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Ultimate Tickle Smut (MLP)

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  1. >The room was dark. With a dim light overhead that cast enough illumination for six technicolor ponies to view their restraints.
  2. >Everything beyond was a dark void of emptiness.
  3. >The ponies were restrained in the form of a star. all facing away from each other.
  4. >Clockwise, it was orange,Blue,White,Yellow, and pink
  5. >A purple one was on a specialized apparatus on the centerf
  6. >The country pony with apples adorned on her flank was was spread belly down on some sort of long table.
  7. >The blue pony, and indeed the white pony were on a similar styled table. Belly down.
  8. >the yellow one was on the ground. her four legs shackled to chains.
  9. >And once again. The pink pony was belly down on the same kind of table as the blue,orange, and white one.
  10. >They all began to wake from their slumber.
  11. AJ: Ogh, what in the hay is goin' on?
  12. >Applejack slowly began to raise her head as she blinked a few times. Trying to get her bearing.
  13. RD:Ugh....Hey?! What's all this?! Why can't I move?!
  14. >Rainbow Dash was already struggling within her bonds. But she couldn't move an inch.
  15. RD: Ok..What's the joke. It's feeling creepily familiar. Pinkie, this isn't your prank is it?
  16. PP:Huh? Dunno, but it sure is comfy! Look, there's even these cool lock things to keep us from falling!
  17. >Fluttershy was gently pulling at her shackles, trying to slowly slip her legs out from them. But to no avail.
  18. F:I-I don't think this is a prank...W-what's going on? Wh-where's Twilight?
  19. T:I'm right here! I'm between all of you and...NGH!
  20. >Twilight tried to use her magic. But for some reason, it was unavailable.
  21. T:"I-I can't use my magic. Rarity? What about you?"
  22. R:"I can't either, but a lady is always prepared"
  23. >Rarity had a pin in her mouth, turning her head, trying to get to the lock on her hoof
  24. R:"Come on Rarity, it isn't so hard. It's just like sewing a....oh no"
  25. >Through her nervous talking. she drops her pin.
  27. >The ponies try to keep each other in good spirits while they make attempts to escape.
  28. >After some time. A whirring machine of some sort. A cylinder with a helicopter rotor on it's head, and two small claw grips on it's side flew into the room. And using it's strange scanning eye. Began to look around he room.
  29. >"Mirth Chamber secure, beginning start up routine"
  30. AJ:"Whosa wthatsa? What in tarnation is that thing?"
  31. RD:"Dunno, but I bet it has something to do with where we are. Hey, Copterhead! Why don't you come down here and take your lumps!"
  32. F:"U-um...maybe if we ask it nicely, it'll help us."
  33. R:"I don't normally side with Rainbow Dash on something like this, but if this is our captor, then we may need to drop our manners this one time."
  34. PP:"I dunno, it's kind of cute. It'd make a great playmate for gummy!"
  35. T:"Pinkie! This is serious!"
  36. >Twilight looked towards the little machine with an angry scowl. Trying to be as intimidating as possible.
  37. T:"Whatever you are! You better let us go! or else! You can't handle all of us! It's mathematically impossible and..."
  38. >But the machine ignored her
  39. >"Initiating separating process!"
  40. >Suddenly, the ground began to shake as it startled the girls. Then, one by one, a long wall came between each pony. Separating them from each other.
  41. >Twilight herself, being in the center, was stuck inside the now small pentagon walled room. Each wall lighting up as a screen. Showing each pony in terror, struggling, before all of them shut off but one.
  42. >The one showing Applejack.
  44. >Applejack, now separated from her friends. Began to redouble her efforts on escape.
  45. AJ:"C'mon now!This thing can't be that tough! I've broken outta things stronger than this!"
  46. >Suddenly, the little robot hovered in front of Applejack and began to scan her.
  47. AJ:"Hey you! You better let me go or you're gonna be hurtin' worse than a cat in a dog pound!"
  48. >After it finished scanning it took a moment to process it's information
  49. AJ:"Hey, you listenin'? Let me out!"
  50. >"Subject:Applejack"
  51. >"Sensitivity:Very High"
  52. >"Personality type:Extremely Stubborn"
  53. AJ:"I'll show you stubborn you tin can!"
  54. >"Allowing communication...."
  55. T:"Applejack? Applejack are you ok?!"
  56. AJ:"Twi?! That you?! Ah don't see you anywhere!"
  57. T: "I don't know where I am, but I can see you on a screen. What's going on?!"
  58. AJ:"Dunno, but once I get outta here, this tin can is about to get a good thrashin'"
  59. >"Challenge Chosen"
  60. >"Resistance Test!"
  61. AJ:" Ahm already resistin'! Let me out already!"
  62. T:"Resistance Test? What in the..."
  63. >"Subject must resist the action of laughter for one minute, or face the penalty"
  64. AJ:"Say What?"
  65. >Applejack was dumbstruck. What did that even mean?
  66. T:"The action of laughter?"
  67. >"Test Commencing"
  68. T:"Applejack, watch out!"
  69. >Twilight tried to warn Applejack as some strange rotors with soft brushes at the end came down on each side of Applejack's flank and began to spin gently.
  71. >Applejack's body tensed for a moment as she grit her teeth
  72. AJ:"What in the hay?! What's goin' on?! Is that supposed to tickle or somethin?"
  73. T:"Tickle?....Wait..Applejack! I think I know what's going on. You have to keep yourself from laughing for a whole minute! Maybe then it'll let us go!"
  74. >Applejack was struggling, the spinning was nonstop, but the firmness of her flank from all her applebucking kept the sensation at a good low.
  75. AJ:"I-Is that all? A-ah think I can do that1 B-better say your prayers, cause you're gonna be flatter than a disc in a second"
  76. >Applejack growled at the machine as she tried to keep her composure.
  77. >But after ten seconds, a second set of spinners closed down on her sides. She began to squirm, trying to get her body away from it as she struggled to keep from laughing.
  78. >She was taking deeper breaths as a smile slowly curled on her face. But she wouldn't give in. All she had to do was last a minute and it'd be fine.
  79. >It'd be fine right?
  80. >Another ten seconds. and teeny tiny spinners came down on the frogs of her hind hooves.
  82. >Applejack bit down hard. nearly snapping her tongue as she did her best to refrain from laughing. Her lips were shaking. Her body was shivering. Her face was red as her cheeks began to puff up.
  83. T:"C'mon Applejack! You can do it!"
  84. >Twilight cheered
  85. >But after twenty seconds more. Part of the table opened up from under Applejack and put a spinner right on her belly.
  86. >And from the belly tickling, came belly laughs.
