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Minecraft commands.yml

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  1. command-block-overrides: []
  2. aliases:
  3.     icanhasbukkit:
  4.     - version $1-
  5.     ham:
  6.     - broadcast ME CANT WAIT FOR SOME HAMZ
  7.     warn:
  8.     - tellraw @a [{"text":"\n[PUN] ","color":"dark_aqua","bold":true},{"text":"$$1","color":"aqua","bold":false},{"text":" has been warned by ","color":"red","bold":false},{"selector":"@a[c=1]","color":"aqua","bold":false},{"text":" for ","color":"red","bold":false},{"text":"$$2-.","color":"aqua","bold":false},{"text":"\n","color":"green","bold":false}]
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