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  1. Pls fix:
  2. - 2014 Spring Babby Cup, “>>fun” (>>fun --> >fun)
  3. - 2014 Winter Cup Friendlies, “This friendlies season was import to /gd/”. (import --> important)
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  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. 2017 Summer Cup
  7. After holding on to their promotion from Winter, /gd/ went on to participate in the 2017 Summer Cup. After a lacklustre performance against /g/ and /int/, a consolatory win against /co/ was not enough for /gd/ to advance.
  9. This cup saw /gd/ being relegated to the babbies for the first time since the 2015 Summer Cup.
  11. Smugleaf !!WROPMzfJikm announced his retirement and Incoming !!LIKZcxsmOAv took over which revived hopes of /gd/ promoting.
  13. 2017 Autumn Babby cup
  14. Being placed in Group C with /c/, /po/ and /x/, /gd/’s first match was a comfy game with /c/, which ended in the comfiest of scorelines, 1-1. Following this, /gd/ was pitted against another small creative board, /po/, which became a showcase of /gd/’s alt horns somewhere along the line. After a win against /x/, /gd/ emerged top of their group and went on easily into the knockouts.
  16. The Round of 16 kicked off with a cat [hover: /gd/’s Kerning]-and-dog [hover: /k/’s ATF] fight between /gd/ and /k/. A lot of stumbling from both sides led to 0 goals on target for both teams by half-time. With 1 goal for /k/, the situation was looking grim for /gd/. However, the tides soon turned when a bit of friendly fire from /k/’s Vining gave /gd/ enough ammunition to take the lead. All was well, until a second yellow card in the same game for Helvetica led to his immediate suspension. /gd/ may have won the battle against /k/, but they would soon lose the war as they were to face the arcanines of /r9k/ without their gold medal. The feels were with /gd/ that day as they were defeated by /r9k/. Still, /gd/ had promoted to Winter and to Winter they would go.
  19. /gd/ 2018 Winter Cup
  20. After their success in the Autumn Babby Cup, /gd/ went on into the 2018 Winter Cup, more ready than ever to hold onto their promotion. Despite being heavily carded, /gd/ cleared the group stage and advanced to the knockouts.
  22. After meeting /o/ in the group stage, it seemed almost fitting to face their brother, /n/, in the knockouts. Unfortunately, although Helvetica was sent flying one too many times, /gd/’s plans of taking the lead simply would not take off. The can of this match was Bepsi and advancing to the quarter finals remained little more than a pipe dream for /gd/. Even then, with this cup’s solid performance, /gd/ will walk straight into Summer.
  25. 2018 Summerc Up
  26. Having held on to their promotion, /gd/ would next appear in the 2018 Summer Cup. With new player Aesthetic Flags of the World and returning player Golden Ratio, /gd/ was to face old foes /r9k/ and /u/ in Group A, as well as the recently promoted /ck/. The first game with /r9k/ ended in a 1-1 draw, yet /gd/ looked much worse for wear with Minimalism and >>>/wsr/ both receiving yellow cards. As luck would have it, neither were suspended and /gd/ went on to win both their games against /u/ and /ck/, topping the group [hover: on goal differential] and securing a spot in the Round of 16.
  28. In the knockouts, /gd/’s mettle was put to the test against the mighty steel of /m/, as the game moved from a draw onto penalties. A miskick from >>>/wsr/ might have ended the game in /m/’s favour, but Untitled-1 .AI had stopped crashing long enough for a save which put both teams into suicides, where /gd/ advanced by the skin of their teeth [optional hover: EEEE]. /gd/’s next opponents would be the GOATs of /sp/ (again). [insert tacticool stuff here] While /gd/ held on strong in the first half, in a reversal of IT’S TWO, a goal from /sp/’s Punished Messi and an own goal from Untitled-1.AI put the game away in /sp/’s favour. The /sp/artans were waving flags that day and /gd/ bowed out at 7th place. As Winter approaches, /gd/ looks forward for another shot at glory.
  30. ------------------------------------------------------------- shitpost box ---------------------------------------------------------
  31. 2019 Winter Cup
  32. /gd/ faced off against /b/, /mlp/ and /3/ in this group. After narrow matches against the old fags of /b/ and the precisely calibrated /mlp/, for the first time in almost /3/ years, /gd/ would face a board rival team as the Renders vs Rasters Derby took place.  Out Group B, /gd/ and /b/ ended up making it into the Round of 16.
  34. In the Knockouts, after narrow matches with /co/, /gd/ would face /w/. In the match against /w/, both teams competed to see who had the greater passion for graphic design. Fuelled by years of bitterness and spite, a late goal from Graphic Design Is My Passion gave /gd/ a spot in the semi-finals for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, /gd/’s train to the finals were cut short by the conductors of /n/ (again), as a late goal from I Like Trains ended the game 4-3 in /n/’s favour. Nonetheless, the /gd/’s Winter Cup journey ended on a high note as /gd/ defeated /u/ in the third place match to win the COVETED THIRD PLACE TROPHY.
  36. While everyone was focused on the match between /n/ and /b/ to determine the champion, the caged seagulls of /cgl/ and the pirates of /t/ worked together to free themselves from their aquatic prison, arriving sopping wet at the Intercity Blimp Train where both teams stumbled onto the pitch on accident, land sick and lost. In the confusion, PES decided the best way to handle the situation was to crash and the winner of the Winter Cup was announced by current commissioner and long-time god-trapper QD !!ztCBdAQrY7S to be decided on dice rolls alone, streamed by Sou. In what could be called the most intense 6 seconds the cup had ever seen, this report ends here because this does not concern /gd/. Go check out /b/’s or /n/’s history page for more info, if the managers have even updated them :^)
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