SCP SL info

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  1. <b><color=#ff00ff><size=30><align="center">Welcome to SCP Nordic</align></size=40></color></b>
  2. Discord:
  4. <color=#ff00ff>Rules:</color>
  5. <color=yellow>1.</color> Be nice (use common sense)
  6. <color=yellow>2.</color>  Do not play music over radio, intercom or as spectator
  7. <color=yellow>3.</color>  Do not use mods or glitches to help you win the game
  8. <color=yellow>4.</color>  SCPs and Foundation Personnel (NTF, Facility Guards, Scientists) are not allowed to team
  9. <color=yellow>5.</color>  Do not close doors in peoples faces
  10. <color=yellow>6.</color>  Do not suicide as SCP/Zombie
  11. <color=yellow>7.</color>  Have fun
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