  87. >Applejack lost herself immediately to a torrent of heavy laughter. The tickling so severe that she struggled the best she can to break free from her bindings as mirth was forced upon her face.
  88. >"Challenge Failed"
  89. >"Initiating Punishment"
  90. >As the machine finished it's words. More spinners began to come upon Applejack. the front of her forelegs. Along her inner thighs. Her butt. And gentle brushing along her ears.
  93. >Applejack's head was the only thing able to move about.
  94. >She howled with laughter and deep belly laughs as the tickling continued relentlessly along her body.
  95. >But nothing would loosen, nothing would budge, the only thing that gave way was the hat upon her head. Falling as she giggled and guffawed.
  97. >Applejack, the strong country pony, was giving up. The tickling was too torturous. The teasing little brushes on her frogs were too heinous. Every sensation along her body forcing her to laugh and nothing more. With no way to get away as Twilight continued to scream her name in anger and sadness.
  98. >The spinner on her sides and belly were probably the worst part. With cycle along her sensitive coat and skin sending her into a new wave of hysterics.
  99. >Twilight could only watch as the screen began to flicker and dim. as a new screen featuring Rainbow Dash began to light up.
  101. >Rainbow Dash was ignorant to her friend's giggling plight as she laid there with a scowl on her face. Half bored as she contemplated a plan.
  102. RD:"There's gotta be a way out of this stupid thing. What would Twilight do?"
  103. >"Allowing Communications"
  104. >The machine immediately said as it began to hover downwards and scan the room.
  105. >Rainbow Dash looked up at it and started yelling in rage
  107. >It ignored her
  108. >Rainbow Dash growled and muttered to herself in frustration
  109. RD:"Stupid machine, ignoring me, who does it think it is? Ignoring me of all ponies. Man, it's so done when I get outta here"
  110. >Suddenly, Rainbow Dash could hear a voice that calmed her anger by a bit.
  111. T:"Rainbow Dash!"
  112. RD:Twilight?! Oh man! Cool! Where are you?!"
  113. T:"I don't know! But Rainbow Dash, you have to get out and help Applejack, She's being tickle tortured!"
  114. >Rainbow Dash scoffed at that
  115. RD:"Tickle Tortured? Really? That doesn't sound so bad"
  117. >Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes as she let out a sigh
  118. RD:"Alright alright, sheesh, but uh...how do even get out of this thing? Got any ideas?"
  119. >Twilight went speechless for a second. Realizing her own folly that whoever were their captors. probably didn't make it easy to escape.
  120. T:"Oh...uhm..look Rainbow Dash, I don't know how. But there's gotta be a way. Is there a button or a lock or something?"
  121. RD:"Nope. Ugh..."
  122. >Rainbow Dash Tried struggling again as she tried to escape
  123. RD:"GYAH! Darnit! The only way way I'm getting out of this thing is by...I dunno...wanting it or something?"
  124. >Suddenly, all the locks on Rainbow Dash become loose.
  125. RD:"...woah....I wasn't serious...But yeah! Hey Twilight I'm free!"
  126. T:"You are. But I still see..."
  127. >Rainbow Dash tries to jump into the sky, but falls belly first down.
  128. >Her hindlegs were still locked down tight.
  129. T:"Rainbow Dash! Are you ok?"
  131. >Rainbow Dash curled to her side and pointed her right forehoof at the locks.
  132. RD:"Y-yeah...I'm going to try getting rid of these locks now by imagining them away"
  133. >Rainbow Dash struggled with her mind the best she could.
  134. >But nothing happened
  135. RD:"NGHHHHH....Hyaa...aah....mnnn....It's not working"
  136. >But Twilight was pondering. She was trying to figure out why any of the locks gave way at all.
  137. >The machine did a quick scan of Rainbow Dash sighed and laid on her belly once again to think of a new way out.
  138. >"Subject:Rainbow Dash"
  139. >"Sensitivity:Medium"
  140. >"Special Weakness detected"
  141. RD: "What's that thing mumbling about?"
  142. >"Personality Type:Idiot"
  144. >The machine plays back her same words back at her
  145. RD:"HEY I SAID...ugh..whatever..."
  146. >She mumbles to herself again
  147. RD:"I'm not dumb..."
  148. >"Challenge Chosen"
  149. >"Endurance Test"
  150. RD:"Wha? What's this thing talking about?"
  151. T:"Rainbow Dash! I think it's going to tickle you like it did Applejack! B-but all you have to do is hold it in for a minute and you'll beat the challenge!"
  152. >"Incorrect: Previous test was Test of Resistance"
  153. >"Endurance Test: Subject will be tickled without rest. Failure will be decided upon subject's will to continue. Successs completion time:Unknown"
  154. T:"Unknown?! HOW IS THAT EVEN-"
  155. >"Communication severed, visual still open"
  156. RD"Twilight?! Twilight?! What's this guy talking about?! What's he going to do!?"
  157. >Rainbow Dash was starting to feel a sense of dread. It mentioned something about a "Special Weakness"
  158. >It couldn't possibly mean...
  159. >"Administering Chemical"
  160. RD:"What?"
  161. >Rainbow Dash watched as a pair of mechanically gloved hands, shiny from some sort of gel or lubricant, came near her hind legs, and began to gently massage into her frogs.
  163. >Rainbow Dash blushed in embarrassment, anger, and slight relief.
  164. RD:"H-Hey! Don't touch my hooves! I SAID STOP! I DON'T LIKE THEM BEING TOUCHED!"
  165. >But they ignored her, gently massaging their gloved fingers along every crevice of her hooves.
  166. >Rainbow Dash was hiding her face in her forelegs as she let out slight moans, taking heavy breaths, the massage felt heavenly. She never had fingers massage her like this before. But to her, it felt really nice. She just didn't want to visually or audibly admit it.
  167. RD:"S-stupid..t-things...i-is this even supposed to tickle? It doesn't at all....T-this is going to be super e-easy"
  168. >eventually, the hands stopped their massaging and retracted upwards.
  169. >Rainbow Dash looked back, noticed the missing gloves, internally wished they'd come back for a little more
  170. >But she also realized one last thing.
  171. She looked at the machine and cackled
  173. >"Incorrect: Test has not entered main phase"
  174. >"Sensitivity increased by 500%"
  175. >"Now entering main phase"
  176. RD:"W-what?!"
  177. >Rainbow Dash watched as two special horseshoes were lowered down to her hindlegs. and were attached to her hooves.
  178. >She was scared, if Twilight was right, then this wasn't going to end well.
