milf
  134. >Didn't really matter though, it was just a little foreplay
  135. >You rap the doors twice with a hoof, and Twilight audibly teleported into the foyer
  136. >But instead of immediately opening the door, you heard her positioning herself for your arrival
  137. >The door swung open, and Twilight stood wearing an apron, leaning against the wall on her back hooves in a position she imagined was seductive.
  138. >"Oh my, you're here so early. Why, I haven't even started dinner yet." she said in a sultry tone
  139. >She'd been very specific about the time.
  140. "Well  *ach-hem *" you coughed, playing along, "you could always buy your foal pizza"
  141. >"That'll work. Anon looooves pizza.", still in that porn-star voice
  142. >This was honestly the weirdest foreplay you'd ever been a part of.
  143. >Weirder than the mare with the 'capitalist-converting-commie-with-sex' one
  144. >Twilight moves aside and back onto four legs, walking towards the staircase
  145. >"I just need to finish a couple of chores before I'm... ready."
  146. >You walked up the staircase to the third floor, watching Twilight's butt shake with every step
  147. >theasswasfat.png
  148. >You reached the hallway where her bedroom was, but instead of going straight to her room, she stopped at the door to Anon's room (???)
  149. >"I just need to clean up my filly's things." she said in that breathy 'seductive' voice, swinging open the door
  150. >Peering inside, the floor was scattered with toys that had obviously been placed there intentionally by Twilight, too equidistant and too randomized
  151. >She bent over, grabbing each toy individually and putting it in a toy chest at an excruciating slow pace
  152. "Here, I'll help." you volunteered, eager to get to the lewd
  153. >"Oh, I'd love some... help around the house, it's so hard being a single mother." she replied over her shoulder, emphasizing the last word and slightly wagging her hips
  154. >You bent over to pick up some sort of toy, but didn't pay attention to your hooves while doing so.
  155. >Your forward-left hoof landed on some sort of ball, and slid out towards your hind legs
  156. >To make matters worse, in attempting to recover from the loss in balance, your right foreleg stretched forward, landing on another rubber ball, which also shot backwards
  157. >'How many of these things did Anon have?' was your last thought as you rapidly fell forward, banging your forehead against the surprisingly-sharp corner of said toy chest with a *thunk!*
  158. >You could hear Twilight rapidly spin on the soft carpet
  159. >"Glimmer? Glimmer, are you okay?" she worriedly asked in her normal voice
  160. >You roll onto your back, feeling a warm liquid trail down your face, right below your horn. Through your dizziness you manage to feel a significant amount of pain
  161. "I- I think I need to go to the hospital."
  162. >Twilight sighed in both dissapointment and resignation
  163. >"Alright, I'll teleport us in."
  165. >Be Anon
  166. >Sitting in school, bored out of your mind
  167. >Learning about long division
  168. >God, it had been so long since you'd used that; you'd actually forgotten about its existence
  169. >You'd reached the point where you could just approximate values in your head and fill the remainder like any good engineer
  170. >stemmasterrace.png
  171. >You'd put on the earmuffs you'd been given for 'auditory sensitivity issues' and were drawing with crayons
  172. >The rest of your class had already been told you were autistic
  173. >You look over to Aryanne at the other side of the room
  174. >Aryanne, Aryanne, wherefore art thou Aryan?
  175. >She was such a cute.
  176. >Looking straight at the teacher, not noticing your gaze
  177. >Fuckin Purple, splitting you up because you said 'zigger'
  178. >You turn away, not wanting to be creepy
  179. >(Christian) God, when when would you be allowed to leave?
  180. >Your life was so boring
  181. >Twilight was probably having so much fun right now
  184. >Be Twilight
  185. >Sitting in Glimmer's hospital room
  186. >Both of you were snootle-deep in books, not wanting to talk or even look at each other out of embarrassment
  187. >Pussyblocked by bouncy balls
  188. >You knew those were gonna bite you in the flank someday
  189. >Just as you reached the chapter wherein Felix Faust challenges Lightheart to a wizards' duel, the curtain was dressed aside, a familiar nurse looking at a clipboard
  190. >"Okay, so it says here that she suffered dermal damage and a concussion after hitting the corner of a chest" Redheart said, "And you've obviously been bandaged below your horn, so it seems your primary treatment has been applied. Do you have any headaches? Any other symptoms"
  191. >"Just a little headache. Nothing to worry about." Glimmer answered nonchalantly
  192. >"Alright, well I'm gonna discharge you Ms. Glimmer. I recommend reapplying those bandages every three hours, or when they show signs of deterioration. And if your headache gets worse, or you show any more symptoms, come straight back here. Got it?"
  193. "Yes Nurse Redheart" you answered, eager to get home."
  194. >Maybe, just maybe, there was a chance for lewd if you sent Anon to Button's house
  195. >Nurse Redheart pulled out a wheelchair from the hall, pushing it next to Glimmer's bed
  196. >"Now I know you don't need this, but hospital policy states that all patients must be wheeled outside."
  197. "I understand. Are you ready Glimmer?"
  198. >"Yep. Let's get going."
  200. >Be Anon
  201. >You slammed open the door to the Friendship Castle, tired after a long day of doing nothing
  202. >Button couldn't play because his mom had to go to work early since it was a Friday
  203. >You had a backup plan with Snips, you just had to tell Twilight where you were going
  204. >She wouldn't say no to you making friends
  206. >...
  207. >No response. Maybe she was on a friendship quest
  208. >You trot over to the kitchen, eager to dive into a plate of freshly-baked cookies
  209. >Purple was going to make some today; she had told you so while you were snout-deep in your Chocolate Frosted Hay Bombs
  210. >You hop onto a stool and peer over the counter
  211. >There were a couple of pans with unbaked cookie dough scooped out into spheres
  212. >No cookies???? This was foal abuse!
  214. >You heard a muffled response
  215. >"!"
  216. >You gallop up the stairs, ready to confront your abuser
  217. >NO choccy-chip cookies? What an outrage!
  218. "Hey! Where are you???"
  219. >"In the guest room!" you heard a voice echo
  220. >Eventually you reach the guest room (damn huge crystal den) and swing open the door to see GlimGlam laying on the bed, with Twilight replacing some sort of gauze on her forehead
  221. >You decide to take initiative
  222. "...Twilight, what is wrong with you?"
  223. >The verbal attack registered no response from the collar, as expected
  224. >She turned her head, a very displeased expression taking over her face
  225. >"Excuse me???"
  226. "You promised cookies. The only thing keeping me going today was the thought of biting into fresh, chocolately cookies when I came home."
  227. >Glimmer looked out the window, suddenly enraptured by Ponyville's architecture
  228. "This is basically the Holocaust. Except I don't deserve this."
  229. >Twilight tilted her head in confusion
  230. >They didn't have a Holocaust? What did they do with the griffins?
  231. >"Anon, I'm sorry, I had to go to the hospital. I know I made a promise; I'll make it up to you."
  232. "...Choccy milkshakes?"
  233. >She rubbed the top of your head with a hoof
  234. >"Chocolate milkshakes. Now I need you out of the house, I'm giving Starlight a... friendship lesson. Hopefully."
  235. >You were fine with that.
  236. >Time to initiate the next step of your master plan
  238. >Be Anonfilly
  239. >Under a bright sun, you stood in Ponyville town square, mounted with a heavy saddlebag
  240. >In the left pouches, your combined savings for being paid to go to school by purple
  241. >In the right, ~one hundred bouncy balls
  242. >After a few moments enjoying the breeze, your partner arrived, hoofsteps clopping against the dirt road, foreshadowing a dangerous assignment rife with peril, but with the promise of great reward
  243. >"Hi Anon." Snips said in that pre-pubescent whine
  244. "...Hey."
  245. >You had made contact with the operative
  246. >"You ready to play?"
  247. "Yep. Let's get going."
  248. >The two of you turned towards the shadow looming over you
  249. >Ponyville Pub
  251. >Be Snips
  252. >Anon was dragging you on some 'secret-ageent mission'
  253. >She was okay, but you were only being nice to her because she was handicapped
  254. >"Okay, take the ordinance." she murmured in a harsh accent through a brown bag bursting with balls
  255. >Celestia she was even doing voices
  256. >You used your mouth to grab the bag out of her mouth
  257. >"Go in."
  258. "Mm-fmmm?" you stuttered
  259. >Repositioning the bag in your mouth, you managed to speak out of the side of your mouth
  260. "Why am I doing this?"
  261. >"The owner's lazy, he'll put off work as long as possible."
  262. "...What has that got to do with anything?"
  263. >"That's only for us who see the big picture to understand. You just do your mission and exit Area Zero."
  264. >You take the package and swing open the door to the pub
  266. >The large room was filled with tables, and a long bar sat against the side wall, stereotypical arrangement and amenities around
  267. >The barkeep looks over at you, giving a smirk
  268. >"Kid, I hope you have ID"
  269. "Imm justfm needfm to use teh bffmroom. Inna ffhurry!!" you said, feigning agitation
  270. >"Oh. Okay. It's just over there." he said, pointing towards the corner with a rag-covered hoof
  271. >You head into the bathroom and shut the door with great haste
  272. >You wait a few moments and  flush the toilet, slamming open the door
  273. >As you head towards the door, you 'trip', spilling two dozen colorfu; and indeed bouncy balls spill over the floor
  274. "Oh buck! I- I gotta go! I'll come back for these later!" You yelled, blitzing out of the room as instructed
  275. >As you exited the bar into the warm sunlight, you turned your head to find your 'new friend'
  276. >Anon was leaning against the wall next to you, pretending to be cool
  277. >"Did you accomplish your mission?"
  278. "Yeah."
  279. >"Good. UNATCO has no further directives. You have permission to go."
  280. "...Go where?"
  281. >"...I dunno.  Go home? Play with some other friend?"
  282. "Uh... alright."
  283. >Anon clacked her hooves together
  284. >"Now for the second act."
  285. >Were all autistic foals like this?
  286. >Whatever, now you can play with Snails
  288. >Be  Tipsy Tab
  289. >You leaned against the counter, reading the Foal Free News
  290. >Fuckin' Diamond Tiara being a shithead again
  291. >Reformed by ass
  292. >The balls still laid on the floor, already forgotten
  293. >When they'd first been spilled, you'd figured you'd let the colt pick them up. It was HIS fault they were there
  294. >Maybe right before busy hours you'd pick them up if he didn't show
  295. >You heard a *ting-a-ling* and turned to the door, sighing upon seeing another stupid foal coming in
  296. >Green coat, black mane. Definitely a cute.
  297. >No pedo though.
  298. "Kid, do you even know what this place is?" you asked out of annoyance
  299. >"I need to use the potty!" she asked
  300. "Over there by the dartboard."
  301. >She ran across the room, and then you knew you'd fucked up
  302. >She slipped on a couple of the bouncy balls, careening over and hitting her head violently against the ground
  303. "Buckbuckbuckbuckbuck" you exclaimed worriedly, moving out from behind the counter and next to the filly's side
  304. >You couldn't afford a lawsuit!
  305. >She could sure for tens of thousands. Maybe more!
  306. "Kid? Y-you alright?"
  307. >Maybe she was fine. Maybe she wouldn't be able to recognize brain damage.
  308. >"I-I don't feel good. My head hurts."
  309. >Shit
  310. >"Yeah... I was gonna go to the music shop today, but I remembered I need a hundred more bits. Maybe- maybe I'll just go to the hospital instead."
  311. "No!"
  312. >She looked at you quizzically
  313. "I- I mean, I'm feeling generous today. Why don't you take a hundred bits from me? Anything to support a young musician."
  314. >You rushed back to behind the counter and opened up the till
  315. >You had just enough to cover the bribe
  316. >You return with a hoofful of bits, placing them by her side
  317. >The fily began scooping them into her saddlebag, rolling back onto her feet when she was done
  318. "D-dya still want to use the bathroom?" you asked
  319. >"N-no, I don't need to pee anymore."
  320. >She limped over to the exit
  321. >"Buh-bye mister." were her last words before shutting the door behind her
  322. >You plop down into a barside stool
  323. "I need a drink."
  326. >Be Anonfilly
  327. >You waddled in the Music Emporium, saddlebags empty of balls but full of bits
  328. >A mare with a gray coat and black mane sat behind a counter, looking bored but pleased as she jotted musical notes down on a piece of paper
  329. >She had a classy red velvet vest on, with a name tag reading "Octavia"
  330. >She probably sucked lots of Cocktavia in college
  331. >"Welcome to the Music Emporium, what's your tune?" she said, face brightening at your arrival
  332. "I want an instrument."
  333. >"Well, you're rather forward. What kind would you like?"
  334. "..I want something really loud, and preferably easy to play."
  335. >"Well, I wouldn't say any instrument is 'easy' to play...
  336. >LMAO music majors think their field is hard
  337. >"But I think brass would be a good place to start." she said, leaving from behind the counter
  338. >You followed her into a  corner of the shop filled with tubas, saxophones, trumpets, and similar instruments
  339. >However, these instruments were modified for pony use. They were mostly attached to a harness on the barrel of the horse, with the mouthpiece suspended in front of the mouth with a brass bar. The bulk of the instrument was on the body to maintain balace. The buttons were controlled by attachments to the legs wherein small movements would open and close valves
  340. >no_half_life_3_triggered.jpg
  341. "Which one would you recommend for loudness? I want everyb- everypony to hear me."
  342. >"Well, I'd say either the trumpet, ortuba fill your needs best, at least in brass. But don't isolate yourself in here, look at every type-"
  343. >No, everyone knew brass was loudest
  344. >But should you go with a loud or deep tone?
  345. >You decided on deep
  346. "I'd like a tuba, please."
  348. >"Are you sure you don't want to even TRY it first?" Ocatavia asked as you returned to the front of the store
  349. "No, I'm good."
  350. >"And you don't want to consider a nice viola, or-"
  351. "I've already decided, quit trying to sell me up a more expensive instument."
  352. >She huffed at that
  353. >"Well, we have a 30-day return policy, so if you aren't satisfied, please remember to bring it back before then."
  354. "Okay." you answered, nodding your head
  355. >"Now, for your lesson plans, we have-"
  356. "Oh, I'm not gonna need lessons." you interrupted, eager to leave
  357. >"Are you sure? Because everypony-"
  358. "Just ring me up, okay?"
  359. >She seemed annoyed, probably due to your dismissal of her trade
  360. >With a ding and many bits being filled inside a cash register, the transaction was complete
  361. >Let the nightmare begin
  363. >Be Twilight
  364. >Starlight was definitely looking better, the bandages had been removed and the bleeding had stopped
  365. >She looked pretty good, aside from the scrape on her head
  366. "So... Glimmer, how're ya feeling?"
  367. >"Uh, I'm fine Twilight."
  368. "So... do you wanna pick up where we left off, or..."
  369. >Glimmer paused, as if thinking it over
  370. >"Well... I was hoping my bed rest could be more... in-depth" she answered with a dirty look
  371. "Well, tender loving care IS my specialty. Do you need me to kiss your boo-boo? Where does it hurt?"
  372. >Glimmer pretended to be embarrased as she pointed towards her crotch
  373. >You leaned forward, eager to plant your lips against her tight, moist pussy
  374. >Finally, the two of you could-
  376. >You burst back in confusion, wondering what the hell that was
  377. >It clearly came from outside the room, so you bolted towards the door, practically knocking it off its hinges as light emanated from your horn and onto the crystalline floor
  378. >You paused, with only the gentle shimmering hum of your magic filling the silence
  379. >"Twilight? Do you know what that was?" Glimmer asked, edging towards you with her horn also aglow
  380. "Well, we both heard it, so it must be something."
  382. >"I think that's coming from around the curve down this hall"
  383. "Anon!"
  384. >You teleported outside her door, about to lay out some punishment
  385. >On who was undecided
  386. >You rap on the door once so you could claim you had knocked
  387. >The door swung open wildly, and you prepared for the worst
  388. "Don't you DARE touch my-!"
  389. >Anon was alone in the middle of her room, wearing some kind of contraption-
  390. >Oh no.
  392. >'BRAAAAAAAAAMMMMF!' rang the instrument on her body, which did nothing to help your mood
  393. "...Anon... what... is... that?" you asked, your body almost shaking
  394. >"It's a tuba. I knew that I wanted something from the brass section, so it was either this or a trumpet. There was also a saxophone there, but only retards think sax is brass."
  395. "Why did you think it was okay to buy that without asking me first???"
  396. >Not only had you been vagblocked, but now you had to deal with this shit
  397. >"Remember when you came home from Rainbow's house a few days ago and were really tired? You said I could get one of these to encourage my creative pursuits and give an outlet for my rambunxious energy."
  398. >That did sound like something you would say
  399. >Did Anon know you had gotten drunk?
  400. >You weren't even really drunk though, just a little tipsy
  401. >She didn't know that, how could she?
  402. >You could sense Glimmer behind you, peering over your shoulder
  403. >Either that, or staring at your flank
  404. >theasswasfat.png
  405. >''BRAAAAAAAMF'!' the tuba blared oncemore, ringing dully against your ears
  406. "Anon! Stop that right now!"
  407. >She looked downcast, ears lowering against the sides of her head
  408. >"...Is something wrong?"
  409. "You can't just annoy and aggravate everypony with horrible noise just because you want something! It's inconsiderate and selfish!"
  410. >"I'm sorry Twilight... I can see why you want me to stop, my passions are too annoying and inconvienient to you. I'll just go back to the store and return this."
  411. >Fuck you couldn't do this to her
  412. >You extend your hoof horizontally, blocking her path
  413. "Tell you what Anon, we can decide on a schedule for you to play your tuba. But for right now, can you do something else?"
  414. >"Sure!" she said, hugging your foreleg in that way that always made your heart melt
  415. >After she had let go, you turned to Glimmer
  416. "So, heh, let's get back to business?"
  417. >"I, uh, I've actually got to go now.  I've got to see a friend."
  418. >Dammit
  419. "Well, maybe tomorrow?"
  420. >"I'm sorry, but I'm also pretty busy this week. Maybe we can continue on Sunday?"
  421. >Sunday? You couldn't wait that long!
  422. "Oh... okay. Well, later." you waved with your hoof awkwardly
  423. >You listened to Starlight's hooves clop against the floor, slowly diminishing in volume
  424. >"Did I do something wrong Twilight?" you heard Anon ask from behind you
  425. >You had to make sure she really wanted this, and wasn't just trying to annoy you
  426. "Anon, do you REALLY want to learn the tuba?"
  427. >"Yes!" she piqued up, looking cute as always in that get-up
  428. >Anon was a good actor, so you needed to add consequence
  429. "With all your heart?"
  430. >"Mmmhmmm."
  431. "Well, I'd hate to have to punish you for this. Why, you'd be grounded for a month!"
  432. >"Oh no, I'd never lie about my passions." she answered, letting out a smaller, quieter 'braaamf'!' with her tuba
  433. "Well, then it's settled. I'll have to get you a music teacher. Let's say, oh, three one-hour sessions a week."
  434. >Her face fell, but she recovered quickly, hoping you hadn't noticed
  435. >"Um, actually, now studies show that musicians learn best when they're self-taught. I have music books, so I can take care of it myself."
  436. "Oh no, you're only getting the best. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll love your teacher. Now go work on your homework." you said, tuning and walking away
  437. >You shut the door to Anon's room behind you and sighed
  438. >Every time you were about to hook up, she somehow interfered
  439. >If you didn't know better, you'd think it was on purpose
  440. >...
  441. >Well, you had better start dinner
  442. >And those cookies, you HAD made a promise
  444. >Be Twilight
  445. >You stood afore the Cutie Map, trying to figure out what could be happening
  446. >That goddamn mark in the south was acting up again
  447. >Before, it would flare up for a few seconds, then disappear
  448. >You and the other Elements of Harmony just figured it was a temporary friendship problem that resolved itself
  449. >Two times in the same place? Coincidence.
  450. >Since last night, that number had jumped to eight
  451. >Only your mark hovered over the map, so it was obvious what had to be done
  453. >You knocked on the door to Anon's room, hoping that she was actually in there like she was supposed to
  454. >"Fuck off we're full."
  455. >You could almost hear the regret in Anon's voice
  456. "I'll be back young lady" you said, loud enough to penetrate the door
  458. >You teleported to the bathroom, hoof already outstretched from muscle memory
  459. >Swinging open a mirror, you reach within the cabinet and grab a bar of soap adorned with bite marks
  460. >You teleported back into Anon's room, peering over the setting
  461. >She was gone, or so it seemed
  462. >Had she tried to escape? It had only been a few seconds, and you didn't hear running
  463. >Turning around, you looked over her desk, and then her lumpy bed
  464. >She never cleaned her room, but even this was excessive
  465. >Moving silently, you reach her sheets with a hoof, and rip them off violently
  466. >Anon was huddled under the sheets, eyes still shut closed
  467. >When she looked up at you, there was a combination of fear, despair, and acceptance in her eyes
  469. >You sit Anon into your lap with magic,  looking down at her cute little face
  470. >"I-it was an accident mom."
