OpenVPN Tutorial for mullvad_linux

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  1. ******   Nice little Tutorial for installing OPENVPN mullvad_linux on Linux Mint 14 OR                                Ubuntu equivilance ******
  3. First off: Do NOT try even one time to connect to the vpn using the network manager. It will re-write files, you'll never be able to connect after that.
  5. Do not google for workarounds, they are everywhere and do not work.
  7. 1)  Click on  customer ID to get your unique customer ID number, write it down or c/p into .txt file. You will need this later on.
  10. 2)  Send Admins an email stating you would like a free trial and provide them your unique Customer ID#, they will graciously give you 7 days as a free trial to make sure you can connect :)
  13. 3)  Once you enter your customer ID number on the instructions page it will generate .config files in .zip format that has your unique customer ID in it. You will see something like this:
  14. Your customer id is 385xxxxxxx
  16. Days left: 7. Add more.
  17.  (wait til it says you have days, if it says 0 they havent added the time as of yet. Be patient, they are quick at responses!)
  19. You will now be able to get the .zip file for the config files in .zip format
  22. To set up standard OpenVPN use these configuration files:
  25. 4)  Install network-manager-openvpn (sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn)
  27. 5)  Download this from the homepage by clicking on "Linux free trial". Make sure to "save" and then open with "gdebi" and install
  28. mullvad_35_all.deb ( This installs a wrapper to OpenVPN and includes a very nice little GUI with a mullvad_linux VPN icon that sits in your tray )
  30. 6)  Go to your network manager, click on VPN.. configure VPN. Extract your .zip files that you downloaded just a bit ago ( onto your desktop, or into downloads, does not matter.
  31. Do NOT extract in /ect/openvpn. You will see:
  32. "mullvad_linux.config" along with other keys and certs. On the VPN window that you brought up in network manager you will see: "import" Click on "import", navigate to your download location of mullvad_linux.config and it will import all of the necessary config files. Do NOT touch any other settings. It will break your install of the VPN. Do NOT use the network manager even once to try to connect to the VPN. It WILL break the connection to openvpn!! Do NOT extract anything at all into /ect/openvpn. Now save the changes in the network manager and close it. Do NOT try to connect with network manager I can not stress that enough! It will overwrite files. At this point the only thing that is even in /ect/openvpn is "resolv.config"
  33. Leave it be. Do not touch.
  35. 7)  Navigate through your system menu and look for "Mullvad". It should be under "internet" Pin it to your favorites, or place in your panel. Nice little icon. :)
  37. 8)  Now click on that icon "Mullvad" to launch. Click on settings. A window will come up. Place your unique customer ID number in there. Click "set customer id".  You can now go back to the website, enter your unique customer ID click on "port" and it will generate a port for you so that you can open/forward ports! Place your unique port into settings "Mullvad" in your panel/tray by clicking on "manage" Then "save", that window will close. Go back to that same "Mullvad" icon and click on connect. It will start circling around getting an address and connect.
  39. 9)  You are now free to go into your router/firewall with the same port you just placed in the "mullvad" settings to do your port forwarding.
  41. 10) If you have a router, look for a funky address. You will NOT see anything under dhcp addresses where you always see your wired and wireless connections.
  42. Example: my router IP:
  43.          eth0 (wired)
  44.          wlano (wireless)
  45.          vpn:  
  47. You may have to look in your network connections inside your router to determine the address like I did. Treat this connection as if it were another machine on the network.  
  48. Navigate to "port forwarding" and enter:
  49. (port you placed in settings) (both TCP & UDP)
  50. Click appy, save and close router. Do the same in your firewall.
  52. Now enjoy your newly set up Mullvad OpenVPN connection. This took alot of trial and error on my part and 3 reformats because of overwritten files generated by trying to connect through the network manager and extracting files into /ect/openvpn. Do not make that mistake. There is a regressed bug in the gnome network-manger applet.
  54. I'd like to also point out, it was impossible to even do the above using gnome desktop. This was ALL done under Mint 14 Cinnamon.
  56. Have fun & good luck. Hope this helps!!  :D
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