  180. RD:"W-Wait! Wait! Whatever you're gonna do! Don't do it! Not there! NOT THEHRHAHAHAHAHA!"
  181. >immediately, Rainbow Dash enters a state of uncontrollable laughter as she can feel little tendrils drag across her hooves. The horseshoes that were placed on her had automatic moving, and very soft, little tendrils that gently snaked and scraped along her hooves.
  182. >Rainbow Dash was hiding her face as she laughed and cried, tears running down her face, she could move her entire upper body. But it didn't help her escape her ticklish hell.
  183. >She slammed her hoof down onto the table as she struggled for breath. Laughing as if she hadn't a care in the world.
  184. >Her wings kept opening and closing, even twisting as she felt herself lose control of her being.
  185. >But she also remembered, all she had to do was not give in. And eventually. she'd go free.
  186. >Rainbow Dash was rolling left and right as she struggled to her hind legs free
  188. >But it was pure torture.
  189. >The tears in her eyes told more of the truth than the smile on her face.
  190. >This evil machine, let her upper body loose to give her a sense of escape.
  191. >And yet all she could do is thrash about. She even tried pulling herself free. But she eventually lost her grip as she held in her sides. it felt like they were about to split.
  192. >It was getting painful. Her uncontrollable giggling was going to cause her to burst.
  193. >in more ways than one
  195. >But the evil machine ignored her pleas as Rainbow Dash's bladder began to burst.
  196. >She held it in the best she could.
  197. >But eventually, piss started to leak and squirt from her pussy. getting all over the lower part of the table and tinting the lower part of her belly.
  199. >And yet, from the look on her face. It looked like she enjoyed it. When in truth, the swift relief of taking a piss increased her sensitivity by a little bit more.
  200. >And yet she still held on. her face had turned shades of red and dark blue as she laughed more and more.
  201. >when was the torture going to end!?
  202. >"Waste detected! Waste Detected!"
  203. >"Special Penalty Applied!"
  204. >"Tickle Duration increased!"
  205. >Did Rainbow Dash hear right?
  206. >She started to cry within her laughter. It sounded miserable. her body was drenched in sweat as she laid there. tired, still laughing silent laughter.
  207. RD:"C'c'c'c'mon!hehehahaha"
  208. >But soon, Rainbow Dash learned that the increase in time wasn't the Special Penalty.
  209. >For a quick moment. She managed to stop her laughter as she felt a hand grab her tail and pull upwards. Exposing her ass.
  210. >But Rainbow Dash's look in surprise quickly turned into a tired smile, then giggling, then full on laughter as if it was funny.
  211. >And then it came
  212. >BAM!
  213. >Another hand came in holding a paddle, and swatted her ass hard enough to make her yelp in pain.
  214. >For another moment. The tickling sensation disappeared, replaced with whimpering as Rainbow Dash whined.
  215. RD"P-Please...s-s-st...no..no"
  216. >BAM
  217. >The paddle was slammed into her ass again, the cheeks of her ass turning a bright red.
  218. >for a full minute, Rainbow Dash's laughter was replaced with pained whines. Her mind didn't know what to process as worse.
  219. >And when it couldn't process which was which.
  220. >eventually the tickling and paddling intermixed. Sending her into ticklish painful agony of which she had never felt before.
  221. >Laughter, then whining, laughter, then whining, her butt as red as a baboon. her face just as so. And her body going limp.
  224. >Suddenly, everything stopped as Rainbow Dash started to breath weakly. Was it over? Was it going to let her go?
  225. >Her smile eventually began to fade as she just took a moment to rest.
  226. RD:"F-finally...."
  227. >As for Twilight.
  228. >She knew it wasn't over.
  229. >The machine only gave Rainbow dash ten minutes to recuperate before it announced her failure, and sent her into giggling agony once more.
  230. >Rainbow Dash's screen began to flicker out, as Rarity's began to light up.
  232. >Rarity laid there, she was still internally cursing herself for dropping her pin.
  233. >But so far, nothing else has happened.
  234. R:"I hope the others are faring better than I am right now, this is all so DREADFULLY boring. I wonder why we're even here...hmm. Perhaps if I am polite that little "thing" will be willing to give some answers."
  235. >That's when Rarity heard the whirr of the little drone whizz by her head.
  236. >She looked up to see it scanning her.
  237. R:"Hello, yes..hello. I have no idea what you're doing but would you be so kind to at least tell me what is going on? This bed is hurting my back and these restraints simply aren't my color."
  238. >"Scanning complete"
  239. >"Communications blocked, visual feed allowed"
  240. >"Subject:Rarity"
  241. R:"Yes, that's my name. Now about these restraints..."
  242. >"Sensitivity:low in many places, more thorough scanning required for best effect"
  243. >Rarity found that insulting
  244. R:"Excuuuuuse me! But you won't be doing a thorough anything and-YIP!"
  245. >Rarity's table and restraints morphed around her to put her belly up and vulnerable.
  246. >She realized that in this position, her small but perfect crotch tits could be seen.
  247. >she was flustered, blushing red, and angry
  249. >but the machine ignored her
  250. >"Challenge chosen"
  251. >"The Test of Pride: Should the subject cry, with emotion of sadness, they will suffer the consequences"
  252. >"Summoning long range transmission droids 1,2 and 3"
  253. >Rarity was still barking orders at it. but it just ignored her as three flying screens appeared. each one has two arms with gloved hands. Voices could be heard from them as silhouettes appeared on screen.
  255. R:"What's all this then? Friends? You all don't seem intent on letting me go but can you at least treat me properly?"
  256. 1:"Oh, she's feisty. Don't worry sweet thing. We'll treat you nicely"
  257. 2:"Oh maaan, she was worth every bit. She's hot!"
  258. 3:"Very hot...mmmmm"
  259. >Rarity noticed whatever these were. they were capable of actual speech. She was also insulted by the simple use of the word "Hot". that wasn't very gentlecolty at all.
  260. R:"Excuse me, but the term is "Beautiful" or "Divine". The rest of you look as brainless as that other machine, but if you promise to let me go, I won't harm a single hair on your creator's head. How does that sound?"
  261. 1:"Creator? Ohhhh..she thinks we're machines"
  262. 2:"Cute!"
  263. 3:"Sorry Dollface, but these may be machines. But we're sitting back behind a screen. and we like what we see"
  264. >Behind a screen?
  265. >Rarity's eyes went wide when she realized there were actual ponies..or whatever those silhouettes were behind those screens. and it wasn't just for effect. She tried to flip around or cross her legs to cover her tits and vag. But it was to no avail.
