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  1. You might ask yourself why I am doing this. Which is a good question.
  3. To understand my train of thought you need to understand where my interests are. I never had an interest in the GFL community as a whole. With that I mean that I only cared about the parts of the community that I grew accustomed too. For example, the first GFL server I ever played regularly on was the CSS Zombie Escape server. Back then I only cared about that server and couldn't care less about whatever happened to the rest of the community as long as it didn't negatively affect my favorite server. Later I got interested in more css servers and after a while I took over management on some of them. However the longer I stayed within the community, the more I started disliking the way things were handled. Especially outside the CSS division and in upper management. But I chose to not care about it and just try to focus on the part I had to manage despite whatever happened outside my 'domain'.
  5. So for a while I've been contemplating on possibly the hardest decision I've ever had to make in an online community. Keep managing the servers in the community I've spend three years actively working on, or move the servers away to a new host, unaffiliated from that community. After things cooled down after the ZE incident, I decided to maintain managing the servers for as long as I had my tokens as triumph card for just in case. Unfortunately the tokens got found out and upper management changed them and told me not to change them back. Which, if I would comply, would destroy any chance I have on redirecting server traffic in the future. So basically they put me in a "now or never" situation. In the end I made my decision based on what I believe is best for the servers.
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