SvsTFOE - What I Really Want

Oct 6th, 2015
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  1. News travel fast in Echo Creek and a particular happening was spreading like fire across town, from house to house, from neighbor to neighbor, they all heard about the most recent news. Something happened at the Diaz residence, and despite being very late at night, it did not took long for the entire town to hear about it.
  3. The streets were empty and very quiet despite the buzzing from people talking about the recent news, the only sound that filled the air was the echoing footsteps of a teenage girl rushing through the streets. The girl was Janna, who after the news reached her house instantly ran from home and rushed towards the Diaz residence.
  5. While she was running there she tried calling both Marco's cellphone and the Diaz's home line with no response from either. She tossed her phone away in frustration and ran even faster, this was hardly the first time she ran all the way between her house and Marco's but she never ran this fast before in her life, fatigue started hitting her hard, her chest felt like it was about to explode from the pain, but she did not care, she continued running with all her might.
  7. She finally reached the Diaz residence and despite being completely out of breath somehow managed to scream at the top of her lungs while banging at the door with both her fists. "STAR! DON DIAZ! IS ANYONE THERE!? PLEASE OPEN UP!".
  9. "Why is nobody home!? why NOW!? DARN IT!!" she screamed while still banging at the door, she was regretting being nice and telling Hope to return Marco his house keys.
  11. "ARGH!" she growled and slammed her back on the door. "Darn it all! ...darn it... Marco..." she slowly slid down while leaning her back on the door until she was on her knees, tears pouring non-stop from her eyes. "You are supposed to be the Safe Kid... how could this happen...?"
  13. She stopped and reminisced of a bit earlier, she was at home awake late reading image boards like she usually does, then casually overheard her parents discussing something they heard on the phone, apparently the police was at the Diaz residence.
  15. The reason? apparently their son got kidnapped.
  17. When Janna heard that her heart sank, her stomach was a knot and felt so faint she almost collapsed, yet she still somehow managed to find the strength to gtab quickly her phone and jump out of her bedroom window into the street. The reasonable thing would been wait until the following morning to go check on the Diaz family and hope for the best, but she had no time for reason, she had to be there even if there was nothing she could do.
  19. "Why did I even came here? What do I even want?" she thought outloud. "Marco... I known you for so long, and not even once I ever thought or even imagined I could someday just... lose you..."
  21. She sat down in front of the door and hugged her legs to her chest her face was covered in tears. "Oh, Marco... you were always so careful about everything, you were always worrying about others wellbeing that I never really thought about something bad happening to you, in a way I took you for granted."
  23. She lowered her face among her raised knees. "It also made me never realize exactly how much you mean to me even after we grew distant over time, and now that you're... g-gone... (sob) I can finally realize it, Marco. I want to see you! I want to make fun of you! I want to tease you!" she closed her eyes fiercely. "I want to see you get angry about being called Safe Kid! I want to see you show off your A+ with a dumb smiley face grades!" She clenched her fists. "I want to see you help others. I want to see you nod at Jackie at the same time as usual. I want..." She gritted her teeth and tears streamed from her closed eyes. "I... I want to see you smile... I-I want to talk to you... I want to hug you! I want to be with you!"
  25. "AAAAAAAAARRGH!" She screamed at the sky, her voice was almost a roar that echoed through the empty streets of Echo Creek. "Marco... I want... what do I really want...?"
  27. Janna's heart and mind were filled with countless conflicting emotions, part of her simply wanted things to return to normal, have, Marco back safe and things continuing to be like they have been for years.
  29. While another part of her wanted something more, if Marco returned safe she wanted to get closer to him, fix her past mistakes and not only return to be close to him like in their childhood, but go beyond that to something more special.
  31. An hour went by while Janna was lost in a sea of thoughts and emotions. Then she finally made a choice.
  33. "If Marco returns safe, the first thing I will do as soon as I see him again is hug him. I'll tell him how much he really means to me and all the things I never had the courage to say all these years." She wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "I don't care if Marco hates me after that, I just want him to know how I feel."
  35. "That's what I want, right...?" She said as she looked at the starry night sky.
  37. She decided to keep waiting outside the Diaz house instead of returning home. Minutes felt like hours to her and she slowly started falling asleep.