  266. R:"W-what do you want?"
  267. 1:"Ohhh. Now she's getting it"
  268. >The second screen ran a single finger up her hind leg, making her twitch. he ran it all the way close to the outer ring of her pussy. But pulled away
  269. 2:"This tech is amazing. I could actually feel how smooth she is"
  270. R:"Don't touch me you ruffians! Don't Do that!"
  271. 3:"Don't do what?"
  272. >the first screen chuckled
  273. 1:"Oh, she thinks were going to deflower her or something. Oh no baby, we ain't here for that. We paid for a certain something else. The guy in charge seemed to be mighty pleased with our tastes. And boy oh boy, does he deliver on the goods"
  274. >Rarity gulped, she didn't like where this was heading. At first she thought they were going to deflower her. But as one ran a finger down her chest down to her right tit. If it wasn't what she thought it was. Then what was it?
  275. R:"Now now boys, maybe we can t-talk it out"
  277. 1:"Fraid not sister. Don't worry though. We promise you'll like it. You're gonna be all smiles"
  278. >Rarity had no idea what they were talking about. She was blushing red from embarrassment. her cheeks puffed up adorably as her nose scrunched in anger.
  279. R:"If you touch me again. You're all going to regret it!"
  280. 2:"Sexy and cute! I like it!"
  281. 3:"But look at her, she's all angry at us. We need to fix that"
  282. 1:"Oh, and do we know how to fix it"
  283. >Rarity's angry scrunch face became one of worry as they placed their hands on her ears,belly, and sides.
  284. R:"w-wait"
  285. >Rarity said with a squeak before all the fingers on the gloved hands began to tickle her into hysterics.
  286. >Rarity was already blushing from the exposure and the touching. so it made it more humiliating when she realized she was laughing against her will. It made it look like she was enjoying it!
  288. 1:"Awww, what's wrong cutie pie? You don't like this?"
  289. 2:"No, she does. She wouldn't be hating it if she was laughing."
  290. 3:"And what a laugh! Ohh, i'm feeling tingly already!"
  291. >they lightened up on the tickling to let her speak. poking and prodding her to make her twitch and smirk.
  292. R:"A-ha, I don't hehe!"
  293. >She tried to keep herself from squealing or laughing. She didn't want to give the wrong impression.
  295. 1:"Awww, she doesn't like it. I guess we have to try harder!"
  296. >They began tickling her egan. fingering around her ears. and gently kneading her sides and belly. Intently looking at her smiling and laughing face as they torture her. They didn't want her to break out in tears just yet. So they kept the tickling to playful borderline overbearing.
  298. 2:"Y'know. you have a really nice giggle. it's like music. I like hearing you sing. Your body is my piano, and these fingers my...um...fingers"
  299. >The second droid began to play Rarity's belly like a piano, pressing inbetween her ribs. With every press she shook with a squeal of high pitched hilarity.
  300. >Rarity struggled, she tried to use magic, she tried to get free, and she tried to make any expression but a smile. But her body betrayed her. She was damning herself for smiling and giggling. The sick ponies behind the screen were laughing at her. Playing with her body. When one went for her hoof. She tries to tear it away. But all she could do was laugh some more.
  302. 1:"Hrn? Y'know, you're right. This isn't how you treat a lady."
  303. 2:"And she did say this was childishness or whatever. Want to ramp it up a little?"
  304. 3:"Sure, let's ramp it up!"
  305. >The three stopped tickling Rarity and allowed her some breath. Rarity did her best to keep her composure. Keep from crying. But these three...whatever they were. They were asking for some real lady like violence.
  306. >While Rarity caught her breath. She suddenly let out a yelp when she felt fingers sliding along her left and right inner thigh.
  307. R:"W-what are you doing?! D-don't touch me there!"
  308. 1:"But we're just doing what you said. We're treating you like a lady"
  309. 2:"And just look at you, you're blushing really red now"
  310. 3:"I think she's enjoying the attention"
  311. R:"OHHH!"
  312. >She growled
  314. >Rarity broke down in laugh loud joyous laughter when they started tickling her inner thighs. Her cheeks were bright red. maybe brighter than on any other pony due to the perfect white coat.
  315. 1:"Oh, she's really enjoying it now. She's so happy. Just look at her"
  316. 2:"And look, we're getting a really sexy wink"
  318. >Rarity couldn't help it. The intimate but tickly attention her inner thighs was causing her body to heat up. Her winking mare vag looked inviting to them. She didn't want that. She wanted to stop giggling. She looked like she WANTED them to touch it
  320. 1:"As we said, we ain't interested in that. But if you insist. I have been wanting to touch these babies"
  321. >Rarity yelped a moan before returning to her melodious uncontrollable laughter as the first drone played with her now erect tits. Rubbing them, massaging them. Being very careful to not cause any tickling through them, but rather forced pleasure to cause Rarity to moan between laughs.
  322. >Rarity was in tears now from the laughter, but she couldn't give in. She wouldn't. She...just...
  323. >Suddenly, her laughter began to subside as she entered deep breathing, soft panting, and gentle moans.
  324. R:"S-stop...stop...I-I command you to stop!"
  325. 1:"Losing the fight in you are we? Does this feel good?"
  326. >Rarity shook her head as she tried to breath normally. But she couldn't hide the red on her face. the heat coming off her pussy. her sweat.
  327. R:"N-no...this is...y-you're not supposed to be doing this!"
  328. 1:"Oh right. You're right. I'm..supposed to be doing this!"
  329. >The first drone began to dig his fingers into her right tit and tickle it as hard as he could as he pinched and rubbed the left. The others joining in to tickle her sides. Sending her into a new wave of hysterics as jolts of pleasure shot through her.
  330. >And she hated every second of it. Every...second...
  331. >But all she could do was toss her head around as her mane began to lose it's perfection and droop down.
  332. >And still she chortled. Unable to escape the ruthless fingers of these thugs as they forcibly aroused her.
  333. 3:"Look, her vag is leaking. Poor poor thing. She was enjoying this so much that she came just a little. isn't it cute. Let's see her struggle a little more, yeah?"
  335. >The three slowed down their tickling to the point that Rarity was gritting her teeth with smiles. on her more lucid moments of the gentle tickling, she spouted angry words at them. But they paid no mind. every now and again. her head fell back with a chuckle like she heard a joke. Or they'd poke her and her anger would turn into a smile. They taunted her. Teased her. belittled her. And all she could do was laugh.
  336. >Then they all stopped for a moment. allowing her to catch her breath once again.
  337. 1:"Y'know, I hear she has a super cute little sister. I bet she'd be fun to tickle"
  338. >Rarity's eyes widened. They were bloodshot from all the laughing. as mascara ran down her face from the giggly tears. But there was nothing funny about that.
