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  1. -- CHAOS SHARDS --
  3. The 24th Shard, "Layer Maze": A shard that was originally a basic, earth-based reality shard. It has an extremely strong, yet singular Collapse effect which made it so that the shard, while initially appearing normal upon first entering it for a given bead-based "instance," would slowly start morphing and expanding in ways that defy the laws of physics, most chiefly conservation of mass, but also in the form of altering gravity, the flow of light, and more. Because of this, and the fact it has no innate means of exiting the shard, getting sent into the Shard without a means of escape is certain death - or imprisonment for immortals - indeed, this Shard was used to deal with a powerful, evil being from Tribune, which could regenerate from anything, including existence erasure, and could cross dimensions - but dimensions within a Shard, are not the same as the walls of a Shard, thus trapping it in the depths of its instance for the rest of the foreseeable future. Being a Chaos Shard, it is often used in transposing, but for the most part only for humanoid transposing, as Meta Ships are likely to be damaged by the expansion before they can transpose. Because of its extremely weak reality, it can be easily modified and altered using Meta Manipulation, especially Scaping, a form of MM based around manipulating and altering the environment in areas with weak reality. Objects from inside Layer Maze can be taken outside Layer Maze, but due to their weak reality, will dissolve into nothingness in short order. As all humans died in the initial advent of the Collapse, there are no inhabitants left in the shard, but for some reason plants remain. The cause is unclear, but it could possibly be a Rogue Collapse, a Collapse effect that happens independent of the main Collapse type of a shard.
  5. The 35th Shard, "Paranoia": A shard whose origin is unknown, but given how its Collapse formed, it might have been a horror story. It appears as a completely static version of Earth - meaning that things do not decay or fall into disrepair, despite everything else functioning normally. However, it has a strong Horror-based collapse effect that summons truly horrifying monstrosities in the Shard whenever beings foreign to the Shard are inside - these creatures, who have an aesthetic reminiscent of Trevor Henderson's artwork, will seek out and hunt down those who enter the Shard, though they do not usually have innate knowledge of their location, because their forms and abilities are random, and don't follow a progression system beyond spawning more frequently the longer a person is inside the Shard. Because of this, Paranoia is seen as an ideal place to try and find Horrors to capture using valid Meta techniques, albeit a bit more chance based than average, and often dissuaded due to how horrifying the creatures look. Because of the fact the Horrors will never stop spawning, and their rate of spawning increases the longer a person is inside the Shard, nobody has tried colonizing it, other than Schwarts, who have colonized every Shard in minute ways. The size and strength of horrors is random, as well as whether their abilities are supernatural or purely biological, meaning trips could be somewhat safe or they could be living hell. It's one of the easiest Chaos Shards to navigate, and this is ideal for Gate type Transposing, the risk lies in what will attack you on the way there. No humans or animals remain, despite how the corpses of past victims of Horrors remain if valid, due to the stasis effect, making where the humans went a mystery that disturbs many researchers and explorers.
  7. The 46th Shard, "Void": A shard that originated as a version of HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. It has a reasonable run until Collapse effects indicated Azathoth would soon wake up, causing many inhabitants of the Shard to flee and join the Dark Demesne to avoid destruction and find a new source of existence. When Azathoth woke up, the world disappeared, being his dream, leaving only him inside an endless void. However, since he was the only natural element of the Shard left, all Collapse effects suddenly were completely focused on him - a bad thing considering it was a Chaos collapse type, and the collective effects undid him, erasing him from existence, leaving only the Void behind, endless and absent of oxygen, light, gravity, and more. Nowadays the fact it is endless, and since it has no focus now, anyone can bead in anywhere, it serves as a place people can go in their Metaships to flee from the world and hide out, as well as the home base of some factions like the Euclids, and some tribes of Schwarts on abandoned Meta Ships, due to their self sufficient nature. However, the main reason it is valuable is that it serves as the ideal place for Metaships to Transpose to another shard, due to being empty of threats for the most part and thus giving plenty of time for a Transposer engine to charge up - though of course if they are being pursued by other Ships, they can bead into the same spot and the battle will continue. Humanoids almost never use it for Transposing due to how Gate does not function in it due to lacking a sense of location or direction due to its nature as an endless void.
  9. The 83rd Shard, "Thunderstruck": A shard that originated as an insufferably poorly written web novel following the format of Shounen manga, where basically every single character somehow had universe, multiverse, omniverse, and "metaverse" destroying power. The Collapse started when every character was unable to stop using all their abilities at once, before the next Collapse made it so that whenever the universe was destroyed, it reset back to the beginning, before the next Collapse made it so that all of time was compressed to a point where everyone existed at the same time, and thus everyone was constantly using their strongest abilities and destroying each other, in a constant loop, until finally the last Collapse removed the people from the Shard outright, leaving only the powers on a perpetual loop, in all their destructive ability, creating the single most dangerous and chaotic Shard in the entire network, enough so that despite its meta fabric being ripped apart like an old rug, the Umbra can't devour it since simply too much bullshit is going on. It is theoretically the easiest Chaos Shard to Transpose using, and all charge-based methods would be instant, the problem is that almost anyone that enters it will be instantly destroyed by all the bullshit, and as such, it is steered clear by all those but the most skilled in usage of the Meta in the entire network. Somehow a Schwart colony in a Schwarztoppe invulnerable to the nonstop chaos managed to get into the Shard, and is the one place people can safely enter the Shard using Beads.
  11. The 34th Schward, "Schwarzhalen": A shward that was originally a basic simulation of earth, and stabilized extremely quickly, with only some minor modifications like constantly growing trees and regularly regenerating rock. However, eventually, a number of Schwarznests were founded in the Shard, and due to how easily they were killed, the world governments took their invasions lightly, not realizing that as the Schwarts expanded deeper and deeper through the earth, their never ending numbers grew larger and larger, self sufficient, ever-growing, requiring no substance to be born from their blackened, corrupted pits. In time, the wars became direr and direr, and eventually the whole world was conquered, and every human being that did not see fit to save themselves from the upcoming misery via suicide was killed in horrible, freakish ways. With the humans gone and their numbers still expanding, Schwarts had nothing left to do but fight each other in petty wars, and over millennia they expanded further, their massive structures, carved from endless stone and wood, started to blanket the world, towers rising all the way into the atmosphere, bridges stretching across miles, with billions and billions of Schwarts dying and being born every year, so much so that eventually all the space of the planet at the bottom of these Towers became an endless sea of black, toxic blood, killing what little life remained on the planet surface, and ensuring certain death for any foreign being that falls from the creaking bridhes and towering stairways of the shoddy, constructed towers. Eventually, they had even expanded their network to the Moon, turning it to a massive shrine to the Witch King, held in place by a massive tower supported by colossal Effigies holding it in place like the titan Atlas. But soon the Schwarts realized that overpopulation had become a problem,a nd while they were content to keep murdering each other, they WANTED to keep murdering each other, and if they were all dead, they couldn't do that. Toppling Schwarzspires no longer did the job, so instead they decided to offload their problems to other Shards - creating countless Schwarztoppes every single day and flinging them at other Shards, turning a curse on one world into a curse on thousands. There are so many Schwarts in the shard its reality has become weak enough to count as a Chaos Shard, and thus can be used for Transposing - and due to severity of the Schwart infestation, it can enable charge-type Transposition extremely quickly, the challenge simple comes from holding off the never ending waves of Schwarts.
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