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Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. When you have time, please fill out all the information below for me.
  3. Your Vermillion Account -
  5. ------------------------------
  6. --= General Questions =--
  7. ------------------------------
  9. What position are you applying for, and what are you expected to do in this position?
  10. I'm applying for Interviewer, and I expect to interview certain people.
  12. As a member of the Vermillion Missionary, if you were to do malicious actions within the Vermillion community, what do you think would happen?
  13. My rank would be removed and i'd probably be Perma banned.
  15. If you could choose to be any animal, which animal would you be?
  16. An eagle.
  18. If you were to go inactive for a prolonged period of time without giving me a heads up, do you understand that your position will be revoked and given to a better candidate?
  19. Of course.
  21. The Missionary publishes their weekly edition every Saturday afternoon (EST). As a member of the Missionary, when do you think you'd be expected to have your work in to be compiled?
  22. Probably at Wednesday or friday depending on how much homework I have.
  24. How many tennis balls could you fit into a limousine?
  25. 2789? It's just a guess, since i'm terrible at maths.
  27. How long have you known of the Vermillion Missionary?
  28. I've known the V3rmillion missionary since 2018, I just never saw the point about it, but I do now.
  30. How well would you consider your time management skills?
  31. I'd say they're pretty good. 7/10
  33. How many days are in a year?
  34. 365, depending if there's that extra day you know.
  36. What would your first 30 days look like within the Missionary?
  37. Probably not as good as the others members of V3rmillion missionary, because they've been in the position longer
  39. With 1-2 sentences, why should we recruit you over other applicants?
  40. Because I've always had a passionate for talking with people and asking them questions so I can now more about them
  41. and having to know more about people can make my day, because then I feel like I'm connected to that person.
  43. How many minutes are in a day?
  44. 1440
  46. What do you think the Vermillion Missionary could do differently to make it better?
  47. Basically nothing because the v3rmillion missionary already seems super perfect!
  49. If you and a fellow members of the Missionary were having a disagreement, how would you handle it?
  50. Try to find a different method, or simply try to change their minds about it.
  52. You have a 4-minute and a 7-minute hourglass, yet you want to measure 9 minutes. How do you do it?
  53. Oh boy, I'm only in 8th grade, I never learned those things! :Joy:
  55. If you were accepted into the Missionary, around how long would you be hoping to stay with the team?
  56. As long as I'm on v3rm.
  58. Would you say you're active within the Vermillion community, and have never had many issues with others?
  59. I'd say I'm pretty active as if something happens I usually figure it out pretty well, without an argument.
  61. Do you have any questions for us?
  62. Yes! If I were to be accepted, would I be contacted about the users I have to interview or do I find them?
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