  471. "Sure thing Nonny. Sure thing."
  472. >You firmly grasp the bar of soap and shove it into her mouth
  473. >"Mmmf! Mmmf!" she cried out reflexively, her head jerking back and forth in your hooves in miniscule movements
  474. "You don't cuss Nonny. Cussing is for naughty fillies. Are you a naughty filly?"
  475. >"Mnn Mnne!" she cried out
  476. "Bad fillies get punished. You've been punished a lot, haven't you?"
  477. >"Mmhmm."
  478. >Tears were welling up in her eyes
  479. >From the soap, of course
  480. >She loved her mommy, she was just having a hard time expressing it
  481. "But you don't WANT to be a bad filly, do you?" you asked, hugging her tighter against your body
  482. >"Mnn mmnn..." she tried to answer through the bar of soap
  483. "You want to be mama's good little filly, don't you?"
  484. >She didn't say anything this time
  485. >You rock her in your lap for a minute, watching her eyes dim as her mouth acclimates to the taste of soap
  486. >You use your magic to pull out the bar of soap
  487. >You gently  set Anon back onto the floor, who shakily stays on her hooves
  488. "Now get packed. You're going to Grandma's."
  491. >Be Anonfilly
  492. >Just got the best news you'd heard in weeks
  493. ♪You were going to Grandma's, you were going to Grandma's♪
  494. >Life at grandma's was awesome
  495. >You got to fill up on junk food and watch movie reels all day
  496. >And of course ice cream
  497. >Lots and lots of ice cream
  498. >Enough to make Purple put you on a diet for a month
  499. >It was funny how nopo- nobody ever called their grandparent's place "Granddad's" or even mentioned him
  500. >Night Light was a professor, so he was always busy grading papers and spreading Marxist propaganda, but still
  501. >Not like it mattered, Velvet was the distributor of food and cheek-pinching
  502. >Finally, things were looking up
  504. >"I'm sorry Twilight, we just can't watch Anon this weekend."
  505. >Velvet stood in the doorway of her home, clearly having been interrupted in the middle of some task, but antsy rather than rude
  506. >"Why not?" rang Purple's voice, rising an octave in mild panic
  507. >"Well, you see, your father and I are going on a... vacation, and it's really not a place for little fillies."
  508. "I'm a big filly! I'm mature for my age!" you insisted.
  509. >C'mon, one weekend with Grandma was all you were asking for
  510. >"No, really, this is a... personal affair. Why don't you ask your brother? I'm sure Cadance won't mind, and Flurry's got a real thing for Anon."
  512. >Twilight had to drag you away from Velvet, purple magic pulling your hind hooves
  513. "I can just stay in the hotel room and watch movies! I've done it before!" were your last pleas before a familiar purple sphere engulfed you for but a moment
  515. >Now you sat in a well-furnished chamber in the Crystal Meth Castle, hooves not reaching the floor in this adult-sized chair while a now-lukewarm cup of tea sat untouched on the nearby table
  516. >hotchocolatemasterrace.png
  517. >You had nearly given away what you had done in Afetlocka, but Twilight had surely assumed it was an Earth thing
  518. >Hopefully
  519. >And now Purple was canvassing for her brother's help, featuring a long-winded explanation of course
  520. >"-and the Cutie Map has been acting erratically in this area for weeks now, so I think this time it's really serious."
  521. >"Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you" Shining answered awkwardly
  522. >You knew where this was going, and you didn't like it
  523. >"So you'll watch Anon?"
  524. >...
  525. >"Well, uh,  you see, Twilight, we're just not capable of watching Anon this week." Shining answered
  526. >"Why not?" she asked in the same higher-pitched voice she used when dealing with Velvet
  527. "Where's Flurry?" you interrupted, eager to see your 'cousin' again
  528. >But neither pony even acknowledged your existence
  529. >You were pretty neutral about staying here. Cadance and Shining Armor were ok, and you needed to keep redpilling Flurry
  530. >"We just don't have the manpower to watch her." Shining answered, as if you were an SCP or some shit
  532. From the archives of the Tolerate, Befriend, Love Foundation
  533. Item #: TBL-51-LLY
  534. Object Class: Keter
  535. Special Containment Procedures: TBL-511-LY  is to  be primarily housed in [REDACTED] under the care of [REDACTED].  TBL-51-LLY must wear a restrictive magical collar (Hereby referred to 51-LLY-1) magically sealed around her neck at all times. 51-LLY-1 is used to automatically implement Containment Protocol Compassion-1, releasing an incapacitating electrical shock to 51-LLY whenever thoughts regarding extradimensional awareness or acts of betrayal are detected. Non-Foundation ponies are to be told that TBL-51-LLY-1 is worn to prevent and minimize epileptic seizures, as strong electrical feedback causes spasms in TBL-51-LLY; this is supported by medical evidence published by the Foundation to ensure secrecy. As of 2/25/854, TBL-51-LLY-1 has been modified to release electricity sub-epidermally, removing any chance of electrocution to herself or others. Failure of TBL-51-LLY-1 could result in a BK-Class Foundation Reveal event, and thus must be checked weekly.
  536.     TBL-51-LLY must be regularly supervised by ponies of Class-2 mental stability or higher, excluding schooltime and designated playdates. TBL-51-LLY has frequently shown great prowess in acts of deception and manipulation, and is not to be bargained with under any circumstances. Discussions regarding politics, ethics, and personal issues are to be avoided at all costs, as TBL-51-LLY frequently used these topics to confound and disbalance ponies, forcing them to re-examine their worldview and themselves, giving her ample opportunity to escape or manipulate further.       
  537.     However, TBL-51-LLY has shown to also be vulnerable to both strategic and emotional manipulation, which is to be exclusively applied by Princess Twilight Sparkle upon containment failure or under reasonable cause. Additionally, TBL-51-LLY has shown mild fear of large bodies of water after Incident 51-LLY-E.
  538.     Addendum: TBL-51-LLY is not to interact with [REDACTED] or her family outside of a strictly controlled environment under any circumstances, for both her own benefit and the prevention of a CK-Class Restructure of Equestria event.
  539.     Princess Sparkle is exclusively authorized to use any means necessary to punish or control TBL-51-LLY.  Any attempts to harm TBL-51-LLY not authorized by Princess Sparkle or a majority vote of the P-5 Council are to be met with deadly force.
  541. Description: TBL-51-LLY  is an extradimensional being summoned by [REDACTED] on 10/2/854, incarnated as a notably small and extremely cute green filly with a black mane and tail, aged around nine years old. TBL-51-LLY's biology is identical that of a typical filly, both internally and externally.  
  542.     Her personality and mind remain intact from her prior existence; thus, TBL-51-LLY has exceptional prowess in the fields of math, language, and sciences due to experience in her false form. However, memory leakage is occuring at a logarithmic rate, having nearly stabilized as of this writing; 'core memories', such as that of loved ones or frequent locales, have degraded to a point near inaccessible.
  543.     Anon frequently uses terminology and phrases unknown to any sentient organisms found in Equestria, undoubtedly from her prior existence in Universe 34R-7H. Upon asking TBL-51-LLY about her word choice, she usually responds "Lurk moar faget", assuming Princess Twilight Sparkle and a bar of soap are not present. Otherwise, TBL-51-LLY's  response is "Google it"." What 'Google' is is unknown, but a link between it and the mathematical term 'googol' is suspected.
  544.     Additionally,  TBL-51-LLY is emotionally instable and will frequently alternate between desires for independence and self-sufficiency, and the need for comfort and love. This is likely due to internal conflict, wherein her adult mind fights against the natural instincts of a child; it is also possible that this stems from a lack of attention from her caretakers in her original dimension.
  545.     Anon represents a significant threat to Equestrian society should Operation Nurture return no result, but the likelihood of such an outcome is calculated to be less than one percent. Regardless, TBL-51-LLY is not to be underestimated nor ignored.
  549. >"Well, Anon has never been a problem," Twilight lied through her teeth, "and she just loves her aunty and uncle"
  550. >He looks to you, and you return a sheepish smile
  551. >"The guards have a field simulation starting tomorrow that will continue for two days, which I will be leading. The place will be monitored by a skeleton crew, and we can't afford delegating three guards to Anon".
  552. >"Three?" Twilight inquired, confusion drawn upon her face
  553. >"Anon has a tendency to get in trouble, and we can't afford anything going wrong this weekend, so the regular servants won't be able to help."
  554. >"And what, pray tell, is drawing so many domestic resources?" she asked coldly
  555. >Damn, she was desperate to pawn you off
  556. >...
  557. >"The Yaks are visiting." Shining Armor answered with a dead tone suitable for a funeral
  558. >...
  559. >"I'm so sorry." Twilight replied with genuine sympathy
  560. >Even she hated snowniggers
  562. >You and Twilight walked out into the sunshine that penetrated the frozen tundra and into the bubble, which glared annoyingly against the crystalline structures
  563. >Shining Armor had offered to set you up with a well-compensated local family, but Purple had refused for any number of reasons
  564. >You had no problem with this
  565. "Well Twi, I guess you'll have to just let me stay home alone this time.  Don't worry, I promise to be a good filly, and brush my teeth every night."
  566. >"Oh-oh no, you're gonna be supervised one way or another. I have LOTS of friends."
  567. >Damn it
  568. >Well, hopefully she would choose Fluttershy, that dracon cumdumpster let you walk all over her
  571. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  572. >As it turned out, you couldn't always count on family
  573. >You looked down at your little munchkin, who was pretending to look away at some random house
  574. >She was so cute, you just wanted to eat her up
  575. >Would make watching her a whole lot easier
  576. >Now you had to think of someone else who could do it
  577. >Parasol was out of the question, she was just a evening babysitter, she couldn't do anything overnight
  578. >She couldn't stay with Button Mash, they barely knew each other
  579. >And besides, you didn't want her to become close to Tender Heart
  580. >You were best momfu, after all
  581. >Fluttershy would THEORETICALLY be good due to her affinity with animals, but every time she was left with Anon something went wrong
  582. >You still hadn't forgiven her for getting Anon high
  583. >Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were out of the question
  584. >While Rainbow Dash did a good job with Scootaloo, she was still too unreliable for your tastes and was really more of a sister than a disciplinarian, and Anon needs discipline and boundaries
  585. >That left you with Applejack and Rarity
  586. >Applejack never left home, so you'd start with her
  587. "Come on Anon, we're going back to Ponyville"
  588. >With a flash and a *pop*, you were back in familiar terrority
  589. >Sweet Apple Acres
  591. >Be Anon
  592. >Twilight was dragging you across the world in her desperate search for somebody who would put up with you
  593. >Now you were back in Ponyville
  594. >Specifically Hickville
  595. >Heh, nailed it
  596. >Just like Purple would never nail anypony
  597. >Not while you were around
  598. >mischevious.png
  599. >Twilight briskly trotted up to the farmstead, the soft wind blowly eerily across the silent landscape
  600. >You decided to hang out where the two of you had teleported
  601. >You didn't want to have to talk to Applejack
  602. >She was nice and all, but you didn't like talking with anypony
  603. >Well, except Aryanne
  604. >...
  605. >Why hadn't Twilight knocked?
  606. >Twilight turned back at you with an annoyed expression, and you spun your head a bit to look at the door
  607. >A sheet of paper was nailed to the door; you couldn't make out much, just 'Family Reunion' and 'soon'
  608. >Huh, turns out the mudpone was actually literate
  609. >Or she had her sister write it out for her, since she actually went to skool
  610. "Soo... I guess Applejack isn't available?" you asked Twilight, who kept walking past you
  611. >"Y'know, this is starting to get on my nerves."
  612. >She grabs you around the neck and hugs you closer
  613. >You blinked just in time to miss the teleportation, which made you very confused when you were now in front of the Carousel Boutique
  614. >Fuck, staying with Rarity would suck
  615. >You weren't gonna try on any dresses or listen to Squeaky prattle on about school and colts and her pussy feeling funny when she rubbed it
  616. >Well, maybe that last part, assuming you got to investigate
  618. >Be Twilight
  619. >You were running out of options fast, and you didn't want to drag Anon on an adventure
  620. >Both to protect her and avoid having to deal with her as well as the friendship problem
  621. >You knocked on the door to the Carousel Boutique, annoyed the the building failed to blot the sun out from your eyes or give shade from the oppressive heat
  622. >Eternal night didn't seem so bad right now
  623. >It was a full twenty seconds without the door opening, nor any sound coming from inside
  624. >Well, nopony was home
  625. >You definitely weren't gonna teleport inside, that was a breach of Rarity's privacy
  626. >Oh, that reminded you
  627. >Check and see if Anon has a diary; and if so, peruse its contents
  628. >And if Rarity was gone, she was most likely managing her outlet in Canterlot, or shopping for fabrics, most likely in its Solar District
  629. >You backstepped a few paces, and you and your daughter were whisked away oncemore
  630. >Damn, being a princess was convenient
  632. >You had elected to stop by Rarity's outlet first for obvious reasons
  633. >Aside from the statistical probability of her being here, you could see Anon slipping away in the bustle of a large crowd
  634. >And the last time she tried to run off in Canterlot, she was almost raped
  635. >Thank Celestia for her urine defense system
  636. >You silently nudged Anon forward with your head, and she stumbled towards the door, swinging it open
  637. >A small door-mounted bell rang as the two of you slid into her shoppe
  638. >"Coming!" rang a familiar voice from the back room
  639. >Thank the heavens, she was here
  641. >From behind the counter appeared Rarity. Calm, responsible Rarity
  642. "Rarity, please, can you watch Anonymous for one, two days max? I don't know where else to go, and there's a friendship emergency, and- and- "
  643. >You were freaking out
  644. >I mean, you loved Anon
  645. >But you couldn't handle HER and a friendship problem at the same time
  646. >"Well, you see, Darling..."
  647. >Fuck that was never good
  648. >"I'm simply too busy to help you, between sewing and managing the shops and taxes and courters, I'm absolutely SWAMPED. I'm sorry, Darling."
  649. >An uncomfortable silence sat in the air, heavy and oppressive
  650. >Why couldn't you life be EASY?
  651. >"Did you try Rainbow Dash?"
  652. "Oh, she's probably getting drunk right now." you dismiss
  653. >"Ah, right, Fridays." Anon replied knowingly
  654. >You turned your head to make sure Anon was still there
  655. >She was pawing her hoof against the wood floor, looked bored, but at least obedient
  656. "Well, see you Rarity. Thanks anyway."
  657. >"Tooda-loo!" she waved you and Anonfilly out the door
  658. >You didn't want to do this
  659. >But you had to
  660. "Anon, you're coming with me."
  662. >Be Anonymous
  663. >After suiting up the both of you in saddlebags full of supplies, Twilight had teleported the two of you about a mile away from some town near the equator, based on the temperature and humidity
  664. "Why couldn't you just teleport us IN this shi- bumf- middle-of-nowhere town?" you whined oncemore
  665. >"For the last time, we don't know exactly what's going on in there, and I don't want to surprise anypony, or make a scene."
  666. "Ugggggghh....." you moaned, trodding slower and slower
  667. >"Oh, don't be a baby." Twilight said over her shoulder, "it's not much farther."
  668. "I can't go any further..." you collapsed onto your side, a small dust cloud rising from the point of impact. "'ll just have to carry me."
  669. >Twilight turned to you, finally giving you her full attention
  670. >"I'm not carrying you, Anon. You're a big filly."
  671. >You claw a hoof forward towards her, desperate for aid
  672. "Nooo" you groaned, "No I'm not . I'm smol, I'm cute."
  673. >"Hmm... well, I COULD carry you."
  674. "Yes. Please." you cried out desperately. Was that sweat? You hated sweat.
  675. >"Under one condition."
  676. "A-anything."
  677. >Enough games, Twilight
  678. >"I'll carry you if you give me ten reasons why you love me."
  679. >This mare is psychotic
  680. "S-sure. Just carry me."
  681. >Twilight spun behind you and shoved her muzzle down under your crotch
  682. >l-lewd
  683. >Pushing foward and tilting her head up, you slid down her neck and onto her barrel
  684. >'I'm ready when youuuu are.♪" she sang
  685. "Ugh... reason 1... uh, you always feed me."
  686. >She began walking foward, and the movements of her body were pleasing as always, her hips sway swaying with each step.
  687. >"Keep going..."
  690. >Be Open Heart
  691. >You were a therapist at the Relationship Resort, a getaway for couples with marriage problems
  692. >Everypony's problems today had been fairly simple, lack of listening, lack of vigor in the bedroom, lack of sensitivity, lots of lacks
  693. >You looked down at your appointment sheet to see who was next
  694. >Next up was a Ms. Twilight Velvet and a Mr. Night Light
  695. >You took this interim to arrange some things and plan what you'd have for dinner
  696. >Definitely mac n' cheese
  697. >After a minute, you heard a knocking at the door
  698. "Come in!"
  699. >In stepped in a silver mare arraid with a purple-and-white mane, followed by a blue stallion with a mane of a deeper shade.
  700. >You didn't get a good look at their cutie marks, but that didn't really matter
  701. >They sat down on 'the' couch, and the three of you sat silent for some time
  702. >These moments were the worst part of your job
  703. "So, uh, Ms. Velvet, Mr. Light, what would you say the main difficulty of your relationship is?"
  704. >"He never listens." the mare opened, calmly but with fire deep in her tone
  705. >"Oh, I never listen? What about you? You do whaaateeeever you want, never even check with me."
  706. "Well, it seems that you both-"
  707. >"You should've seen her back when the kids were still in school, she just ignored whatever I said she should do- at best."
  708. >"Oh, like you ever gave any good advice- or help, for that matter. No, you were TOO BUSY with your students to actually help me care for the kids."
  709. >"Like you did SUCH a bang-up job. MAYBE if you had paid a lick of attention to Twilight instead of fawning over Shiny every second of every day, she'd be a little better-adjusted!"
  710. >"Oh, stop. Twilight is a perfectly healthy, normal mare."
  714. >Be Twilight
  715. >On your back you carried the alien you had sundered from another dimension and transferred into an alchemically-made filly's body for you to smother in motherly love
  716. >Unfortunately, for the last several minutes she kept spasming, due to the magically-sealed collar you'd forcicbly attached to her, which would electrocute her whenever she said or did something you didn't like
  717. "Anon, you're not doing a very good job giving me reasons. Don't you love me?"
  718. >It was a rhetorical question, of course
  719. >"I swear I'm trying, I just keep thinking about my real- AH!"
  720. >Her body jerked oncemore, back leg kicking out and slapping against your flank
  721. "Your real what?"
  722. >"N-nopony."
  723. "Good. Now I think you're about seven reasons short."
  724. >Anon grumbled oncemore
  725. "Is there something else you want to say?"
  726. >"N-no. Reason number four, um, you always make sure I'm healthy and not hurt or anything."
  727. >Maybe saying it out loud would make Anon appreciate you more
  728. >You were the best thing in her life, after all
  732. >Be Anon
  733. >Twilight was finally clip-clopping into the small town of Whitecastle, which seemed even smaller than Ponyville
  734. >Quite a misnomer, as there weren't any castles in sight
  735. >You would be able to tell, you spent over half your (new) life in castles
  736. >And this definitely didn't seem like the sort of place the upper crust would want to visit
  737. >This was part of the southern region of Equestria, the desert of Dales
  738. >Not Saddle Arabia, so no sandniggers at least
  739. >…
  740. >That wasn't fair, you didn't know what desert folk here were actually like
  741. >And Islam didn't exist here, so one predestinator was out
  742. >Maybe they'd be okay, if you ever went to Saddle Arabia
  743. >Regardless, Whitecastle was surrounded by desert
  744. >Not the beach-like dunes you see in movies, more of a dusty plain, somewhere between the Mormon Breeding Grounds and That-state-with-Vegas, in terms of both terrain and temperature
  745. >The "White Castle" probably referred to the ivory rocks peppered throughout the landscape, particularly one mountainous ridge to the west, from which flowed a bright if humble river
  746. >You were torn from your thoughts when Twilight stopped abruptly, nearly knocking you off her back
  747. >The closest building was still thirty meters away
  748. >C'mon Purple, at least stop under shade
  749. >"Are you forgetting something, Anon?"
  750. >What the absolute fuck- oh.