  340. >The second drone began to playfully tickle her tits as he continued the conversation
  341. 2:"Silence toots, we're talking here. Anyway, yeah...it'd be real nice. She'd be soft,squishy,squeaky, and a smile to die for. And she'd be so small we could just cover her entire body in them ticklish feelings."
  342. 3:"Yeah, heh. Y'know, unlike adults. I'd bet she'd be ticklish right inside her pussy too. She wouldn't no whether to giggle or gaggle. She'd just do both."
  343. 1:"Yeah, it ain't like this one here"
  344. >The first droid pushed the second droid's hand away as he stuck his finger into Rarity's pussy and began to rub it around. Her laughter instantly replaced with a loud gasped. followed by whimpers.
  345. R:"L-leave her alone....do-don't toouNGHHHH" Rarity groaned as her hips bucked closer into his finger. the surge of pleasure nearly making her eyes roll back. With her mind in such a state. She almost mentally enjoyed it. She tried pulling away, but he was relentless. And gentle. She looked at him with angry eyes and a cute pout as she tried to keep from moaning. But she couldn't stop the heavy breathing.
  346. 1:"Tell ya what. You don't want us to touch her?"
  348. >Suddenly, the drone springs out a penis.
  349. 1:"The ways i see it. I should be the only one enjoying this. So you're gonna suck this thing until it spews. And it's gonna feel so good too. At least to me. And don't even try biting down. Apparently i can feel all the pleasure without the pain. So you'd be wasting your time"
  350. >Rarity was getting the hint. She stared at it. But she didn't answer.
  351. 1"Well, ok then. Might as well see if your little sis is-"
  352. >Rarity, upon hearing that and not wanting to take chances with these sadists. Yelled out to them.
  353. "ok! ok! please...just don't touch Sweetie Belle..please"
  354. 1:"Alrighty then...get to sucking"
  355. >The second droid propped Rarity's head up as the dick of the first one drew close.
  356. >At first, she mildly rejected it. But with a shove from the second droid. The large penis, which was pushed to the point of her throat, was slammed into her.
  357. >Rarity started to sob as she sucked. She was broken, this was the only thing she could do to protect her sister.
  358. 3:"Y'know...if you don't have to worry about the pain. Well...have ya ever wondered what it'd feel like to be sucked by a giggly little pony?"
  359. >With a deep pant,t he first droid, with the silhouette on the screen making an evil grin, said
  360. 1:"Make it happen"
  361. >Within second. Rarity felt fingers on her tits and sides as she was forced to suck on the cock in her mouth. The first droid wouldn't let her free as her tongue thrashed around uncontrollably as her muffled laughter sounded like shrieking. Her tears however, was more of defeat than the tears of laughter. It nearly rained down her eyes with a smile on her face.
  363. >Twilight could only watch as the main droid announced Rarity's failure. the first droid came into her mouth. causing her to choke and cough before entering a new gale of wheezing laughter as her torturers just decided to play with her for as long as they wished. The other two had to have a turn after all.
  364. >Twilight was in tears . Frustrated she could do nothing. While fearing what was planned for her and the rest of her friends.
  365. >The screen on Rarity faded as the next pony. Fluttershy appeared on screen.
  367. >Fluttershy was just laying on the cold ground. she couldn't escape. And after trying enough. She just decided to wait, and rely on Twilight and the rest of her friends.
  368. >That's when the little droid came into the room. And started to scan Fluttershy.
  369. >"Scanning"
  370. >"Communications allowed"
  371. T:"F-fluttershy.."
  372. F:"T-Twilight?"
  373. >Fluttershy turned to find Twilight. but she wasn't around anywhere. But it didn't deter her from her newfound hope.
  374. F:"Twilight! oh... It's so good to hear you! Where are you? Are the others ok?"
  375. >Twilight hesitated an answer.
  376. >She knew a horrible fate awaited Fluttershy. And she knew if she told her what happened to Rarity,Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. She'd give up immediately to whatever insane torture this machine had in mind.
  377. T:"....yes"
  378. F:"Oh..I'm so very very glad. D-do you know when you'll be able to get here? I'm...afraid. I don't even know what that odd little thing is doing"
  379. >Twilight knew.
  380. >She could see Fluttershy innocently looking at it. curious as to what it was doing.
  381. >Twilight knew what it was doing.
  382. >"Subject:Fluttershy"
  383. >"Sensitivity:Extreme"
  384. >"Special note: Naive to the more advanced notion of intimacy"
  385. >"Calibrating challenge to meet note"
  386. F:"...hm? I wonder what it means by all that. Twilight..do you know?"
  387. >Twilight's heart was filled with dread
  389. >"Communications ended. Visual Feed continuing"
  390. >"Challenge chosen"
  391. >"The challenge of lust: Should the subject give in to [redacted] desires. They will fail. and become [redacted] toy"
  392. >Fluttershy tilted her head
  393. >she had no idea what that meant.
  394. >suddenly, the floor began to open under her as her shackles let her loose. She was free!
  395. F:"Twilight..She must have done something somehow! oh, yay! but"
  396. >Fluttershy looked around
  397. F:"...dear..I wonder where the door is? hmmm?"
  398. >Fluttershy heard a growl from under her. The floor was replaced with widely opened grates that seemed to enter a deep dark pit.
  400. F"I wonder where that goes"
  401. >Fluttershy shrugged and began to hover about, looking for a door of any kind.
  402. >As she looked around the large room for even th tiniest of door knobs. She started to feel something along her left hind leg.
  403. F:"hmmm?"
  404. >When Fluttershy looked down, she noticed a few tentacles reaching out from the void below her.
  405. >The tentacles themselves had two types of ends. like an octopus tentacle.
  406. >One end was smooth yet soft. The other looked feathery with a ton of tiny little tendrils moving about.
  407. >And this particular tentacle gently rubbed itself on it's smooth side up along her leg.
  408. F:"Oh dear..I'm not alone...erm..."
  409. >Fluttershy shook a little as she moved away from the tentacle. Only to bump into another that gently caressed her side with a gentle safe feeling.
  410. F:"U-umm...hello?"
  411. >Fluttershy noticed the more she slowly dodged. the more tentacles came up to greet her. But...
  412. F:"...They don't seem mean or bad"
  413. >Each one that gently touched her rubbed along her spine, scratched gently under her neck, or even gave her a pat above her ear. all using their smooth sides.
  414. F:"It's...friendly. Oh thank goodness. I thought you may have been a monster."
  415. >Fluttershy flew down onto one of the grate bars and tried to peer through to the void. She couldn't see anything. But she was sure it was down there.
