Succubus TG

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  1. Shane embarrassingly made his way through the crowd, trying to reach the outer rim to avoid people. His costume was a bit humiliating and he hoped no one would recognize him.
  3. The poor soul had ordered a homemade costume from a self-proclaimed “professional” costume maker from Etsy. He was supposed to come dressed as a MALE demon but there was a slight error. The costume was very much intended for a woman.
  5. Shane tried to keep his fake breasts covered with one arm while he used his other to gently move people out of the way. As he made it to the outer rim of the crowd, a woman dressed up in a devil costume had noticed him and walked over.
  7. She introduced herself as Dana and complimented Shane on his fem-demon costume. Before he had a chance to explain the situation, they were interrupted by the host.
  9. They listened to her speech and when she had finished and waved her hand, Shane immediately felt the changes.
  11. His black colored wig attached to his head and had turned into real hair, digging into the roots of his old hair. The horns headband he reluctantly put in had become a permanent fixture as the horns attached themselves to his skull.
  13. More changes took place as Shane looked more and more like a woman. The fake breasts had become real, hanging loosely from his chest. His legs thinned down and his hips widened, his ass expanding into a heart shape. His waist caved in as he bent over in pain, a growing uterus forming as his manhood moved inwards. A small demons tail bursting out from his lower back.
  15. Sarysa began to giggle, new thoughts and feelings spreading across her mind. A Halloween party was the perfect place to “have fun” and the hunk next to her was looking mighty tasty.
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