  751. >Reason number ten
  752. "Uh… you give the best cuddles."
  753. >She coughed
  754. >Goddammit she demanded so much out of you
  755. "…your body is warm and soft, and it feels good when you wrap me in your wings."
  756. >She began walking, now with purpose
  757. >Probably to find an inn
  758. >It's not like she could shove you into her ut-
  759. >No.
  760. >No.
  761. >No.
  762. >Stop.
  763. >Thinking about it might make it come true.
  765. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  766. >You  entered the Whitecastle General Store in search of information, and a drink
  767. >No, not that kind
  768. >Although by the end of this adventure you may need one
  769. >The employee (probably owner) of the establishment snapped to attention upon realizing he had a customer
  770. >Small town + dead hours of the day and year = sudoku
  771. >You deposited Anon onto the floor, who voiced no dissatisfaction
  772. "Don't get into any trouble."
  773. >Walking over to the clerk, you tried to smoothly make conversation
  774. "Where can a mare find some cold water around here?"
  775. >"Well in that icebox you'll find a plethora of bottled water miss." he said happily, pointing a hoof
  776. >You felt something bump against your back leg
  777. >Hmmm, who could it be?
  778. >You turn your head to see Anon gently prodding you with her head, holding a bag of chips in her mouth
  779. "sigh* No Anon, put those back."
  780. >"Mumm mmf mf mumf?"
  781. >You weren't sure what she said, but it sounded like "'Don't you love me?'
  782. "I'm not falling for your tricks Anon. Now put it back and be a good filly."
  783. >This would be embarassing, but you were sure the store owner saw this once a week, probably hourly during the busy summer season when tourists would pass through to reach the southern beaches
  784. "So has anything interesting been happening recently?" you asked, levitating a four-pack of bottles of water onto the counter.
  785. >"Mmm... nope. Business as usual."
  786. "Nopony getting into any fights with their friends? Family feuds? Gerrymandering?"
  787. >"Nope, nope, and I don't really follow politics."
  788. >You heard a dull 'thwump ' and felt more bumping from behind
  789. >And who would've thought? Anon wanted something else
  790. >Next to her hooves lay a two-liter of lemon-lime soda she pulled from the icebox
  791. "No, I'm already buying water. Maybe if you're a good filly I'll buy you some later."
  792. >"I'll be the best filly ever!" she said, turning around and pushing the bottle towards the machine via repeated booping
  793. >You turn back to the owner,  satisfied that you wouldn't be bothered anymore
  794. >"Is there a bookstore here?"
  795. >You could teleport her to Canterlot, but you wanted a place where she could stay here and under your watchful eye
  796. >In this town there was nowhere where Anon could get into trouble, nor places of vice or degeneracy
  797. >Damn sushi resturaunts.
  798. >There was also nowhere for her to run off to, since this place was surrounded by desert
  799. "There's no friendship problems at all?" you asked, growing exasperated
  800. >"Nope. Not a lot happens in this little watering hole. We don't even have to import water like other towns in this desert, so not much outside contact."
  801. >The clerk scratched his chin with a hoof, ruminating
  802. >"I guess we could use MORE friendship, ponies around here don't seem to be friends too often. They're FRIENDLY, but that's different, y'know? I think it's because all the ranchers live so far apart, not much opportunity to socialize."
  803. >Maybe it would be simple
  804. >Call in Pinkie Pie, throw a party, everypony goes home
  805. >You heard a clattering, and groaned internally
  806. >Anon stood next to a capsized display of chocolate bars
  807. >"I didn't do it."
  808. "We both know that's not true."
  809. >"It was an accident, I swear! I just go-go-gat!"
  810. >Anon fell to her four knees, head jerking and face twitching
  811. "Don't worry, this happens sometimes. Epilepsy." you said preemptively
  812. >"Ah." the clerk said, nodding empathetically, "I have a distant cousin with that. You just let me take care of the display." he said kindly, pitying your filly
  813. "Come Anon, let's go." you said, levitating the water behind you.
  814. >Anon rose to her hooves slowly, and slowly loped behind you and out the door
  815. >Time to find some lodging
  817. >Be Twilight
  818. >You stood outside the Oasis Inn, a nice-looking, two-story building painted a refreshing sky blue with white boardways and trim
  819. >By far the largest building in this small town
  820. >"Does it have a pool?" Anon asked
  821. "*sigh* I don't know Anon, let's go see."
  822. >"If it doesn't have a pool I don't wanna stay."
  823. "Well that's too bad."
  824. "...But I guess you've gotten over your fear of water?"
  825. >"Pffsh, I was never afraid...  it was always too cold is all."
  826. "Mmm-hmmm." you said, swinging open the door
  827. >A young Pegasus receptionist sat behind a desk, reading a newspaper laid flat across the desk while her navy mane cascaded down her sky blue shoulders
  828. >She looked up and gave you too the 'minimum-wage employee' smile
  829. >"Does this place have a pool?" Anon asked, not even waiting for a 'hello'
  830. >"Uh, well, yes, in the back. But we haven't even opened it up, you're the first guests we've had in days."
  831. "That empty, huh?"
  832. >"I like it this time of year. Nice and quiet, I get to do crosswords." she giggled, "compared to summer, when we get so busy we sometimes run out of rooms."
  833. >"How long will it take to get ready?"
  834. >"Oh, about twenty minutes."
  835. >"I'm gonna go look at it!" Anon said, not even asking for permission before bolting out a door to the right
  836. "Be careful!" you yelled at her as the door slowly swung closed
  837. >You turned back to the cashier and flashed a brilliant smile
  838. "Room for one, please."
  839. >"A-are you sure? We have plenty-"
  840. >You pulled a substantial amount of bits out of your saddlebag and slid them across the desk
  841. "I'm afraid the rest of your rooms are being fumigated."
  842. >She looked down at the money in awe. It must be worth at least a week's salary to her.
  843. >poorfagsgetout.png
  844. >"Yes ma'am. Do you have any other preferences for your room?"
  845. "No."
  846. >"All right, you'll be staying in suite A-1. Here's your key." she said, handing over a small bronze key.
  848. >You levitate your key and carefully slide it into the doorknob
  849. >At the moment, Anon was running laps around the pool
  850. "Anon, come inside!"
  851. >"I only need another lap to make it 5!"
  852. >Anon had this thing with 5s
  853. >You were pretty sure it was Aspergait's
  854. >You pushed the door to your room in and entered
  855. >The shag carpet was comfortable underhoof, and a large window gave a great view of...
  856. >Well, nothing.
  857. >Most importantly, there was only one bed.
  858. >Anon stumbled in behind you, winded from her execise
  859. >Maybe you should install a pool at home just so she would go outside
  860. >But then again, she'd probably go out for a midnight swim and drown
  861. >"Alright Twi, I hope there's-"
  862. >Her face dropped a bit upon seeing the room
  863. >"Wait... there's only one bed."
  864. "Yeah, all the other rooms are being fumigated, they didn't think anypony would be coming. So we'll just have to share."
  865. >"...I'm gonna go double-check."
  866. "I'm gonna unpack. Don't run off anywhere."
  867. >Anon trotted back out the door, and you dumped both of your saddlebags onto the bed
  868. >Once you'd finished unloading your various possessions, Anon trudged in
  869. >"I'll sleep on the floor." she said indignantly
  870. "Nope."
  871. >"I don't wanna sleep with you. I'll take the floor."
  872. "You're not GETTING the floor. When you don't get a good night's sleep you get cranky, and floors aren't conducive for good sleeping"
  873. >"But I-"
  874. >Anon closed her mouth upon seeing your displeased-mama glare
  875. >She was gonna be the little spoon whether she liked it or not
  877. >Be Anon
  878. >You were 90% sure that either the fumigation was bullshit, or Twilight had actually hired an exterminator and paid off the motel in advance to perform the service
  879. >Whatever
  880. >You would never say it, but you liked cuddling with Twilight
  881. >Her body was so warm and her fur soft, and no blanket could match the comfort of her wings draped around you
  882. >Pressing your head deep against her chestfluff, and listening to her heart beat was the ultimate way to fall asleep
  883. >Sometimes she would make gentle shooshing noises or rub her cheek against the top of your head, your ears bending at the contact
  884. >But admitting that, or actively seeking cuddles, legitimized her position and power over you as your mother
  886. >But now what?
  887. >There was some friendship problem here or something, but it wasn't something you had to, or would, deal with
  888. >And this town obviously didn't have much of a night life, not a whole lot of attractions
  889. >You were pretty sure you saw a bar, but there was no way Purple would let you anywhere near it
  890. "Oh! Purps! Can I swim now?"
  891. >"You can swim later. Right now we have work to do."
  892. "YOU have work to do."
  893. >"You're coming along. Besides, maybe you're the key to solving this friendship problem."
  894. >You scowled at her
  895. "Do I really seem like the friendly type?"
  896. >"You've made new friends in the past." she answered offhandedly, organizing some books like the autist she is
  897. "Friends you didn't approve of."
  898. >"She was a bad pony with a bad family." she said, not even looking at you
  899. >Like she was one to talk
  901. >The sun sat at your back, casting a medium shadow across the sandy terrain
  902. >You walked alongside Twilight, just roaming the streets, asking strangers if they had any problems
  903. >Nope, nope, nope, and nope
  904. >They got lucky, avoiding having to deal with the Purple Menace
  905. >Ignorant of her insanity
  906. "Can't I just go back to the room?" you complained, eager to get out of the heat
  907. >"No, I need you here, my little sidekick" she said, edging closer and nuzzling the side of her head against yours
  908. >Sidekick.. didn't you-
  909. "Hey, didn't you already have a sidekick?"
  910. >She didn't say anything
  911. "Yeah, I heard him mentioned when you were talking with your friends. Spike, right?"
  912. >"Oh, Spike. Right."
  913. >She clearly didn''t want to talk about him further
  914. "…So did he live with you? Did you go on lots of adventures?"
  915. >"Yes, and yes. We were very good friends." she did a lousy job of hiding the disappointment in her voice
  916. "…Nothing more? Nothing… familial?"
  917. >"Don't be silly. He was a dragon, and I'm a pony. We're just too different for that sort of relationship."
  918. >Twilight closet racist?
  919. >Or maybe she thought they were, but he left like a black father
  920. >Maybe one person had already escaped her clutches
  921. >Maybe you could do the same.
  922. "He left, didn't he? Got sick of you?"
  923. >"N-no, he just got a great opportunity with Dragon Queen Ember, and accepted it. I'm glad he's learning more about dragon culture, and responsibility. After he was Princess for a day, well… he needs it."
  924. "-And maybe you like me because I'm similar to him. Maybe you're trying-"
  925. >"I DON'T want to talk about this anymore." she said in her nearly-pissed voice
  926. >You had learned to shut up at this point.
  927. >So you did.
  930. >Be Twilight
  931. >Anon was really starting to get on your nerves
  932. >Maybe you should have left the little brat-
  933. >...
  934. >No Twilight, you're not thinking clearly
  935. >You're just getting angry because you haven't found the friendship problem yet
  936. >You'd already asked the motel concierge if she had any friendship problems, but she said she was new in town, and couldn't think of having any close friends
  937. >The tailor described herself as introverted, and didn't want friends, let alone having any in recent memory
  938. >heresy.png
  939. >That could POSSIBLY be the problem, but you needed to investigate further
  940. >It was starting to get late; maybe a hour until sunset, and you could see that the shimmering haze seen on the dusty horizon was now fading
  941. >However, this would mean that rancher ponies would be coming into town to buy wares and drink
  942. >You might have to put Anon to bed early so you could ask around the local tavern
  943. >Who were you kidding, she wouldn't sleep
  944. >Well, you'd bought her a pile of comic books, so she should be quiet
  945. >Maybe bribe her with some sweets from the general store
  946. >You could teleport to some Canterlot megachain for a wider selection, but you wanted to support local businesses
  948. "Say, Anon, you must be getting tired." you said off-handedly
  949. >"Nuh-uh."
  950. >She hated naps
  951. "Well, wouldn't you like to get out of this heat? It's still pretty hot out here."
  952. >T'was true, it was still over 80 degrees and would be for some time
  953. >"Can I go back to the hotel room?"
  954. "Hmmm..."
  955. >If you made it seem like you wanted her there, she'd try to leave
  956. >"Please? C'mon Twilight, I've been good."
  957. >The two of you had different definitions of 'good'
  958. "Well, I guess that's true. I'll leave you in the hotel room, and when I come back we'll get dinner. Then afterwards you can go swimming. Deal?"
  959. >"Deal." she said, trying not to sound delighted
  960. >You pop the two of you into the hotel room, and after that second of confusion, she hops onto the bed
  961. >Not her bed. THE bed.
  962. >You had left her saddlebag on it, and she began ruffling through it, eventually pulling out a stack of comic books
  963. >You wished that Anon would read some more normal books
  964. >But if you didn't give her these, she'd inevitably bother the concierge, or even worse, try to scamper off on her own
  965. >She had almost been raped once already, and you were pretty sure her bladder was empty right now
  967. >Be Open Heart
  968. >Therapy between Ms. Velvet and Mr. Light was going... poorly
  969. >"Oh, it's always 'Anon this', and 'Flurry that', can't you go one hour without talking about them?" Mr. Light asked violently
  970. >"Well, so-orry that I love my granddaughters!" Ms. Velvet shouted back
  971. >"Y'know, you don't have to spend every second of every day talking about them! What about 'us'? Hell, I'd settle for Shining or Twilight!"
  972. >"Maybe you should just read about them in the newspaper, since that's where your muzzle always is!"
  973. >Time to steer back the conversation
  974. "We're getting nowhere with this, ponies. Let's try to cool down, and start a more open dialogue."
  975. >The two took a few moments to settle down, repositioning in their seats and avoiding eye contact
  976. "Now it seems like the problem is a lack of meaningful communication. Let's start by figuring out where these problems began."
  979. >Be Twilight
  980. >You stood in the entrance to the Watering Hole, looking out over the premesis
  981. >White-tiled floor, plastic chairs and clean white booths
  982. >Seemed closer to an ice cream parlor than the dark dirty taverns you read about in your books
  983. >Which was fitting, as in small towns like this, resturaunts would double as bars
  984. >Or the other way around
  985. >You noticed that there seemed to be too few glasses behind the counter, even for a small town
  986. >Around twelve ponies sat in the various tables, booths, and stools, mostly alone or in pairs
  987. >Well, better get to work.
  988. >You trot over to a teal stallion sitting alone in a booth, looking bored and undoubtedly waiting for some food
  989. >You manage to make out a horseshoe cutie mark slightly obscured by his gray tail
  990. "Hello there!" you said cheerfully, "May I sit with you?"
  991. >Wait, maybe that wasn't-
  992. >"Uh, sure." he answered, looking over at your wings
  993. >He certainly would've said no if you hadn't been a princess
  994. >You slide across from him, careful to avoid a half-chewed piece of garlic bread at the end of the row
  995. "So how are things around here?"
  996. >"Uh, fine." he answered, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head with a hoof.
  997. "Everypony good here? No angry breakups, family feuds? Friends having an argument?"
  998. >"Naaaw, things are pretty quiet here. Ponies just mind their own business, don't really socialize much."
  999. "You don't have any friends?"
  1000. >"No, I'm pretty sure I have some... uh... well..."
  1001. >You heard a nearly-obnoxious voice behind you, its accent dripping with  northern-Manehatten... flavor
  1002. >"Ay, Shoe, whaddabout me?"
  1003. >You turned your head to see another orange stallion with a blue mane two tables down, eavesdropping on his princess
  1004. >Treason.png
  1005. >"Oh! Right!" Shoeboy yelled back, "How could I forget about you!"
  1006. >"Ay, you coming to the party at Wheat's place tomorrow?"
  1007. >"Right! Almost forgot!" he laughed, "You wanna sit with us?"
  1008. >"Naw, I was just leavin'. Good ta see ya!" he said, rising from his chair
  1009. >"Right back at you!" Shoeboy said back
  1010. >Once his friend left, he was in noticeably higher spirits
  1011. "Hmmm... well, thanks a lot, Mister..."
  1012. >"Shoe Striker"
  1013. >Guaranteed blacksmith
  1015. >Next table, a family of 5, said they lived far out in the country, and mostly interacted with each other
  1016. >In the corner sat a couple of stallions arguing over whether some thot was hot or not, mostly about the... proportions of her body
  1017. >On two barstools, a couple was arguing over a forgotten anniversary
  1018. >Nothing you could help with
  1019. >You slide out of the booth and leave the establisment
  1020. >But before exiting, you speak with the waitress and cover the helpful stallion's meal
  1021. >You were such a good pony
  1024. >Be Anon
  1025. >God, where was Twilight?
  1026. >It'd been hours since she'd gone off to Christian-god-knows-where, and you'd only left the room to use the pot and annoy the concierge
  1027. >Which you were doing right now
  1028. "So how much are you paid?" you asked innocently, as if you hadn't been doing this all day
  1029. >The mare sighed oncemore.
  1030. >"Enough."
  1031. "Minimum wage? A bit above?"
  1032. >She didn't answer, just looked back down at her sudoku puzzle
  1033. >It was hard to maintain eye contact when the top of your mane barely reached above the desktop
  1034. >You leaned against said desk with your hooves to add a few inches
  1035. "I get paid six bits a week to go to school."
  1036. >"That's WONDERFUL." she responded, not looking up at you
  1037. >She wasn't taking the bait
  1038. "Plus I get whatever I want if I'm a good filly." you added, which was half-true
  1039. >"Good for you."
  1040. >This made you wonder if she was used to this sort of thing
  1041. >You'd better change tactics
  1042. "Do you have a coltfriend?"
  1043. >She didn't answer, but you could see the tips of her mouth sour a fraction
  1044. >She finally raised her head up to look at you, finally invested in this conversation
  1045. "Surely you do, all the CUTE mares get coltfriends."
  1046. >TBH if she lived in an area with decent population density she could def get one, just look at that bod
  1047. >"Maybe you should head back to your room." she suggested in an almost threatening tone. "Your mom will be mad if she finds you roaming about."
  1048. "She's not my mom."
  1049. >"She's a mare, she's taking care of you, close enough."
  1050. "She's a female caretaker."
  1051. >"Aren't the two of you sharing a bed?"
  1052. "Shut up." you retorted, scrunching your tiny filly muzzle
  1053. >It was still a better comeback than "no u"
  1054. >And it's not like you WANTED to sleep alongside Twilight's soft, warm, protective form.
  1055. >It was just circumstance was all.
  1056. >"That's not very polite. Little fillies should be respectful, especially to their elders. You wouldn't want me to give her a bad report, now would you?"
  1057. "Well, I'll tell 'Mom' that you were mean to me."
  1058. >"Why do I get the sense that you've tried that before?" responded the receptionist dryly
  1059. >She was right, you were bluffing
  1060. >"And if I told HER you were being a nuisance and interrupting my work, who do you think she'd believe?"
  1061. "..."
  1062. "I, uh... I think I left the door open to the room. I'd better go check that."
  1063. >"Enjoy your visit at The Oasis Inn!" she sarcastically yelled as you retreated into the hall
  1065. >Be Twilight
  1066. >Today had gone okay
  1067. >You had an idea of what was going on, but you didn't know how exactly it was happening
  1068. >You could figure that out tomorrow. Two days tops.
  1069. >Right now you had to feed Anon
  1071. >Dinner had been a simple affair
  1072. >Anon had insisted on Buck E. Cheese when you told her she could choose
  1073. >You shot her down pretty quick
  1074. >So Mexicoltan it was
  1075. >"Twilight! Twilight! Look, I can do a frontflip!" Anon demanded, "Twilight! Look!"
  1076. >For somepony who insisted on being completely independant, she sure looked to you for validation
  1077. "Alright Anon, show me."
  1078. >Anon pushed forward through the waves, arcing her head downwards, with her body following suit
  1079. >Her mane and tail flowed through the water, swishing through the currents in individual strands
  1080. >Anon never really finished the frontflip, she just managed to do a 270 and floated back up
  1081. >More like 3π /2
  1082. >Polar > Cartesian
  1083. >"Did ya see?! Did ya see?!" she exclaimed when her head burst through the surface, a bit of chlorinated water dribbling out of her mouth
  1084. "*sigh* . Yes, Anon."
  1085. >Anon resumed swimming laps like a madmare, and you continued reading your book
  1087. >God, why wouldn't this filly tire?
  1088. >Getting Anon out of bed in the morning was hell, but now she was a source of limitless energy
  1089. "Anon, aren't you getting tired?"
  1090. >"No!" she yelled back, but you could see her strokes becoming weaker and less rapid
  1091. "It's getting late! Come out and let's get you ready for bed!"