  416. F:"Hello? Hello..erm. Hi! I'm Fluttershy! Do you want to be friends? do you think you can help me?"
  417. >The monster responded in kind. giving Fluttershy a gentle hug with a tentacle as it rubbed another along her cheek with it's fuzzy feathery side. Making her give out a cute little giggle
  418. F:"Awww, aren't you affectionate? Well...Maybe you're a prisoner too? If you let me go. I promise to get me friends and come back here to save you and eeep!"
  419. >Fluttershy jumped forward when she felt a tentacle graze along her flank with it's "tickle" side.
  420. F:"O-ok. Erm...i-is that a yes?"
  421. >No answer
  422. F:"O-ok...I'll just keep looking then."
  424. >But when Fluttershy went to hover up again. she nearly fell back down when she noticed a tentacle wrapped around her right hind leg.
  425. >Fluttershy felt a sudden surge of fright
  426. F:"O-ok..I I know you're friendly..p-please let me go..please?"
  427. >But the tentacle only responded by grabbing the rest of her legs to prevent any kind of escape
  428. >Fluttershy began to shake in fear. She felt she was about to get eaten.
  429. F:"...please?"
  430. >More and more dread began to fill her heart. She thought she'd be done for.
  431. >Until suddenly, she felt a pair of tentacles rubbing along the back of her hind legs. tickling them.
  432. >Her dread turned into mirth. Did it only want to play?
  433. F:"heheheheheokokhhahaha..youwinhehehaha"
  434. >Fluttershy let out cute little squeaks and giggles, but felt no fear at this point, perhaps he wanted to play. it must have been so long since he had a playmate.
  435. >After the tentacles retracted from their tickling. Fluttershy took a few breaths and smiled
  436. F:"You're a playful little guy, aren't you? I promise we can play all you want if-"
  437. >But that was enough for the beast. It raised her up higher and stretched her out. Not hard enough to hurt her. But enough to give itself more access.
  438. F:"O-ok then..is this another eek!"
  439. >Fluttershy squeeaked when she felt tentacles poking and prodding her chest and belly.
  440. >She wasn't giggling, just squeaking from the pokes.
  441. F:"Okeek, t-this eek! is a little EEK! too....muchahahahahahaha!"
  442. >Finally the tentacles made it's move on her. It began stroking a single tentacle along her belly and chest. tickly side, smooth side, tickly side, smooth side.
  443. >It was a mix of comfort and ticklish torture for Fluttershy. The flat side of the tentacles made her feel oddly warm in a weird gentle sense. but the tickly side was just too tickly. Everytime it stroked up. She giggled, and every time it stroked down, she cooed.
  444. F:"Erm...ehehehe. Umm..ahhaha. Mr..Tentachahahale...can you please...sthahahap..that?..please? hehe"
  446. >But at this point. it stopped listening to her.
  447. >or perhaps it didn't like her trying to get it to stop.
  448. >the tentacles flipped her around, belly up, and it still held her up in mid air.
  449. >Now Fluttershy was getting worried. But everytime she tried to say something. The tentacle tickled her in her wing pits, leg bits, hooves, or belly.
  450. >at first it was gradual, whenever she tried to speak. But eventually it was becoming nonstop as the tentacles started attacking every place at once.
  451. >Fluttershy however, couldn't get past soft giggling. Even if it was nonstop now. It was soft. She couldn't reach ridiculous laughter. only cute adorable giggling mixed with high pitched squeals.
  452. >Fluttershy struggled to get free. But she was no match. And her weakness to tickling left her without words.
  453. >And it wouldn't stop.
  454. >Fluttershy's tears of false joy were dripping down through the grates, supposedly into the monster's mouth.
  455. >But she could do nothing but laugh as it taunted and played with her body.
  456. >Then it stopped. While still restraining her.
  457. F:"Hahahaha-haha...ha..ha...ngh..."
  458. >Fluttershy took a moment to catch her breath. She still couldn't get free, and her mane was hanging down to it's side. ruffled up.
  459. >She started to whimper and plea with the monster.
  460. F:"...please...mr.tentacles..c-can you let me go..please?"
  461. >But it didn't. instead it raised a tentacle above her and gently rocked it left and right hypnotically.
  462. >fluttershy was shaking. she closed her eyes and braced herself for more tickle torture.
  463. >But it didn't come. Instead, a tentacle was gently rubbing along her belly and tits.
  464. >Fluttershy opened one of her eyes and looked down at it. It felt...nice. But..maybe too nice?
  465. >Something about it was making her uncomfortable. She was feeling tingly feelings she'd get when she looks at a nice stallion.
  466. F:"E-erm...what are you doing now?"
  468. >As if it'd answer. it just continued to rub. Until Fluttershy's sensitive body began to gently buck. and she let out a moan. She was so inexperienced that even this gentle touching was enough to "warm her body"
  469. F:"please don't do that...ngh..it's...I don't think it's right..."
  470. >But it still ignored her. it was probing and rubbing along her tits, she was starting to struggle again. But it didn't help. She was breathing deeper as it massaged her belly and tits. She didn't know she could feel this way. But, it wasn't a feeling that was right.
  471. F:"Please stop..I..I think this is something Special Someponies do..please?"
  472. >But her words seemed to make the lone tentacle more daring as it began to move down to her pussy and rub it's rim around.
  473. >Fluttershy held her breath as strong sensations shot through her. She was red with an emotion she had never felt so strongly before. But still, she knew it was wrong. But the tentacle wouldn't stop. it began to poke and prod the outside just a bit more before pushing in.
  474. F:"Nonononono...please no! Don't Don't..it's not supposed to NGH..ohhh~ please...noo~"
  475. >Fluttershy was twitching, she tried screaming. But it was so soft it was inconsequential. Everytime the tentacle squirmed inside her. She twitched. The tickly side of the tentacle, when the tentacle got deep enough, began to rub all long her walls.
  476. >She wasn't laughing, but she was fidgeting and screaming in sudden pleasure as the tentacle rubbed and forced itself all long the inside. drool trailing down her mouth.
  477. >She couldn't take it. She had to make it stop.
  478. >Fluttershy, with a deep breath, turns her head and bites hard on the tentacle holding her leg.
  479. >All the tentacles shivered and retracted. Releasing Fluttershy from their grips as an angry roar came from beneat the depths.
  480. >Fluttershy felt violated. In fact. she was stunned from what just happened. She needed a moment. despite the danger.
  482. F:"W-what was that?...why?..why did it feel like that?..I-I have to get out. I have to find Twilight!"
  483. >Fluttershy redoubled her efforts to find an exit. But to no avail.
  484. >There just wasn't any way to get out.
  485. >And when she looked down. She could hear the tentacle creature roar again as thousands of tentacles shoot up, causing her to scream as they envelope her.
