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  1. Chad, the item will be here as advertised. I have not seen any shipment from Amazon yet that did not arrive timely.
  3. You could try giving your buyer different shipping options and ask them pay extra.  In year 2018, it is neither okay, nor normal to give 1 month shipping time. I order from many countries and I have not heard such a thing. Only you. And that is because you are choosing the cheapest shipping option probably. Singapore/HongKong/Taiwan Post, etc all have different options.
  5. You misunderstood "TwoCents". I did not order from them. I ordered the same battery-operated item from someone else at half price. At the end of the day, it is the same Chinese that produces all these items no matter who is selling them. We do business with Chinese. We know how they work.
  7. Regardless, you are not trying to help, because I repeatedly asked about shipping time. You should know damn well that first order is important, because once someone buys something, they keep buying more from the same place.
  9. Your loss.
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