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Jan 29th, 2016
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  1. I started my career CPA in May,2014. One day, looking for old CP, I got onto the dsghq. From there, Roberto recruited my sister, Jessica into the Light Troops. Later I got interested too in CPA too,I attended a single event of the Light Troops and got to know that LT's enemies, the Dark Warriors stole credit cards and gave free memberships.For free memberships,I hopped to DW the very next day. I joined DW,but after a few minutes, I got banned by Elmikey, the Dark Warriors' leader, I don't remember the reason but I was banned from DWHQ and I discovered how to evade bans by changing internet IPs and got myself unbanned, but this time my intentions weren't to get membership,I actually wanted to coup was Elmikey from DW by getting DW leader. But, when I reached the highest member rank, Elmikey was already couped by other leaders, which made me very happy,but soon I began to love DW and started rising through ranks. Drake was an inspiration for me and guided me through everything. I started off through private rank and in an year I managed to earn DW leader.I led DW's AUSIA division to 25+ and also led UK division to great sizes of 40+ and we remained in CPAC's Top 3rd armies. But then due to some medical issues, I had to retire after which DW began to fall and I literally couldn't do anything to help them. I decided to help once in my winter vacations when I had recovered. I came to re-join the Dark Warriors and to my surprise, DW was shut down by some of their legends.I felt bad for my troops and decided that we shouldn't let our family break and we should do something like make our own army. Everyone thought the idea would flop and that the DW troops are worth nothing, I then along with the help of DW owners created the Night Rebels.And this army came out as a successful army. We reached the great sizes of 25-30 and under my leadership we managed to reach 2nd place in CPAC in the first week which was quite good and surprising for the community considering the fall we had faced before in DW.We still remain in the top 5th armies of CPAC and I plan to show everyone that NR is a new force we can achieve 40+ without multilogging/cheating.Unfortunately, the time I led NR, the CPA community was suffering from a major loss but I plan to change it for good unlike the cheaters who plan to destroy it, I also don't care about reputation the only thing I care about is my troops and their future.
  4. The armies have changed me a lot. I never thought I would be in such a great place with people from different regions around the world.I loved being here and loved all the friendly community here.
  6. The biggest moment in my CPA career was when XxToysoldier promoted me to DW leader with most of troops voting for me to lead.
  8. If NR is stable, then I might retire soon but if it isn't, I plan to lead it until summer 2016.
  10. Best part of armies is that all people here except a few are really friendly and you can make friends all across the globe and learn many things.
  12. hobbies: I love drag racing.
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