whisker the biscuit: legitimate piece of shit

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  1. 11:06 PM - renhet:
  2. 11:07 PM - renhet: the about section
  3. 11:15 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: yeah idk ahaha, i dont really care anymore
  4. 11:15 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: realistically it should bother me but meh
  5. 11:16 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i made it for fun with a friend and now they're trying to use it against me i guess?
  6. 11:19 PM - Whisker Biscuit :> is now Online.
  7. 11:19 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: honestly i'd rather get shit for that than be a weeaboo anyawys
  8. 11:19 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: anyways**
  9. 11:22 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: hmm honest question
  10. 11:23 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: we disagree on each other a lot and personally i don't know why we're friends because nowadays anytime you message me i expect it to be about this but WHAT DO YOU PERSONALLY THINK of this shit as a whole
  11. 11:25 PM - renhet: I honestly think making that list and putting it online was a mistake. People have preferences for partner's aesthetics, whatever, that's normal. But phrasing short hair like "lesbian hair" and shit like that actually comes off as extremely judgemental and prejudice, which is more reason not to share things like that
  12. 11:26 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: hah
  13. 11:26 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i wouldn't say that
  14. 11:26 PM - renhet: wouldn't say what specifically
  15. 11:26 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: you catch on to the weirdest things
  16. 11:26 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: about lesbian hair
  17. 11:27 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: hint: prejudice is not the correct word
  18. 11:27 PM - renhet: well you basically say that hair shorter than shoulder length is "lesbian hair." Which isn't true, many heterosexual women wear their hair short. But you paint it as a negative entirely, and by effect of calling it lesbian hair, imply that gay women are bad.
  19. 11:27 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i've "experienced" people with this sort of short hair and simply and not attracted to it
  20. 11:27 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: your issue is you try to know-it-all everything
  21. 11:27 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: this is actually why i stopped talking to you, i forgot this
  22. 11:27 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: those are some large assumptions on your end though
  23. 11:27 PM - renhet: You asked what I thought, and that's how it comes off to me. I can almost guarantee nobody would make as big a deal out of it as they are if the list didn't come off as prejudiced/offensive.
  24. 11:28 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: nah
  25. 11:28 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: believe me
  26. 11:28 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: these guys don't care about your gay women interpretation
  27. 11:28 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: not one bit
  28. 11:28 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: no one cares about such intricacies as much as you do
  29. 11:29 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: making the assumption that, because a person has an opinion that short hair is bad and they refer to it as lesbian hair = gay woman are bad
  30. 11:29 PM - renhet: That is a large assumption on your part. Some men do care about social justice/proper wording of things.
  31. 11:29 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: is so painfully doltish it hurts
  32. 11:29 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: sometimes i feel you think you know what you're talking about when you don't, honestly
  33. 11:30 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: also worth noting, it's not that it was public -- the person i had trust in simply decided to use it against me
  34. 11:30 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: because they risked losing their boyfriend who was over-protective and assumed I was hitting on them
  35. 11:30 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: so, not really much you can do in that respect
  36. 11:30 PM - renhet: All right, well, if you're going to ask for my input and brush me off without any consideration, I can't pretend to try to help you. The short of it is that you come off as homophobic, misogynistic and narcissistic. Sorry.
  37. 11:30 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: my god, you truly are a dolt
  38. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i'm none of those things
  39. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: not even close
  40. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i literally
  41. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: cannot even be mad
  42. 11:31 PM - renhet: Came off as =/= are
  43. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: it's so funny to me that you could think that
  44. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: sorry professor ren
  45. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: came off as
  46. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: reminds me of the comma incident
  47. 11:31 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: lmaooo
  48. 11:31 PM - renhet: You're acting like I'm calling you names. I'm actually trying to answer the question you posed to me and you're getting mad and calling me a dolt.
  49. 11:32 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i'm not mad, i'm just disappointed someone who i used to consider a good friend could even think at all that i was coming off as those things
  50. 11:32 PM - renhet: You asked what I thought, I gave you an honest opinion of that checlist. And you're punishing me for being honest. I don't know what you wanted, a lie?
  51. 11:32 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i'm not punishing you for anything
  52. 11:33 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i'm just defending myself because i think you are markedly wrong about your opinion of me
  53. 11:33 PM - renhet: I repeat for the third time, I did not call you narcissistic, misogynistic or prejudiced. I said that that is how your checklist read.
  54. 11:34 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: checklist, as in one line?
  55. 11:34 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: hold up i have someone who's even more respecting of these sorts of scenarios than you, let me ask them what they think
  56. 11:35 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: wait shit they're snoozing
  57. 11:35 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: one sec
  58. 11:35 PM - renhet: I don't really care what some person I don't know/care about thinks. I gave you my opinion, which you solicited and then got upset about.
  59. 11:35 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: again, i'm not upset
  60. 11:36 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: you would truly know if i was upset because i would point out every single one of the recurring flaws you have in my eyes that i've even seen in the conversations between you/your bf
  61. 11:36 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: but that would be a low blow
  62. 11:37 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>:
  63. 11:37 PM - renhet: You're not upset, but you're blatantly insulting me when you asked for my input. Lol.
  64. 11:37 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: god, i love the proper typing that comes out of you when you get serious
  65. 11:37 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: but no um
  66. 11:37 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: i'm not insulting
  67. 11:37 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: consider it criticism
  68. 11:37 PM - renhet: Yeah proper typing, good thing to be upset over and comment on, relevant
  69. 11:38 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: it was an asiiiiiide don't make a big deal out of it
  70. 11:38 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: it's not like i'm being a grammar nazi to try and find a way to win an argument
  71. 11:38 PM - renhet: It isn't criticism. That is not what criticism means. Criticism is what I actually just fucking described as being wrong with your stupid fucking checklist. But you're actually like making an effort to ignore reality or something when someone isn't agreeing with you? idk i'm not trying any more
  72. 11:38 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: don't get upset now
  73. 11:38 PM - Whisker Biscuit :>: gee willikers
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