  1092. >Upon hearing the word 'bed', Anon dove under the surface of the water
  1093. >You stood up and walked to the edge of the pool
  1094. "I know you heard me Anon!" you shouted, trying to overpower the water's sound-dampening element
  1095. >No response
  1096. "Well, I can wait here all night, but you've gotta come up sometime!"
  1097. >Anon continued trying to stay submerged, but soon she was launched back up to the pool's surface
  1098. >Whether this was due to a need for air or the floation properties of the pony form was impossible to determine
  1099. "Now are you gonna come out like a big filly, or am I gonna have to magic you inside?"
  1100. >"I'll be a big filly..." Anon answered sadly, swimming to the edge of the pool
  1101. >She placed her hooves onto the concrete ground and lifting up, managing to wriggle her way onto the deck
  1102. >She then plodded over to her pool chair and retrieved her towel, drying herself off in awkward movements
  1104. >The pair of you strolled back to Room 1, your book levitating behind you
  1105. >Hearing hoofsteps to your left, you turn and see the receptionist from before
  1106. >She seemed grumpy, but upon recognition of your gaze, her face brightened into a forced smile
  1107. >"Everything go okay?"
  1108. "Yes, thank you."
  1109. >"Well I'm gonna close the pool now."
  1110. >She was clearly irritated at you for all the extra work your presence had created
  1111. >Even though you had given her that massive 'tip'
  1112. >Lazy ass
  1113. >tfw you never got even the tip nowadays
  1116. >Anon laid in your bed, gazing introspectively out the window, the vast, empty landscape aglow with moonlight
  1117. >You had to hand it to Luna, she made Equestria beautiful
  1118. >You slide into bed next to her, and the dip your weight (sexy weight) created in the mattress pulls her attention
  1119. >She looks over at you with a dull expression, but could not hide a certain brightness in her eyes
  1120. >ohshesgonnalovethis.png
  1121. >The two of you sat still for a moment, looking into each other's eyes
  1122. >What was she thinking?
  1123. >Thousands of possible thoughts could be flowing through her mind
  1124. >Anon had shown exceptional thinking abilities, and was likely operating on multiple levels of strategy and mindgames
  1125. >Was she planning future mischeif?
  1126. >Technological advances rent from her homeworld?
  1127. >What machinations could be operating within the constructs of her intellect?
  1129. >Be Anonfilly
  1130. >You hoped those burritos didn't make her gassy
  1132. >Be Twilight
  1133. >You laid down in bed, rolling onto your side towards Anon
  1134.  "I'm gonna turn off the light." you told her before levitating the candlestick over to you
  1135. >You blew out the candle, codemning the walls to darkness
  1136. >Pulling the covers over the both of you was a simple task with magic
  1137. >You turn back to your original position, wings folded behind you
  1138. >Anon laid on the edge of the bed, her back to you
  1139. "You're gonna fall off like that."
  1140. >"I'll be fine." your little angel insisted
  1141. "If you don't come to me, I'll come to you."
  1142. >After a second of hesistation, she awkwardly scoots backward towards the center of the bed
  1143. >You meet her halfway, pushing your frame against hers
  1144. >Her body was so small compared to yours
  1145. >So fragile and defenseless
  1146. >Good thing you were here for you
  1147. >Where would she be without you?
  1148. >You wrap your forelegs around her, as if hugging a teddy bear
  1149. >"N-no homo"
  1150. >Her head was just below yours, and you rubbed your cheek against her mane, pushing slightly into her crown
  1151. >You slid your right forleg down towards her hind legs
  1152. >You used it to rub her tummy, making small circular motions
  1153. >In response, she sighed, her high-pitched tone music to your ears
  1154. "Do you like that?"
  1155. >"Meh." she lied, her voice softer than normal
  1156. >You swirled your hoof across her stomach a bit faster
  1157. >"Oooh" she uttered under her breath
  1158. >You switched your pattern, rubbing up and down in slow, regular movements
  1159. "Feels good, doesn't it?"
  1160. >"A- a little."
  1161. >You pushed deeper, sending a small wave of pleasure into her body
  1162. >"Mmmf..." Anon moaned, her leg kicking out a tiny bit, "D-don't stop"
  1163. >You retract your hoof, then slide it right back over the surface of her tum-tum
  1164. >"Don't stop." she pleaded, and you were happy to oblige
  1165. >You continued to massage her sensitive bits
  1166. >Not just her filly tummy, but also her back, which took some creative positioning, making sure to pleasure both parts
  1167. >Circles, strokes, and some penetration into her belly
  1168. >She liked it when you pushed slightly into the fluffy surface, almost like stomach booping
  1169. >Just gentle loving
  1170. >The best way to spend a comfy night together
  1171. >Eventually you heard a soft, drawn-out gasp, and you could tell she was satisfied with your comforting touch
  1172. >Fillies love belly rubs
  1174. >You pull Anon closer to you, wrapping her in your wings
  1175.  >You could feel her body against yours, her body's expansion and contraction perfectly synchronized with the sound of her breathing
  1176. >She moved her right foreleg up to her muzzle, undoubtedly scratching some itch
  1177. "Anon?"
  1178. >"Yes?"
  1179. "I love you."
  1180. >"I-"
  1181. >...
  1182. "What was that?"
  1183. >"Nothing, just a reflex."
  1184. >Soon.
  1185. "Okay, well go to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow."
  1186. >Anon mumbled something under her breath
  1187. >You leaned your head downwards and place a kiss on the top of Anon's head
  1188. "Goodnight."
  1190. >Be Anonfilly
  1191. >You woke up slowly, eyes accommadating the darkness by default, but yet you couldnt see much.
  1192. >All you knew was that you were warm, and felt weirdly safe.
  1193. >Ugh, what happened last night?
  1194. >This night? There wasn't much light, from what you could tell.
  1195. >No, it was more like the light was... muted.
  1196. >And kinda purple.
  1197. >Oh, right.
  1198. >Wriggling a bit, you manage to rotate yourself 90 degrees counterclockwise until your face was buried deep into Twilight's chestfluff.
  1199. >She smelled like strawberries, undoubtedly due to that body shampoo she used religiously.
  1200. >Looking up, you could see Twilight staring at you, her eyes full of unhealthily possessive love.
  1201. >Her mouth formed a slight smile, a smile you knew all too well.
  1202. >Never a good sign.
  1203. >...
  1204. >...
  1205. >"Hello, my little muffin." she whispered happily, tightening her wings' grip on you
  1206. "H-how long have you been staring like that?"
  1207. >"Oh, I woke up a while ago."
  1208. >...
  1209. >...
  1210. >"Do you want breakfast?"
  1212. >Be Anonfilly
  1213. >You were surprised that you could actually walk, considering how many many pancakes you ate
  1214. >Twilight had been real pushy on making sure "a growing filly" got what she deemed a suitable amount
  1215. >She liked watching you eat, peering over at you with every bite
  1216. >This time she was actually eating a fruit salad, rather than obsessively watching you.
  1217. >It was still a lot of rotations due to the massive amount of breakfast
  1218. >You didn't complain at the time
  1219. >Those pancakes were the shit
  1220. >Now you wish you had
  1221. "Can't I go lay down?" you asked for the umpteenth time, hoping Twilight would say yes
  1222. >Maybe you could even head back to the castle, promising not to perform any shenanigans
  1223. >Whether you would actually honor that promise was up in the air
  1224. >"No Anon, I might need your help."
  1225. "You're a literal demigoddess. How the he... heck will I be useful?"
  1226. >"You never know." she brushed your question off.
  1227. "Uuuuuuuugh." you whined loudly
  1228. >"Do you want me to carry you?" she asked with an equal amount of annoyance and hope
  1229. >Ugh, the jostling would be too much
  1230. "No, I'm fine." you answered with little conviction.
  1231. >"Well, let's pick up the pace. I'm the one lugging everything around." she said, her saddlebags full of expeditionary equipment, research tools, and extra water
  1232. >Probably was using magic to make them lighter or some shit
  1233. "Where are we even going?"
  1234. >"We're just gonna check out some stuff out of town."
  1235. "Can't we just teleport?"
  1236. >"I have to make sure we don't miss anything. This is really important."
  1237. >Apparently everything she did was super-important, the narcissist
  1238. >"Now, what are the rules again?"
  1239. "Don't drink the water. Don't eat anything. Stay close to you."
  1240. >She turns and rubs the top of your head with a hoof
  1241. >"Such a smart little filly."
  1242. >The compliment made you surprisingly happy.
  1243. >Due to your filly instincts, over course.
  1246. >One thing everyone forgets: deserts can turn into dry forests real fast
  1247. >You followed Twilight's form silently, alone in your thoughts as the two of you weaved between thin, gray, and numerous trees, struggling against the moderate slope
  1248. >Your  looked mindlessly at the path ahead, with only Twilight's swaying rump breaking the monotony, occasionally getting a peek of her marebits when she flicked her tail
  1249. >How did she not have a BF yet?
  1250. >Oh, right, because of you.
  1251. >mischiefmanaged.png
  1252. >God, this was so boring
  1253. >Thankfully, overhead branches were abundant, helping to block out some of the oppressive sunlight
  1254. "Can we stop for a bit?" you whined, legs growing weary from the hike
  1255. >"Just a little bit farther, up until I find a good place to stop."
  1256. >You lifted your head to look around
  1257. >Twisted trees and dry earth surrounded you in all directions, with shrubbery blocking much of your field of vision
  1258. >You could hear large river to your right, and a gurgling stream close by to your left
  1259. >You kept hiking, on and on, for nearly ten minutes, until Twilight found a riverside spot fairly devoid of trees
  1260. >You didn't even bother to question why she picked this spot, you just flopped onto your hindquarters, eager for some relief
  1261. >Purple gently placed her saddlebags onto the ground, then pulled out test tubes, beakers, strips of acidity testing paper, and several devices you whose purpose you could not discern
  1262. >While she filled up a pair of beakers with river water, you noticed three things about the river:
  1263. >It was slow-moving at this junction
  1264. >It was at a bend, noticable by some miniscule white crystals similar to salt caking the outside of the curve
  1265. >Afterwards, the river split into many narrow streams, each zigzagging down the vast hill in different directions, with one larger than the others by a wide margin
  1266. >You reminisced on what you knew about rivers, from 12 years of formal science education and 52 episodes of The Magic School Bus
  1267. >Not much, all of your education was based on the ocean
  1268. >Erosion weathered and broke down rocks into bits as they flowed downriver
  1269. >Salmon went upstream to breed
  1270. >Cumming on kids is okay if you turn them into fish eggs first
  1271. >Basic stuff
  1272. >This place was quiet, but not in an eerie way
  1273. >It made you feel zen, just the gentle whoosh of the river and soft breeze ruffling your mane
  1274. >Just thinking to yourself, listening to the flow of water, gushing downhill in a torrent, the sound of waves lapping against dirt and rock, splashing noises echoing-
  1275. >...
  1276. >Fuck.
  1277. >You needed to pee.
  1280. "Uh, Twilight, I need to go potty."
  1281. >"There's a tree right behind you." she answered dismissively, not looking up away from a liquid-filled beaker she held in the sunlight
  1282. "Can't you teleport me to a bathroom?"
  1283. >"Anon, I really need to focus here, I can't afford any interruptions."
  1284. "But I can't pee in front of you!"
  1285. >"Why not? I'd be perfectly fine peeing in front of you."
  1286. >Of course you would you perv
  1287. >You began to wonder what that she'd done with that jar of pee you had given her so long ago for "medical testing"
  1288. >This led you down a rabbit hole, pondering about in what ways she could be deriving sexual pleasure from your newfound existence.
  1289. "Can't I go a bit further?"
  1290. >"Alright, but in the future, you use 'farther' for physical distance."
  1292. >You turned and trotted quickly downriver, trying to find a spot with decent coverage, continuing for nearly a quarter of a mile (metric units were for commies) until you found a bank of trees that obscured you from Twilight
  1293. >After a second of focusing, you felt the sweet release of your bladder emptying, the golden stream whizzing out of your vagina and soaking the ground underneath you, the dirt visibly darkening
  1294. >Your thoughts strayed to Aryanne
  1295. >When you got back home you'd try to sneak out and see her
  1296. >As you began to visualize the thiccness of her white, childbearing plot (well, for her age at least), you felt a wetness against the inside of your rear left leg
  1297. >Fuckfuckfuck
  1298. >Thankfully, your piss slowed to a trickle almost immediately
  1299. >You stood stockstill, taking in the situation
  1300. >You had pee high up on one of your many horsie thighs
  1301. >Twiggles wouldn't help you magically without losing patience
  1302. >And with all this fur, you couldn't just get a wet wipe
  1303. >You needed a bath
  1304. >You looked over your shoulder to the river
  1305. >While it was moving decently fast, you could hold your arms- well, front hooves against the ground to tether yourself
  1306. >You could make this work
  1308. >You scooted over to the water's edge, careful to avoid falling in
  1309. >The large, low, flat rocks hung over the water's edge; one slip and you'd become soaked
  1310. >Slowly inserting a hoof into the water, you come to the realization that it is lukewarm
  1311. >A little surprising, but considering how hot it was out today, you weren't baffled
  1312. >The mountain was undoubtedly taking in rainwater, preventing it from reaching the desert wastes behind you, which was also the reason for the forest
  1313. >But this would be unsustainable, so water was likely being pushed up to the top of the mountain by some form of underground geyser
  1314. >You rotate around, plot facing the current, and rest on your knees
  1315. >Wriggling backwards, you manage to get your rear hooves into the water
  1316. >A few more gyrations and the rear third of your body was in the water, back legs completely submerged
  1317. >You laid on the comfortably warm rock, thinking only of the feeling of water pulsing against your body, cleaning the pee out of your fur
  1318. >At least it hadn't gotten in your mouth
  1321. >Eventually you grew bored of the sensation, and knew that eventually Purple would come find you
  1322. >So you tried to scoot yourself back up, attempting to pull yourself out like you did at the pool
  1323. >As you push your right hoof against the bedrock, you slip, and begin desperately trying to grab at the stone before your hoof fell off alongside you, the bottom half growing wet as well
  1324. >shitshitshitshit.png
  1325. >You hold onto the edge of the rock with your remaining hoof, summoning all your strength to attempt one last pull
  1326. >But without fingers, you cannot get a grip on the stone, and feel yourself slip from the rocky edge
  1327. >You are pulled into the river by the swirling water, your front half also becoming soaked as you are deposited in the faster-moving center of the river
  1328. >You shut your eyes instinctively as your form is pulled under the surface by an underwater current
  1329. >Commence flashback to the time you nearly drowned.
  1332. >Kicking out desperately, you manage to push your head above water
  1333. >Blinking the water out from your eyelids, you can tell that you've traveled about 10 meters since you were ripped from your perch
  1334. >The river was quick, but not nearly much so as rapids
  1335. >Remembering what you learned about riptides, you attempt to swim back to the shore at a diagonal, but it's no use
  1336. >You just go with the flow, struggling to keep your head above water
  1337. >It was just a matter of time until it slowed, stopped, or turned sharp enough fro you to reach an edge
  1339. >You can feel the angle of the earth, and by extension the river, dip deeper downwards
  1340. >By extension, the stream began speeding up, your body tugged with it
  1341. >You manage to rotate your body, trying to analyze your surroundings
  1342. >What was that whooshing noise?
  1343. >Ahead of you, you manage to see the horizon, the river disappearing from your vision
  1344. >Wait, that would mean...
  1347. >You redouble your efforts, attempting to swim to shore by going with the the direction of the water, but the current is simply too fast, and you make no progress
  1348. >So you tuck your legs in to minimize any chance of injury as the edge draws closer
  1349. >You close your eyes, not wanting to watch yourself die
  1350. >You didn't move as you felt the water speed gradually increase, and listen as the wooshing sound grew louder
  1352. >For a moment you felt weightless
  1353. >Then you felt yourself land with a "SPLOOSH!", with a twinge of pain arcing across your rear legs
  1355. >You claw back up to the surface, head penetrating the water
  1356. >The current had slowed, and you desperately kicked out towards the shore
  1357. >Pulling yourself to sandy ground, you crawl a few steps away from your edge and roll onto your back, just taking in the comforting feel of the ground beneath you
  1358. >You began coughing out water, but your lungs seemingly weren't damaged
  1359. >The only sounds were your rough breathing and the flowing water.
  1361. >Eventually, you sit up and gauge your surroundings
  1362. >You were in some kind of pit, with a waterfall depositing water into a large pool, which churned violently where the waterfall slammed against the pond and flowed into a slow, wide stream
  1363. >You look up and see that the pit has convex walls that curve back inwards at the very top, making the pit essentially cone-shaped with an open top that was ~80% the radius of the bottom
  1364. >The edges of the pit were smooth, and you spied no obvious entrances- or exits
  1365. >But surely the water had to go somewhere
  1366. >So you walked with the current- a short journey, as the hole seemed to be 40 meters in diameter
  1367. >Reaching the opposite wall, you see a small slit at the base from which the water was exiting, about three meters wide and ~14 inches tall
  1368. >There was no way you were fitting through there
  1369. >And even if you could ,there was a decent chance it led underground, and you doubted you'd be able to return through it
  1370. >Twilight would inevitably find you down here, but a meal missed and a scolding was the superior alternative to drowning
  1371. >So you decided to wait.
  1373. >It had been six hours, and Twilight was nowhere to be seen
  1374. >God this was boring
  1375. >You were trying to draw in the sand along the pond's edge, but there's only so much you could do with its limited surface area and a hoof
  1376. >But the constant thirst was unbearable
  1377. >Your supply of water had run out long ago
  1378. >Twiggles told you not to drink anything, so you tried to block these thoughts of dehydration
  1379. >But thoughts of juice, soda, and booze flowed through your mind like water
  1380. >...
  1381. >You couldn't take this anymore
  1382. >It was a river, so it should be freshwater, right?
  1383. >And it was better than dying either way
  1384. >You walk over to the stream and bow your head down, lapping up the water
  1385. >It tasted sorta odd, like that one water fountain at your old job
  1386. >You didn't live in Flint though (too many dindus), so you weren't worried
  1388. >How long had it been?
  1389. >Two hours? Three?
  1390. >It seemed like every time you drank water, the sooner you'd need more
  1391. >Might be partially saltwater
  1392. >You'd figured... Twilight...? Yeah, Twilight would have found you by now
  1393. >You'd try yelling out for her, but the rimmed top deflected much of the sound back inside
  1394. >Hunger was starting to set in, and you didn''t feel so good
  1395. >Maybe you'd take... a little nap.
  1398. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  1399. >Anon had disappeared, and you were panicking
  1400. >Thousands of possibilities flitted through your head
  1401. >Where had she gone? What if she was hurt? What if she was DEAD???
  1402. >You had better find her
  1403. >Spreading your wings, you take one breath before taking to the skies
  1404. >A pegasus's-eye view would be your best bet
  1405. >Unless she was kidnapped by Diamond Dogs and taken underground.
  1406. >You fly a little faster.
  1408. >"I'm sorry Twilight, but we can't find her." Rainbow Dash said sadly, Fluttershy hovering meekly behind her
  1409. >You saw Rainbow imperceptibly cringe in fear of your response
  1410. "Did you check the southeast too??"
  1411. >"Of COURSE we did, Bookworm."
  1412. >Flapping your wings for five hours had gotten tiring, and your panic had been slowly rising since realizing your daughter had gone missing
  1413. >With every minute finding Anon became more unlikely
  1414. >Where could she have gone? Did she get lost? Did she try to run away?
  1415. >"Look, it's getting late. We should get some rest and start again in the morning."
  1416. "My BABY is MISSING and you want to take a nap?!"
  1417. >You were overreacting, but you were a mother missing her child, so it must be permissible, right?
  1418. >"We're not gonna be able to find Anon in the dark." Dash insisted
  1419. >"And between you and me" she whispered, "Fluttershy looks like she's gonna pass out"
  1420. >You look over Dash's shoulder and see Fluttershy struggling to maintain a level altitude, blinking more than she should
  1421. >You sighed, glancing at the rising moon
  1422. "Alright, but we're starting again first thing in the morning"
  1423. >"Don't worry, Anon is a smart filly. She'll be fine."
  1426. >You didn't take time to appreciate the glow of the radiant morning sun as you tried to figure out where Anon was, huddling underneath some much-appreciated shade.
  1427. >You levitated a map up in front of you, its face covered in colored-coded marks and zones
  1428. >Your handiwork, of course
  1429. >Where could your filly be?