  486. >There was tentacles wrapped around her body and legs like snakes as her vagina laid bare once more.
  487. >Fluttershy at first struggled.
  488. >Then she started to giggle
  489. F:plehehe..no..plehehe...dohonot..please DON'T HAHAHAHAHAH!"
  490. >Fluttershy,overwhelmed by the tickling tentacles as they rubbed along her body and legs, began to laugh a screaming laugh. She shook her head left and right in gales of giggles as she did her best to escape.
  491. >She was so lost in her laughter that she didn't realize another tentacle had went inside her once again.
  492. >And it wasn't being curious this time.
  493. >it forced its way through her, up and down, fucking her, making her laughter mix with powerful yet soft moans and gasps.
  494. >Fluttershy was lost in a sea of tickling and pleasure. Pleasure she had never felt before.
  495. >It washed over her. Sometimes her giggling ending completely, replaced with groans of ecstasy as the tentacle wormed it's way inside her.
  496. >And it wouldn't stop. The tickling or the fucking. She had to accept both. And it was driving her mad.
  497. >It was too intense for the soft little pony.
  498. She threw her head back for a hearty laugh before twitching and gasping from another surge of electric pleasure as her vag began to slowly leak, making the tentacle even more slippery,slimey, and easier to rub along her walls.
  499. >Fluttershy could barely think as she felt a build up within herself. It felt....so good.
  500. >in fact. Why did she want the goodness to stop?
  501. >If she didn't focus on the good feelings. She'd be overwhelmed by more torturous tickles and neverending cackles.
  503. >Yes, she thought it'd be worth it, to just give in to the tentacles, just let herself be thiers, to end the feeling from the tickling.
  504. >She relaxed herself, letting wave after wave of pleasure hit her as the tickling became something weak in the back of her mind.
  505. >Her giggling faded to just sounds of pleasured lust. her tongue hanging out as she just let it happen. Letting her body react on it's own.
  506. >It was so much better than the tickling.
  507. >so much better.
  508. >Eventually, her first ever orgasm hit. And she felt such a powerful rush of lustful pleasure that she nearly broke out of the grip of the tentacle. Her pussy spraying out juice as the tentacle continued to pound into it.
  509. >The stimulation from the tickling along with the constant fucking caused her to orgasm again, and again, and again, and again.
  510. >Until she could orgasm no more.
  511. >Even as the laughter began to hit her once again. It didn't bother her. She loved her master. It would bring her the greatest feelings. as long as she never left it. Tickling was an afterthought. she could endure it now.
  512. >she loved it now...
  514. >Twilight was sobbing.
  515. >Fluttershy, she just gave in.
  516. T:"Fluttershy...I'm sorry...I'm sorry I couldn't save you..."
  517. >Twilight watched as her screen faded away, and Pinkie came on screen.
  518. >Twilight has near given up. No doubt Pinkie, the element of laughter, was going to suffer the most.
  519. >How was she going to save her? What did they have planned for her?
  520. >...What was the point.
  521. >She slumped her head down.
  522. >Until she heard Pinkie's happy laughter.
  523. PP:"Twilight? Is that you? howya doin?! You doin' ok?! I'm doing fine! How's everypony else doing?"
  524. >Twilight swallowed, shesniffed, she held in her tears. And tried...tried one last time.
  525. T:"Pinkie, it's good to see you're ok. I...hope everything turns out ok.."
  526. PP:"Why wouldn't it? Ohhh, hey, that small cute machine thing is back! Hi cute machine! I'd wave to you if I could. But I'm a little stuck right now!"
  527. T"Oh...Pinkie"
  528. >Twilight basked in Pinkie's optimism for as long as she could before the inevitable happened.
  529. >"Scanning"
  530. >"Subject:Pinkie Pie"
  531. PP:"That's my name! Don't wear it out!"
  532. >"Personality:ERROR"
  533. >"Weakness:ERROR!"
  534. >"Challenge Search aborted"
  535. >"System Error"
  536. >Twilight raised her head. The machine...it was glitching out from scanning Pinkie Pie.
  537. T:"What..."
  538. PP:"My name isn't Error silly, it's Pinkie Pie! You got it the first time!"
  539. >suddenly, the machine's voice fizzled out. and Pinkie's restraints came loose.
  540. >Twilight couldn't believe it. She was free. She was free due to an error.
  541. T:"PINKIE! PINKIE!"
  542. >Pinkie Pie fell off her table and onto her butt as she looked around meanly
  543. PP:"That wasn't very nice Twilight, you scared the hoovsies out of me!"
  545. PP:"But what about you? What about our friends?"
  546. >"System Rebooting"
  547. >The drone was coming back to life. Twilight knew there was no time.
  548. T:Just run Pinkie! Just Run! Please, before it gets you. We'll be ok! But you have to get out.
  550. PP: O-ok...umm..erm
  551. >Pinkie Pie could hear the seriousness in Twilight's voice. She never heard her so desperate.
  552. >Pinkie Pie could see a door at the end of the room.
  553. >But she couldn't open it.
  554. >She saw a set of buttons with numbers on them. and tried pressing them randomly to get the door open.
  555. >So far, it wasn't working.
  557. >"Reboot complete. Recommencing Scan"
  558. >the machine flew over to the struggling pink pony and tried scanning her again.
  559. >"Subject:Pinkie Pie"
  560. PP:"Grr, you already said that! Unless you're gonna open this door! Then ummm...go do other things!"
  561. >"Warning! Warning! Further scan of subject will lead to imminent error"
  562. PP:"Dunno what that means, but I'm almost done trying every number combination ever!"
  563. >Pinkie said as she rapidly pressed buttons as quick as she can.
  564. >"Switching to default torture method"
  565. >"Subject is trying to flee"
  566. >"Advanced Tactics Authorized"
  567. >"Incapacitation through chemical Authorized"
  568. T:....incapcitation through chemical...what?
  569. >Twilight could see it. Pink clouds coming through the air vents in the room Pinkie was trying to escape.
  570. >They were going to gas her?!
  571. >Gas her with what?!
  572. T:"Pinkie! Hold your breath! Hold your breath!"
  573. PP"Why? C'mon Twilight! I don't have time for g-"
  574. T:"JUST DO IT!"
  576. >Pinkie complied, taking a note once again from her friend's seriousness.
  577. >She took a deep breath and held it in as the pink cloud began to envelope the room.
  578. T:"Come on Pinkie! Come on! You can do it!"
  579. >Pinkie held her breath as best she could as she was nearly running out of codes to try. None of them working so far.
  580. >She was turning shades of red,blue,green, and yellow as she was nearing the last four codes.