  39. She started dreaming, in her dream she saw Marco as he looked when he was very little standing a little far away from her. she smiled and called up to him but he didn't seem to notice her. She started walking towards him but every step she took made him look farther and farther away. She started running but it made no difference, Marco slowly was being dragged away from her no matter how much she tried to get close to him. As she ran she noticed silhouettes of Alfonzo and Ferguson surrounding Marco and he talking to them, also Marco was slowly aging up as he grew more and more distant.
  41. Then more and more silhouettes started appearing, including Jackie and most people from their class, then as Marco was looking like he does in the present, Star appeared among the silhouettes, Janna continued to run and scream for Marco to even notice her. Then the last thing she saw before waking up was Star taking Marco's hand, opening a portal and both of them disappearing into it.
  43. "Janna?"
  45. She heard a voice as she woke up, she raised her face to see a weary and worried looking Jackie standing in front of her. It was the crack of dawn already.
  47. "Jackie?" Janna said while shielding her eyes from the early sunshine, and also trying to prevent Jackie from seeing her dried up tears.
  49. "So you came too. I imagine we both came here for the same reason."
  51. Janna simply lowered her face with a sad expression.
  53. "I heard the news last night, I was so worried I could not sleep a wink, so as soon as I saw the sunrise I grabbed my skateboard and hurried here, I thought I was being a bit crazy for coming here like that, but it seems we had the same reaction, huh?" Jackie said smiling but still clearly showing sadness in her eyes.
  55. Janna winced a bit at Jackie's words, they hardly had the same reaction, but she could not tell her that she actually has been waiting there since last night and came as soon as she heard the news, maybe was for the best that she didn't knew just how extreme of an effect Marco has on her.
  57. "SO it seems nobody's home." Jackie said deducing that was the reason why Janna was just waiting by the door. "this is all so surreal... I have known Marco since pretty much forever. He always was so careful about everything, never getting into trouble, there is a reason we nicknamed him "Safe Kid" after all. It somehow made me believe nothing bad could ever happen to him, then well... this happened."
  59. Janna could relate very closely to what Jackie was saying, Yet she found herself unable to say anything and just continued listening to her friend.
  61. "I was never very close to him." Jackie said grabbing her left arm. "I was never sure if he didn't like or even noticed me. If were not for the fact that we happen to coincidentally see each other every morning at school and share a nod I would think he doesnt even know I exist."
  63. Janna just smiled nervously. if only Jackie knew those "coincidental nods" were not a coincidence at all...
  65. "But lately we started talking more." She said with a little smile. "And now every time I see Marco I feel really happy, I can't help but smile simply at his sight. So now that this happened, I..." Her eyes were tearing up.
  67. "Jackie..." Janna finally spoke at seeing Jackie's tears.
  69. Then they both heard a strange ripping sound, they turned around and saw a pair of dimensional scissors cut throught the air leaving a glowing trail, then the rip turned into a portal for whom a familiar blonde walked out from. It was none other than Star Butterfly, princess of Mewni and Janna and Jackie's classmate.
  71. "Don't worry, it will take forever for Ludo and his minions to regroup and try to attack us again." Star said as someone else was also stepping out from the portal.
  73. "I know, but still I think I will have dificulty sleeping after that whole "almost being crushed to death" business..." Marco said stepping out of the portal, Janna and Jackie's eyes widened at the mere sight of him being okay, for both of the girls it felt like waking up from a horrible nightmare.
  75. Janna's heart was racing, her face was blushing, her legs were shaking, her lips formed a very big smile, her eyes lit up and her mind was filled with a desire to run towards him and hug him.
  77. "Mar-"
  79. "MARCO!"
  81. Janna could almost feel a gust of wind as Jackie rushed by her and leaped at Marco holding him in her arms.
  83. "J-Jackie?!" Marco said with his face bright red, Jackie had him locked in what could only be described as a loving embrace. "Marco, I was so worried! I am so glad you're okay!" She said crying with her eyes closed.
  85. "Ah... uh... Ummm... H-Hey! uuhhh..." Marco struggled to talk while moving his hands erratically not sure if he should return the hug or not.
  87. Jackie then opened her eyes wide, moved her face right in front of Marco's and looked at him directly in the eye for an instant, then she immediately let go of him and stood still with her body rigid like a plank standing right in front of him, this is the closest Marco had ever been to Jackie's face, their noses were almost touching, it was a miracle Marco didn't faint right there. Then Jackie finally reacted, did a cute little hop backwards, crossed her arms in front of her and blushed slightly.