  1430. >You'd checked everywhere, and now you were considering external intervention
  1431. >Discord had a habit of fucking with you, but this didn't really seem his style
  1432. >Had she been kidnapped? It had already happened twice
  1433. >Although the first one was your doing
  1434. >What if-
  1435. >A flash of color in the corner of your eye drew your attention upwards
  1436. >A rainbow beam arced across the sky, and you watched it streak closer and closer, braking rapidly in front of you
  1437. >"Twilight! Twilight! We found her!"
  1438. >Your anxiety simultaneously dropped and balooned with that statement, nauseating your heart
  1439. "Is she safe?? She's not hurt, is she?? Is Anon okay???"
  1440. >Rainbow suddenly decided that a nearby cloud was incredibly interesting
  1442. >Following Rainbow Dash had been a simple affair
  1443. >For the first time ever, you were outpacing her, and had to frequently stop so she could catch up
  1444. >A few moments wouldn't make a difference, but you really wished she'd hurry for your sake
  1445. >Eventually the two of you land next to a waterfall that poured into some sort of chasm
  1446. >"She's in there." Rainbow said gravely, pointing into said abyss
  1447. "Did you try talking with her yet?"
  1448. >"Yeah, but, uh, we figured you'd get a better response from her
  1449. >You ignored that comment to meet your filly
  1450. >You loved that little foal more than the world, even if she was a pain sometimes
  1452. >You dash past Rainbow without saying a word, extending your wings to hover over the pit.
  1453. >You began descending vertically with a gentle beating of your wings, barely going slower than freefall.
  1454. >You spy a little green filly at the bottom, with Fluttershy keeping her company.
  1455. >But Anon seemed... different.
  1456. >Listening in, you could hear Fluttershy speaking to her in a slow, deliberate pattern.
  1457. >The same way she spoke to sick animals.
  1459. >You land on the sandy floor and rush to your filly, essentially tackling her into a Mama Bear hug
  1460. "Ohmygodiwassoworriedwhathappened??"
  1461. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see Fluttershy back away demurely
  1462. >"I... huh?" Anon answered groggily, not expressing any emotion other than bewilderment
  1463. >She was confused, but not in a 'just woke up' or 'hit their head on a doorknob' way.
  1464. "Ac-hem, what I meant to say was, what happened young lady?" you asked, trying to add a stern edge to your words.
  1465. >"Well I, uh, I..."
  1466. >"Uh..."
  1467. "Anon, if this is some sort of practical joke, you'd better cut your losses or there will be Tartarus to pay."
  1468. >"I'm sorry, I'm just trying to remember what's going on..."
  1469. "Anon, this isn't funny. I want an explanation NOW."
  1470. >You scan her face for one of the telltale signs that Anon was lying.
  1471. >Her muzzle didn't scrunch in the slightest.
  1472. >No blushing drew on her face.
  1473. >Her eyes didn't stray from your gaze.
  1474. >This-
  1475. >This wasn't some type of trick.
  1476. >"I'm s-sorry, I don't know. Can we go eat please? I'm really hungry, and I think I'd feel better after."
  1477. >Sorry?
  1478. >Please?
  1479. >Anon looked at you with a shy expression and timid posture, retracting as if you were a stran-
  1480. >No
  1481. >No no no...
  1482. "Ah- I, uh..."
  1483. >Anon turns her head with an inquisitive look on her face
  1484. "*achem*, Anon, do you remember who I am?"
  1485. >"..."
  1486. >"I'm sorry miss, I don't."
  1487. "..."
  1488. "..."
  1489. "It's me sweetie. It's your mama." you answered, soul being rent in two.
  1490. >"Oh, uh, r-right." Anon bluffed, "Well, do you know how I got here?"
  1491. >This-
  1492. >This couldn't be happening
  1493. "I- I don't know. I wish I knew." you choked out .
  1494. >You noticed Anon trying to hide an embarassed look, pawing a hoof on the sandy ground.
  1495. "What is it?"
  1496. "I, uh... well... Who exactly am I?"
  1497. >This-
  1498. >This couldn't be happening.
  1499. >You could feel Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash staring, thier eyes boring into the back of your skull, but you didn't care about them.
  1500. >The only thing that mattered in this moment was you and the most important piece of your life.
  1501. "You're Anonymous, remember? The cutest, most wonderful filly in all of Equestria?"
  1502. >"Anonymous... that sounds right, kinda."
  1503. "B-but you remember how much you love me, right?"
  1504. "...Yes?" she hesitated.
  1505. >You scoop up the filly in your arms, her head firmly planted over your shoulder
  1506. >You leaned closer to whisper into her ear.
  1507. "Anon... c-come back... please."
  1508. >You held Anon tighter than you ever had before, trying to sqeeuze the memories out your daughter.
  1509. "Please Anon. Please." you begged, your soul aching with desperate want, attempting to hold back tears.
  1510. >It didn't work.
  1511. "Come b-back to me Anon." you whispered, stroking her mane softly as you felt tears trickle down your face.
  1512. >...
  1513. >"I'm sorry, I don't know what going on, Mi- ...Mom."
  1514. >The rest of your life would be defined as the pre-Anon, Anon, and post-Anon periods.
  1517. >You sat at the dining room table, responding to aid request letters with undeterring efficiency.
  1518. >You kept yourself busy by drowning yourself in bureaucracy.
  1519. >Focusing on other ponies' lives made the days a bit easier to handle.
  1520. >You heard the front door open, then slam shut, followed by the clip-clop of hooves.
  1521. >Eventually, Anon found her way into the room, giving you that "I want something" look, but it was far gentler than what you had been used to so long ago.
  1522. >It had been two heart-stabbing months.
  1523. >"Hey mom?" she asked in her chipper tone.
  1524. "Yes, sweetie?"
  1525. >"I was wondering if I could have a slumber party with my friends? I finished all my homework already."
  1526. "Sure thing Anon, if it's okay with Applejack."
  1527. >"Actually, we're staying over at Sweetie Belle's place." she corrected you.
  1528. "Alright, just be a good filly."
  1529. >She dumped her saddlebag onto the floot and moved to leave, then turned around and gave you a big hug, which you returned lifelessly.
  1530. >"Bye Mom!"
  1531. >You stared at the empty doorway long after she had left.
  1532. >You secretly enjoyed when Anon was gone.
  1533. >One less reminder.
  1535. >Your daughter was friendly and popular, always off and about with some friends.
  1536. >Too bad you couldn't say the same.
  1537. >It was like back before you'd become an Element of Harmony; you stayed cooped up in the castle, doing paperwork and studying dusty books.
  1538. >The others didn't understand, they never had to deal with something like this.
  1539. >Applejack was the only one who truly appreciated what you were going through.
  1540. >But the others didn't care.
  1541. >In trying to avoid the topic, they inadvertently avoided you.
  1542. >Always too busy spending time with their loved ones, citing their family events as excuses whenever possible.
  1543. >FLAUNTING them.
  1544. 'Sigh.'
  1545. >That was unfair.
  1546. >They weren't trying to hurt you.
  1547. >You were the one avoiding them..
  1548. >Nowadays you just lacked the drive to socialize.
  1549. >Besides, you had become a dreary figure.
  1550. >You maintained poor hygeine, showed disinterest in every conversation, and generally exuded an unfriendly atmosphere.
  1551. >Why would anypony want to be with you?
  1554. >You levitate Anon's backpack onto the table, looking for the history test she had been studying for.
  1555. >You pull out her binder, and see it at the front of the stack of papers.
  1556. >95%.
  1557. >Apparently you had rubbed off on "New" Anon.
  1558. >She always did her homework and was a straight-A student, smiley-face stickers on every assignment.
  1559. >She didn't even 'forget' her school projects anymore, forcing you to complete them the night before.
  1560. >Scribbling rapidly while Anon "helped", by sitting next to you and pretending she was contributing.
  1561. >You missed those days.
  1563. >You pulled out your chair and stood up, stretching out your legs before taking a walk through the castle.
  1564. >Heh, you remembered the times you had GM'd Ponyfinder sessions with Anon, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Discord.
  1565. >You still did.
  1566. >It was the only time you reliably socialized anymore.
  1567. >You had hoped that playing it would trigger some memories in Anon, wishing she'd recognize something, ANYTHING.
  1568.  >But you just had to re-explain the rules to her, and watch as she role-played with kindness to NPC's.
  1571. >It was a Friday, so you could "sleep in" tomorrow.
  1572. >It's not like a weekday ever stopped you though.
  1573. >You unlock the windowed wooden door to your liquor cabinet, swinging it open in a motion all too familiar to you.
  1574. >You don't even know why you bother to lock it.
  1575. >Nowadays, Anon wouldn't even consider disobeying you.
  1576. >You reached out past numerous containers of various alcoholic drinks, the empty bottles making clinking noises as you fumbled for what remained of your stash.
  1577. >You managed to dig out your last bottle of wine, levitating a large glass out from the cupboard.
  1578. >You had to make another trip to the liquor store this weekend.
  1579. >You were a regular now, purchasing bags of various spirits biweekly.
  1580. >Heh, you should be the Princess of Alcoholism.
  1581. >You weren't the first to use that title.
  1582. >But you didn't care about what the tabloids said.
  1583. >You didn't care about much, really.
  1586. >On the kitchen wall sat a calender, featuring " 'Group Meeting'" (You tried to avoid the word Anonymous where possible), "Anon's Tuba Recital", and Sunday marked with a red circle.
  1587. >Oh yeah, you were visiting your parents this weekend
  1588. >Anon loved spending time with her grandparents.
  1589. >At least that hadn't changed.
  1590. >Even though the family never brought it up, you knew that they pitied you.
  1591. >Another swig of the vintage drink couldn't drown out that line of thought.
  1592. >Their forced smiles couldn't hide the aching consolation in their eyes.
  1593. >Always feeling bad for you, like you were some sort of invalid.
  1594. >You were pretty sure your brother was trying to keep Flurry out of sight when you were around.
  1595. >How emotionally disbalanced did they think you were?
  1596. >They all thought you were some sort of sniveling wreck.
  1597. >Were you?
  1598. >You look down at your reflection in the half-filled glass, bags underneath your puffy eyes, mane unkempt and unwashed.
  1599. >When was the last time you showered?
  1600. >You could take care of Anon, but not yourself.
  1601. >Who were you kidding, you couldn't take care of ANYPONY.
  1604. >Your family not only pitied you, but they all surely saw you as a failure.
  1605. >'Couldn't even keep an eye on her own kid'.
  1606. >'Our daughter's an alicorn and we're doing fine, why isn't she?'
  1607. >Probably judging you for being a single mom.
  1608. >You gulped another mouthful of wine, appreciating its earthy flavor.
  1609. >It's not like you got knocked up, you just wanted a baby of your own.
  1611. >Alicornhood had a price.
  1612. >A price you had never agreed to.
  1613. >And no orphanage would let a barely-legal single mother adopt, much less a duty-laden princess.
  1614. >You had hopelessly tried to find one, but they all rejected you.
  1615. >They made the right choice.
  1618. >Taking another draft of "Mommy's Special Drink", you levitate a glass plate over to you, holding it in your hooves.
  1619. >It was an expensive griffon-made piece of china, part of a unique set.
  1620. >You didn't even know how much it costed, just that it was a lot.
  1621. >With all your strength, you thrust it Equestriabound, a rush of energy filling you as it shattered against the floor with a loud 'CRASH!!', fragments flying everywhere.
  1622. >It felt good, taking out your frustration on something so fragile.
  1623. >Pulling another plate out of the cabinet, you hover it over to yourself before repeating the action.
  1624. *CRASH!!
  1625. >More. More.
  1626. *CRASH!!
  1627. >Your family thought you were a failure.
  1628. *CRASH!!
  1629. >Your friends avoided you.
  1630. *CRASH!!
  1631. >Celestia probably despised you, sullying her good name and having wasted all her teaching, all those lessons.
  1632. *CRASH!!
  1633. >You were an embarassment to Equestria!
  1634. *CRASH!!
  1635. >You hated being so lonely! So ALONE in the world!
  1636. *CRASH!!
  1637. >...
  1638. >...But most of all, you hated yourself.
  1639. >On so many levels.
  1640. >...
  1641. >...
  1642. >...
  1643. >The silence became oppressive, contrasting the violent crashes immediately prior.
  1644. >You drank deeply from your wineglass, desperately trying to ignore the world.
  1645. >...
  1646. >This wasn't your fault.
  1647. >You were the victim.
  1648. >You did noth-
  1649. >You didn't even bother to finish the thought.
  1650. >Even if it was unintentional, even if it was an accident, it was your choices that lead to this.
  1651. >If you had just given Anon a little space, a little autonomy, it never would have happened.
  1652. >No, she couldn't take care of herself, she wasn't ready to handle such things.
  1653. >'Because you did such a swell job', you thought to yourself.
  1654. >You never gave her a proper chance.
  1655. >No, HIM.
  1656. >Denying his identity was willfully neglectful.
  1657. >You meekly drop the plate in your hoof down onto the floor, breaking it into halves.
  1658. >It wasn't the only broken thing in this castle.
  1661. >You walked down the hall, slowly descending a staircase.
  1662. >All that time trying to care for Anon's emotional needs... wasted.
  1663. >In the end, nothing you had done mattered.
  1664. >No, things were worse now.
  1665. >You stoop to a corner of the basement, facing a nondescript brown chest.
  1666. >Opening the lid, you look upon a device, one you had enchanted yourself.
  1667. >Grasping it against your body, your run a hoof against its cold metallic surface.
  1668. >The emerald collar had been removed long ago, its pink runes deactivated, the only proof of their existence being a slight discoloration in their absence.
  1669. >Once or twice you had pulled this relic out, staring into its dark body, trying to avoid the sight of your reflection.
  1670. >It was the only true memento you had of the old Anon.
  1671. >Sadness, regret, and guilt flowed through you in equal parts.
  1672. >This wasn't the first time you had stared into its shiny exterior.
  1673. >And every time you just felt worse for seeing it.
  1674. >You shove it back into the box, chiding yourself for making the same mistake again as you shut the lid wildly.
  1675. >Although in the grand scheme of your life, it hardly registered.
  1677. >You didn't trust yourself to teleport while under the influence of so much alcohol.
  1678. >So you unsteadily amble up the stairs, lost in thought, grateful that your bedroom was only on the second floor.
  1679. >Stumbling down the hall, it takes a few attempts to successfully jiggle the doorknob and open the door to your room, flopping onto the bed you had shared with Anon many times.
  1680. >Good times..
  1681. >Happy times..
  1682. >You shut the door behind you; Anon knew that meant don't come in, and you didn't want the filly that worshipped you to see you hungover.
  1683. >At least you hadn't passed out on the hallway floor again.
  1684. >You pulled the covers over yourself, not bothering to brush your teeth.
  1685. >Despite your overwhelming intoxication, sleep didn't come easily.
  1686. >Hours were spent staring at the blank ceiling, praying for a dreamless night and lamenting your wretched existence.
  1687. >Why was the universe so cruel to you?
  1688. >Why did it have to deny you the satisfaction of sharing your love with a child?
  1689. >Couldn't it just fulfill one simple wish?
  1690. >...
  1691. >No.
  1692. >This was everything you had wished for.
  1693. >...
  1694. >...But not what you wanted.
  1695. >You wanted Anon back.
  1696. >But Anon was gone.
  1698. /Thus ends Possible Ending 3
  1701. >Carefullly, you manage to pull yourself up using small movements, wary of a slick portion of the rock
  1702. >Falling in the river would both get you wet and invoke Twilight's wrath
  1703. >You could barely imagine how mad she'd be when she found you
  1704. >So you manage to shimmy back omnto solid earth, shaking your rump a bit to expunge some of the water matting your fur
  1705. >You turn your head to look back at it
  1706. >Your hair had been darkened by the wetness, and it clung closer to your body, the curves of your plump childbearing hips more defined
  1707. >No wonder you were nearly raped, even though you were just a filly you were thicc
  1708. >You could imagine your own manhood sliding into your virgin
  1709. >It's not like you'd be able to hide it from Twilight
  1710. >You'd just have to remember to keep your ass behind you
  1712. >You trot back to Alpha Camp, and see Twilight scooping up some sandy dirt (looked kind of weird for sand) and pour it into a small box
  1713. >"Oh, you're back? Took you long enough."
  1714. >You didn't say anything, wanting to avoid a avoid a conversation
  1715. >She turns and looks at you
  1716. >"Wait, why is... did you go swimming?!" she asks in a demanding tone
  1717. "No, no, it's not like that."
  1718. >"Well then, would you like to explain why you're soaking wet?"
  1719. >You weren't sure you would classify it as "soaking wet",
  1720. >You briefly thought about making up a story where you were the victim, but there was no realistic way to do so
  1721. >So the truth it is.
  1722. "Well, when I went to pee..."
  1725. >"Anon, I can't believe you would do such a foolish thing."
  1726. "I-I just didn't want to disturb you." you answered, which was mostly true
  1727. >"Well, I'm gonna give you a firm talking-to when we get home."
  1728. >Eh, there was  a 60% chance she'd forget all about it
  1729. >Best give her a distraction before she began seething over it
  1730. "So, uh, what's going on with the river?"
  1731. >Her face glowed upon hearing your question, eager to show off her intellect
  1732. > "I think the river's been polluted with Forget-Me-Salt- probably an earthquake upset some store up in these mountains, and it's being carried downriver via erosion, which would explain the ponies' forgetful behavior down in town. Fortunately, the river splits so much that the stream to town only contains a very small amount of the substance
  1733. "Oh, that's interesting." you lied
  1734. >Why should you care about poor people?
  1735. >"The bad news is that we'll need to dam the river up here , which will cut off the supply to town. So I need to set up some sort of emergency service to bring water here while we decontaminate the supply."
  1736. "I'm not gonna have to carry anything up this mountain, am I?"
  1737. >"No, this doesn't mean any extra work for you." she answered with just a touch of annoyance.
  1738. "What do I do now?"
  1739. >"We're going to the source." she said, levitating you onto her back
  1740. >Oh, joy
  1742. >You dig into your hayburger, eager to forget the day
  1743. >It had been so boring, following her around which she wrote shit down and made all sorts of measurements
  1744. >You found the source of the problem- some huge diamond-esque crystals had fallen over into the river, slowly being eroded by the current
  1745. >Twiggles levitated them out, and you had to sit there for half an hour while she did magic science shit
  1746. >Good thing she told you to bring a book
  1747. >You didn't want to because she called it a "short excursion", which was a lie.
  1748. >Looking up, you could see her snootle-deep into a container of fries, bits of ketchup and ranch staining her muzzle
  1749. >Taking a swig of soda, you relish the flavor of root beer
  1750. >Some things were still the same in Equestria
  1751. >Twiggles eventually stops pigging out (das' racisst) and looks over you, rubbing off the condiments with a few napkins
  1752. >"Since you were such a good filly today Anon, you can choose what we do for the rest of the night."
  1755. "Buck E.-"
  1756. >"And NO Buck E. Cheese."
  1757. >You slouch lower into the booth, crossing your hooves against your chest
  1758. >What else was there to do in this low-tech dystopia?
  1759. >You were tired from a long day of watching Twilight work
  1760. >Maybe you could make her work a bit more
  1761. "I''d like to go flying."
  1763. >"Anon, flying for an Earth Pony is impossible." she said dismissively
  1764. >You doubted that, what with magic hax
  1765. "C'mon Twilight, it's my dream."
  1766. >"Besides, flying isn't safe for a little filly, unless you want to hover a foot above the ground."
  1767. "Why'd you have to make me a mu- Earth Pony anyway?"
  1768. >She looks away from you,gazing out the window
  1769. >"...No reason."
  1770. >...
  1771. >"Tell you what, I'll carry you around for a short flight. Deal?"
  1772. >You weren't going to get anything better than that
  1773. >You didn't exactly have a lot of bargaining power.
  1774. "Alright, deal." you sighed
  1776. >You sat astride Twilight outside the diner, ignoring the urge to say "Giddyup"
  1777. >"Are you ready?" she asks, turning her head to look at you
  1778. "Yep." you answered, fear rising relative to your excitement
  1779. >"Alright, hold on."
  1780. >What do you think I'm doing bitch?
  1781. >Twilight begins flapping her wings gently, taking off vertically
  1782. >At about 10 feet she switches to a forward velocity with an upward angle
  1783. >You clutch tighter to her neck as she accelerates, capping out at 15 mph and circling over Fillydelphia at a few hundred feet (Eurocucks GTFO)
  1784. >This was a revolutionary moment for you
  1785.  >The gentle woosh you felt in your oversized ears was one of the most beautiful things you had ever heard
  1786. >The feel of the wind blowing across your fur and through your mane
  1787. >The moon lighting the lantern-illuminated town below, with ponies the size of mice
  1788. >"Having fun Anon?"
