[TLH/SinKid] Terry finds some candy

Aug 15th, 2018
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  1. "Hey Rosie, check this out!" An extremely English voice called out.
  2. Rose looked at the colourful packet in Terry's hand, before it was thrust into her arms. "Huh. Haven't seen this kind of candy before."
  3. "Must be some kind of foreign stuff."
  4. Rose turned the packet over, looking at the labelling. "It's in English, Terry."
  5. "Could be Australian or something." Terry shrugged, taking the packet back and tearing it open with her teeth.
  6. "Yeah, maybe." Rose replied as Terry shoved a whole handful of colourful gummy candy into her gob. "Jesus, slow down."
  7. Terry happily chewed on it, offering the packet. Rose took a handful and popped one in her mouth. It tasted weird, but not unpalatable.
  8. As some customers pushed open the doors, the two resumed their work, selling tickets and serving popcorn, the whole time eating those candies.
  9. A few hours passed and the packet was long empty. Rose felt... odd. Had she forgotten to eat again?
  10. Terry, standing beside her, groaned. "I feel off..."
  11. Something clicked in Rose's mind. "Terry...?"
  12. "Yeah?"
  13. "Where did you find that candy?"
  14. "Uh... Under the shelving behind me."
  15. Rose, now feeling quite queasy, grabbed the empty packet. The 'Best Before' date read 11-24-2021.
  16. "What's wrong?" Terry asked, before clutching her stomach and groaning.
  17. "They're 25 years out-of-date!" Rose threw the packet at her. "You moron, why didn't you check?!"
  18. "I thought this stuff didn't go off...!" Terry studied the packet. "Wh-" She gagged, then sped off.
  19. Rose felt her stomach also threaten to upturn itself, and she bolted after her into the toilets, shoving the stall door open and flipping the lid open just as her stomach emptied itself. The acrid taste of bile and half-digested candy only made her more eager to get it all out.
  20. Too long later, she had finally cleared herself out. Terry herself was still going. "Bloody hell, it's in my hair...!"
  21. Rose pulled herself up. Her entire body hurt. "Terry?"
  22. "Hm?" She asked, before throwing up.
  23. "Don't ever do that again."
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