  89. "S-sorry! I-I um..." She said as her eyes shifted from looking at Marco in the eye and looking away constantly. "I just was so happy to see you that I just acted without thinking... Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." She said scratching the back of her head.
  91. "Hi! N-no! I mean! Uh... Uncomfortable? Pff! Not at all!" Marco said trying to sound cool.
  93. Jackie giggled feeling relieved. Star was watching the whole scene with a smile and her hands on her hips, she was happy Marco got something good happen to him after his bad experience the previous night.
  95. Janna was still standing near the front door of Marco's house. She was frozen not able to fully understand what she just saw. She was immensely happy to see Marco again. And yet...
  97. "Wha...?" Janna whispered. All that resolve she had to just hug Marco and tell him everything about how much he meant to her was gone. She wanted with all her being to go hug him, or at least just talk to him. But her body didn't obey her. She was frozen in place unable to walk or speak up. And worse was that Marco clearly hasn't even noticed yet that she was there despite she being in plain sight.
  99. "So is everything okay?" Jackie asked. "The news that you got kidnapped was the talk of the town last night. I am glad everything seems to be okay now, but what happened? Where are your parents?"
  101. "Ah... well... you see... uh... hey! er..." Marco struggled to talk.
  103. "I'll explain." Said Star stepping in front of the stuttering Marco. "Basically last night some monsters took Marco away to Ludo's castle, You remember Ludo right? That little guy that attacked us at Brittney's party bus? Anyway, it turns out his castle was not his castle anymore, there was this lawyer lizard dude and things got messy, then sad, then an explosion happened! It was all sorts of crazy! As for Mr. and Ms. Diaz, they will be back a little later, they wanted to discuss some things with my parents or something, so I brought Marco back home and here we are!"
  105. "That's... a bit much to absorb." Said Jackie confused at the plotdump Star just dropped on her.
  107. Then Star just went into a slower more detailed explanation. Janna was listening to them still unnoticed and Marco would add little details to make him sound cool like how he confronted Toffee. When star reached the part where Marco was about to be crushed Jackie gasped and Janna turned pale.
  109. Jackie stepped up and took Marco's hands in hers. "Oh, Marco. It must been so scary for you to experience that, I am so glad you are not harmed." She said in a very caring tone.
  111. "Ah... I-I uuhh... D-Don't worry about that! A little near-death experience is nothing for Marco Diaz! heheh..." He said blushing and with a goofy smile. After the hug from before Marco could handle Jackie holding his hands with relative ease. "T-thanks a lot for worrying about me and coming here, Jackie."
  113. Jackie smiled. "teehee! Well believe it or not I was not the only one that got worried and rushed here." Jackie said as she turned towards Janna and was about to mention how she also came there to Marco.
  117. Before Jackie could say another word they all heard a scream coming from the street, they all turned around and saw a girl wearing pajamas running towards Marco's house.
  119. "S-Sabrina!?" Said Marco recognizing the girl as his classmate.
  121. "HEEEEY!!" Sabrina yelled waving her arms in the air. Then she tripped over tin air and starting rolling along the sidewalk untill she eventually crashed into a garbage can in front of Marco's house.
  123. "Oh god! are you okay!?" Star, Jackie and Marco said as they rushed towards where Sabrina crashed.
  125. Sabrina just rubbed her head and looked at herself for a second. "I'm okay! nothing's broken!" she said with a trembling smile.
  127. "Lucky!" Marco and Sabrina said at the same time winking and pointing fingers at each other.
  129. "What in the world...?" Janna said narrowing her eyes. Since when Marco became so popular? Since when is he friends with Sabrina of all people! Is every other girl from their class gonna come too!?
  131. Jackie just turned to look at Star with a confused look on her face. Star just shrugged. "I don't know either! I was away a few hours and when I returned this was a thing!" Star said.
  133. "Thank goodness you are okay, Marco!" Sabrina said while she was removing some pieces of trash from her hair. "But what happened? I heard you were kidnapped!"
  135. Marco and Jackie turned around to look at Star.
  137. "Okay FINE! I will explain it all to her too! Geez..." Star groaned.