  1789. "Yeah!" you answered back, knowing that she'd do this more often with your verbal excitement
  1790. >You felt so free up here, unbounded by gravity
  1791. >Even if you weren't going very fast, you wanted this.
  1792. >Fuck being an earth pony, if Twiggles can get wings so can you
  1793. >...But why stop there?
  1796. >You can feel a warm surge cross your body, undoubtedly some heathen witchcraft
  1797. >Twilight begins to slow down, eventually descending onto a cloud
  1798. >She seemed to stand on it as a surface rather than levitating in space
  1799. >Purple floats you off of her back, and you kick your legs out against her magic in fear
  1800. >She just smiles and gently rests you onto the cloud, and you find yourself sitting on the pillowy surface
  1801. >Apparently pegasi could do this, although how was beyond you
  1802. >Looking over, you see Twilight laying on her side, and she raised a wing in invitation, giving you that same lovey-dovey smile that rarely meant anything good
  1803. >"You're welcome to join me."
  1804. >Something often forgotten in stories – it was cold up in the sky, as you were fully exposed to the wind and further away from reflected heat off of the earth's surface
  1805. >Plus it was getting darker
  1806.  >You scooch over to her position, careful to avoid the edge
  1807. >Snuggling up against her warm frame, she lowers a wing over you, blocking the wind and covering you like a blanket
  1808. >You rub your cheek against her fur, appreciating her softness
  1809. >She leans her head down and plants a gentle kiss on your scalp
  1810. >In the process, you catch a whiff of her familiar scent
  1811. >Odd that you recognized it so easily, it's not like you snuggled up to her TOO much
  1812. >Whatever.
  1813. >Neither of you talk, just appreciating the other's presence
  1814. >Slowly the cloud underneath the both of you warmed up a little bit
  1815. >comfy.png
  1817. >Tilting your head backwards, you can see Twiggles gazing to the horizon, lost in thoughts all alone
  1818. "Twilight, you're a woman of science, y-."
  1819. >"MARE" she interrupted with a twinge of annoyance
  1820. "Sure, sure. But you don't honestly believe those princesses move the sun and moon, right?"
  1821. >"But of course they do. It's scientifically proven."
  1822. >Finally, something you knew more about
  1823. >But right before you were about to go Newton on her flank, she continued her train of thought
  1824. >"Oh, I see the problem. You're used to EARTH's sun and moon."
  1825. "I doubt orbital physics has changed much between our universes."
  1826. >Then again, magic was a thing here, and pegasi could fly with wings that would never be able to support their weight on Earth
  1827. >"Well, ORBITAL physics hasn't."
  1828. >"You see, our sun is smaller than our planet, and the sisters maintain its orbit and prevent it from crashing into Equestria. Like your moon"
  1829. >(X) Doubt
  1830. >You were no physics major, but that seemed wrong somehow
  1831. >This answer was tenuous at best, but Twiggles genuinely seemed to believe it.
  1832. >Then again, she was very good at lying to you.
  1833. >Your best guess?
  1834. >The alicorns didn't control the sun or moon, but pretend they do so the populace believe they are gods
  1835. >Just like Egyptian and Eastern monarchies
  1836. >A coverup worthy of the (((Illuminati)))
  1838. >After a few more minutes, Twiggles stands up
  1839. "Time to go?"
  1840. >"Yep."
  1841. >Instead of letting you fly down, she teleports the two of you home, and you find yourself in the Castle's kitchen
  1842. >It takes you a second to regain your senses from being whisked across half a continent, but Purple just walks over to the icebox like she had only taken a long step
  1843. >"Would you like some ice cream before bed?'
  1844. >You had decided before she had even finished her sentence
  1845. "I've heard some dumb questions in my life Twiggles, but that takes the cake."
  1846. >"We don't have any cake silly." she adds with a smile
  1847. >Brainlet-level banter
  1849. >Be Open Heart
  1850. >Couple's counseling wasn't going well
  1851. >"I'M the bad parent? Who spent all their time cooped up in a lab and away from the kids?"
  1852. >"It's not like you did any better. Is that all this is about? Me being busy at work, trying to improve Equestria with important research?"
  1853. >"I saw those letters!" Miss Velvet cried out explosively
  1854. >Before she had been bitter, perhaps even agitated
  1855. >Now she was nearly indistinguishable from an erupting volcano
  1856. >A bit of shock registered on Mr. Light's face, its reason unclear
  1857. >"Oh, you've been going through my mail?? So much for trust!"
  1858. >"-letters from SLUTS wanting advice on their "capstone project" my ass!!"
  1859. "Well trust is a two-way street, you cannot-" you tried to intervene, but to them you were nonexistent
  1860. >Hey, most progress didn't involve the interviewer anyway
  1861. >"I wonder how many 4.0's you were handing out, hmm?" Miss Velvet continued
  1862. >"I can't believe you'd even CONSIDER this a possibility! Maybe all that time neglecting Twilight made you a little paranoid!"
  1863. >"Don't try to pin this on me!" Miss Velvet intejected
  1864. >"-If you're gonna SPY on me, maybe we should rethink our situation!"
  1865. >"Maybe!"
  1866. >This was fine.
  1867. >Everything would be fine, you were sure.
  1868. >...
  1869. >Maybe working at this couples' weekend retreat was a mistake
  1871. >Be the filly
  1872. ♫  "Going to grandma's house, eating lots of cookies" you sang to yourself in a Cartman-like fashion "Getting spoiled rotten, and everyday watch tv!"
  1873. >"That's not a proper rhyme Anon."
  1874. "It's the thought that counts." you replied, knocking on a familiar door that signified a odd fusion of breathing room and smothering
  1875. >After a moment the door swang open, and a tired-looking Twilight Velvet brightened upon realizing you were there
  1876. >"Oh, you're here already? I'm not quite ready, the house is a mess-"
  1877. >"No, the house looks wonderful." Twiggles insisteed
  1878. >"Well come in, come in!" grandma said, swinging the door open wider to allow you entrance
  1879. >You passed through the living room and over its /comfy/ shag carpet, taking notice of a blanket and pillow lying on the couch
  1880. >"Oh, did he leave them out again?" Velvet tssked in annoyance, using her magic to levitate them into the hall closet
  1881. >You jump onto the now-available couch, settling in anticipation of Orange Cheese Puffs
  1882. >"Is everything okay mom?" Twilight asked
  1883. >"Oh yeah, everything's fine. Just fine. It's getting kind of boring around here though, not much to do."
  1884. >"Where's dad?"
  1885. >"Oh, doing Celestia knows what."
  1886. >The two of them kept talking and talking and talking, eventually moving into the kitchen
  1887. >The capital was busy preparing some sort of big festival
  1888. >There was a 50% chance Twiggles would drag you along, but you might be able to sneak some booze at least
  1889. >Canterlot University was making some big strides in medical research, most of the terminology going over your head
  1890. >You understood bits and pieces, surely more than any arts or humanities retard would
  1891. >And apparently "grandma" was taking skydiving lessons, much to Purple's chagrin
  1892. >That was pretty cool, maybe you could join her
  1893. >Not likely, but still
  1894. >...
  1895. >Listening in on their conversation got boring fast
  1896. >Goddammit, go away Twilight
  1897. >You're dumping me here so you could go have a spa day or an orgy or whatever
  1898. >Let me relax
  1899. "Oh boy, my tummy sure is rumbly" you said, massaging your stomach with a hoof
  1900. >That got Velvet's attention, and you hear her  shuffling around, likely pulling food from her pantry
  1901. >"Twilight, what do I tell you every time you come over? You're not feeding Anon enough, she's wasting away!" Velvet henpecked
  1902. >For once Twiggles was the one getting nagged
  1903. >lesmug.png
  1904. >"You should listen to me more, I know bet-"
  1905. >"Well, uh, I have to go do some princess work" Twilight interrupted, obviously not wanting to listen any further, "Just don't spoil her too much, okay?"
  1906. >You hear the familiar *pop* of teleportation, followed by a dejected "ooh" noise
  1907. >That didn't sound good
  1908. >Grand- Velvet popped her head inside the living room
  1909. >"I, uh,  forgot to buy groceries Anon. Would you like to eat out?"
  1910. "Hell yeah!" you answered, head filled with thoughts of fried foods
  1911. >Why couldn't you live with grandma?
  1912. >If only you could invoke FPS somehow.
  1913. >Damn collar.
  1915. >Be Anon
  1916. >Trotting down a cobblestone street, tummy full of burrito
  1917. >Canterlot was truly a beautiful place
  1918. >Ponies walking the streets, oftentimes running into an acquantice and starting conversation
  1919. >Not a cloud in the sky, with a light wind and the perfect temperature
  1920. >You didn't even see any zebras or griffons
  1921. >If only you could figure out how to do the same for Europe
  1922. >"Say Anon, would you like to come with me to run some errands?
  1924. >It wasn't like you really had a choice
  1925. >You weren't gonna make her walk you home then go back
  1926. >Helping her with the groceries had been the best part
  1927. >Sneakily adding in junk food to the cart
  1928. >She had to go talk to some friend with a set of scales for an ass tatoo, and you had to stay in the waiting room and read magazines
  1929. >According to the tabloids Cadance was a nymphomaniac and Twilight had a drinking problem
  1930. >They weren't entirely wrong
  1931. >But now you slogged behind her in a furniture store while she looked at various sofas and quills (??)
  1932. >Why do you even need a new couch, your current one was fine
  1933. >It's not like you were moving, property values in Canterlot were way too high
  1934. >Hopefully you wouldn't have to go dress shopping
  1936. >Thankfully you weren't forced to be sized for ugly, overly colorful clothing
  1937. >Walking home with shopping bags tied to your saddle like you were child labor
  1938. >"Don't buy what you can't lift" -/fit/, probably
  1939. >Though the next sentence grandma said brightened your mood a bit
  1940. >"I think you've earned a present"
  1942. >Sitting inside a bookstore
  1943. >You had been hoping to visit a toy store, but you hadn't passed one on the way back to Velvet's house, so you settled for some Twiggles-approved recreation
  1944. >You had awhile before Purple would be back, so you casually roamed the cramped bookshelf-lined corridors of the store while Velvet goes to buy some coffee
  1945. >Just like she had for lunch less than an hour ago.
  1946. >And apparently for breakfast.
  1947. >She legit had a problem.
  1948. >Browsing through nonfiction when a glossy blue book catches your eye
  1949. >Out of pure curiousity you pull it from the shelf, and look ats its covering featuring a white filly with a confused expression on her face
  1950. >'Growing Up and Out:'
  1951. >'What a Filly Needs to Know about her Developing Body'
  1953. >Eventually grandma finds you sitting in the aisle, flipping through the book's contents
  1954. >lewdillustrations.png
  1955. >"What have you got there Anon?" she asked with the air of a junkie who just got their hit
  1956. "It's about being a filly and growing up. I like the pictures of the colts."
  1957. >You could see her face freeze-frame
  1958. >"I-I don't think that's a good book for you. How about a nice chapter book?"
  1959. "But I need to know this!" you insisted, reveling in her discomfort "I'm a big filly!"
  1960. >"How about you ask Twilght?" Velvet redirected, undoubtedly hoping you'd forget it by the time you were back in her house
  1961. >A purple aura enveloped the tome as it was returned to the shelf
  1962. >Grandma nudged you with her head in the direction of the children's wing of the bookstore
  1963. >Hopes = dashed
  1964. >Filly = broken
  1966. >You had left the store with a generic YA fiction book about an artist who had to save his country from a secret faction who wanted to subvert it
  1967. >You wish you could've gotten a book from the roped-off section
  1968. >Now you laid on the couch, reading about a raid on a griffon cabal when you heard a door slam shut
  1969. >"Well, you're back sooner than expected." Velvet said without emotion
  1970. >"Finished early." the familiar voice of Night Light answered briskly
  1971. >You swore you heard grandma mutter something under her breath
  1972. >Wait a second
  1973. >Sleeping on the couch
  1974. >Visiting lawyer friend
  1975. >New furniture shopping
  1976. >This could only mean one thing
  1977. >devilish.png
  1979. >Pulling this off would require precision. Nudges, not pushes
  1980. >But if you pulled this off, you would have gotten some scrap of revenge against Twilight
  1981. >You'd watched your parents' relationship crumble, and listened in to enough fights to gauge how these conversations started
  1982. >sadpepe.png
  1983. >"Hi granddad!" you said, wrapping him in a hug
  1984. >He hugged you back in a reserved manner. The grip of a broken stallion.
  1985. >"Had a fun day, huh?" he asked lifelessly
  1986. "Yep! Me and Grandma went shopping!"
  1987. >"She sure does that a lot, doesn't she?"
  1988. >You could see Velvet out of the corner of your eye, listening in on the conversation from the kitchen.
  1989. >"It was a lot of fun. We went and bought couches and books and lunch at a very nice resturaunt. The part were we went to the lawyer place was boring though."
  1990. >It was at this point that Velvet decided to interject
  1991. >"Anon, sweetie, why don't you go upstairs to read your book? I can have some cookies brought up to you soon, okay sweetie?"
  1992. "Okay grandma." you said, shuffling out
  1993. >There was nothing more you could do here
  1994. >You trotted up the stairs, finding refuge in the guest room
  1995. >You keep the door opened a crack and press your head against the gap
  1996. >Just like the olden days
  1997. >The sound of their conversation was muted, but audible
  1998. >"Velvet, you can't just make these decisions without me!  Couples are supposed to communicate dammit!"
  1999. >"Oh, like you don't go behind my back! Do any more "capstone" research today??"
  2000. >"Again with the paranoia! Where's the trust?? Where has YOUR contribution to our relationship been??""
  2001. >"I'M the one pulling this family along! While you're always away doing your 'research', I've practically been raising the foals alone!"
  2002. >"Raising Shining, maybe!"
  2003. >"Like you've helped at all! Maybe Twilight's developmental problems were a lack of fatherly influence!"
  2004. >"I've gotta push multiple research projects at once because you insist on buying everything our kids ever wanted and put nothing in savings!"
  2005. >"No, you just insist on scrimping and saving every bit like a griffon!"
  2006. >"I'm trying to keep our finances together between the mortgage and my surgery, but you demand on spending every bit you can! Maybe if you didn't buy $150 worth of coffee every week we'd be in a better situation!"
  2007. >...
  2008. >"Look, if we need to we can just borrow some money until-"
  2009. >"I don't WANT to borrow any more money from the kids! Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes us look??"
  2010. >"Clearly we aren't seeing any to eye on anything in our relationship". Velvet said with a huff
  2011. >"How did I ever fall in love with you in the first place?"
  2012. >"Maybe you didn't."
  2013. >"Then why are we here?" Night Light said, finally putting to words what the couple had been thinking for some time.
  2014. >...
  2015. >...
  2016. >The silence stretched on indefinitely, as the two left to begin individual tasks in serperate rooms
  2017. >mischiefmanaged.gif
  2019. >Be Anonfilly
  2020. >It had been nearly an hour since the "lovers' " fight
  2021. >You had nearly forgotten about it, you were becoming engrossed in the book
  2022. >It had really taken nothing to start the feud. You thought it would've taken some prodding and poking to incite an argument, but they pretty much just went off on their own
  2023. >gg ez
  2024. >You hear a knocking, and a cheerful-looking Twilight Velvet comes in holding a plate of cookies in her magical grip
  2025. >"Alright swwetie, here you go." she says without conviction, setting down the plate on the bed
  2026. >You wasted no time dropping the book and bending over (heh) to grab as many cookies as you could fit in a hoof
  2027. >Velvet sits down next to you, not really adressing your existence
  2028. "Is something wrong grandma?" you asked, feigning ignorance as you set the cookies back dow on the plate
  2029. >She seemed shocked at your awareness, as if you were retarded
  2030. >Wait, did she think you were?
  2031. >Was that why she was so nice to you?
  2032. >Pfft, of course not
  2033. >"No, nothing's wrong. Grandma just has a lot to think about."
  2034. "Is it bad? Is there any way I can help?" you probed, widening your eyes in fake innocence
  2035. >"No, I can handle this. It's just some relationship issues." she said sadly, seemingly regretting the last statement based based on the expansion of her pupils
  2036. "...Is somepony being mean to you?"
  2037. >"...Well, uh... no." she lied
  2038. >The way your parents had lied to you
  2039. "Are you sure?"
  2040. >"Anon, I'd rather-"
  2041.  "If somepony isn't making you happy, you should leave and go make new friends! Just like Twilight taught me! Isn't that right grandma?"
  2042. >"I, well, yes, I guess..."
  2043. "And even if your friends are away you can still play by yourself. It's better than hanging around with bullies." you pushed
  2044. >Velvet bent over and hugged you
  2045. >"Thanks Anon, I needed that." she said sadly
  2046. >Anon: 8, Twiggles...
  2047. >Well, numbers didn't matter
  2048. >Revenge was sweet.
  2051. >Be Anonfilly
  2052. >Standing in a large, empty auditorium, the lacquered wooden floor making squeaking noises if you pushed your hoof against it just right
  2053. >You gulp in a large breath of air and blow into your tuba with as much force as possible
  2054. >"BRRRUUMP!" the instrument sang crudely, as if tortured by your complete disregard for it
  2055. >"Anon, you can't just blow it as hard as possible and expect it to come out right" said the pompous gray mare instructing you
  2056. >Heh, blow
  2057. "Sure I can. It's post-neoliberealism. Get with the times."
  2058. >"You can't just make up-" Octavia started indignantly
  2059. >BRAAMMFF!! you blare deeply, the single note booming through the acousticly-designed  room
  2060. "You see that? That was a derivative minimalistic l'aria drawing inspiration from Romare choral medleys, used to reflect on the singular nature of the pony condition."
  2061. >"Why you little-" she starts in her haughty tone before quickly silencing herself
  2062. >"BRAAAMF!!"
  2063. >"Look, I'm charging a lot of bits here, and I want-"
  2064. >"BRAAAMF!!"
  2065. >"Stop that!"
  2066. "Make me."
  2067. >...
  2068. >"I can't. I can't make you listen, or obey, or even learn how to play the tuba."
  2069. >Victory roy-
  2070. >"Buuuut, I imagine Miss Twilight won't be pleased if she comes to your recital next month only to find out you wasted MY time and HER money."
  2071. >Wait... recital?
  2073. >Be Anonfilly
  2074. >Scooping yourself a big bowl of ice cream using your mouth
  2075. >angrystephencolbert.png
  2076. >You were starting to get good at this
  2077. >Normally Twiggles would only let you have ice cream as dessert (and only if you ate all your vegetables), but she was gone
  2078. >Wait, what if she had memorized how much was left in the container?
  2079. >Eh, too late now.
  2080. >You manage to carry you bowl to the couch, a pile of unread Sunday funnies resting on the coffee table
  2081. >Perfect for a rainy Saturday
  2082. >The rain was barely short of torrential, with large drops banging against the crystal windows of the castle
  2083. >The sky was nearly black, the thick, dark clouds blotting out every square inch of the sky
  2084. >Not even Twiggles would force you outside
  2085. >Whatever, time for ice cream
  2086. >But right as you get /comfy/ on the couch, you hear the magical doorbell ring
  2087. >These better not be Mormares
  2088. >You gently place the bowl on the table and waddle over to the door
  2089. "I'm coming, I'm coming!"
  2090. "...faggot" you mumble to yourself
  2091. >You struggle with the doorknob, not bothering to rush yourself
  2092. >Derpy probably lost one of your letters again
  2093. >Eventually you manage to swing the door open, starting your dialogue before seeing your visitor.
  2094. "Look Derpy, maybe-"
  2095. >Your blood froze when your gaze was no longer blocked by the crystal door
  2096. >On the porch stood a mint-green mare, her mane a bluer shade of mint, with a white streak running though it
  2097. >Although you couldn't see it at the moment, you knew she was sporting a Lyre for an Cutie Mark
  2098. >Lyra was soaking from head to tail, barrel heaving with every breath
  2099. >Her eyes were wild, in a way reserved for the unhinged, bearing so much focus that confirmed an unhealthy obsession
  2100. >Even dampened by the rain, you could tell that Lyra's coat and mane hadn't been cleaned in a long time
  2101. >"Hello, Anon." she says emotionlessly, with a twinge of maniacal excitement
  2103. >You try to slam the door in her face, but her hoof manages to keep it open with greater force, and it eventually caves inwards
  2104. >fillyhasnogains.png
  2105. >You try to blitz your way inside, but mint pone uses her magic to pull on your legs, tripping you in the process
  2106. "H-hey, you can't come in, that violates the NAP!" you meme reflexively, mind being overrun by instinct
  2107. >Seriously tho, ancaps are retarded
  2108. >"Kid, let's sit down." she says, her tone not angry, but still aggressive
  2109. > You shamble to the couch, not wanting to invoke Lyra's wrath
  2110. >Maybe if you played nice now you could escape later
  2111. >You had no idea where m- Purple was, as the note she left was quite vague
  2112. >She probably had some sort of magic tripwire set up, so you only needed to last a few minutes
  2113. >Probably.
