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  1. Translated from the Japanese FAQ. If you have other questions you would like to added on just mention them.
  3. Q. Are there any new characters?
  4. A. A perfectly new rival character [named Leon] has been added.
  6. Q. Whose initial stats are the best?
  7. A. Please reference the chart below.
  8. However, the difference in status when leveling up varies by character as well as their individual skills.
  9. However low the initial stats may be, there are no useless girls!!!!!
  10. I think it's good to raise the girls you like best.
  12. DA. VI. VO. Name - Total Points
  13. 14 21 17 Yuhiko - 52
  14. 23 20 19 Makoto - 62
  15. 23 25 19 Iori - 67
  16. 19 14 16 Yayoi - 49
  17. 23 19 26 Ritsuko - 68
  18. 21 20 30 Chihaya - 71
  19. 16 18 22 Haruka - 56
  20. 17 26 20 Miki - 63
  21. 24 18 20 Hibiki - 62
  22. 17 21 22 Takane - 60
  23. 20 16 14 Mami - 50
  24. 20 16 14 Ami - 50
  25. 16 22 19 Azusa - 57
  26. ---
  27. Q. If I'm buying DLC what should I get?
  28. A. Mails are recommended. [Although overseas fans may not want them if they can't read them] For an initial investment you should divide it among the songs, costumes, and accessories you want. Ability wise they're the most useful/strongest at the beginning of the game. Extra Mani isn't needed.
  30. Q. There's a lot of characters, isn't getting around difficult?
  31. This time is endless mode so there's no period factor.
  32. When you win Idol Extreme, that character will become paused for the time being but still has the ability to be continued being produced.
  33. After I think that it's possible... they'll add something with DLC.
  35. Q. Is there demerit in skipping a Rank up Fes?
  36. A. None basically.
  37. You'll still be given SP and you won't miss any commus.
  38. However, getting as many experience points as possible will make things more relaxed.
  40. Q. Are there only 2 promotions? Even when increasing rank they don't increase?
  41. Every alphabet change (E1->D3) it will change to the next two.
  42. You won't be able to see the previous two so be careful.
  44. Q. In Contacts I get the same one no matter how many times I pick, should I do it every time? Will memories increase?
  45. A. In the same commu, only the first time's result will slightly increase or decrease memories. After that the result will not be counted.
  46. You only need to get a perfect the first time so after that you can do it without referencing the walkthrough without any problems.
  47. After that you can pick the other options as you like, go π touch.
  49. Q. Can you use 876pro and Jupiter in S4U?
  50. A. Unknown. Right now there's no information of it?
  52. Q. Should I raise the characters I'm able to produce equally? Can you not solo produce?
  53. A. Generally it should be fine to raise the characters you like as you please.
  54. But, the trio is used in scoring so it'd be better to at least keep the main 3 on the same level.
  55. When selecting your unit it's possible to have only one.
  56. When challenging an all star live in higher ranks you should also raise the other characters' stats.
  58. Q. The Rank D All star live is impossible
  59. A. It will be difficult if you don't raise multiple characters enough beforehand.
  60. It'd be good to keep this in mind for the next time.
  61. If you do fail this time it's possible to recover next time.
  63. Q. I'm hesitant on which skills to take. Can you collect all of them?
  64. A. For now, without a doubt it's best to get the appeal related ones.
  65. Until you reach a certain rank it's fine to not get the trio skills.
  66. Finally, I think it's possible to collect all of them as you level up, but after getting your character's trophy you won't be able to get any more.
  68. Q. How do you use the burst counter?
  69. A. It's just used for when your rival in a fes uses a burst you can counter them with your own.
  70. A realistic method is to fill your memory gauge immediately after your rival bursts.
  72. Q. How do you use the burst charge?
  73. A. After you have collected the Duo->Burst skill, when you use a memory appeal after your meter is filled your next burst will become a duo.
  74. The burst will have various effects as well.
  75. After you have collected the Trio->Burst skill, when you use a memory appeal after your meter is filled your next burst will become a trio.
  76. The burst will have various effects as well.
  78. Q. How do you do a memory drive?
  79. A. Use a memory appeal right after a memory appeal.
  80. If a duo you will have to do it twice in a row, if a trio three times in a row.
  81. ---
  82. Q. My idol got suspended, what should I do?
  83. A. If you go two seasons without completing a Seasonal Objective, you will be restricted from producing your main idol. You can remove this suspension by completing a Seasonal Objective successfully.
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