  139. Star started explaining everything that happened all over again to Sabrina. While she was listening Sabrina did a fist pump in her mind at seeing that Jackie was there, she also caught a glimpse of them holding hands while she was running towards Marco's house. Things were going better than she ever expected.
  141. Janna on the other hand felt like she was invisible, insignificant. It felt like she was living that nightmare she had before, Marco surrounded by people while she was distant and unnoticed. A part of her just wanted to walk up to Marco and yell to his face that she got so worried about him she spend the entire night waiting outside his house. But she could not do it. The reality of things seemed to be that she was no longer an important part of Marco's life like she used to be in the past. She let out a single tear, smacked her lips and gave up, she turned around and decided to leave.
  143. "Janna?"
  145. As soon as Janna took one step, Marco noticed her and called up to her. Janna stopped and slowly turned around. Marco was looking at her with that stupid smile she is used to see. "Uhh..." Janna tried to say something witty or clever but clearly she was not able to channel her usual snarky self.
  147. "WOW, girl! I didn't even notice when you arrived! are you a ninja or something!?" Star said after finally noticing Janna.
  149. "Actually she was here the whole time. we just kinda ignored her..." Jackie said scratching her cheek with one finger.
  151. "Oh, really?" Marco said. "I'm really sorry, Janna! I guess I was too distracted. But I really appreciate you worrying enough to come here so early." he said as he approached Janna.
  153. "I, uh..." Janna took a few steps back, her mind was racing ten thousand miles a second with things to say and she could not choose any words, the worst part is that Marco was walking her way! And for some reason he looked... very handsome all of the sudden. She could feel her face blushing intensely, if she didn't do something quick Marco was gonna notice!
  155. "D-Don't come near me!!" She yelled turning away from Marco.
  157. "Eh? Why? Is something wrong?" Marco asked very concerned.
  159. "I-It's because I just farted!" She screamed.
  161. "W-what?" Marco said taking one step back.
  163. "WHAT!?" Janna screamed in her thoughts. "WHY DID I SAY THAT!? OH GOD WHY DID I SAY THAT!? I want to die, I want the ground to open bellow my feet and swallow me!"
  165. "J-Janna...?" Marco said as he walked closer to Janna and reached out to her shoulder with his hand.
  167. Janna quickly just turned around and slapped his hand away. "I'M GLAD YOU'RE OKAY! BYE!!" she screamed to his face and ran away. Marco was left worried and confused with his hand reaching in the direction Janna ran.
  169. Sabrina and Star just shrugged at each other in confusion.
  171. "Janna..." Jackie said with her hand on her chest.
  173. Janna never felt more embarrassed in her entire life as she was running away from Marco's house. She never imagined that this is how things would end when she was running in the opposite direction the previous night.
  175. "Great freaking job back there, Janna!" She talked to herself as she ran. "Way to ruin your cool alluring image in front of Marco and the others!" Tears started flowing from her eyes and dispersing in the air. "Not only that but I could not tell Marco ANYTHING about how I... how I... ARGH! Just what the heck is wrong with me!?"
  177. She continued to run until she noticed someone running towards her. she stopped right on her tracks and quickly wiped the tears off her face as soon as she noticed who it was.
  179. "Oh, Janna! Good morning!" Said the familiar someone as she caught up with Janna and stopped in front of her.
  181. "Hope? What are you doing out here so early?" She asked, then she took one step back and her expression changed to worry. "Wait... don't tell me-"
  183. "I could not sleep well at all after hearing that Marco was kidnapped, so I wanted to go to his house as early as I could and-"
  185. "AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!" Janna screamed and just ran towards her house leaving Hope behind, it seems she was right when she jokingly assumed that every girl from their class was gonna go to check on Marco who now was Mr. Popularity for some reason.
  187. "Was.. it something I said...?" Hope said very confused seeing Janna run into the horizon.
  189. Back at Marco's house he continued talking with everyone that went to see him. School was gonna start in a few hours and Marco decided that the best way to forget all about the previous day was to spend a normal day at school. They all said their goodbyes and returned to their houses to get ready for school.
  191. Meanwhile, Janna returned to her house and entered through the door for a change, inside were her parents very angry waiting for her. They were about to scold her for running away from home the previous night, but Janna just gave them a terrifying glare that left them both frozen in fear. Janna simply stormed past them and headed straight to her room.