  2114. >Instead of immediately joining you, Lyra turns around, looking for something
  2115. >Apparently she finds it, and saunters forward to her target: the kitchen
  2116. >You keep your eye on her, watching her walk in as if she owned the place
  2117. >Lyra mutters something to herself as she randomly opens and closes cupboards with no rhyme or reason
  2118. >"A-ha!"
  2119. >With a face coated in a perverse glee, she turns to rejoin you, her horn aglow and levitating the item she had been looking for
  2120. >A Chef's Knife.
  2122. >Lyra plops down next to you on the couch, the knife never more than two feet from your neck
  2123. >"Now Anon, it's veeeery important that you be honest with me. "
  2124. >You nod your head in fear
  2125. >"...Where to start...?"
  2126. >"Oh! How about the (((Princesss))) conspiracy!" she exclaims
  2127. >Shit, you were kinda a princess
  2128. >Rich
  2129. >Powerful
  2130. >Conniving
  2131. >Big snoot
  2132. >Wait, were you a pony Jew?
  2133. >Who controlled the banks in Equestria? You'd never been in one so far.
  2134. >Probably Griffins
  2135. >You look into Lyra's eyes, and see only the absence of reason
  2136. >Unlike on Earth, the Holocaust WAS gonna happen to you
  2137. >Better than being a communist at least
  2138. >That didn't matter. You'd be fine, r-right?
  2139. >Surely Twilight would be here soon
  2141. >Be Twilight
  2142. >The villain of the week was a toughie, and his lair was no exception, full of traps and magma
  2143. >While trying to maneuver a particularly tricky area, you feel a warmth on your flanks, indicating another Friendship Problem™
  2144. >You were a bit busy trying to  these caverns, and you didn't trust yourself to teleport out and back in, what with the pools of acid everywhere
  2145. >Let the others deal with it, odds are they didn't need you anyway
  2146. >The Friendship Map could get annoying sometimes
  2148. >Be Anonfilly
  2149. >"Now Anon, if we're gonna overthrow the (((Princesses))), we're gonna need proof of their treachery. Now where does Twilight keep her paperwork?"
  2150. >"She-"
  2151. >At this moment, a shock courses through your body, but you manage to maintain your position on the couch
  2152. >The collar was predesigned to prevent you from betraying Twilight
  2153. >Apparantly this qualified
  2154. >Lyra either didn't notice or didn't care about your minor spasm
  2155. "I- I don't know. I'm just a filly."
  2156. "Alright then. Anon, tell me about the humans"
  2157. >You collar warms at your thoughts, and you desperately try to force them out
  2158. >"I know they're real"
  2159. >Would having too strong a seizure cripple you? Kill you?
  2160. "Look, I don't know-"
  2161. >"You'd better start talking before Auntie Lyra gets... annoyed"
  2162. >Holy shit she was insane
  2163. >Partially right, but insane
  2164. "Hu-hu-huma-"
  2165. >The collar sends a burst of electricity into your body, causing your forelimbs to spaz out
  2166. >Lyra stares in awe while you flop onto the floor and twitch incessantly, until realization hits her face
  2167. >"I see now. (((They)))  [How did she talk like that?]  decided to imprison a poor filly who knew too much. Just another alicornish trick"
  2168. "I-I-"
  2169. >"Let's see if we can get it off."
  2172. >Be Mayor Mare
  2173. >One of Princess Twilight's silent alarms has gone off, which coul donly mean one thing: home invasion
  2174. >Luckily you kept your beeping-stone on you at all times
  2175. >This was a Class-2 emergency; it was a government building filled with dozens- possibly hundreds- of powerful magical artifacts, not to mention ponies inside
  2176. >It was your duty to handle the situation; hopefully Miss Sparkle would be there, or it was a simple mistake, but you couldn't take that chance
  2177. >You rallied the police and sent a Pegasus to Canterlot to ask for reinforcements, just in case
  2178. >You and four officers ran double-time to the Friendship Castle, desperate to make it there in time
  2180. >Be Anonfilly
  2181. "L-look, I don't want any trouble. Really, I hate the princesses just as much as you do." you sort-of-lie. It was mostly Twilight that you hated, but at least she'd been kind to you, whereas your captor might try to kill you, accidental or otherwise
  2182. >"Oh Anon, don't be silly. You're the victim here. The victim of the (((Princess))) conspiracy." she said giddily
  2183. "Great! So, uh, could you lower the knife?"
  2184. >Her idea of "taking it off" probably included a botched surgery that would undoubtedly kill you
  2185. >Lyra let out a high-pitched giggle, arcing her head back slightly
  2186. >"Can't do that! You're all I got missy!"
  2187. >You try to shift away from her a bit, but the knife stays the same distance
  2188. >"Don't be scared Anon! Auntie Lyra is gonna take good care of you. Just hold still while I pry that off" she said as the knife began to float towards your neck
  2189. >You thought of running, but felt yourself being held in place by her magic
  2190. >The light glinted against the bright steel of the blad is it drew closer...closer... and closer
  2191. >Just before it made contact, you hear the sound of a siren
  2193. >"Oh, WHAT is it now???"
  2194. >Maybe the cops found her
  2195. >How did they get here before Twiggles?
  2196. >What if she set up this kidnapping to mess with you?
  2197. >...
  2198. >No, that's ridiculous. She wouldn't have a mental ward escapee do it, especially not with a knife
  2199. >Lyra rushes upstairs, levitating you behind her
  2200. >Climbing onto a balcony, she gazes down in a mix of fear and anger
  2201. >"Buck."
  2202. >You manage to lift your head a bit and see a few ponies on the ground, including Mayor Mare
  2203. >Shes holding some type of-
  2204. >...wait, is that a magic megaphone?
  2205. >You wanted one
  2206. >You probably had the bits; just a matter of convincing Purple
  2207. [o]"Release the filly and leave the premises! You are surrounded, and extending will only make your situation worse!"[/o]
  2208. >"No! I'll, uh-"
  2209. >She gazes downward before popping her head up in inspiration
  2210. >"I will kill a hostage every hour until my demands are met!" she yelled at the top of her lungs
  2211. >You see the mayor share a bewildered glance with a policestallion before returning her visage to the megaphone
  2212. [o]"You only have one hostage!"[/o]
  2213. >"...Buck." she muttered under her breath
  2215. >Be Lyra Heartstrings
  2216. >Things were looking bad
  2217. >Your smoking gun was trapped in a magical inhibitor
  2218. >You had no idea where any non-testimony evidence was
  2219. >And now the sheeple authorities had shown up
  2220. >You didn't dare see Octavia without proof of the (((Princess))) conspiracy
  2221. >She'd be angry, not to mention you'd be sent back to that "mental hostel"
  2222. >You weren't crazy, everyone else was just blind, or a sycophant
  2223. >The latter would go to the guillotine as conspirators when the revolution came
  2224. >You weren't going back to spoonfeedings and straitjackets
  2226. >Be Mayor Mare
  2227. >Well things were going swimmingly
  2228. >Still no help from Canterlot
  2229. >Princess Twilight was nowhere to be seen
  2230. >And the city was over budget, and EVERYBODY would be blaming you and not the 6 mares who repeatedly destroyed half the town
  2231. >At least you had confirmed Lyra only had one hostage
  2232. >You suspected as much, considering this was a private residence with two inhabitants, one of which was a demigod; but since Lyra hadn't corrected you, it was almost assured that it was a single filly, specifically Anon.
  2233. >You click on your microphone, eager to get this over with
  2234. "What are your demands?"
  2235. >You probably only needed to stall for time, Princess Sparkle would undoubtedly be here soon, and if not Canterlot was surely sending a SWAT team to recover this VIF
  2236. >Lyra answered back, yelling at the top of lungs
  2237. >"I want a FULL CONFESSION from a Princess herself that they're conspiring to undermine the pony race!!"
  2238. >...
  2239. >"And full amnesty!!" she added
  2240. >She didn't actually expect that to happen, right?
  2241. >Faust you hated this town sometimes
  2242. >You could see the little green filly in question holding an expression similar to yours; bewilderment and a bit of fear
  2243. "We won't be able to get in touch with a princess for several hours, a pegasus can only go so fast. Maybe you could exchange some hostages for for food???"
  2244. >"Well, that sounds- Oh oh, trying to get me with your (((alicorn))) tricks, are you!?! Well I'm too smart for that!!"
  2245. "Uh, it's pretty apparent that I'm not an alicorn!" you responded with a combination of exasperation and disappointment
  2246. >"You work for them!!! Another piece of the plot!! Maybe if you were a little smarter you'd be a part of the 1% and not a low-timer mayoring a rinkydick shithole like this!!!"
  2247. >Now you were mad
  2248. >Nobody insulted YOUR town
  2249. >And you had a giant crystal castle here, how was this a shithole??
  2250. >"Everybody's secretly thinking it!! Always raising taxes for your communist policies, funneling more money to the alicorns that goes to tax breaks for the griffin corporations!!!"
  2251. >...
  2252. >No comment.
  2254. >Be Anonfilly
  2255. >Things were shaping up to be bad
  2256. >Lyra had shut the doors to the balcony from the inside and shoved you into the hallway
  2257. >From your prostrate vantage point, you could see her mane had gotten frizzier and eyes were now wide with a feral glee
  2258. "So, uh... you wanna search this castle for clues?"
  2259. >"No, no, that wouldn't work. It's too late, the feds will be here soon. We need to figure out how to weaken the Princesses, rather than expose them."
  2260. "...any  ideas?" you asked timidly
  2262. >"This castle is one of their alicornish strongholds... could we destroy it? ... No, no, how are we supposed to do that?"
  2263. >Lyra turned her head to you, and only now did you truly know fear, as if an anchor had been dropped from your stomach into the depths of Tartarus
  2264. >Her twitching, oversized eyes were filled with a wild bloodlust reserved for serial killers and communists
  2265. >"...You have a lot of connections to the Princesses. There's a big chance you'll be an alicorn someday, and that'd only make them stronger. Yes, that's it... and even not, it'll be a little bit of justice for all the ponies the princesses harm with-"
  2266. "Woah! Woah! Don't do something you'll regret! Worst comes to worst you'll go to jail for kidnapping, but if you kill me Twiggles will send you to the Shadow Zone."
  2267. >"...Twiggles?" she asked obliviously
  2268. >Maybe you could use her ignorance against her; she didn't see your cards
  2269. >"Oh, you know, most powerful being in Equestria, one who is above the affairs of mortals such as you. Do you want to know why she took me in, and not one of the countless other needy foals?"
  2270. >You see Lyra's eyes brighten at the thought that you were going to give her give her valuable information
  2271. "Because I offer her something nopony else can. A student worthy of her notice."  you state with an air of boldness, thrusting your fluffly lil' chest out
  2272. "For I am Anonymous, Master of the Runic Ciphers, Invoker of the Triumvirate Sigils, Scholar of the Ancient Mysteries, Summoner of All Eidolons, and I will NOT be inhibited by some boorish hick! Flee, as my patience runs thin and mind grows heinous!!"
  2273. >For a second Lyra stands in shock, as if she actually believed you
  2274. >But of course nobody would take this seriously coming from a smol filly
  2275. >"Trying to deceive me, huh? You might be one of (((them))) already. Well, maybe I won't feel so bad about this after all."
  2277. >Be Mayor Mare
  2278. >You'd been at this for over an hour now
  2279. >Lyra had stopped responding to you fifteen minutes ago
  2280. >One of the Special Cuddles and Tactics (SCAT) Pegasi was lecturing you about his job
  2281. [o]>"We can't GET in from the air ma'am, there's some type of force field around the castle"[/o]
  2282. "Well can't you turn it off??" you replied angrily
  2283. >You had hoped to resolve this situation quickly and quietly, but now ponies were taking notice, and the press would probably be here within ten minutes
  2284. >And once that happened, you were screwed
  2285. >You'd get bad press for letting this happen (somehow?), and some bigshot from Canterlot or Cloudsdale would show up to take command, so you wouldn't even get credit for releasing the filly  
  2286. [o]>"Ma'am, that would take a team of unicorns DAYS to POSSIBLY break through it. That was almost certainly made by Princess Twilight Sparkle herself- can't you just get her?"[/o]
  2287. "I don't know WHERE she is, she and her cuddlebuddy friends are always off on some Faustdamn adventure every other week."
  2288. [o]>"Well, I don't know what you expect us to do."[/o]
  2289. "Can't you dig a hole under it or something?"
  2290. >He looks at the castle, then back to you
  2291. [o]>"You DO realize it's made of magic crystal, right?"[/o]
  2292. "How hard could it be?!"
  2293. [o]>"As much as some commies in Canterlot want you think, you can't dig a hole to get past a wall."[/o]
  2294. >While you quasi-argue with the fine gentlecolt, you fail to notice somepony sneak up on you
  2295. >"Ach-hem"
  2296. >You turn to see a blond, white-coated stallion wearing an army cap that could have been taken off of Pone Clancy's head
  2297. >Your nethers also notice his large, muscular frame and superior genetics
  2298. "I-is there something I can do for you?" you manage to mumble out
  2299. >"Are you the leader of this operation?"
  2300. "Yes, I'm in charge here."
  2301. >'But I prefer being the sub' you think to yourself
  2302. >"Not anymore you're not." he answered in a commanding tone
  2303. "Bu- On whose authority?"
  2304. >"This is straight from Hoofland Security" he says, handing you an envelope.
  2305. >You tear it open and give a cursory glance
  2306. >Yep, it's legit.
  2307. >Buck
  2308. "Oh, well, I didn't realize they sent me an aide"
  2309. >"No ma'am, I'M in command now. Now give me a rundown on the situation."
  2311. >Be Lyra
  2312. >Furiously trying to think of a way out of this situation
  2313. >On one hand, the foal was in with the alicorns, and might become one someday
  2314. >But if you killed her, you lose all bargaining power and get buttfucked by the (((Princess)))-owned SCAT
  2315. >Plus she was still your best bet in finding out about humans
  2316. >You'd tested the front door, there was no way out of there
  2317. >The windows were similarly secured. No way in
  2318. >...or out.
  2319. >You weren't sure how, but it was magically sealed, and decoding it was out of your capabilities
  2320. >The good news was that there was some sort of force field around the upper part of the castle, which kept the pegasi from trying to invade from above
  2321. >By accident, you found that dropping priceless vases showed that objects would slow down when in freefall, eventually hitting the bottom of the circular shield at a minimal velocity
  2322. >You looked at the jooce-equipped filly, and wondered if the real reason it was there was due to a suicide attempt
  2323. >She sets down the empty box quietly, trying to avoid getting your attention
  2324. >But your back was to the wall, and you didn't know how long you had until they broke in and hoofcuffed you
  2325. >You hear a dim noise; it sounded like a "huleo"
  2326. >You perk your ears up, trying to locate the sound
  2327. >"Huleo!" it rang out, slightly louder
  2328. >It was a stallion's voice, and you were definitely alone in here
  2329. >New management?
  2330. >You head back to the balcony, filly unwillingly levitating behind you
  2331. >Peering out over the edge, you see several SCAT officers surrounding a commanding, self-assured stallion holding a megaphone who oozed dominance
  2332. >He SHOULD be in charge
  2333. "What do YOU want?!?" you yelled at the officer
  2334. >Hopefully something l-lewd
  2335. >"I'm here to acquire the release of a-" he looked down at a sheet of paper another officer was holding "Anonymous!"
  2336. >Clever. He thought that making the filly seem insignificant, you'd lower your proposal.
  2337. "My demands are the same! I want a confession and amnesty!"
  2338. >Despite the distance, you manage to see him sigh a bit
  2339. >"We don't negotiate with terrorists ma'am."
  2341. >"I'm not here to discuss political philosophy. I'm here to dictate the terms of your surrender." he said emotionlessly, the tone of a wagie repeating their customer greeting
  2342. "I-I have a PRINCESS here!"
  2343. >He looks back down at the clipboard
  2344. >"Nope, sitrep says Princess Sparkle is out."
  2346. >"Let's act civil, miss." he suggested in a low-key condescending manner
  2347. "I-I'll be back!" you insisted
  2350. >Still Lyra
  2351. >You skedaddle inside, trying to think of a solution
  2352. >Maybe you could suck that S.C.A.T. officer's dick
  2353. >No, he probably had Stablecies lining up to do it
  2354. >Damn, if only you had some way out of here
  2355. >You look over to the nervous-looking emerald filly, huddled in the corner
  2356. >Maybe she knew something
  2357. "...Hey kid, are there any secret doors in the castle? Or some kind of tunnels underneath us?"
  2358. >She doesn't answer
  2359. "Well, if I'm going down, you're coming with me. And I'm not talking about prison."
  2360. >Anon gives an audible gulp, followed by a thoughtful look
  2361. >"Huh? I dunno, probably not. The floor is pure crystal, so good luck trying to break through that."
  2362. >Faustdamn it
  2363. >"Wait, there IS the auxiliary tunnel in the basement."
  2364. "Huh?"
  2365. >"It was originally made to transport objects in and out of the castle discreetly, but isn't really used since Twilight can just teleport willy-nilly. We only use the basement for storage anyway. Old Halloween costumes and whatnot."
  2366. "Take me there. Now"
  2368. >Be Anonfilly
  2369. >Lyra had taken the bait
  2370. >Still levitating a knife behind you, Lyra followed your hoofsteps as you managed to locate the stairway to the basement
  2371. >You were getting used to your new hom- abode.
  2372. "So anyway, the tunnel is magically sealed. You need to hold your horn against it and say the magic word to reveal it." you explain as you reach the bottom of the staircase. "And since I'm an earth pony, I can't use it. I think Twilight might have locked it just to spite me."
  2373. >"And what's the magic word?"
  2374. "Oh, it's 'Magikazam'"
  2375. >Lyra says nothing, and you can feel here eyes searching for a secret passage
  2376. >You guide her into a cell you had spent the night in before
  2377. "See that circular discoloration at the back?"
  2378. >Lyra pokes inside, looking for said marking
  2379. >With one strong heave, you slam the cell door behind her closed, hearing a [i]click[/i] as it automatically locks
  2380. >Before she could react, you blitzed to the left, out of her line of sight- and hopefully, magical ability
  2382. >You hurried upstairs
  2383. >You didn't know if the crossbars would hold.
  2385. >You dash straight for the front door, hooves [i]clip-clopping[/i] against the cool floor, noise reverberating through the silent castle
  2386. >Safety was just a doorknob away, and you were approaching the foyer rapidly, not slowing until you were face-to-face with the imposing entryway
  2387. >One hoof extended, you furiously rotate the knob counterclockwise
  2388. >Or rather, you TRY to.
  2389. >It was locked, and not in the normal way
  2390. >The physical bolts were clearly unlatched, but for some reason the door would not open
  2391. >...
  2392. >Buck, Twilight probably "forgot" to dispel the magical seal this morning
  2393. >Your m- kidnapper was paranoid as well as insane
  2394. >Could your life get any w-
  2395. >You here a metallic [i]screech[/i] coming from the basement
  2398. >You knew the doors and windows were all locked, and virtually indestructible
  2399. >Hiding [i]might[/i] be your best bet, but that depended on whether or not Twilight would be home quickly
  2400. >[i]screeeech[/i]
  2401. >That metal was magically reinforced, but it wouldn't hold out too long
  2402. >Fighting was out of the question
  2403. >You blitz upstairs, eager to put as much space between you and the Mint Marauder as possible
  2404. >Where could you even hide? A closet would be too obvious.....
  2405. >Taking the stairs two at a time, you traded safety for speed
  2406. >This would be your downfall. Literally.
  2407. >Stumbling over a misplaced hoof, you collided its front end with the edge of the next stair, keeling forward, then overcompensating backwards
  2408. >You fell back nearly half a floor, unable to stop your descent without hands
  2409. >Lucky you didn't land on your head, but you still lay splayed out across the staircase, with no idea what to do or even what hope you had
  2410. >The screeching stopped.
