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  1. All right, a bit unnecessary considering that Emily and I have already talked about it and sorted this out on our end. And the whole thing of short-term friendships thing was not how I put it but rather that I wasn't close with anyone in the server to the point where I would call anyone my friends. Being something I said a while ago. Since then, I got closer to Miso who I considered a friend, and Dimmy I enjoyed talking to. The rest I never got to know well enough. However since I wanted some distance from everyone and that includes Emily, the friends chat and basically everyone to just focus on my own mental health for once in my life. I knew there would be a bit of a gap between Emily and me for personal reasons, and I said that it would be better if you, along with everyone else in the friends chat remained as Emily's friends since I don't want to create an awkward friendship dynamic.
  3. Along with your comments of casual homophobia and racism. No, just no, bro. I have no issues with LGBT people and as an example on that, I was even the one to present the rings at my sister's lesbian wedding. Anything said was entirely banter, based on the assumption that you and the others involved understood that. Since you never said or hinted towards it being an issue until now, practically a year later, I can only assume this is something you throw in solely to try and paint me as a worse person.
  5. To say that I am almost 30 would be quite the stretch although I will admit I am getting there... In 5 years. I'm not sure why you decide to lash out at me for choosing one of the largest platforms with plenty of opportunities for those who try. And for those who do, paying bills don't become an issue.
  7. I understand that this is you disliking me, and the message Emily put out wasn't entirely accurate even though I will wholeheartedly admit that I have said twice that I don't really see the friends group like my friends. And when I say "friends" I mean people that I have a good connection with, that I can visit in person or travel with, talk to at any hour more or less and share the same passions and dreams.
  9. If you read this whole thing and still hate me then, by all means, there's not much more I can do about that. Things aren't black and white.
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