  193. Once in her room Janna leaped on her bed and screamed into her pillow. her scream lasted several minutes. then she just tossed the pillow away and laid down. She had no idea if feel angry, or relieved or embarrassed or disappointed. At least she knew that Marco was fine and that's what was really important. she sat down and looked out the window.
  195. "Just what is what I really want..?" she asked to herself. she then let out a sigh and stepped out of her room and headed for the bathroom, she was covered in sweat and dirt over all that running and spending all night outside Marco's house so she needed a shower badly.
  197. She took of her clothes and stepped into a stream of warm water. She felt how her mind and soul were clearing up. Now that she was relaxed she put her thoughts in order.
  199. "The important thing is that Marco is back." She said as water from the shower gently hit her face. "I will tease him like always and nothing has to change. I am just glad he is back okay and things can return to normal. That is what I really want... I'm sure."
  201. She stepped out the shower and grabbed a towel. "Just everything back to normal... Yeah... YEAH! Nothing has to change, right? this whole mess was just me being uncharacteristically crazy. I was just overreacting last night, yeah. YEAH! hahaha! what a fool I can be sometimes!" She said forcing herself to laugh.
  203. "That is what I want. I am 100% sure." she said as she was dressing up and getting ready for school.
  205. Later that morning at Echo Creek Academy Marco was the center of attention, everyone was constantly reaching to him and telling him how glad they were he was okay, asking him questions, congratulating his courage and so on. Janna was not able to approach him at all. which probably was a good thing, since despite her plan to just act "like usual" towards him, she clearly had trouble being herself near him. Something certainly changed, not with Marco, but with herself.
  207. During Lunch Break Marco was still in the classroom surrounded by people from different classes, everyone wanted to talk to him, Janna simply went to the fairly empty cafeteria and sat down in a table. looked around and sighed as she put a straw on a little carton of milk. Before she could take a sip she saw Jackie walking towards her.
  209. "Hi, Janna!" Jackie said taking a seat in front of Janna. "Is everything okay? this morning when we were at Marco's house you left so suddenly, I tried calling your cellphone but you didn't respond."
  211. Janna looked down embarrassed remembering how she stupidly tossed away her phone the previous night. "O-oh its just that my phone is not working right now, I need to buy another one. Also I just remembered I had something important to do that morning so once I saw Marco was okay I had no reason to stay there any longer! I mean, Marco is my friend and all but he is not THAT important, right???" She said with a crooked smile and feeling how her own words stabbed her in the chest like a knife.
  213. "I see..." She said with a shifty look. she looked like she wanted something else but didn't knew how to ask. then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Can I ask you something, Janna?"
  215. "S-sure, ask away" Janna said taking a sip from her milk.
  217. "You and Marco are friends right? Has he ever... um... talked about me?" she asked looking down and doing little circles with her finger on the table.
  219. Janna's eyes widened and she spat the milk she sipped to the side.
  221. "A-are you okay, Janna!?" Jackie asked after seeing Janna spray milk all over the side of the table.
  223. "(cough) Y-yeah! D-don't worry! I think I just caught a cough or something!" She said pretending to cough a few times. "A-as for Marco talking about you... well we are friends but we are not as close nowadays like when we were little. S-sorry but I wouldn't know if he talked about you." Janna said lying out of her teeth, she knew for a FACT
  224. Marco was head over heels in love with Jackie.
  226. "I see..." Jackie sighed. "I ask because I would like to hang out with Marco more, he is a very nice person and I feel very happy when I'm with him. But I sometimes think he doesn't like me..."
  228. "That's not true!"
  230. Jackie's eyes went wide as Janna suddenly spoke up.
  232. "There's no way Marco would dislike you!" she said slapping the table with her palm. "Yes he is a little awkward and weird sometimes, he can be a total idiot too. But there's no way he would EVER dislike you, he is not that kind of person."
  234. Jackie smiled and looked to the side blushing very slightly. "yeah, you're right, he is too nice for that. Thanks Janna, I was really worried that Marco disliked being around me. I really hope we can eventually become friends."
  236. Janna just forced herself to smile, internally she had a civil war of mixed feelings, one part of her was happy to get that worry off Jackie's shoulders, while the other part was kicking herself for pushing Jackie, the girl that Marco has been in love for years, even closer to Marco.