  2412. >Be Lyra Heartstrings
  2413. >The dense metal poles took some force to bend open
  2414. >You manage to wriggle your way through the opening you had bent in the bars
  2415. >That bucking filly
  2416. >She was WORSE than a hostage, she was a saboteur
  2417. >You were gonna find her, and MAKE her cooperate
  2418. >Or at least deal a blow to the Friendship (((Princess)))
  2419. >You stealth your way through the castle's bottom floor, eyes wide and ears perked  
  2420. >Coming into the kitchen, you grab a chef's knife from the wooden stand on the kitchen counter
  2421. >You wouldn't be chopping veggies
  2423. >After several minutes of rigorous exploration, it turned out that the bottom floor was deserted, and all entrances magically sealed
  2424. >As tested earlier, there was no way to escape upstairs
  2425. >Or anywhere, actually
  2426. >The only place for her to go was up, and the filly had a finite amount of room- and by extension, time
  2427. >You suddenly hear a scraping noise coming from the floor above
  2428. >Bingo.
  2429. >You hurry over to the curved staircase, eager to finish this job
  2430. >The filly was possibly trying to move some furniture to hide behind, unaware of how the noise echoed throughout the castle
  2431. >There wasn't a large amount of furniture in this castle, so she shouldn't be too hard to find so long as you kept an eye behind you
  2432. >The scraping noise stopped, then continued
  2433. >Your hooves made the normal clipping noise against the crystal floor, echoing in the grand halls
  2434. >Why bother with stealth? You had nothing to hide from, and Anon wouldn't be able to hear it over her own sounds anyway
  2435. >It was annoying how the curved wall on your left, matching the staircase, limited your vision upwards, its surface decorated by the occasional painting of some old wizard or (((politician)))
  2436. >Why didn't other ponies see the underhanded control the (((Princesses))) had over their lives?
  2437. >Brainwashed by the MSM, of course
  2438. >Bucking Featherweight, you knew where he got the bits for that scooter
  2439. >But now that soft screech had become a regular "bump"-ing sound, growing louder and louder
  2440. >What was making that noise?
  2441. >Then it hit you.
  2444. >Be Anonfilly
  2445. >The Home Alone duology (yes, DUOLOGY) had prepared you through this scenario
  2446. >If Trump hadn't been in his hotel that day, you might be fucked
  2447. >Unfortunately, the lack of hands was interfering with your ability to go Techies on Lyra's ass
  2448. >Wait, was that horsie-racist?
  2449. >Either way, you were making it work
  2450. >You pushed one of the cabinets forward down the hall with your head, struggling against its weight with your little filly body
  2451. >A human little girl would never be able to accomplish this, but earth pone strength helped
  2452. >You wish it wouldn't make that noise, but stealth wasn't an option right now
  2453. >Eventually, you manage to get to the edge of the staircase
  2454. >With one last heave, you shove the medium-size piece of furniture over the edge, listening to the loud BUMPS is made as it bounced against the stairs and walls, picking up speed as it did so
  2455. >No time to wait, you had other plans to attend to
  2457. >Be Lyra
  2458. BUMP, BUMP, BUMP
  2459. >What the buck was that
  2460. >A wooden dresser of some sort bounded around the corner, and before you could react, it slammed against your skull, filling your mind white a white-hot pain centered on your head
  2461. >Your concentration fell apart with the sensation, and the knife flew forwards out of your magical grip, sticking into a leg of the furniture
  2462.  >Not only that, but the cabinet knocked you off your hooves and down several stairs, your head hitting the corner of a step; your head was now completely covered in pain
  2463. >Somehow the cabinet continued downwards, only picking up more speed as it bounced down the stairwell, knife still embedded within
  2464. >She was going to pay for that
  2467. >Eventually you recover your knife and set out upstairs oncemore
  2468. >That was a cheap shot, but what else could she do?
  2469. >She was just a little filly
  2470. >You reach the second floor, and are greeted by an empty hall
  2471. >You turn to the door to your left, but right before swinging it open you see a black tail retreating past the corner at the end of the hall
  2472. >Bingo
  2473. >You gallop down the corridor, a murderous glee filling your heart
  2475. >As you dart around the corner, you fail to notice the items littering the floor
  2476. >You maintain your velocity as you slip on one of many bouncy balls, flailing backwards in midair
  2477. >Unfortunately, your plot landed straight onto a jack, its pointy end piercing against your thiccness
  2478. "REEEEEEE!" you howled in pain
  2480. >It was a full minute before you managed to get up, curse a few times, and traverse the hallway, avoiding the dozens of balls and jacks
  2481. >You searched the remaining rooms of the second floor, and headed up the staircase to the third one
  2482. >The last one.
  2485. >Among the closed doors of the next entrance hallway, one remained slightly ajar, only a miniscule crack separating the door from the frame
  2486. >Closing doors was slightly difficult with hooves, and the filly was clearly panicking
  2487. >You swing the door open and are greeted with a traditional bathroom- an overly large, curtain-laden shower/bath combination, a small, low-hanging and utilitarian chandelier, a sink laden with bottles, toothbrushes, and a tube labeled "Personal-Use Lube: For All Your Adventures" slaying on its side, clearly devoid of any contents
  2488. >The shower curtain was diagonallyy supported by some string to the ceiling; those corrupt princesses probably used some expensive metal to make it
  2489. >Your surroundings didn't matter, your objective did
  2490. >Gazing into the chamber, you see a dark silhouette crouched behind the shower curtain, the top of its head barely visible above the wall of the bathtub
  2491. >Pathetic.
  2492. >You slowly stalk towards your prey, basking in her fear
  2493. >It was a warmer in here, but that was probably due to the lack of windows
  2494. >When you drew close to the bathtub, the floor began to feel a little... slippery
  2495. >Maybe the (((Princesses))) bathed in melted butter
  2496. >Edging right next to the curtain, you take a moment to relish in this victory
  2497. >You release a small breath, and with difficulty rip the shower curtain off, hangar and all
  2498. >It soared upward, but you were focused solely on your quarry
  2499. >It was unimportant, all that occupied your mind was bloodthirst
  2500. >Before you sat not a filly, but a small wooden box soaking on the opposite side of a bathtub full of sizzling hot water, with a throw pillow on top
  2501. >...
  2502. >While you gazed at the ruse, something hits you in the head from behind, its impact half-force and half-surprise
  2503. >You slip on the oily surface, plunging forward into the bathtub
  2505. >The water scalded you like lava, and you finally understood how boiled potatoes felt
  2506. >Stumbling a bit, you manage to spring yourself out of the tub, some liquid still stuck to you
  2507. >[b]HOT  HOT  HOT  HOT  HOT  !!!![/b]
  2508. >Your fur coat offered little protection from the burning sensation, and your face and ears burned the worst
  2509. >You shake your body like a spastic dog, desperately attempting to shake off some liquid.
  2510.  >Eventually the water cools down enough to be somewhat manageable
  2511. >Glancing up, you see a tight cord connected the shower curtain to the mini-chandelier, finishing by connecting to the handle of a small suitcase which was now hanging in midair by the glorified string.
  2512. >Coupled with the impact and surprise, it was enough to make you slip forward
  2513. >It hovered there like it was taunting you, basking in the warmth of your pain
  2514. >You had a response ready, of course.
  2515. >Kill.
  2517. >You slowly crawled down the hall, watching your every step
  2518. >The next entry was a set of double doors, shut closed with glass interior and thin wooden bezel
  2519. >You swing them open wildly, but still reserved enough to avoid slamming them against the wall for fear of making noise
  2520. >While you search around the room, you notice a small stack of manila folders on the bedstand
  2521. >Flipping through some of the contents, you can see a host of vital information
  2522. >Government spending outlines, lists of planned development projects, some (undoubtedly secret) international treaties, papers on Equestrian culture (and probably (((their))) goals to subvert it)
  2523. "Bingo."
  2525. >You returned to the hallway, still uncomfortably warm as you carefully levitate the folders as well as your knife behind you, setting the former down gently and promising to return for them later
  2526. >Peering at your surroundings, you see a door with a paper sign taped to the front, with a crudely written "Anon Only" scrawled on it in crayon, paired with a poorly-depicted skull and crossbones
  2527. >What was intended to be intimidating was actually cute
  2528. >But looks could be deceiving, and this little hellspawn was going to return to the blazing pit
  2529. >You stretch toward the slightly-open door with confidence, sure that this was where a foal would hide
  2530. >It turned out that she hid SOMETHING
  2531. >As you pushed the door open and hurried inside, a room-temperature liquid splashed on your head, followed by the [i]thunk[/i] of a plastic bucket hitting the floor
  2532. >It was but a second before you suffered for your blunder
  2533. >Your eyes, untouched from the scorching water, suddenly burned in a manner almost equivalent
  2534. >Bleach.
  2537. >You fall on your rump and cover your face with your forehooves, which of course did nothing to minimize the agony
  2538. >Eventually you manage to shake off the throbbing sensation in your eyes a bit, but they still ached
  2539. >Looking back up, you see a still shape hidden underneath the bedsheets, which had some wooden blocks on its edges
  2540. >You approach the bed, expecting a pillow or stuffed animal of some sort, considering this filly's resourcefulness
  2541. >But it couldn't hurt to check.
  2543. >Leaning over the bed, knife ready, you swing the covers off, knocking the blocks away, and you immediately send your weapon into the figure without checking its form
  2544. >As expected, a large pillow was all that lay beneath the blankets, unproductively punctured by your knife
  2545. >Well, at least that was all-  
  2546. >You begin violently coughing, the air you were inhaling suddenly rancid in a manner you had never experienced,, filling your thoughts with panic
  2547. >The smell was the worst you'd ever experienced, at least equal to what you'd find in port-a-potty after a Mexicoltan carnival
  2548. >Was this some sort of Hoofland Security bomb?
  2549. >You retreat to the other side of the room, but the odor still clung with you a bit, merely emulating a fart
  2550. >Turning around,, you see a brightly-colored cardboard box leaning against a wall, featuring  a pair of happy foals surrounding some beakers on its cover
  2551. >"My Little Chemistry Set:"
  2552. >"Deluxe Edition"
  2554. >This was it.
  2555. >You stood in front of a descending ladder, a beam of sunlight lighting up the floor surrounding it
  2556. >This led straight up to the rooftop, and the shield prevented any attempt to jump
  2557. >The filly was up here.
  2558. >Nowhere else to go.
  2559. >You maintain your magical grip on your knife and newfound manila folder, trying to suppress thinking about the pain
  2560. "For Equestria" you mumble, steeling yourself for the task ahead
  2561. >There would be no mercy.
  2563. >Be Anonfilly
  2564. >You scurried across the rooftop, not bothering to peer over the edge and signal to the officers
  2565. >They couldn't save you.
  2566. >Only one could.
  2567. >And time was short.
  2568. >You release a scrap of paper and green crayon from your mouth, and hurriedly scrawl out a message using the latter on the former
  2569. >It took you a moment to finish scribbling it out, and you take a moment to look over your handi- hoofiwork
  2570. "need help"
  2571. "crazy mare w/ knif"
  2572. "on castl roof"
  2573. "hurry"
  2574. >You scuttle across the ground and rush towards a small, unlit bronze brazier, featuring runes adorning its frame that looked burned in
  2575. >Purple put it here in case you needed to message her, a device that automatically sent all missives to her, with some delay
  2576. >It was undoubtedly kept in an inconvenient location so that you wouldn't overuse it
  2577. >By putting your hoof against its surface, you manage to turn on the emergency cask, which lit up with a magical green fire
  2578. >You manage to reach up and drop the missive into the flames, which was instantly consumed in a puff of smoke
  2579. >Behind you, you hear the growling of a broken mare.
  2582. >You turn to see the psychotic mare, her eyes reddened, body slightly burned and bruised, and the few dry ends of her mane and tail springing out
  2583. >The knife was what scared you, and she approached you, finishing about six feet from where you were
  2584. >bluff.png
  2585. "You've lost."
  2586. >"Oh I have, have I?" she replied, relishing in your imminent demise
  2587. "My mother's arrival. She built a phone in the Friendship Castle.  She put a link connecting your princesses and I've just told the entire group how to find me."
  2588. >She merely scoffed at that.
  2589. >"The shield is up, your message will never reach the (((princesses)))" Lyra declared, emphasizing the last word like a conspiracy theorist would. "All your lies in here will be exposed." she added, shaking some manila folders you vaguely recognized, "I lose nothing but [i]time[/i]. You, on the other hand, DIE with the princesses."
  2590. >You braced yourself for death.
  2591. >Right as you expected the knife to penetrate your chest, a beam of purple light bursted through Lyra's torso, instantly incapacitaing her
  2592. >She fell to the rooftop floor, knife and papers respectively clattering and thumping
  2593. >You turned to see a purple winged angel before you
  2594. >"Nopony touches my daughter."
  2596. >You rush over to Twilight and hug her as she gently lands, throwing your hooves around her neck
  2597. >"There, there, mama's here now. You're safe."
  2598. >You won't cry. You won't cry.
  2599. >Well, maybe just a little is alright
  2600. >Out of the corner of your eye you see Twilight levitate the folders into her possession
  2601. >"You're not gonna be needing these" she gloats at the dying Lyra, who remain splayed out on the cold floor, trembling in minor convulsions as a small pool of blood spread below her
  2602. >The unicorn desperately raises her head and looks up at her killer, incapable of speaking, eyes reflecting her beaten spirit
  2603. >"You failed, Lyra."
  2604. >Lyra dropped her head, and you could swear you heard sobbing
  2605. >Twilight rotates you onto her back, and carries you toward the staircase
  2606. >"Come on Anon, I'll make you lunch." she said, leaving the dying Lyra to her own thoughts
  2609. >Be Armchair, Psychologist Extraordinaire
  2610. >Once again seeing one of your more difficult "friends", a filly by the name of Anon
  2611. >Weird name.
  2612. >Being one of the only stallions in the field, you usually dealt with colts, but for some reason the Princess selected you
  2613. >Now you sat on the floor playing a very interesting game of Monopony
  2614. >Anon's version included capital punishment and "Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles" (whatever those were)
  2615. >You knew Princess Twilight was watching you behind the one-sided mirror
  2616. >Very few foals figured out the mirror's true purpose
  2617. >Anon was surely no different, although she had already been here several times
  2618. >"And since I have the only Waterworks, I'm gonna raise the cost of water to 100,000 bits per gallon" she says as you hand her the little card in exchange for 150 bits worth of paper money
  2619. "And why is that?" you ask, levitating your clipboard and pen
  2620. >"Because it's mine and I can do what I want."
  2621. "So you feel the need to exert control over what you own?"
  2622. >"Yeah. It just feels like I don't have lots of control over anything real. I just wish I could make more choices, then I'd be a happy filly." she answers sadly
  2623. "Is it fair to the other players to abuse your power?"
  2624. >"Since when has anyb- anypony been fair to me?"
  2625. >You jot this down and return to the game
  2627. "Alright Anon, do you think you could draw a picture for me?" you ask, sitting across from her at a miniature table adorned with paper and drawing instruments
  2628. >"Uh… what should I draw?"
  2629. "Anything you want?"
  2630. >"I get to choose?"
  2631. "Sure. Just let your imagination run free."
  2632. >…
  2633. >"Am I allowed to use the crayons?"
  2634. "…of course. Why wouldn't you?"
  2635. >"I'm not allowed to do things." she says flatly, getting to work drawing on a city, starting with the jail
  2638. "And so Princess Twilight-
  2639. >"MISS Twilight. I want to be a regular, normal mom."
  2640. >Yeah, right
  2641. "Anyway, Anon seems to have difficulties with control over her life. I think it would be best if you gave her a little space."
  2642. >She gave you the 'I-know-better" look she always did
  2643. >Whatever, you were getting paid either way.
  2645. >Be Anonfilly, level 7 Rogue
  2646. >Bored AF, the party (*cough* Shining *cough*) had spent the last 10 minutes trying to get 2% more selling their loot
  2647. >If this was Roll20 you'd think they were griffins
  2648. "Can we just have a long rest already? I want to push the plot forward"
  2649. >You didn't have any sort of lewd undertone, you just cared about the story
  2650. >"Okay, let's head to the inn" Cadance states
  2651. >Luckily the party never ran into anybody walking there, otherwise they'd spend another fifteen minutes asking about city politics and where to buy calzones
  2652. >The party enters a full inn, and Shining takes the lead in securing room and board
  2653. >More like bored, lol
  2654. >Wait, maybe you can add some drama here
  2655. "I try to seduce the bartender" you blurt out
  2656. >"Anon, no" Twilight the rather annoyed DM starts
  2657. >"Cadance, can you give me Guidance?"
  2658. >"No Anon." she says exasperatedly
  2659. "What? I want that 1d4!"
  2660. >"I'm not supporting your ridiculous gameplay, and it's not like it'll matter either way, it won't work"
  2661. "We'll see about that"
  2662. >You roll your d20 and prepare your most sultry voice
  2663. >nat20
  2665. >Finally some fun
  2666. "'Oh my, it's my first heat and I have nopony to help me. I sure wish some big, strong stallion were here to assist me.' I then wink at him aggressively"
  2667. >The irritated Twilight puts on her most butch voice (pretty easy for basically a lesbian)
  2668. >"Sorry little lady, you'll have to ask someone else."
  2669. >Wut
  2670. "I rolled a nat20! That means I succeed!"
  2671. >"No, it means you get the best possible outcome" Twilight responds, "otherwise any level 1 mook would have a 5% chance of instakilling Tiamare, and a party of 5 would have around 25%"
  2672. "That's not fair!"
  2673. >"Twilight's right, nat20 is not instawin" Shining adds
  2674. "C'mon Discord, you like chaos, back me up"
  2675. >"..." is all you get
  2676. "Oh, so NOW you're all for rules"
  2677. >"I may be a god, but the DM [i]IS[/i] God." he says
  2678. >...
  2679. >"As party leader, I demand that Anon go straight to her room." Shining commands
  2680. >You think about saying no, but if you got Twilight TOO mad you'd get a spanking
  2681. "Which room is my room?"
  2682. >"Discord's got his own room, but the three of us are sharing room 5"
  2683. " *Sigh*... I go get ready to sleep"
  2684. >"Alright, do you want to do anything else before going taking your long rest?" Twilight asks
  2685. >...
  2686. >"Wait, party leader??" Cadance asks
  2689. >Be Anonfilly
  2690. >You stood afore the City Hall, which housed a sign notifying the meeting for the "Foals with Special Needs Coalition"
  2691. "Do I have to go to the retard meeting?"
  2692. >"Anon! Don't use that type of language! They other foals are just... special. Like you." Twilight chided
  2693. >Yep, retards
  2694. >You thought to make a snide remark about "also being ex-humans", but you discarded it when your collar began to warm
  2695. >...Wait, like you?
  2697. >Twilight opens the door to the meeting hall, and nudges you inside using her head
  2698. >"C'mon, go make some friends." she tells you before heading to the corner with the other moms watching their brainlet offspring
  2699. >You glance over the room, looking for potential friends
  2700. >Largely groups of two or three foals, some standing and others sitting
  2701. >You note that many had some form of tic, such as having to clap their hooves every ten seconds or shaking their heads
  2702. >In one corner a colt wearing a helmet was muttering to himself with his mom closeby
  2703. >A couple of fillies were by the little concessions table, eating pony-Costco cookies
  2704. >You decide to try and join them, they seemed fairly well-adjusted
  2705. >You awkwardly shuffle towards them, standing halfway between in and out of their two-person party
  2706. >Eventually the white-coated and blue-maned Earth pony stops talking about trains and turns to you
  2707. >"Do you- you- you need something?" she asks, stuttering midway through the sentence
  2708. >The other one remains silent, brown mane and tail two-toning her cream fur and wings
  2709. "I- um- was wondering if I could join you guys?"
  2710. >You had a bit of stage fright between two fillies staring at you in addition to Twilight's oversized eyes peering into the back of your skull
  2711. >"PENIS!" the cream one randomly yells out
  2712. >...wut?
  2713. >"PETRIFICATION!" she adds
  2714. "Is she, uh...?"
  2715. >"Oh, Cloud Chaser has Trot's Syndrome. She can't control-"
  2716. >"PERJURY!" she yells oncemore
  2717. >"She can't control it" the white one says, neither filly ignoring the outbursts "the words are basically random, but it's almost always alliterative and often starts with a swear"
  2718. >You turn to look at the momfus, and most seemed used to it. One of them was talking to Twilight, surely explaining her daughter's condition
  2719. >Yep, this was a tard meeting
  2720. >"Do you know a lot about trains??" the earth pony blurts out, and you notice how she blinks with her left eye than her right
  2721. >Twilight thought you would fit in here?
  2722. >Wait, what if you were retarded and everypony was just being nice?
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