  581. >She was feeling weak from lack of air.
  582. >But she..just..about...had it...
  583. PP:"9999...this..should..be it!"
  584. >But the door didn't open.
  585. >Pinkie couldn't believe it! She tried it again. But to no avail.
  586. >what went wrong?
  587. >"Query: Why would you use a four number code on a five number password?"
  588. >Pinkie Pie's eyes went wide as she turned with her puffy face at the droid.
  590. >Twilight saw it..she took a breath....she was doomed.
  591. >"I am not authorized to help the subjects. Only to choose their torture method"
  592. >Pinkie rolled her eyes
  593. PP"Now you tell me...hey!..."
  594. >She realized she took a breath, but nothing happened. In fact.
  595. >She took a few more sniffs
  596. PP:"Mmmmm, smells like Cherry. Twilight...why did you want me to hold my breath again? This is neat! I even feel a little better"
  597. >Pinkie let out a cheerful giggle
  598. >Twilight didn't understand it. It wasn't a poison gas?
  599. T:"So you don't feel like choking or falling over or anything?"
  600. PP:Nope!
  601. >She let out another giggle
  602. T:"Uhhh..Pinkie..that wasn't a joke"
  603. PP:I know..but I just..found it funny..I think...I didn't think it w-
  604. >Pinkie squeaked out another giggle.
  605. T:"Pinkie are you-"
  606. >"Communication ended, visual feed continued"
  607. PP:T-Twilight?
  608. >Pinkie was getting worried now. She sometimes laughed for no reason. But never for no reason.
  609. PP: T-Twilgehehe
  610. >Pinkie felt a tickle in her head. it felt so weird. So weird that she felt like giggling about it. Even when she didn't want to.
  611. PP:W-why am I laughing? I'Im not hapehehehe"
  613. >Despite Pinkie's dread, she started smiling more and more without noticing, she sat there trying to figure out.
  614. >But then she started letting out giggles with a smile she couldn't get to stop.
  615. >She didn't know what was going on, but she ran to the door and started trying five numbered codes.
  616. PP:"hehehe! I got to get outhaha! I got to gethahAH! 1111hahaha! 22hahaha! 3333hehehe"
  617. >Pinkie Pie just kept feeling more uncontrollable urges to laugh and giggle giddily. Her movements were slowing as she tried to keep a hoof to her mouth to get herself to stop while she continued to try codes.
  618. >Soon enough, she wasn't even able to word out the numbers anymore. as she continued pressing numbers through constant light giggling.
  619. >As soon as the last incorrect passcode sound hit. She pointed to it and laughed as she wobbled about, hit the wall,and slid down on it laughing.
  620. >Giggling turned to near nonstop laughter, when her body needed it, she was able to take breath. But it was soon back to laughter aftwards.
  621. >in her mind, she knew she had to get out.
  622. >she had to save her friends.
  623. >But her body was giving out, she couldn't focus. And as her laughter grew. she started struggling as she rolled around on the ground. slamming her hooves into it as she flopped about.
  624. >"Subject subdued. Emergency torture devices installed. Resume torture"
  625. >"Chemical protocol has ended"
  626. >The room started to clear of the pink gas as Pinkie continued to laugh heartily.
  627. >metallic tentacles and gloved hands began to come out of the walls to grab and drag the laughing pony back to her restraints.
  628. >With no challenge set. Not like they were winnable anyway. The tentacles and gloves began to tickle Pinkie with reckless abandon. Making her laughter reach insane levels not thought possible.
  629. >even as the gas's effects wore off. The tickling kept her in a constant state of giggly euphoria.
  630. >only one remained.
  632. >Twilight looked as each screen began to light back up.
  633. >She watched as Applejack has finally lost her mind laughing.
  634. >Rainbow Dash was crying in painful laughter as she was spanked harder and harder, her tickling torture never ending until she was reduced to babbling like a baby.
  635. >Rarity had more of those creepy drones around her. They were covering every inch of her as she now loose forelegs were rubbing their cocks as she giggle sucked another.
  636. >Fluttershy was laughing, demanding more pleasure, more tickles, she had lost it. she belonged to the beast now.
  637. >And Pinkie..she looked like she was going to give in soon.
  638. T:..Why?....why is this happening?
  639. ?:"Why? Why not? Poor little Twilight. are you sad that you're missing out on the fun?"
  640. T:"Who said that?! Who's there?!"
  641. ?"Who I am is no concern of yours. In fact, you could say I'm an entire board of whos. But I digress, You are the final stage to my plan. My little conduit"
  642. >Twilight couldn't see who was talking. But she was ready as she was ever going to be. She knew she'd be the last hope for her friends.
  643. T:"I don't know who you are! But whatever challenge you have for me! I'm going to beat it"
  644. ?:"Challenge? Dear princess, there is no challenge for you. I have all the laughter I need for my grand master scheme. You are merely going to be my battery. There's no reason to risk anything with you"
  645. >Twilight felt ultimate dread. No challenge? then...
  646. T:"Y-you can't just do that..what..what are you even..."
  647. ?:"Let me finish the sentence for you. Your friends are providing laughter energy for my tickle ray/ Which I plan to blast Equestria with. For both...sexual reasons...and because I want to steal everything from all the sweet shops. Cinnamon buns are no joke you know"
  648. T:"You SICK..HOW COULD YOU!"
  650. ?:"My dear. you'd be surprised how sick anypony can be. Any way, since you are an alicorn. You'll be able to handle this for a very long time. RAW laughter energy is going to go right through you, cycle through you, and power my ray. Have a good laugh Twilight. They say it's good for you"
  651. T:"WHY..YOU..MONSTER!"
  652. ?:"yes yes, whatever....ta ta"
  653. >Twilight hears a switch get thrown. And before she knew it. She felt a painful electrical shock course through her.
  654. >She failed her friends
  655. >She failed herself
  656. >She failed Equestria
  657. >Her painful screams form the overbearing energy soon changed to the most insane laughter of all.
  658. >The energy's initial painful shock soon turned to the worst tickling feeling ever felt.
  659. >every inch
  660. >ever molecule
  661. >Every part of her being was being tickled as Twilight thrashed, drooling, salivating, screaming, laughing, her pupils shrunk from the pure insanity of it.
  662. >The shocks themselves hitting the laughter part of her brain. Making it worse.
  663. >The shocks even went through every region of her nethers. Her asshole and pussy twitching erratically as she came again and again and again every nano second.
  664. >All hope was lost as the mane 6's insane laughter filled the air before being filled with the pained uncontrolled laughter of the world
  665. >all for the sweet sweet cinnamon buns.
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