  238. Jackie thanked Janna again and left. Janna waved at her as she was leaving and then buried her face in her hands.
  240. "What am I even doing!? What do I want!?" She asked herself. that morning she was set on making things go back to how they have always been and now she was actively pushing things to change more and more.
  242. "The world calling Janna! please respond!" Janna heard someone say while she was deep in her conflicted thoughts. she spread her fingers apart and looked through them to the owner of the voice she heard.
  244. "Ah Hi, Star. Sorry I was distracted." She said rubbing her forehead with her palm. This was great! She just talked to the girl Marco likes more than anything and now she gets to talk to the girl that is currently the closest to him! what are the odds!?
  246. "I just wanted to apologize, I won't be able to show you some magic spells like you wanted me to because my mom will have my wand for a while, it's alooooong story but no magic for me for a few days. Sorry!" Star said putting her hands together and closing one eye.
  248. With all the crazy things in the past day Janna completely forgot Star promised to show her some magic stuff a few days before. "Oh, don't worry about that, Star. Believe it or not I'm not on the mood for witchy stuff right now."
  250. "I can relate." Star said. "After all that happened I think I can use spending some days free of magic or interdimensional adventures."
  252. Janna grabbed her milk and was about to take a sip. Then decided not to and dared to ask something she needed to know badly.
  254. "Can I ask you something rather personal, Star?"
  256. "Sure! Ask away!" Star said doing a thumbs up.
  258. "Are Marco and you... you know... a thing?" Janna asked not able to make eye contact with Star.
  260. "I am pretty sure we are people and not things." Star answered.
  262. "N-not that! geez! I mean if you two are... more than just friends." Janna said blushing a bit.
  264. "Oh! You mean if we are dating or something? Oh nononono! Not at all! We are besties! But nothing beyond that or anything!" She replied doing several hand gestures.
  266. Janna felt incredibly relieved. she smiled and now confidently took a big sip of milk.
  268. "... except for that time our souls kiiiinda got entwined forever by the light of the blood moon." Star said raising and eyebrow and scratching her chin.
  270. Janna spat her milk straight up. "WHAT!?" she screamed as milk rained over her.
  272. Star handed Janna a handkerchief. "don't worry about that blood moon thing! It's pure superstition nonsense! ...I think..."
  274. Janna just slammed her forehead on the table.
  276. "Uhh... is everything okay?" Star asked.
  278. "Yes... I just want to be alone for a while..." Janna said with no life in her voice.
  280. "Oookay... I will see you later then! if you need anything just let me know... okay???" Star said as she slowly walked away very worried about her friend yet respecting her wish to be alone.
  282. Janna was left alone with her thoughts, now not only she had to deal with the girl Marco has liked for year having a growing interest in him, but now the girl he spends the most time with has the universe itself plotting to make them a couple. what does this even leave her? she is not even a close friend of him and can't even seem to flirt and tease him like usual.
  284. "Um... hello?"
  286. "Now what?" Janna thought at hearing a voice calling her, she looked up and saw Sabrina standing in front of her. "Oh... hi." Janna said. she was almost a zombie at how little life she had left in her.
  288. "S-Sorry to bother you!" Sabrina said taking a seat in front of Janna. the same seat Star and Jackie took before. "You are friends with Jackie, right?"
  290. "huh...? Oh, Jackie? yeah, yeah... we are friends." Janna said barely paying attention. "why you ask?" She said grabbing her milk and drinking it hoping it would give her some energy.
  292. "Well I probably should not ask you this, but has she ever mentioned Marco? you see don't tell anyone but I want to help those two become a couple!"
  294. Janna returned to life and spat milk all over Sabrina's face.
  296. "EEK! I'm so sorry Sabrina! I didn't mean to!" She said as she frenetically searched her pockets for a handkerchief.
  298. "D-don't worry" Said Sabrina pulling out a little handkerchief of her own. "This is nothing compared to the things that happen to me regularly."
  300. "A-as for Jackie, well she has said she thinks Marco is very nice and is interested in becoming his friend." Janna didn't want to lie to Sabrina specially not after the milk thing. even if she clearly was helping even more to push Jackie and Marco together.
  302. "R-Really?!" Sabrina said putting her hands together. "That's fantastic to know! it means there's a very real possibility they can get together!"
  304. "Y-yeah... they would make a really cute couple isn't it?" Janna said looking to the side with a trembling smile.
  306. "SABRINA! PRACTICE TIME!" A female voice echoed thru the cafeteria which made Sabrina jump from her seat.
  308. "C-coming, Brittney!" Sabrina yelled back. "S-sorry, I have to go, we'll talk more later okay?" she said as she was leaving.
  310. Janna just nodded and struggled to keep that smile on her face, then as soon as Sabrina was out from sight she collapsed like a ragdoll on her seat. Life had completely abandoned her body.
  312. "uh, is everything okay?" once again a female voice spoke up to her near lifeless body.
  314. "OH MY GOD, NOW WHAT!?" She screamed in frustration. "Oh... it's just you, Hope, sorry... I am just having the worst day of my life. Don't mind me"
  316. "I certainly can tell something's not right, you haven't been acting like yourself at all today." Hope said taking a seat.
  318. "I KNOW! This isn't me at all! I honestly have no idea what's wrong with me or what I even want anymore! ARGH!" Janna said putting both her hands on her head.
  320. "I'm sure you'll get over whatever is bothering you. You always have been very strong willed."
  322. "I sure hope so." Janna said, what Hope didn't knew is that despite she being extremely unbending, Marco had always been a big weakness to her. She looked at her carton of milk. she frowned and shook her head.
  324. "Hope, this is gonna sound weird, but I REALLY need you to tell me right now that you are not interested in Marco."
  326. "That's... random, but not really, no. I mean Marco is super nice and all and I for sure enjoy his company but I'm not really interested in him, why you ask?"
  328. Janna took a deep breath. "Aaaahhh~ you have no idea how good it feels to hear that, Hope. Thanks I really needed that. I can always count on you." Janna said grabbing her milk and finally being able to enjoy it.
  330. "...But I must say I would not mind at all if I could snuggle with him again." Hope said putting a hand on her cheek.
  332. Janna immediately spat her milk once again. Hope swiftly shielded herself from the milk blast with a plastic tray that was on the table not even blinking.
  334. "W-WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH 'AGAIN'!?" Janna screamed in utter shock at what she just heard.
  336. "Yeah, didn't I told you before? back when I hanged out with him and Star I was feeling very sad and Marco let me cry on him, I found it so comfortable he was nice enough to let me snuggle with him a few hours more after I was feeling better. it was so nice of him!" Hope said smiling from ear to ear.
  338. Janna just collapsed on the table, that was a critical hit to her, she knew that Hope really didn't had any romantic interest in Marco, but the fact that even her had that kind of close encounter with Marco just murdered what was left of her soul, even if she meant no harm, the damage was done.
  340. "Uhh... Janna? Hellooooo?" Hope said poking the lifeless collapsed Janna with her finger."
  342. "...........I just need....... a moment........" Hope faintly heard her say.
  344. "Oh... Okay then, I will see you a bit later then." Hope said as she started to leave understanding that her friend wanted a moment alone.
  346. "...This is just awesome! what's next? Is one of those exchange student girls that used to live at the Diaz house gonna suddenly appear and talk to me to ask about how much they want to start a relationship with Marco?"
  348. She quickly raised her head and looked around just to confirm that her joke scenario would not turn into reality. and sure enough no one was around.
  350. "It seems the universe is not that cruel." Janna said relieved as she grabbed her milk and proceeded to take a sip... only to discover the carton was already empty.
  352. "Terrific..." she said holding the carton upside down as a single drop of milk fell from it. Then she crushed it in her hand.
  354. "What am I gonna do? I said what I wanted was just things going back to normal. Yeah sure! No way in heck things are gonna be like they used to anymore!
  356. Tears fell on her hand holding the empty milk carton.
  358. "I... I don't even know what I really want anymore..."
  362. And so, as the curtain of Marco's kidnapping fell. another story was just beginning.
  365. One boy that has been in love for years.
  367. One girl that want to get closer to the same boy that she ignores loves her.
  369. One girl whose soul was forever entwined with that same boy.
  371. And one girl that slowly grows more and more distant from the boy she has loved for years.
  374. What does the future hold for these four souls? Sadness? Happiness? Love? Pain? One thing's for sure. Things will never be the same for any of them, and only one happy couple can come out of it at the end.
  376. But that's a story for another time.
  379. -T H E E N D-
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